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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Jail Jeff Zucker and end the lies

The inspector general of the Department of Interior investigated media reports that President Trump had Park Police clear Lafayette Park a year ago for a photo op.

After thorough examination of the facts, the IG concluded that no such thing occurred. The media lied.

Glenn Greenwald recalled how the lie operated.

He wrote, "This tale was so pervasive in the media landscape that it would be impossible for any one article to compile all the examples. 'Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op,' read the NPR headline on June 1. The New York Times ran with: 'Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose at Church.' CNN devoted multiple segments to venting indignation while the on-screen graphic declared: 'Peaceful Protesters Near White House Tear-Gassed, Shot With Rubber Bullets So Trump Can Have Church Photo Op.'"

He went on and on about how the media agreed on a narrative and stood athwart history crying, "Nazi-like!"

Greenwald wrote, "All of this came crashing down on their heads on Wednesday afternoon. The independent Inspector General of the Interior Department, Mark Lee Greenblatt, issued his office's findings after a long investigation into 'the actions of the U.S. Park Police (USPP) to disperse protesters in and around Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, on June 1, 2020.' Greenblatt has been around Washington for a long time, occupying numerous key positions in the Obama administration, including investigative counsel at the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at Obama's Commerce Department."

Even a career deep-stater could not cover for the media this time.

But now that we know the truth, what do we do with it? Do we bother to try to rein in the media? Do we overturn Sullivan v. NYT and restore criminal libel laws that would jail people for blanket lies like this?

While the press continues to push the fantasy of its importance to a constitutional republic, the fact is the press is one of the biggest deterrents to a free society.

The press today exists solely as a propaganda tool for the deep state. The wardens of our bureaucracy conjure narratives that the press repeats without blinking.

Americans elected Donald Trump president. The press did all in its power to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate his presidency.

The lies included the Russian Collusion hoax, the Muslim ban, the Ukrainian telephone call, and the insurrection. Media lies led to the Mueller witch hunt, which tried to kneecap the Trump presidency. There was no let up from the press.

The covid 19 lies were the worst. Trump was right about HCQ. Easily 100,000 people died unnecessarily because the press and the FDA lied about HCQ's safety and effectiveness.

The question is not whether the press lies. It does.

The question is, what are we going to do about it?

I suggest we restore criminal libel laws that would imprison Jeff Zucker of CNN and other serial liars. Send Zucker up for 5 to 10 years, and the rest will clean up their acts.

As a safeguard, I would make the prison terms only applicable to news organizations with White House credentials. Some guy on Twitter telling me covid 19 came from a bat cave does not affect me, but the Washington Post insisting the lab leak theory was debunked does.

Make Jeff Bezos criminally liable for libel and watch WaPo discover truth-telling.


  1. Replies
    1. Me? I dream of a “Wet Works” Squad that could deploy specially trained individuals to “neutralize” and eliminate threats to our country or its duly ELECTED President. Threats would meet with unfortunate accidents, or simply just disappear.
      Trump could have benefited from such a squad, and would still be in office. Meanwhile, there would be no BLM/Antifa riots, and the NYT, WaPo, FaceTime, Twitter, and the DNC and its “Squad” would be under control.
      Yes, Trump needed a Mitch Rapp

  2. As I KEEP saying, I DESPISE, DETEST, and totally DISTRUST the "media" It/they LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    Also, as I keep saying, I don't KNOW if the media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, or if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS! (And they're "sleeping" in the same beds.

  3. I don't think we can expect laws to be written against serial lying by the media by politicians that are also serial liars.

    1. And take a LOT of campaign (retirement)loot!!

    2. Imagine all the loopholes they'd install in the bill.

      It would be engineered, as the legal cliche goes, to be later exploited, flawlessly. Knowing this, the liars would continue on as before, undeterred for a second.

      BIG PROBLEM with the idea above: Making things illegal retroactively is an already accomplished aim of the American Woke Communists.

      Accuse someone of something, and the statues of limitation in 2021 simply are not enforced any longer, even though they might still be on the books.

      Which means that it doesn't matter how long ago things occurred.

      (Let alone whether or not the people now doing the accusing had actually filed a police report at the time of the alleged offense, another former iron standard that gradually melted away in the sexual hysteria that's been blasting unabated for decades now.)

      2021: An accusation is now --- automatically --- EVIDENCE.

      The accused are now quite often never considered to be innocent until proven guilty.

      At the same time, felons actually convicted of serious crimes often get off scot-free and then commit more of them.

  4. "The covid 19 lies were the worst."

    Lindsey Graham says Trump would have won 2020 election if COVID-19 lab leak theory was proven

    “And if we could have proven that early on in 2020 it was a lab leak coming from China, not occurring naturally, the public would want revenge against China, and who would they turn to: Biden or Trump?”

    1. They would have just printed up MORE ballots.

      Seriously, the best bit of wisdom I heard back in November was something along the lines of when we voted during voting hours on Election Day, we "told" them how many fake votes they'd have to have manufactured for that night.

      One thing we did do by overachieving on what even THEY expected is that they realized that even the supply of fake votes they had prepared and ready-to-go wasn't going to be enough - hence the counting shutdowns, lockouts of GOP observers, suitcases being wheeled in, people who had moved away from Fulton County having "votes" cast in their names (but without their knowledge), etc., etc. etc.

    2. ^This^ Democrats cheated in plain sight.

    3. Trump could have gotten 120 million votes.

      Sniffy would have somehow gotten 122 million.

  5. They are libelous. They are traitorous. They are despicable. They should not be above the law. Zucker would just be a start.

  6. Methinks you're on to something here, Don. But to really make this stick (and to reprise something I've been hyperventilating about since back in November), there has to be a way to let this be charged as FRAUD - since fraud has special status in the law, has no statute of limitations, and vitiates the gains reaped by that fraud.

    The exemplar was Harry Reid waving a piece of paper around on the Senate floor back in 2012, saying "Mitt Romney doesn't pay taxes! I have proof!" (He waves the piece of paper around on that last.)

    It turns out that piece of paper was blank. It was all made up from nothing. And when he was asked later about all that, he just grinned and said, "Well, he didn't win, did he?"

    That's more than a lie. That's FRAUD. Make these fraudsters both criminally (jail or more) and civil-ly liable ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - make them bankrupt).


  7. December 23, 1776

    THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

    1. Discover how few winter patriots were rewarded by their fellow country men ---

      See "Turning The World Upside Down, Inside The American Revolution" [1775-1783], John Tebbel [1912-2004]; Orion Books [Crown Publishers Inc., Random House, Inc.] (1993 hardcover)

      You'll be amazed how readable the book is. Had I been reading such well-written books in the 1970s, I doubt I would have dropped out of college.

  8. Trump isn't innocent. He allowed fauci to continue in his role. He should well have known the Dems would cheat the election but did nothing to stop it. He made many bad hires in his 4 years.
    The idea we can imprison publishers is not going to happen. What you can do is ignore entirely their product, either in print or tv. You can also stop buying related business items from them. Organize boycotts of Amazon, organize boycotts of coca cola. Organize, organize, organize. Protest. March. Sue. Show up at public meetings and speak forcefully. Disrupt school boards, take them over. Run for office. The vast majority supports you. Only a miniature slice of Americans agree with all this BS. They all live in densely packed cities. If you live in one, move. Write articles, post YouTube videos showing how decrepit these cities are. Ostracize them.

  9. This filthy TREASONOUS America hating Marxist sewer RAT, needs to be put on trial for high treason, when found guilty HANG THE BASTARD

  10. Government, Media, and Politicians have become the enemy of freedom

  11. the msm should not only be forced to pay, they should also be made to devote as much programing time or page space, to an admission of guilt and retraction, as they did to the original lies. These retractions should also be required to happen at the same time or on the same page as the false stories. This would substantially reduce the time spent on these lies and may cause some actual journalism to happen in the future.

  12. Not only was the Lafayette Park-story an Agit-Propaganda lie told by Professional Liars, it was 180 degrees wrong. Although I wish the President had ordered tear gas. At least. Those public spaces belong to the People, not to Democrat lynch mobs and ANTIFA Night-Riders.

    When the Democrat Paramilitaries attacked the White House every night for a week, Bitch Bowser would not let the DC Police help the Secret Service, who sustained many casualties.

    Pres. Trump tweeted that the mob should stay away because the Secret Service has dogs and special weapons, which is true, of course. Bowser tweeted her support for the mob and said there were no dogs or ominous weapons, just a scared man, all alone, defenseless.

    By telling the rioters that, Bowser was trying to get the mob to attack the Trumps. Failing that, she was hoping to get rioters killed for propaganda, just like the Commie organizers did to students at Kent State. Bowser should have been charged criminally, if the Rule of Law wasn’t in civilizational free-fall, I mean.

    DC Statehood? Mayor, Please. You must be joking.

    We should rescind DC City-hood. They can’t even handle that.

  13. Would be nice if someone would ask "Just how was this debunked?"

  14. If it's true, it is harmful to the Occupation Government and therefore Pre-debunked.

    You know--like Pre-crime.

  15. Sorry to bust your balloon, Mr. Surber, but libel is a civil remedy, not a criminal offense.

    More's the pity.

    1. Rare, but criminal libel is still alive.

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