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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Normal people fight The Woke

The New York Post reported, "A teacher who taught controversial sex-education classes that included cartoon videos on masturbation for first graders at the posh Dalton School has resigned."

Justine Ang Fonte's resignation is one small stroll to the unemployment line for a teacher, one giant leap for sanity.

Now parents have to get them to drop sex-education classes for first graders. People who believe paste is a food group are not ready for sex.

This is one example of the rise against Woke by parents who do not want their schools turned into indoctrination camps for LGBTQ+ and CRT -- critical race theory, which holds that the nation was founded on slavery, which invalidates the Constitution. 

In Loudoun County, Virginia, Jolene Grover, 14, and gym teacher Byron Tanner Cross spoke out against having boys who claim to be transgendered entering the girls locker room. I wrote about this in my previous post, "Cis Rights. We, Too, Are Born This Way."

The media is one-sided in its approach to LGBTQ+ rights and CRT. Indeed, NYT's fake history -- the 1619 Project -- is used in schools to promote CRT's anti-Americanism.

The pushback is real.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, "A group of anti-critical race theory candidates this week won seats on the governing body of the nation’s top high school after campaigning against the school’s racially driven admissions practices.

"As part of the district’s push for diversity and inclusion, Fairfax County Public Schools scrapped the admissions test for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in October, and two months later, adopted a quota system to boost black and Hispanic enrollment numbers. A slate of four candidates opposed to the school’s recent embrace of equity won seats on Thomas Jefferson’s Parent Teacher Student Association.

"Activists who wanted to eliminate Thomas Jefferson’s test requirement also pushed for implementing 'antiracism' and critical race theory-based initiatives district-wide, according to a series of emails uncovered in December. President-elect Harry Jackson, the first black man to lead the association, told the Washington Free Beacon that if left unchecked, critical race theory will tear communities apart."

CRT has been around for a half-century. Originally it was a niche whimsy by a few communists at Harvard who wanted to de-legitimize the nation. In two generations it has gained steam and now poses a threat to democracy and our constitutional republic.

States are banning CRT from schools. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida was the latest to sign such a ban into law.

Lefties are being shown the door.

The Washington Times reported, "Two Boston school officials have resigned over surfaced private text messages slamming White parents as delusional and racist.

"Boston School Committee Chairwoman Alexandra Oliver-Dávila and committee member Lorna Rivera submitted their resignations after facing backlash for text messages sent to one another during a committee meeting in October.

"'Wait until the white racists start yelling at us,' Ms. Rivera said to Ms. Oliver-Dávila at the time in a text message obtained through a Boston Globe public records request.

"'Whatever. They’re delusional,' Ms. Oliver-Dávila, who is of Argentinian and Nicaraguan descent, responded. 

"'I hate WR,' added Ms. Oliver-Dávila, referring to West Roxbury, The Globe reported. 

"'Sick of Westie whites,' Ms. Rivera, who is from Puerto Rico, replied. 

"'Me too. I really feel like saying that,' Ms. Oliver-Dávila responded."


Racism. It's not just for whites now.

Bravo to the Boston Globe for exposing this.

People are awakening to the Woke, and taking action.

The Daily Signal, "Hannah Smith ran for school board in her Texas community on a platform opposing critical race theory. Smith won, earning nearly 70% of the vote last month. 

"'The community turnout at this election really sent a message to our district and gave us a mandate going in to say, ‘We don’t want critical race theory in our schools,' Smith said.

"As a lawyer defending religious liberty, a wife, and a mother of four school-age children, Smith says, she was enjoying life and had plenty to keep her busy. But she felt compelled to run for school board to try to stop the agenda of critical race theory, which she says would 'radically change our school district.'

"Now a school board member in Southlake, Texas, just outside Dallas, Smith says she is committed to keeping far-left ideology out of classrooms."

Some celebrities are fighting back. Page Six reported, "‘SNL’ alum Jon Lovitz compares cancel culture to McCarthyism."

Lovitz said, "“As soon as you say to a comedian like me, ‘You can’t say that,’ the first thing in my head is, ‘Oh, and now I have to.' [There is] a difference between making jokes and being outright mean.

"If you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself, don’t go to a comedy club. I’m not changing my act. If you’re watching TV and you don’t like the show, change the channel. It’s very simple.”

Too simple for Ivy Leaguers to figure out.

Actually, they have. They just don't want the rest of us to have fun at their expense.

But it takes normal people to stop this nonsense. And we are.

School board elections matter.

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line reported, "Rapid City, South Dakota held elections for its school board this week. The result? Two incumbents, including the school board president, went down to defeat. Insurgent candidates won all four contested seats.

"I understand that an organization called South Dakota Parents Involved in Education (SDPIE) played a major role in this election. I understand the issues it raised included opposition to the teaching of critical race theory and disrespect for the American flag and pledge of allegiance. (Reportedly, some of the teachers in this district have been discouraging students from saying the pledge.) I understand the results to be a rejection of wokeness in the city’s schools."

A reader pointed out to me, "But while grass roots organizations are working from the bottom up, the left is working from the top down. It plans to have the central government withhold federal money from school districts that reject action civics and critical race theory.

"An epic battle seems to be brewing — one with enormous implications for the future of America."


Every generation must fight for liberty or lose it.


  1. Toldja.

    If Tommy Flanagan thinks it's bad, it's real bad.

    And if it's happening in Baaston, you know the country is sick of it.

  2. No way the feds withhold the money. If the feds withhold money, there are a whole bunch of other things that local school districts no longer have to do - and that means a bunch of local school admins no longer need to be employed, and a whole bunch of other non-American nonsense won't get taught. The left has played a dangerous game - and we are figuring it out. And when DeSantis wins in 2024 - any stupid thing the dems do will get played on them twice as hard.

    The left always forget to remember history, and anglo-saxon warfare culture. VDH has told them but he is ignored. Once this culture is roused to act, it doesn't stop until it achieves total victory, and utterly destroys its enemy. The grassroots "right", or more accurately described as the anti-DC American patriots, are getting angry. They wanted to be left alone. Forced to fight, they are starting to fight, and the left will be decimated, as will the bureaucracy in DC. The path is set, only the ups and downs of battle to watch. The conclusion is already determined. And the more the left tries to fight back, the more resistance they will create. They're toast.

    1. Man, every time you post I feel better about the state of things in this country. Thank you.

    2. I don't think you used 'decimated' correctly. To decimate is to reduce or shrink (by 10% technically). I think the word you meant to use was 'annihilated'

    3. Decimated and professional are two of the most misused words in the English language.
      Decimate = 1/10
      Professional = paid to do something.

    4. Let's go with obliterate, then, in the words of Jean Luk Picard, make it so.

    5. And obliterate. Utterly defeated. Destroyed. Demolished.

  3. This post makes me feel good. People are waking up and fighting back. The liberals may have bitten off more than they can chew.

    1. 6 weeks ago I posted here that the tide had changed and it was all downhill from now on. You ain't seen nothing yet.

  4. Messing with people's children is the one conatant red line.

    1. True. So is the emptying of jails, the flood of foreign criminals and Democrat mayors allowing their cities to be burned and citizens assaulted.

      It has created an American Exodus.

      democrats: "Our Policies Are So Bad, People Are Voting With Their Feet to Get Away From Us!"

  5. I think that is the first common sense item that Paul M. has written in recent memory.

    1. LOL
      I have a reader who regularly trashes the guy

    2. I’d be trashing him as well, except I was banned from their site for a comment I made about Horizontal Harris.

    3. Much prefer Hindraker. The author, not the Bond movie.

  6. I'm amazed that the Boston Globe didn't editorialize that the two resignations justifies mass murder of anti-CRT critics and school board candidates!

  7. I remember reading a piece of a poem about "When the Saxons begin to hate... Those Saxons are slow to anger, but the anger will be white (can I say "white" here?) hot. Those non-Saxons will have to run away and hide, Hide, HIDE...or die.

    1. Don't forget the 34 million Scots-irish
      We like a good fight,too.

    2. Don't forget the 34 million Scots-irish
      We like a good fight,too.

    3. Rudyard Kipling The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon
      Your comment inspired me to look for it. A good read.

  8. Remember when they told us that Obama was a law professor? He was adjunct faculty and he taught a topic not tested on the bar exam.

    He taught Critical Race Theory.

  9. Don, if you do some research I think you'll find that CRT that as you said has been around for about 50 years is actually an outgrowth of CT (critical theory) that was an invention of Karl Marx. This is the actual source.

  10. People who believe paste is a food group are not ready for sex... Wait, Marines are not ready for Sex?

  11. Better dead than red, goes for institutions, too.

  12. Did Mike Pence get paid well for the role he played in the 2020 coup that ousted his own administration? To answer this question checkout the online pictures of the Pence's new multimillion dollar mansion back home in Indiana. Mike and Karen somehow really hit the jackpot. If it looks like a duck, flies like a duck and quakes like one, its most certainly a duck.

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