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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Kane at Citizen Free Press reported, "Liquor store customer gets violent… Asian owners beat her into submission…"

Don't want none, don't start none.

The media can pretend that violent black racism does not exist, but it does. Either the law handles it, or people will. Don't make them bring back the Rooftop Koreans.

ITEM 2: Via Gateway Pundit, Josef Biden said, "You heard me say this before, again and again. I’m going to keep saying it. What’s that idea. We don’t derive our rights from the government. We possess them because we’re born. Period. And we yield them to a government."

Fact-check: That is exactly how it works. We trade rights for security, and wind up with neither.

We are all Conestoga Indians now.

By the way, the Wounded Knee Massacre happened when soldiers came to take the Indians' rifles.

Oh, and those rights from the Creator are endowed upon us at conception.

ITEM 3: The Sun reported, "Wetherspoons REFUSED to serve woman, 20, and her pal over ‘inappropriate’ tops that ‘made them look topless.’"

And the Sun followed up with the report, "After girls were kicked out of Wetherspoons for wearing revealing tops, we ask: How much boob is too much boob?"

That's better journalism than WaPo and NYT offer. They won Pulitzers for their coverage of an imaginary story called Russian Collusion.

I am pretty sure those boobs are real.

ITEM 4: Becker News reported, "Former President Donald Trump will go down as one of the toughest presidents on China since Richard Nixon. But Trump has come out against boycotting the 2022 Olympics and a lot of people are fascinated why.

"In an interview with Real Clear Investigations published on Thursday, Donald Trump gave his reasoning for why the United States should attend the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing."

President Trump said, "I see it both ways, but I would not do that. … You go. You compete. You win."

Look for liberals to go with the intent of losing graciously.

ITEM 5: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Biden administration is sharply reducing the number of U.S. antimissile systems in the Middle East in a major realignment of its military footprint there as it focuses the armed services on challenges from China and Russia, administration officials said.

"The Pentagon is pulling approximately eight Patriot antimissile batteries from countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, according to officials. Another antimissile system known as a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or Thaad system, is being withdrawn from Saudi Arabia, and jet fighter squadrons assigned to the region are being reduced, those officials said.

"The accelerated withdrawals reflect several recent changes on the ground in the Middle East as well as Washington’s own strategic imperatives under the Biden administration. As the war in Afghanistan winds down, ending two decades of counterinsurgency as a chief driver of U.S. troop and weapons deployments, the Biden administration wants to bulk up forces directed at countering China, its chief rival in a national security landscape now defined by competition between the major powers.

"Separately, the Biden administration’s policy toward Iran—the chief U.S. adversary in the Middle East—is focused on negotiations over re-entering a revised version of the 2015 international nuclear agreement. Because of that, Pentagon officials see a diminished risk of war after the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign employed more military brinkmanship."

I suspect Josef Biden is doing this to appease his Chinese masters who have befriended Iran.

But fine. Bring the troops and the gear home.

While we are at it, remove the troops and equipment from Afghanistan.

President Trump promised to do so by May 1.

War-mongering Josef Biden keeps it going.

ITEM 6: WSJ also reported, "Big companies are hiring for remote positions that can be performed in any state across the U.S. except one: Colorado.

"At issue is a new Colorado law that requires companies with even a few employees in the state to disclose the expected salary or pay range for each open role they advertise, including remote positions. The rule’s aim is to narrow gender wage gaps and provide greater pay transparency for employees. To avoid having to disclose that information, though, some employers seeking remote workers nationwide are saying that those living in Colorado need not apply."

Everyone receiving zero is equal.

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "Walter Shaub, the director of the United States Office of Government Ethics under President Obama, said the Biden administration is sending an F-you to ethics experts by hiring so many relatives of senior White House officials. 

"Press secretary Jen Psaki, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, senior adviser Anita Dunn, White House counselor Steve Richetti, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed and presidential personnel office director Cathy Russell each have at least one direct family member working for the Biden administration."

Well, this is the president Fox wanted.


ITEM 8: CNBC reported, "St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard told CNBC on Friday that he sees an initial interest rate increase happening in late-2022 as inflation picks up faster than previous forecasts had anticipated.

"That estimate is even quicker than the outlook the broader Federal Open Market Committee released Wednesday that caused a hit to financial markets. The committee’s median outlook was for up to two hikes in 2023, after indicating in March that saw no increases on the horizon.

"Bullard at several points described the Fed’s moves this week as hawkish, or in favor of tighter monetary policy than what has prevailed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic."

We long ago reached the point where low interest rates no longer help the economy because they kill saving money. I get 0.1% interest now.

ITEM 9Reuters reported, "A divided conference of U.S. Roman Catholic bishops announced on Friday that they had voted to draft a statement on Holy Communion that may admonish Catholic politicians, including President Joe Biden, who support abortion."

The bishops need to tell Cafeteria Catholics that the cafeteria is closed.

ITEM 10: The Euro soccer results via DPA, a German news service:

"England held to 0-0 Euro draw by Scotland in Wembley rain."

"Sweden top Euros group with 1-0 win over Slovakia; pressure on Spain."

"Bloodied Schick not enough for Czechs as they draw 1-1 with Croatia."

3 games, 3 goals.


ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "In a nationally televised interview in January, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rattled off an impressive list of measures his state used to ensure the November election count was accurate. 'We had safe, secure, honest elections,' he declared to 60 Minutes.

"That rosy assessment, however, masked an ugly truth inside his agency's own files: A contractor handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County wrote a 29-page memo back in November outlining the massive election integrity failures and mismanagement that he witnessed in the Atlanta-area's election centers.

"The bombshell report, constructed like a minute-by-minute diary, cited a litany of high-risk problems such as the double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of too many ballots on Election Day."

I wonder how much it cost Democrats to buy off Raffensperger.

Impeach and remove him from office.

He is just as bad as those two guards who looked the other way when Jeff Epstein did not kill himself.

ITEM 12: Breitbart reported, "President Joe Biden’s White House halted a proposed package of lethal aid to Ukraine, according to a Politico report.

"State Department officials and the Pentagon worked to develop the aid proposal before the White House National Security Council put it on hold ahead of Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The package’s development came in response to Russia’s massive military buildup near the Ukrainian border earlier in 2020, and would have been worth up to $100 million, according to Politico.

"The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing people familiar with the decision, that the Biden administration tabled the aid package after Russia said in April they would reduce the number of troops on the border.

"Biden officials estimated in May that 80,000 Russian troops remain on the border of Ukraine, the New York Times noted.

"Biden began his presidency with a series of high-stakes diplomatic signals to Russia and conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Russia’s troop buildup alarmed Ukrainian officials, as it echoed the movements prior to the 2014 annexation of Crimea."

Republicans will look the other way because they are shills for a new world order that Donald John Trump tried to stop.

For that they impeached him.

ITEM 13: Metro reported, "Bruce Springsteen fans who have had AstraZeneca vaccine barred from shows in the US."

That's because the vaccine wasn't born in the USA.

I suspect Bruce's ban on fans affects none of my readers.

ITEM 14: CNN reported, "A brazen daytime shoplifting incident captured on video at a Walgreens in San Francisco on Monday has highlighted what local officials say has become a consistent problem, particularly for chain drug stores in the city.

"The video, captured by a reporter for CNN affiliate KGO, shows a suspected shoplifter taking items from a Walgreens and putting them into a black garbage bag. The suspect continues even as three people, including the store's security guard, begin filming on their cell phones just feet away."

The story failed to mention that California decriminalized theft of up tp $950.

The Public Policy Institute of California, which promoted this decriminalization of theft and drug laws, PPIC said the reform "has narrowed—but far from eliminated—disparities in incarceration rates between African Americans and whites."

Given that nearly half the homicides in America are by black men, we could eliminate that disparity by legalizing murder.

ITEM 15: Ed Morrissey reported, "Curiously incurious: Where is the media coverage of China's defector?"

He said, "Or even the possibility of a defector from China with potential information about COVID-19’s origins? RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar began reporting on this development a week ago, although while the source remained anonymous. Yesterday’s report from Spy Talk gave more heft to the story, whose report got co-published in The Daily Beast."

There is nothing curious about the incuriosity.

Corporate America sold out to Red China.

Americans are only now catching on.

ITEM 16: The Washington Post reported, "The slow-building conservative effort to turn Ashli Babbitt into a martyr."

George Floyd got 3 funerals despite a pandemic ban on funerals.

But at least her name finally made a WaPo headline.

ITEM 17: James Delingpole reported, "UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has appeared to suggest that people who refuse to get the vaccine may be banned from using the National Health Service."

Government-run health care is literally putting your life in the hands of bureaucrats.

By the way, the Supreme Court did not uphold Obamacare.

Senate Republicans did.

Their refusal to repeal it in 2017 was shameful. Elections matter but only if you get the primary right.

FINALLY, Sunday is Father's Day. I grew up without a father. I was 47 when we met, and I had to initiate it.

If you have a son like that, contact him. If he is an adult, apologize. If he is still a kid, spend the day with him. Give him a good memory.

One other thing, when you withhold child support, you are not getting back at your ex. You are hurting your kids.


  1. It is the unvaccinated who are at risk, so why try and shame them? Quite frankly, had I known of all the problems with the various vaccines I may not have gotten the shots.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I went with the NOVA, none of the various Atrocities.

  2. 1 - what an ass kicking.

    2 - Sorry Xiden. I am not yielding my rights.

    3 - they dress like that and then get pissed when we stare at them.

    4 - TDS reaction will now result in us boycotting the 2022 Olympics.

    11 - Rafdensverger is so dirty, he can now get a job on DC.

    14 - why are those idiots paying for a security guard.

    1. 14. They pay for a security guard to make sure they don't take more than $950(!) worth in one go. Maybe the shoplifters sell the items on the street? Why is Walgreens still in San Francisco?

    2. While there is a $950 limit on what you can steal, there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many times you return.

  3. #10 - but but... the games are short. They only last about 4 hours :-0

    Get rid of the stupid offsides rule and the game might be fun to watch

  4. Big D, delivering the goods on time once again on a Saturday morning in the EP. Boobies! Ah, my weekend’s made!!

  5. Bruce Springsteen can go suck off his plastic surgeon.

  6. No.9 The bishops voted to admonish pro abortionist anti life, anti Catholic Doctrine politicians? If it means that these unrepentant sinners will be "severely criticized" the bishops' vote was a waste of time. Probably not a great idea to waste God's time.

  7. Item 3 - do Biden and Harris count as two boobs or three??

    1. That reminds me of a joke when Jimmy Carter was president.

      Q: Who has bigger boobs than Dolly Parton?
      A: Lilian Carter (meaning her two sons Jimmy & Billy).

  8. Tucker, Greenwald and 1/6:

    1) How is it remotely credible that the FBI did not have informants in the three key groups at the center of the 1/6 investigation — the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters?

    2) Why are low-level protesters being charged with major crimes while the alleged organizers of this riot and the leaders of these groups have not been?

    3) Why are enormous amounts of video surveillance footage from January 6 still being concealed?

    4) What happened to the alleged planting of pipe bombs near the Capitol?

    5) Why did the FBI not take more aggressive action given the fact that the social media platform Parler sent the FBI advanced warnings of specific plots to use violence at the Capitol?

    1. These are all excellent questions. However our illustrious news media are curious about them in the least.

  9. 2) The spark for the US Revolution was the British Army attempting to disarm the colonists per the King's orders. Gun control was first used against blacks to keep them down and it worked for 100 years. We have enough reasons and examples to resist more gun control.

  10. Try Australian Rules Football - I've just recently gotten into it. Nonstop action, lots of scoring, and no political nonsense that I've seen. Great fun!

  11. Item 6: “employers seeking remote workers nationwide are saying that those living in Colorado need not apply.” I sell items through my Web site to every state except California. My site says, “The State of California has determined that this product causes cancer and must include a warning to that effect. They’re wrong. Everything in California causes cancer, including their air and water, but this does not; therefore, I will not include their bogus warning and will not ship to California.”

    Item 8: “I get 0.1% interest now.” If you want to make big bucks, issue a credit card and charge 24% interest.

    Finally: “Sunday is Father's Day. I grew up without a father.” I’m sorry for your loss. I grew up with a father who spent more time in bars than at home. While in elementary school, I remember walking to the bus stop past my father, who was passed out in the front yard. His friends had brought him home after the bar closed, but he only made it a couple of steps past the sidewalk before he fell down drunk. He ate a bullet shortly after I graduated from college. Some kids are better off without fathers.

    1. Tonight's message at church was about Job and how bad things happen to good people and God's plan. Don's and your story about your fathers remind me of that. Seems like a lot of good happened in spite of your fathers or lack thereof. Good on you both. Happy Father's Day

  12. Don, you work for on Federal Holy-daze? Enjoy #44 today in memory of Republicans emancipating slaves in Galveston from democrats. Now if they only taught history in schools, and logic….

  13. Item 13: Not a fan of Bruce.

    Item 16: THIS is why I call the WaPoo the WaPoo. It WaPoops all over.

    Item 17: THIS is why I call the GOP the "GO Along to GET Along with the DEMS" Party.

  14. #13: I was a huge fan of Springsteen in college. Dropped him like a brick when this guy worth $100 million started lecturing us on how we need to pay more taxes and other Leftist B-S.

    #15: The Leftist main stream media isn't dropping the Chinese defector story into the black hole because of Covid. It's because of what he has on the Bidens which prove that Trump was once again right.

  15. Springsteen's commie commercial during the Super Bowl was the icing on the cake. The dude had never been to Oklahoma or worn a cowboy hat in his life. I don't think he could point out the UP in Michigan on a map. Certainly not the map Chrysler chose since it was missing Go back to Jersey, you schlepp.

  16. #17 -- When my wife asked me what I want for Fathers Day, I "quipped" ...

    All I want for Father's is to see Corie's face again

  17. Don: May you have a blessed and happy Father's Day.

    1. Or in leftist language, “Happy Inseminating Person’s Day.”

    2. Or in leftist language, “Happy Inseminating Person’s Day.”

  18. 11-direct link to the GA election report. Found at your Just The News link.

    I've senn a number of stories about this report. This is the only one I have seen with a link. I like to read what the report says, not what others say it says. Two very different things sometimes

  19. Corie being my daughter who, along with her beau has preconditions that could have made a Covid infection a serious affair. So her face has been masked since March 2020

    Which is too bad much inasmuch as her face combines the best features of two superb parental faces to form a kind of superface

  20. ITEM 3 - That article is a timely reminder that next Monday, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton succeed Rush Limbaugh at their joint golden microphone. Travis famously told a shocked CNN infobabe (one of Rush's additions to our vocabulary)that he absolutely believes in only two things, the First Amendment and boobs.

    ITEM 5 - It looks like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf sheikdoms will have to turn to Israel for their air defense. BTW, I predict that Israel's cyber warfare command will find a way to neutralize the spy satellite Russia is giving Iran.

    ITEM 16- Revolver News, backed by Tucker Carlson, is accusing the FBI and other federal agencies of organizing the January 6th Capitol invasion.

    FINALLY - I remember my father, in his last weeks before dying of cancer, telling me that he was an optimist all his life, because without optimism, life isn't worth living. Those words left me with some awfully big shoes to fill in the last 27 years.

    1. NB my father was the most positive person ever. Miss him (August 2011). He was in radio ad sales in Baltimore from 60s thru 80s and dressed just like the recently deceased Frank Bonner aka Herb Tarlek.

  21. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    2 - "And we yield them to a government." Wrong - and the PoS who thinks he is POTUS needs a civics lesson. As the Constitution clearly states, men create governments to SECURE their rights. Collectivism needs to be a capital offense, and soon...

    5 - Yeah, I agree, this "repositioning" is all b.s. - pulling all that stuff out of those countries is kowtowing to Iran. That won't end well. This fascination with Iran by that crew baffles me, other than that zippy was blatantly anti-semitic and saw Iran as a vehicle for exterminating Israel...

    8 - Remember, the "smart people" (sic) all think that the winning combo is printing up trillions of "stimulus" (sic) money and having the Fed hold interest rates to zero. This won't end well...

    9 - As a side note, if you want to find real Anglicans, go to sub-Saharan Africa; you won't find any in the UK any more. (N.b. - An observation - I'm not Anglican.)

    10 - Probably the all-time classic metric football headline was "Latvia celebrates 0-0 tie with Germany." Metric football, world's dullest sport... Curling is much better...

    11 - One suspects that there might have been a bimbo involved...

    12 - More kowtowing by the "smart people" (sic). Going back into the 1940s, the left has been obsessed with granting ussr/russia an agreement that the old Tsarist empire is a permanent Russian sphere of influence - even if the inhabitants of much that "sphere of influence" don't want it. When vlad seized Crimea and invaded eastern Ukraine, zippy sent blankets and band-aids; PDJT sent actual military aid; now sniffy is kowtowing to vlad. This won't end well.

    15 - As someone noted above, he also apparently has a lot of dirt on sniffy and snorty. Enjoy the sh*tshow that's in the offing - they will be in a race condition to defenestrate either sniffy or giggles first.

    17 - Glad people are waking up to this danger. Back when centralized medicine was being bruited, much of the pushback was that supply would be reduced by his, forcing a reduction in demand - by (on practical grounds), not allowing health care for the seriously ill, superannuated, etc. But an inherent danger (which would be a temptation that the left couldn't resist) would be to withhold care on political grounds. Now everyone can see that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This won't end well.

  22. The Catholic Cafeteria accepts all money that’s green.

    1. Not all Catholics eat in the cafeteria, Jeffery. The ones who do are usually Commies like you.

    2. Not all... Yet at least half are regular Democrat voters to this Catholic's disappointment. And don't even get me started on our current Communist Pope

  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Is this another round of Guess The Race?

    PS The Koreans are known as the Irish of Asia. You do not mess with them.

    2: By the way, the Wounded Knee Massacre happened when soldiers came to take the Indians' rifles.

    No, it happened when the Indians started waving their rifles (supplied by the government, of course) and said how they were going to wipe out the whites.

    And it wasn't a massacre. The Indians fired first. And the shooting stopped when the Indians threw down their guns. The Indians had Winchester repeaters while the troops had their single-shot Springfields.

    As I tell Jeffery, you have to do your homework.

    3: Hardly topless. And 28C is 82F, comfortable, but hardly sweltering.

    8: Baked in the cake.

    9: Way overdue.

    11: Raffensperger is sounding like the ship is sinking and he's looking for a piece of wood to keep him afloat until Newfoundland.

    12: Say this for the Whigs.

    They stay bought.

    15: Word is he's singing like Beverly Sills.

    17: By the way, the Supreme Court did not uphold Obamacare.

    Senate Republicans did.

    No, St John of Hanoi did. One presumes he's approaching a well done these days.

    FINALLY: Some of us grew up with a father we wish we'd never known. Sometimes you're better off.

  24. #16 We respect Ashli Babbitt and her ultimate sacrifice.

    Only Democrats loved their GF traveling-corpse show.

  25. 1. She won't try that again.

    4. Don't be so sure. If Trump is for it the libersls will be against it. Reflexive.

    5. You don't need missiles to fight the war on whites and win the diversity or equity battle.

    8. Cash is no longer king. Stocks or gold will prevail to protect your savings.

    16. Well, at least he didn't kneel on her neck.

  26. Item 14: I am surprised there is not more outrage. The SOB was using a plastic bag!

  27. ITEM 11: This story is another reminder to me of how totally antagonist the institutional Republican Party is to protecting the freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    The Republican Party, other than the parts of it which truly and wholeheartedly supports the policies of the illegitimately ousted Trump Administration, must be destroyed and dumped into the trash.

  28. #13 "I suspect Bruce's ban on fans affects none of my readers."
    I believe your suspicions are true.

    #15 I thought they might be keeping the defector's information under wraps because they weren't confident they could protect him, considering the number of CCP operatives Biden has brought into the administration.

    #17 Getting the primary elections right has been made more difficult because of one person. That person is Mitch McConnell who controls entirely what RNC funding goes to which candidate.

  29. That video reminds me of the time Robin Ventura charged the mound after Nolan Ryan hit him with a pitch. Ryan grabbed Ventura in a headlock and delivered a series of uppercuts to Ventura's face.

    A reporter commented to Ryan that Ventura looked really angry when he charged the mound.

    Ryan replied, "He changed his mind when he got out there."

  30. ITEM 15: LeMao (or as Kane at CitizenFreePress calls him, LeDouche) is on the case and will be breaking the story of the high-level CCP defector to all of LeMao’s American Patriot fans.

    Which means LeMao will not be breaking the story because no person in their right mind who identifies as an American Patriot would be a fan of LeDouche.

  31. ITEM 17: Don, let’s be honest. Senate Republicans did not “uphold” Obamacare in 2017. To make this claim, you have to believe that McCain, Murky, and Collins were “Republicans.”

    McCain, Murky, Collins were not “Republicans” then; and Murky and Collins are not “Republicans” now.

    Americans are only now catching on.

  32. Item 8 - A money market will kick .5%. Which still sucks but is better than .1%. I keep all of my ready to go cash in muni bonds. That kicks between 2 and 4% and seems to keep up with the CPI. Moved 80% of my retirement to muni's a month ago. The rest got moved to value and healthcare funds. I sense the rest of this year is going to suck for the stock market.

    Bidenomics is a kill pill. But hey, at least we don't have to suffer mean tweets.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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