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Friday, June 25, 2021

Highlights of the News

The list is from Brandeis University. Tuition at Brandeis is $57,561 a year.

ITEM 1: Just the News reported, "Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States' top infections disease expert, resisted a directive from President Trump to cancel a research grant for a non-profit that was linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, according to a new book detailing the Trump administration's handling of COVID-19 pandemic.

"Trump issued a directive to Fauci and the National Institutes of Health in April 2020 to cut funding for a study examining how coronaviruses jump from infected bats to humans after it was reportedly linked to the lab in Wuhan, suspected of having leaked the virus."

This was not resistance but insubordination and sedition as Tony Fauci ignored a lawful, direct order. President Donald John Trump failed to fire Fauci. We need to call Fauci what he is: an agent of Red China.

ITEM 2: The Telegraph reported, "Joe Biden, the US president, has been accused of having emboldened Russia as sources told The Telegraph that the US decided against sailing close to Crimea alongside the British.  

"The Telegraph can reveal that while US Laboon, an American destroyer, has recently been operating with HMS Defender and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen in the Black Sea, it was 'many hundreds of miles away" when the two vessels travelled within 12 miles of Crimea’s shoreline on Wednesday.

"The navigation triggered a confrontation with Russia, which scrambled jets and fired warning shots, and a diplomatic clash at a time of rising tensions over Ukraine’s sovereignty.

"Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, a move not recognized by most countries, gaining access to its long Black Sea coast. Russia has chafed at NATO warships visiting near Crimea as destabilizing. In April, it declared a broader area off Crimea closed to foreign naval ships."

Russia seized Crimea under Obama.

Trump took tough sanctions against Russia.

Biden lifted those.

Any questions as to whom Putin's puppets really are?

ITEM 3: Summertime, and the news is slower than Chris Cillizza at CNN.

Love was on the 2012 team as well. Rose never made the team. As a judge in the court of public opinion, I sentence Rose to 8 hours of community service watching reruns of White Shadow.

ITEM 4: Chris Cillizza wrote, "When Joe Biden would talk on the 2020 campaign trail about the need to rekindle bipartisanship in Washington and his unique ability derived from decades in the Senate to make it happen, there were lots of eye rolls.

"It felt to many (myself included) like a bit of nostalgia on Biden’s part, nostalgia based on a fundamental misunderstanding of How Politics Works, or, more accurately, doesn’t work. Maybe in the 1970s bipartisanship was possible, we all said. But that was 50 years ago.

"Then Biden proved us wrong."

I knew it was Cillizza when I read the headline. He is the Jalen Rose of political pundits.

President Trump succeeded in passing a bipartisan crime reform bill that led to the early release of thousands of black inmates, as well as a few white ones.

Numerous other examples include every bill that Reagan and Bush 41 signed into law because Democrats controlled the House. The partisanship came when Biden was vice president and Obama Democrats went solo in passing Obamacare. Trump returned the favor with his tax cuts.

ITEM 5: Trending Politics reported, "During a press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden stopped talking normally to whisper into his microphone about how much he is spending.

"Biden was trying to brag about how much money he was spending but the comments came across as creepy considering he was whispering into the microphone."

The volume does not matter because everything he says is creepy.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "The New York Supreme Court suspended former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s law license for making what it described as false statements following the Nov. 3 election.

"The court ruled on June 24 that Giuliani made 'false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign.'"

Democrats continue down the path toward criminalizing dissent.

ITEM 7: Just a reminder that on Wednesday, Josef Biden threatened to nuke dissenters.

He said, "The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon. Those who say the blood of lib- — ‘the blood of patriots,’ you know, and all the stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government. Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots.

"What’s happened is that there have never been — if you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons."

No Republican and no pundit has called him out.

He may be demented, but he still has the ability to launch a nuclear strike.

On Poca, West Virginia.

ITEM 8: CNBC reported, "The Federal Reserve announced Thursday that the biggest U.S. banks could easily withstand a severe recession, a milestone for the once-beleaguered industry.

"The Fed, in releasing the results of its annual stress test, said all 23 institutions in the 2021 exam remained well above minimum required capital levels during a hypothetical economic downturn. Bank shares popped after the release; the KBW Bank Index rose 1.5% at 5 p.m.

"That scenario included a severe global recession that hits commercial real estate and corporate debt holders and peaks at 10.8% unemployment and a 55% drop in the stock market, the central bank said. While the industry would post $474 billion in losses, loss-cushioning capital would still be more than double the minimum required levels, the Fed said."

You see, our banks are as solid as Enron, er, Lehman Brothers, er, Solyndra.

ITEM 9: The German wire service DPA reported, "Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was welcomed at a Brussels summit on Thursday with a barrage of criticism from EU partners over a freshly passed law that restricts young people's access to portrayals of LGBT issues.

"The bill, signed into law by the Hungarian president late on Wednesday, restricts children's and young people's access to books, films and other forms of content showing anything other than heterosexuality or birth-assigned gender identities.

"Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that Hungary should leave -- or be made to leave -- the European Union if it didn't adhere to basic values of the bloc."

That is a tempting offer. What began as a common market has devolved into an anti-Christian bureaucratic nightmare. Hungary left the Soviet bloc, only to be associated with these blockheads.

ITEM 10: Reuters reported, "Rescue crews near Miami combed through tons of rubble on Thursday for anyone who may have survived the predawn collapse of part of an oceanfront residential tower, with officials reporting at least one person found dead and nearly 100 more missing.

"Sally Heyman, a Miami-Dade County Commissioner, said officials have been unable to make contact with 51 individuals who supposedly live in the building, home to a mix of people including families and part-time snow bird residents who spend the winter months in Florida.

"Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez later told reporters that 99 people were unaccounted for and that 53 others whose whereabouts were initially unknown have since been located, though he did not make clear whether everyone in the second group was alive."

This is a tragedy.

Beware of any talk of causes because initial media narratives are seldom correct.

ITEM 11: Fox reported, "Partiers celebrating Juneteenth in Northern California were seen blocking an ambulance, with a woman twerking atop the vehicle, despite responders trying to navigate through the scene to transport victims of a shooting in which one person was killed and several others were injured. 

"The Oakland Police Department believes Saturday's shooting at Lake Merritt was gang-related and multiple shooters are being sought, the department said Monday. An estimated 5,000 people were gathered near where the incident occurred in the 2200 block of Lakeshore Avenue just after 6:20 p.m., police said. 

"A 22-year-old San Francisco man was killed and seven people were injured, police said. The victims range in age from 16 to their mid-60s and are in stable condition, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told reporters Monday."

The band Public Enemy complained in a song 31 years ago that 9-1-1 is a joke in your town.

This is why.

ITEM 12: National Review reported, "Republicans Are on the Verge of Giving Up All Their Negotiating Power."

The Charleys-in-the-Box on the Island of Misfit Never Trumpers are upset because Republicans agreed to a plan to spend money on infrastructure.

Actually, Republicans are using their negotiating leverage to get some of what they want and to reduce what the Democrats take. It is called compromise. It is how we set Congress up.

From Lincoln's support of a transcontinental railroad, to Coolidge's support of levees and dams, to Eisenhower's interstates and St. Lawrence Seaway, Republicans have always initiated and supported improving America's infrastructure.

The fellow who wrote this graduated from Oxford. I suggest a remedial course in American history is in order. 

ITEM 13: Humans Are Free reported, "AmazonSmile Charities: 4 Satanism And Witchcraft Groups, 15 Abortion Groups, 21 Black Lives Matter Groups, 64 Planned Parenthood Affiliates, 3 Marxist Groups, 107 Church Of Scientology Affiliates, Etc."

I am not surprised.

Oh, and Amazon screens its charities and bans "hate groups."

ITEM 14: The Liberty Daily reported, "The nation of Israel, a tiny country the size of New Jersey, would be completely indefensible if it ever gave up control of the Golan Heights. It took a miracle and some pretty clever military tactics to assume control of the area in the first place and with today’s weapons capabilities in the hands of Israel’s enemies, losing the Golan Heights would be the nation’s death sentence.

"President Trump had made it official in recognizing the Golan Heights as a permanent part of the nation of Israel. But rumors have been spreading since February that Joe Biden’s administration would reverse the policy and would not back claims by Israel when push comes to shove at the United Nations."

Israel has been a loyal ally. It took out Iraq's nuke program 40 years ago.

Democrats hate Israel.

Iran has shouted Death To America for more than 40 years.

Democrats love Iran and got angry when Trump took out the general who headed Iran's terrorism program.

ITEM 15: Newsbreak reported, "Three people were arrested after authorities said they beat and strangled an Illinois police officer during a traffic stop on Monday.

"Jennifer Taylor, 24, Sheba Taylor, 26, and Paul Sherrod, 28, have each been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated strangling, resisting or obstructing a police officer, and aggravated assault of a police officer, all of which carry felony penalties, the Aurora Police Department announced on Wednesday."

The suspects are black.

Democrats encourage this violence because they believe ultimately it will destroy the country. They would rather rule in hell than serve in the USA.

ITEM 16: He is doing everything he can except the one thing he should.

Waive income taxes.

ITEM 17: The Daily Mail reported, "CNN anchor Brian Stelter's wife Jamie Shupak Stelter has been accused of bullying colleagues and creating a toxic work environment akin to a 'den of vipers' at her TV station New York 1. 

"NY1 insiders painted a damning portrait of Stelter, 37, in a bombshell New York Magazine report published this week about years of turmoil within the station. 

"The report describes how Stelter became a fan favorite when she joined NY1 in 2010 as a traffic reporter, prompting a New York Times profile entitled, 'Stuck in Traffic? A Star is Born.'"

(Brian Stelter was with NYT at the time.)

The story also said, "Particularly disturbing, former reporters said, was the way the two co-hosts treated former weather anchor Stacy Ann Gooden, who was hired in 2017.

"Ten current and former employees of the company reportedly told the magazine that Stelter and co-host Annika Pergament would talk disparagingly about Gooden, and she was often ostracized from the rest of the group, excluded from meetings and left out of roundtable discussions on the set."

Gooden is black.

She left the station after that.

ITEM 18: Sanctuary Counties reported, "There are now 1,930 counties that are protected by Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level. This represents 61.39% of all of the counties in the United States of America. Strangely, as was recently pointed out by Lee Williams, The Gun Writer, the media seems to be ignoring this movement still, for the most part. We have seen plenty of news about Constitutional Carry, which is another movement that we are actually quite supportive of. Yet the mainstream news has remained relatively silent regarding the massive Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, which leads us to a few questions."


Now do Babies in the Womb sanctuaries.

ITEM 19: News Spin reported, "Spotify bans Safe Space song, that has the opening lyrics, 'They might ban me for this song.'"

The story is at Reclaim the Internet.

ITEM 20: WESH-TV reported, "A 26-year-old police officer has been wounded in a shooting near the area of Kingston Avenue in Daytona Beach, officials told WESH 2 News.

"Officials said Officer Jason Raynor was approaching a suspicious vehicle on Kingston Avenue when he was shot by the suspect, who then took off.

"Raynor, who was shot in the head, was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center.

"Officials say Raynor is out of surgery and in critical condition, and has shown some improvement."

The suspect is Othal Wallace, 29.

Heavy reported, "Wallace is a member of the NFAC (the Not F****** Around Coalition), a black militia, according to his Facebook profile, which is under the name O-Zone Wallace. He has a criminal record in Florida including domestic violence, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery on a pregnant person charges."

Sounds charming.

ITEM 21: Breitbart reported, "Two travel aides to Vice President Kamala Harris have resigned from their positions just one day before she travels to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a report from the New York Times.

"Sources close to the matter told the Times that Harris’s director of advance Karly Satkowiak and deputy director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi informed Harris’s office that they would be leaving within the coming weeks."

She must be a delight to work for.

FINALLY, Inside Higher Ed reported, "It’s official: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones will not join the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on July 1, as previously announced. And she won’t join the faculty at all without tenure.

"'The inferior terms of employment offered to Ms. Hannah-Jones in the fixed-term contract resulted from viewpoint discrimination in violation of the freedom of speech and expression, secured by the U.S. and North Carolina Constitutions,” Hannah-Jones’s lawyers wrote to the university this week. The letter also accuses the university of race and sex discrimination and retaliation in violation of federal and North Carolina state law, unlawful political influence in violation of North Carolina state law,' and other unlawful grounds.

"''Under these circumstances,' the legal team wrote, 'any appointment of Ms. Hannah-Jones without tenure is unacceptable.'"

She is lawyering up.

That is why we have courts.


  1. 7 -- Even the hard-left "fact-checkers" at Politifact, obviously feeling cornered by Biden's stupidity, labeled his "You couldn't buy a cannon" claim False.

    1. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
      .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  2. Blacks: lowest on the IQ and highest on the violent crime scales.

    1. Don't crap on Don's writing by going racist. Either a) hate on an individual for a specific reason or b) go elsewhere. You're no better than what you claim to hate - race baiters on either side are lazy asses.

    2. Documented in Charles Murray's books including his newest: Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America

      Without including mean IQ and propensity to violence as a group, any outrage over "disparity" or "racial profiling" are Marxist extremists efforts to destroy the US and its equal opportunity for INDIVIDUALS.

    3. Agree with Unknown. To Don of the cryptic post at 7:35...please consider deleting it. Consider culture and how my treasured black friends have to put up with daily reports of a sordid subculture.

    4. Screaming "racist" isn't an a argument. If you have a point to make then make it.

    5. The guy who advocates censorship should apply for a job at Facebook.

    6. Dr Ben Carson would dispute your ASSertion.

    7. Food for thought: Asians (as a group) have a higher mean IQ than whites and are less prone to violence than whites. They also attain a higher level of success than whites by the second generation.

      Is it "racist" to acknowledge this? Should these data points be considered when evaluating why Asians, as a group, are more successful than whites, Hispanics and blacks?

      Why are data points that reflect positively and are a possible contributor to success open to discussion but the very same categories, if unflattering and are considered "racist"?

      Facts aren't racist but selectively outlawing facts can be racist.

    8. It is the reality which must not be pointed out. Must not be named. Must not be brought to light.

      We do so because we have absolutely no hope of a solution for it.

      Read Charles Murray.

    9. Dr Carson is clearly aware of the reality I described. It upsets him more than you can imagine.

    10. One obvious and I'd say true reason for black's 'failures' and Asian's thriving in our society is the illegitimacy rate and nuclear family dynamic. Asians are raised in a two parent home where education excellence is expected. Blacks in single family homes where doing well in school is considered "trying to be white" and is ostracized

  3. So now Nicole Hannah Jones won’t honor the contract she voluntarily signed without tenure. She has no integrity, but then we knew that after the 1619 Project. We don’t even know if she can teach, which any reasonable person would want assurance of before granting tenure. And all the professors who demand tenure for her (and themselves) so that they can say and do whatever they want without fear of retribution, are the same ones who censure and cancel anyone who disagrees with them. Sounds fair.

    1. If a white racist propagated the racial hatred and lies she is celebrated for, would that white racist get tenure?

      By the way, where are all the white supremacist professors? Even though they're all Democrat, I haven't heard of any who countered CRT with their previous favorite three letters: KKK.

    2. Alles Heil Sieg Heil! You frauleins have seen behind the curtain. It’s 6 months at the DC jail for you!

  4. Item 14 - Democrats don’t just hate Israel. They hate anyone who disagrees with them. The Democratic Party has become the party of intolerance and hate.

    1. Johnny, if you'd said that in 1860, you would be spot on. They hid their colors for a while.

    2. "Has become"? Have you forgotten which party supported slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, and other hateful entities? The Democrats have a long ugly history.

  5. 1 - Dr. Fece is a horrible human being. He has been dropped from the news like a lead pipe in water as he has been exposed as a lying, incompetent.

    Let me take. Stab at this. Dr. Fece went off the reservation. As a rule of thumb, people like him are no picnic to work with. I get a trigger warning when dealing with people like Fece.

    1. Fauci is a Democratic party political operative.
      Senator Tom Cotton.

  6. Shelter is "straight?" I am literally surprised to find that out.

    1. Kinda caught me off guard too! Always thought he was a nut juggler...who knew?

    2. I was thinking incel... Might still be the case.

  7. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  8. In the lead up to the War of 1812, the US government leased complete artillery batteries from private citizens. Also from 1774 until shortly before the Civil War the USA let private citizens arm sailing ships (privateers) with state of the art (at the time) cannon, mortars and cannonades. The weapons were in some circumstances removed from the ships and used as land based batteries. Josef * was a complete MORON before the dementia set in. He is not the President of our Great Republic.

    1. I'd like to say something in Joe's defense... But I can't.

  9. Things are coming to a boil with Mrs. Potatohead. Sounds like she and Mr. Potatohead make a wonderful couple. I wonder if they have a little tater tot at home. A chip off the old potatohead.

  10. Brandeis needs to change its name because I hear "brand slaves with a hot iron and dice people into little pieces with a sharp knife."

  11. Have another martini, Jalen. Oh wait, did I just say something that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE could construe as racist? TOUGH SHITE.

  12. Highlights on the News: They missed one: "Poor baby/babies."

    Item 3: The ONLY reason I watch ESPN is for\ Formula 1 races around the world.

    Item 10: I'm fairly certain they will say "TRUMP's to blame."

    Item 12: As I keep saying, I stopped reading National Review (Online, not the magazine) when it went NEVER TRUMP in 2015. Splitters. Losers. Pariahs.

    Item 14: Two groups you don't want to mess with: The Israelis, and the Gurkhas (small men with BIG knives).

    Item 17: Ahhhh, the "liberal" newsies.

    FINALLY: UNC IS DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB. Foot, pistol, bullet; some assembly required.

  13. Item 10: “Beware of any talk of causes because initial media narratives are seldom correct.” The condo that collapsed was in Florida, right? Trump lives in Florida, right? So obviously…

    Item 14: “Democrats hate Israel.” God loves Israel. Choose sides carefully.

    Item 16: “Waive income taxes.” Then we would all be just like the reviled “Top 1%” in paying no income tax.

    1. Top 1% have 21% of all income and pay 40% of income tax collected.
      Top 10% have 48% of all income and pay 71% of all income tax collected.
      Bottom 50% have 12% of all income and pay 3% of all taxes collected.

      Flat tax with first 125% of poverty line income exempt.
      Approx 38k exempt for a family of 4.

  14. For some strange reason, the 2nd A did not prevent Bonnie and Clyde from owning a BAR in the 30's. This was a weapon so powerful it was still being used as a "squad weapon" 20 years down the road in Korea

    Also of note is the fact that even though civilians could own an automatic weapon that could shoot thru your average brick wall, and even though poverty was far greater than it is now, the murder rate was much lower than it is now

    By God, Don, I'm beginning to think my moral superiors have been lying to me ( on just a small select group of topics, of course)

    1. Clyde stole his BAR from a National Guard armory.

    2. You can still own a fully automatic BAR or Thompson or whatever, just fill out the forms and pay the tax required by the National Firearms Act of 1934 as modified.
      You can own a tank, too.

  15. #5 BTW, the volume of Zhao Bai Deng's voice is significant. Not everybody understands the ludicrous substance of ZBD's verbal emanations, but every normal person knows that no president had ever behaved in such a bizarre fashion before while speaking to the American public.

  16. Reference Item #7: Somewhere a rice farmer clad in black pajamas laughs in Vietnamese.

  17. No9: Hungary should start its own 'EU'(the idea of empire not exactly alien to them) except call it the EEU (Eastern European Union) and make one of the bylaws the stipulation that Judeo-Christian ethics/values be upheld...I wonder how many would jump ship...UK, Greece, France? Hmmm.

  18. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    1 - "... the United States' top infections disease expert..." - the repetition of this fib is tiresome. Upon what basis is this assertion made? What work has he done in the field? Publications? Innovations? ???? He's a career bureaucrat with NO ACTUAL EXPERTISE in the field. And if he is fired or dismissed, it won't be a punishment unless his (very lavish) pension is either pulled or at least seriously docked (pun intended). The cult that developed around this guy was mind-boggling and would make josef stalin blanche...

    2 - The tough talk by sniffy was just for show (to continue the whole mythology behind the "russian collusion" nonsense).

    7 - Again, between posse comitatus and "kill 'em all" any such orders would be unlawful orders and the troops would be expected to NOT obey them. Plus, do these clowns even grasp where the troops mostly come from around the country?

    9 - It's depressing how so many "institutions" have degenerated to operating at the level of the mean-girls table in junior high. The EU is there now. This won't end well.

    18 - This trend is great. If the federal government won't stand up for the plain-and-ordinary meaning of the Constitution, the states and localities must.

    FINALLY - Again, keep in mind that CRT is the renazification of socialism...

  19. #2 I say again the Dems are crusing for a land war with Russia. Even if it doesn't go nuclear it won't go well.

    1. I actually don't think so. PDJT had it right - don't trash someone in "the press" that you then have to sit down with and negotiate, but do firms things when it comes to actual actions. Now, sniffy has reversed it - tough talk for domestic political consumption (to keep the whole mythology around "russian collusion" going) while being supine in substance. If there is a war, it will be because vlad takes certain things as green lights that sniffy and co. really didn't mean.

  20. #2 I say again the Dems are crusing for a land war with Russia. Even if it doesn't go nuclear it won't go well.

  21. Finally: The courts ain't what they used to be. Unfortunately, justice in America is waning.

  22. Does anybody here not think that the purge of our military has the purpose of removing those who would not obey that unlawful order to fire upon their fellow citizens?

    1. sadly I am coming to the same conclusion...and this after spending 40+ years working with these guys, sigh

      y'know, I always thought of our military as the last bastion of freedom...and mainly because I thought under no circumstances would they carry out orders to fire on their fellow citizens; now I'm not so sure, but I certainly hope and pray I'm wrong

  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: The lying dogfaced pony soldier is our Louis Napoleon.

    5: He thinks he's Dirty Harry. He's just Dirty.

    7: Lots of pundits called him out. They just don't count because they're Conservative.

    10: Red China on the Gulf.

    12: Not yet, they don't. Pelosi Galore insists on reconciliation.

    The fellow who wrote this graduated from Oxford.

    So did Willie.

    18: Right on.

  24. Re: Finally You know damn well she's in the wrong because she lawyered up.

  25. The Title poem to A Circle of Tribes by Jack Kolkmeyer. Original Music by DJ Elephunk/Nic Kolkmeyer. Photographs by Jack Kolkmeyer, Jack Clift, Al Faaet, Lawrence Manning.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oh, shut the hell up and go crap up someone else's website.

  27. I believe the "rule of thumb" they attribute to the Brits is actually in the Koran.

    1. Well, the goat molesters were British subjects.

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  33. Item Brandeis U - I went to Lewis and Clark College in Portland. After college I went to work as a carpenter in my dads construction company because I fancied myself as blue collar and couldn't picture myself in an office. His words to me - "at least they didn't turn you into a complete idiot". I own the company now and my back isn't what it used to be.

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  36. Item 8 - Printing trillions of dollars works. Until it doesn't. The smart people are getting rich off of this ponzi scheme. The rest get to hold the bag. The rest being all of those retirement accounts.

    At some point, this doesn't work anymore. The physics of economics and gravity are in close correlation.

    Item 16 - The lockdown was meant to affect everyone EXCEPT government. Hence no income tax removal (or reduction). Democrats don't want to admit this. To admit it admits defeat.

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