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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Putin's puppets in the press praise Biden

With liberals, it is always projection. After 4 years of calling President Donald John Trump "Putin's puppet," USA Today and the rest of the useless press showed this morning they serve Putin.

Just as Josef Biden does.

In a moronic editorial, USA Today said, "Joe Biden, the U.S. president who in Geneva didn't shame America like Trump in Helsinki."

USA Today's complaint is that Donald Trump was polite to Putin in public.

The dinosaur newspaper declared, "America reclaimed some lost pride Wednesday when President Joe Biden met in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin  – and did so without bowing and scraping to a smug and devious autocrat.

"That's a low bar, to be sure. But it's one that President Donald Trump failed utterly to clear – to the nation's everlasting shame – when he held a meeting with Putin in Helsinki in 2018 and played supplicant to a man impervious to human rights concerns, who leads a nation with only a fraction of America's economic prowess."

However, the New York Times brushed aside human rights concerns as irrelevant. That's a good thing as Josef Biden still has hundreds of dissidents in jail for trespassing on January 6.

The Times said, "No one peered admiringly into anyone’s soul. No one called anyone a killer. By all appearances, President Biden’s much-anticipated meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was not warm, but neither was it hot."

Human rights?

What human rights?

The Times did not mention human rights, and neither did Biden. The Times like USA Today and the rest framed the whole matter as Biden not flattering Putin.

But actions speak louder than words. President Trump took sanctions against Russia in an attempt to halt its construction of a pipeline that would make Germany dependent on Russia for energy.

Trump also lifted Obama's ban on building the Keystone XL pipeline that would deliver Bakken oil to world markets.

Biden lifted those sanctions, and as a bonus to Putin, shut down Keystone XL.

The praise in the American press for Biden is laughable. His whole trip was an embarrassment of riches for our adversaries. America is back, he declared. Yep, back to funding Europe's military defense, and back to being more flexible to Putin.

Max Boot, a tough-talking wimp at the Washington Post, declared, "Biden wiped the smirk off Putin's face."

Sure he did. It is good tp know that Putin will not be smirking when his tanks roll into Kiev.

Not that I care. Ukraine is the world's corruption capital where American politicians go to be paid off. Pelosi's son and Biden's son were not the only kin of politicians to get six-figure salaries for no-show jobs. (OK, in Biden's case it was $1 million a year.)

Speaking of Ukraine, seditious weasel Alexander Vindman reviewed the summit for the New York Times. 

He began by promoting the debunked Russian Collusion theory.

The weasel wrote, "The last time an American president held a summit with President Vladimir Putin of Russia — July 16, 2018, in Helsinki — happened to be my first day working at the White House as National Security Council director for European and Russian affairs. It was not the usual mundane Day 1 of H.R. meetings, to put it mildly. Instead, I was thrust into a vortex of unending press inquiries and hasty meetings with other National Security Council staff members. We were all responding to frantic calls from embassies and congressional aides demanding comments and clarification on President Donald Trump’s bizarre assertion that he seemed to believe Mr. Putin’s (false) denials of interference in the 2016 election at least as much as the assessment of the United States intelligence community."

Liars gotta lie.

Buried in the column was this gem, "The clear problem here is that Russia is coming away with a public relations win while the U.S. has little to show from the summit in terms of tangible improvements to national security. Mr. Putin has once again been elevated to the world stage in a face-off against the world’s pre-eminent superpower in a well-rehearsed and tiresome script that burnishes his credentials as a world leader."

Well, when you claim for 5 years that Putin stole your election, that does give the appearance of omnipotence.

His piece ended in the contradiction that permeates American press coverage of Russia. The press keeps telling us Russia is no big threat. USA Today said its economy is smaller than California's.

But Vindman wrote, "The Biden administration’s approach has to be a combination of sustained engagement, including strategic stability talks with senior national security leaders from both countries, along with calibrated steady pressure to end Russian aggression. Getting that right, without tipping into a full-blown confrontation, is the Biden administration’s Gordian knot." 

If Russia were no big deal, then why would we bother with it? Just do like Alexander the Great and cut Putin's knot.

The '80s called and it wants its foreign policy back, right?

But Russia is a problem. Red China is a bigger problem, but Putin's plan is to restore the Russian Empire that Stalin built. He plans to do it without firing a shot by making Europe dependent on him for energy.

Biden and the American press are all for that, which is why the newspapers are so busy polishing all those road apples that Biden is dropping on his European vacation.


  1. This is the corrupt propaganda media at their finest.

    1. You should know, Jeffery.

      the same people pay your %15/hr.

    2. Always ready with the insults Karen.

    3. Thank you, JeremyR. I retired at 55, and I have a B.A.J. with honors from the University of Montana School of Journalism, 1981.

      Today's media ain't journalism.

    4. I think E.D. hits the sauce pretty hard around noon and by early afternoon he sees a Jeffrey behind every post. Need a 'block' option

    5. TO, some days e d is like that at 8am. Might be frustration with e d and all ..

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  2. I don't know, Don. Russia does not concern me in the slightest. China is the enemy and it would be strategically advantageous to enlist our comrades in Moscow as allies in the great confrontation that is before us. Trump understood that. Obama did not - he and the most brilliant woman on the planet did everything possible to alienate Russia. Sure, Putin's not a good guy, but sometimes you gotta get in bed with unsavory folks. As far as Europe. Let them be dependent on Russian energy. I'm tired of having spent my entire life subsidizing those ungrateful elitists. Trump understood that, too.

    1. "Get into bed" is a bad metaphor - in international relations, you have to try to do business with a variety of scumbags (which putin is), but you don't "get into bed" with them. And like anything, it's the price that matters. What vlad wants (and which various leftists prior to 2008 used to think was fine) is a quid pro quo where we give him back eastern Europe in exchange for some sort of "future considerations" (such as unspecified help with restraining iran or such). That's appalling - those are not ours to bargain away, and it's the eastern European countries that are on our side.

      Keep in mind that despite the wind out of Brussels (from the EUniks), "Europe" is not a single entity. What's scary in general (and particularly to eastern Europeans) is that the old German-Russian duopoly seems to be forming up again, with eastern Europe just real estate between them to be divvied up. Party like it's 1939?

      This "sniffy-approved" pipeline is a good example - NordStream2 is intentionally routed (under the Baltic Sea in international waters) so as to go directly from Russia to Germany without touching any eastern country's territory (either on land or through a coastal zone). That tells you what you need to know.

      PDJT offered to supply natgas to Germany as alternative to NordStream2 - and they turned him down in favor of Russia.

    2. Anybody who has nuclear weapons is a concern.

    3. We as Christians need to be concerned. Russia is aligned with Iran. That combination is who attacks Israel. Read Ezekiel for context.
      Putin is no friend to anyone except Satan.

    4. Didn't a weak in health and mind FDR basically give Russia WAY TOO MUCH after WW2? And today, Biden makes FDR look strong like bull. What could possibly go wrong?!?!

    5. "Putin is no friend to anyone except Satan."

      Putin says gay marriage will NEVER be allowed in Russia as long as he is in charge

  3. The Russian Empire3 that Stalin built was also the empire of the czars, except that the czars also controlled Finland.

    1. "Father" Stalin (and his successors) controlled Finland too - look up "Finlandization."

      (For example, I was visiting the Helsinki University of Technology once about 15 years ago, and someone told me that back in the 1950s, they couldn't even build a small, very low power research reactor at HUT without first getting Moscow's permission. Sounds like "control" to me - just not territorial directly)

  4. Of course, Europe is going to be powered by wind and solar,soon yep,soon.

  5. "Ukraine is the world's corruption capital where American politicians go to be paid off."

    Don, I've said this before and I'll say it again - this statement is just factually incorrect, and you're doing a disservice to yourself by continuing to bruit it. The story is actually much worse than this - and seriously I'd strongly urge you once again to go look into the details.

    The brief take is that like all 12 post-soviet successor states (the Baltic countries were a different set of animals and mostly avoided this), when the old soviet union fell apart, Ukraine had the problem of a scramble by oligarchs-to-be for the assets of what were the "state-owned enterprises." In Russia, this is still the coterie of oligarchs (minus one who had a falling-out with vlad and got into deep **** because of it) that are the key part of putin's "crowd" and which keeps him in power.

    Ukraine is unique is that among those 12 successor states, it is the only one that has been trying to clean up the oligarchic corruption - and it was sniffy and snorty who were hired by those corrupt oligarchs to fend off the anti-corruption drive.

    Mr. Poroshenko was elected in the earlier part of the prior decade (non-politician; was a chocolate magnate of all things) with a mandate to clean up corruption. To his credit, he sure did try - which is why he had the Ukrainian MoJ appoint a special investigator/prosecutor to look into Burisma. In 2014, sniffy - probably at the behest of Burisma's hire snorty - basically forced the Ukrainian government to drop the investigation of Burisma; this not only stopped the investigation - it destroyed the Poroshenko administration's anti-corruption drive and basically caused his Presidency to fail (since the sniffy-destroyed anti-corruption drive was his prime reason for running and being elected).

    They have been trying again with the election of Mr. Zelenskiy - and *his* anti-corruption plans were the subject of the famous/infamous "Ukrainian phone call" that led to the (misdirecting) nonsense in dc. They're trying again, but we'll see if they can make headway - with sniffy now the figurehead for snorty and the rest of that crowd.

    Recall that sometime around the turn of the year, Zelenskiy's MoJ had a news conference to announce the release of a large trove of documents and investigative results specifically related (by name) to the corrupt biden crime family; this got less attention than it should have for obvious reasons.

    The biden name is mud in Ukraine. I'd be happy to see them all deported to Kyiv to face prosecution for what they did - in terms of both the benefits to themselves, and their destruction of the anti-corruption efforts in 2014.

    Care for **US**, please! We are spoiled in that the Anglo-Saxon system has been the least-corrupt in the world. It's horrifying that WE had *public officials* ***spreading*** corruption in other countries. When WE get back control, I'd like to see a joint US-Ukraine effort to prosecute the malefactors who did all this to Ukraine (a friendly country) in OUR name.

    1. "Anglo-Saxon system has been the least-corrupt in the world."
      Least corrupt are New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden

    2. Um, Switzerland? Adding them destroys your argument.

    3. New Zealand?
      Jacinda Aldern runs that joint.
      HilLIARy Clinton acolyte.

  6. (Okay, thanks for putting up with me Don - last dump, then I'll go have lunch and then get back to work!)

    Keep in mind that the left has to keep their false narrative going. Memory-holing all their collusion with the soviets (see kennedy, ted, 1984 request for election interference), in 2016/17 they did a 180 and claimed that the whole problem was that the rooskies didn't like democrats and loved republicans. Why? Well, the big lie was that the post-soviet rooskies were offended by bill clinton's alleged idealistically-and-relentlessly pushing russia toward "democracy" (spoiler alert - this never happened) - and preferred to do business with Republicans because Republicans didn't care about "democracy" and "human rights" all that (someone play a Reagan speech tape at this point in reply).

    And so when 2016 came along, vlad and co. wanted to get revenge for bill in the 1990s and so they sabotaged shrillary's campaign and worked with PDJT.

    All lies and contrary to history, but that's their fable and they're sticking to it.

  7. Idiot handed Vlad a list of off limits cyber crimes, which is how Poot was put in his place.

    No wonder the country gets its news off the Net.

    1. "Off limits! And no do-overs! Mom--I called dibs first!"

  8. The G-7 is sending us a bill for baby-sitting.

  9. Our media is an embarrassment. Xiden is twice as embarrassing. Sad.

  10. all I know is i heard biteme had to take most of his meals afterwards standing up..take that for what it s worth

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. The ukraine is more corrupt than dc? Or, the ukraine is more corrupt than the US?
    I love it. sniffy and snorty. Very descriptive.

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