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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Media told me Trump shut down his blog, but whoomp! There it is

On Wednesday, the media trumpeted the end of President Donald John Trump's blog.

The Washington Post said, "Trump kills blog after 29 days, infuriated by measly readership."

The New York Times said, "Trump shuts down his blog, frustrated by its low readership."

Politico said, "Trump’s blog failed, bigly. His next online venture won’t be any easier."

But whoomp! There it is.

On Friday, he posted, "Great patriots led by State Senator Doug Mastriano, Senator Cris Dush, and State Representative Rob Kauffman went to Maricopa County, Arizona, to learn the best practices for conducting a full Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election.  Now the Pennsylvania Senate needs to act.  Senate President Jake Corman needs to fulfill his promise to his constituents to conduct a full Forensic Audit.  Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the State Government Committee, has to authorize the subpoenas, if necessary. The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth.  If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no way they will ever get re-elected!"

And he posted, "A great honor to be speaking at the North Carolina GOP convention tomorrow night. I understand the place will be packed, all records broken! North Carolina produced a big victory for us, without a fraudulent outcome—missing ballots, illegal voting, dead people voting, and all of the other Democrat tricks. Before my Election in 2016, everybody said North Carolina was going Blue, now they are saying that the Great State of North Carolina is surging big for Republicans. Look at the results we have produced. Thank you to Michael Whatley and the state party. See you tomorrow night!"

On Thursday, he posted, "After seeing the emails, our Country is fortunate I didn’t do what Dr. Fauci wanted me to do. For instance, I closed our Borders to China very early despite his not wanting them closed. The Democrats and the Fake News Media even called me a xenophobe. In the end, we saw this was a life-saving decision, and likewise with closing our borders to Europe, specifically to certain heavily infected countries. I was later given credit, even by Tony, for saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Dr. Fauci also didn’t put an emphasis on speed of vaccine production because he thought it would take 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years to create. I got it done in less than 9 months with Operation Warp Speed. In retrospect, the vaccine is saving the world. Then, I placed the greatest bet in history. We ordered billions of dollars’ worth of vaccines before we knew it even worked. Had that not been done, our wonderful vaccines would not have been administered until October of this year. No one would’ve had the shot that has now saved the world and millions of lives!

"Also, Dr. Fauci was totally against masks when even I thought they would at least be helpful. He then changed his mind completely and became a radical masker!

"There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Fauci. The funding of Wuhan by the U.S. was foolishly started by the Obama Administration in 2014 but ended under the Trump Administration. When I heard about it, I said no way. What did Dr. Fauci know about gain of function research, and when did he know it?"

That post drew attention.

Newsweek quoted it in its story, "Donald Trump Reacts to Dr. Fauci's Email Dump, Says He Has a Lot to Answer For."

And yet, Newsweek has not corrected its story, "Donald Trump's Blog Permanently Shuts Down After a Month of Operation."

Now it could have been a miscommunication.

But President Trump continued blogging as usual last week with 9 posts on Tuesday through Friday. 

He also had 3 posts on Memorial Day. He seems to take Saturdays and Sundays off.

The blog is still there.

Stories about the continuation of the blog are not there.

The American media lies constantly. It lied about Russian Collusion. It lied about the Ukrainian phone call. It lied about last summer's riots. It lied about about January 6. It lied about covid 19. It lied, it lied, and it lied some more.

This is just one more lie as the media realizes it will never be held accountable for its many, many, many lies.


  1. Yes, the media certainly lies. Today NPR has an article which gets a heading like, "Keeping up with the election lie, Trump..."

    There has been an election lie, but it is not something from Trump. I cannot wait to have meaningful discussions on FB, Twitter, etc. once the Arizona audit is released. They will have to eat crow, retract alot, and, moreover, apologize to Trump for their lies.

    1. No, they never apologize. They'll either double down on the lies or sweep everything under the rug and move on to a new batch of lies about something else. The Left has become pretty predictable.

  2. This isn't lies - It's Psyops, disinformation,
    Enemy action. We won't buy that but the MSM,thinks we are stupid.

  3. How about 'the media lied and millions died' for a headline on some conservative blogs.

  4. As I've said before, I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the "media"; it/they LIIIIIEEEEEEEE...

  5. It was different than their normal
    Lies - it didn’t say PDJT was raging, seething, etc. but lies nonetheless.

    I love his blog.

  6. It would have been nice if someone had either put something somewhere announcing the change or if the old link (ended in desk) pointed to the new one (ends in news). But indeed there it is.

    One can thus infer that all the story-stuff about how PDJT was "infuriated," "frustrated," etc. was simply all made up from nothing (as usual).

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. The Left just LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, world without end, Amen.

  9. In case you’re still not sure where to find him…

  10. Had a feeling. Running scared.

    If the Lefties are that scared, and they are, all the talk of reinstatement must be more than wishful thinking.


  11. When the MSM announced this, it took me all of 10 seconds to go to President Trump's page and discover that he simply moved his statements from the front page to the "News" tab!!!

    You would have thought a "journalist" would have had enough integrity to spend that same 10 seconds actually investigating this. But I seriously doubt that has been a real "journalist" working for the MSM in many years!!!!!

  12. The Blog is off line? Srsly? Call Barbra S.
    She knows ALL about the 'Streisand Effect'.
    They pay The 'Donald' rent for him to live in their heads,

  13. Obvious “joke” - how do you now the mainstream media is lying?

    There still posting what they call “news” on the Internet and having deranged individuals like Don “credibly accused sexual assaulter” Limon and Steroids for Brains, Fredo “who me ethics, who ever said I had ethics?” Cuomo of the politically corrupt and nasty Cuomo family.

    Yeah, not funny. Sorry.

  14. Trump owns the Republican Party. RINO Georgia Governor Kemp was roundly booed at the party convention, while President Trump brought the house down.

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