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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How to stop urban crime

Defunding the police has led to quantum leaps in murders in city after city. The Mostly Peaceful Homicides are becoming politically inconvenient. Crime is the top issue in the mayoral election in New York City. Most voters oppose it.

Sinclair Broadcast Group reported, "The homicide rate is escalating rapidly, especially in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Portland, Oregon, has experienced a 533% increase, after a year marked by crime and violence following months of protests that left parts of the city in ruin.

"Parts of Baltimore once considered safe, in recent weeks, have been stung by violence...some business owners have even pledged to withhold tax payments until changes are made."

The story quoted NYC mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia. She said, "Police and mental health professionals need to engage upfront to prevent the crime from ever happening."

Another candidate, Andy Yang, said, "The police need to be equipped to fight crime in any circumstance and if anything, we need to go on a massive recruitment drive for new police officers."

They are Democrats. They are not the solution. They are part of the problem. That gangs run large parts of so many Democrat-run cities is no coincidence. Gangs are profitable businesses. Graft is the only taxes they pay. The Five Families ran NYC for decades by paying off politicians. Why would MS-13 and the like be any different? It is racist to assume blacks or Hispanics are not as smart as Sicilians.

As a federal prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani rid New York of the Mafia, which is why Democrats hate him almost as much as they despise Donald Trump.

Then as mayor, Giuliani reduced crime. He introduced the Broken Windows approach to crime, which held that by nipping minor crimes in the bud, you avoid major crime. We know this works because under De Blasio, NYC began ignoring minor crimes and major crime rose.


My solution to urban crime is simple.

Elect Republican mayors.

Murder increased 533% in Portland, Oregon, in the last year. The last Republican mayor of Portland was Connie McCready, who was pro-gay and pro-ERA. Nevertheless, Portland voted her out of office more than 40 years ago.

After she was primaried, Mount St. Helens erupted and blanketed the town in ash three times.

Just sayin'.

Murder rose 58% in Atlanta, which Democrats have ruled for 142 years, ever since Nedom L. Angier's one term expired in 1879. Interesting man. A northern transplant, first arriving in 1839, he spent the Civil War in Cuba, and came back to serve in the reconstruction of the city.

Murder rose 37% in Philadelphia, which Democrats have run for 69 years. Truman was still president when voters turned out Bernard Samuel, who had been mayor for more than a decade. Philly has had nothing but Democrat mayors since.

Murder rose 22% in Los Angeles, which Democrats have run for 20 years. Republican Richard Riordan was the city's last Republican mayor. He's 91. He should run again.

Murder rose 5% in Chicago, which has had the most murders in America year after year for decades now. Democrats have run the city for 90 years. The last Republican mayor there was Big Bill Thompson. He left office after the press found out he had $1.8 million in cash and bonds stowed away in two safe deposit boxes.

He was competent but crooked.

Lori Lightfoot is only crooked.

Crime is not a complicated matter. Criminals are not master minds. Actually, most criminals are rather dull of mind. You start arresting them and putting them in prison and crime subsides.

The solution to urban crime is pretty simple. Elect a Republican mayor.

Vote for change. Vote Republican.

Otherwise, buy guns and ammo.

Or better yet, move.