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Monday, June 21, 2021

Biden to tackle crime like he did the border

Having elevated drug addict and petty criminal George Floyd to sainthood, and having aided and abetted riots throughout 2020, Josef Biden and the rest of the Democrats now want to crack down on crime.

Maybe Kamala can go to Chicago and plead, "Do not kill. Do not kill."

Hamas-Shielding AP lied, "Homicides are up, but GOP misleads with claims about blame."

On Planet AP, defunding police, releasing suspects without bail, turning felonies into misdemeanors, no arrests for misdemeanors, and encouraging riots by calling them mostly peaceful protests had nothing to do with gangbangers going wild in killing sprees. 

But that had nothing to do with the killing spree, according to AP. It was all Nixon and the covid.

The Awful Propagandists at AP said, "The effort to blame Democrats for crime may offer a preview of Republicans’ strategy for upcoming elections: a new twist on an old law-and-order argument from the party’s past, harkening back to President Richard Nixon.

"Just as it did half a century ago, the argument ignores the complicated reasons for fluctuations in crime rates — a list that today includes the upheaval wrought by the coronavirus pandemic and protests that erupted after the killing of George Floyd by police."

Protests did not erupt. Riots did.

AP admitted it looks bad. AP said, "Homicides in Chicago, up by 22% through late May compared with the same period last year. In Minneapolis, homicides were up by 56%; in Portland, 800%."

These are Democrat cities and have been for decades. In Chicago's case, 88 years.

AP said, "the numbers don’t tell the whole story about reductions in police spending or a troubling increase in homicides being seen throughout the country."

The increase is in black people killing black people and Democrats not giving a fig. Crime pays and Democrats get a piece of the action. 

AP's frantic effort to cover this up shows how desperate Democrats are.

Politico reported, "Violent crime has been spiking across America for more than a year. The issue has been at the top of the GOP agenda and constitutes a major portion of Fox News programming. We remember during the Democratic primaries that the Biden campaign was the most nimble when it came to defusing unpopular issues that titillated the progressive base of the party: abolish ICE, defund the police, decriminalize the border.

"The White House has been very reluctant to emphasize issues outside of ending the pandemic, reviving the economy and passing its American Jobs Plan and its American Families Plan. So we think it’s notable that on Wednesday, President Biden will be devoting his public events to the issue of crime and how his administration is responding to the uptick in violence. Keep an eye on this one."

So the Democrat argument is Republicans are making something out of nothing, but Democrats are going to take action.

Josef Biden's pivot on crime will be a nice band-aid thrown on the corpses that are piling up in Democrat cities. Maybe he will use the occasion to nationalize police, which would put DC in charge of law enforcement in Poca.

Chicago celebrated Puerto Rican Day in its own special way.

The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper reported, "'Happy Father’s Day,' read one message on the black poster board. 'RIP Gyo,' read another.

"The sign was taped to a pole just feet from where Gyovanny Arzuaga was shot to death and his girlfriend — the mother of their two children — was critically wounded during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Humboldt Park Saturday night."

They were 24 and 25, respectively. Their survivors include their 2 children.

The story said, "A police spokeswoman said there was a crash before the shooting and a crowd had surrounded the couple’s car. Video circulated on social media appears to show the couple being dragged from the car and shot as they lay in the street."

Juneteenth celebrations this weekend also saw riots and other violence, including 5 deaths.

Poverty is no excuse. West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the nation. Sunday was West Virginia Day. We celebrated statehood without gunning one another down.

Democrats say Black Lives Matter but in Democrat city after Democrat city, black people are twice as likely as whites or Asians to be murdered. In Chicago -- which leads the nation in the murder of black people -- only 1 in 6 murders are solved. 

Voting Democrat is a death warrant for black people, and yet 90% still do.

The Marshall Project reported, "Murders Rose Last Year. Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods Were Hit Hardest."

It blamed covid.

Oh and public safety gaps.

Well, when you demonize cops and no one cooperates under the Snitches Get Stitches rule of the jungle, what do you expect?

The Democrat Party favors crime, particularly in ghettoes. Crime is a multi-billion-dollar industry run by gangs, which Democrats protect (for a fee). 

But Biden threw black people the Juneteenth bone to celebrate their freedom with the end of slavery.

Tell me, are black people living in crime-ridden neighborhoods free?


  1. Is the Pope Catholic? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. The way Biden and the Democrats are going, the untranslatable German word “magdeburgisieren” may no be untranslatable much longer.

  3. "... the killing of George Floyd by police." Well, of course, the AP is once again lying through its teeth - since the medical examiner's findings (and resultant testimony under oath at trial) were that he died of an overdose.

    Anyway... the problem that the donks have is that they let that genie out of the bottle last summer for tactical reasons, but now that the genie has outlived his usefulness, they can't get him back in the bottle. (One strategy of course is to simply deny that the genie exists.)

    1. Juneteenth normalized a federal holiday for violence.

  4. I don't care...I don't care...I don't care......

    Meanwhile, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, in broad daylight near the Loop, a young woman from the People's Republic of Merryland was stabbed to death by the usual suspect...not to worry, she was a "brilliant" criminal justice doctoral candidate who apparently was excellent at analyzing crime statistics in such a way to show that POCs are being treated unfairly by our courts and law enforcement, sigh. I won't say she deserved her fate, but others less charitable than moi might...

  5. Residents of Chicago and other Democrat-run cities are NOT free from fear to walk the streets. In this respect, Chinese people are freer by far than Chicagoans.

  6. That headline sounds backwards. Shouldn't it be, "Crime to tackle Biden like the Border did?"

    Biden can't grab his dog by the tail without breaking his foot.

  7. If enough criminals and looters are put in the ground there will be less crime and looting.

    1. Coming soon to moral neighborhoods.

    2. Not being reported on are the informal militias being formed in some suburbs and rural areas. We have one on our county.

  8. Why so many Puerto Rican flags? Just curious, I'm in New Zealand and it seems a bit strange.

    1. Not unusual in the US. An ethnic celebration of people from our Commonwealth; not a state so they are full citizens if they come to the US, but if they stay there, no vote for president or federal income tax. A unique situation.

  9. The increase is in black people killing black people and Democrats not giving a fig.

    The increase is in black people killing black people and Lefties not giving a fig.


    Considering the lying dogfaced pony soldier is the most unabashed racist in the Rainbow House since Woody Wilson, I can't wait to hear the speeches he'll give telling of his love for blacks and his horror at their living conditions.

  10. I suppose that if Homer Simpson looked at what is going on this year, he would observe, "Politics - the cause of and the solution to all of life's problems."

  11. So, according to the truly awful AP, Biden's campaign was nimble? They hid him in his basement knowing he could only win with massive cheating.

  12. 'Politico reported, "Violent crime has been spiking across America for more than a year.'

    In other words, it's Actual PDT's fault. But the riots were ordered up By Obama and Soros as an in-kind campaign contribution to Pedo Biden. Trump still won.

    "The issue has been at the top of the GOP agenda and constitutes a major portion of Fox News programming."

    In other words, the issue is not crime, but "Republicans pounce!" Same old same old.

    I'm all for a Juneteenth holiday. Local black people went into their churches to praise God that He used a Republican president to free them from Democrat tyrants--the formed the Republican Party of Texas. I hope we'll all do the same again soon and inaugurate another new American Holiday for the coming New Birth of Freedom.

    Sure, Biden meant it for evil, but I'm not surrendering Lincoln, Tubman and Douglass to those Communist cocksuckers.

    They want us all focused on red and yellow, black and white while the focus on the Green. It's a grift.

  13. It’s a crime how Xiden tackled the border. In His war on crime, Xiden will further embarrass himself.

  14. Chicongo apes are amateurs,,,, 18 people shot this weekend, two pregnant women killed in Houston, Texas.

  15. For illustration of crime in (democrat) cities, take a look at (if you can find it) the series "The Wire." It has a lot of unnecessary sex stuff in the first few episodes, but I think that was just to draw in an audience. The series overall was quite good and, sadly, educational.

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  17. Dan Bongino has talked about when he was a cop in NYC, people would talk to him out of sight about criminals and their activities. That was in part what the special crime unit of 600 cops did too. No consequences cause anarchy which any idiot should know is what usually happens.
    Raise children with no consequences and see how many become part of ANTIFA. And the slide into vigilantism gets all perceived or actual crimes warranting the death penalty. Those officials that foster such stupidity also get taken out.
    The Left seems to think that they can get away with destroying our constitutional republic, but 75,000,000 or so Americans may at some point disagree violently.
    I really hope this doesn't happen, but we have seen, especially, in Venezuela, where good citizens have given up their freedoms for security and have lost both as Mr. Ben Franklin thought and stated.

  18. My only issue with anything in this article is calling Floyd a "petty criminal". Putting a gun to a pregnant or any other woman's stomach goes beyond petty. He should have never seen the light of day after that. Think of the problems keeping him locked up would have solved.

    1. But, but I'm sure Lucifer was impressed with that gold plated casket he arrive at the gate of hell in.

  19. My question is..
    Is the contemporary black family living in place like Chicago or Baltimore living in conditions of fear of imminent, indiscriminate injury or death better or worse off than they were 50 or 75 years ago?

  20. Governors allowed people out of prisons because "covid, why not" People crossing our borders without adhering to our immigration laws, buildings burning, police and civilians alike being beaten or killed by "mostly peaceful protesters" and the money link to the organizations that are causing these events links back to the DNC (Act Blue) meanwhile the founders of BLM are self proclaimed Trained marxists. Yet there is reason to ponder why the country is falling to chaos?? what will it take for folks to wake up and say we have seen this before and it led to WW2. We said never again after that, well now is a whole lot short of never yet here we are. What will you do? Will you speak up?? Will you keep your head down and let our country burn until it dies? Will you tell your grandchildren in 30 years, I remember when America symbolized freedom and I did nothing to preserve that freedom so here we sit and I am sorry? I for one will not.

    I call on everyone to step up and tell the truth. Bring your family and friends into the know. Show them the thousands of hours of video out there of the Peaceful protests burning businesses, courthouses, police and civilian cars and homes. Show the hours and hours of peaceful gatherings at rallies and indeed most of Jan 6th at the Capitol. Then show what happened in the last few hours of what had been 2 days of wonderful sweet freedom speaking our will to the powers that be and waiting for the final decision.

    Do not forget, the events over the last 18 months all led up to what happened on Jan 6th and much less of it had to do with who was President, than who was going to become President without the confidence of more than 75 million voters. All that was asked of our leaders was to look at all the evidence that had been brought to light and ask is it worthy of an investigation? No such thought ever crossed the minds of either side. The Vast majority of our leaders who had authority to demand a review, chose to stay silent and do nothing. So now much of our country is left wondering if our vote counted, if we were left out to dry, or if it is worth voting in the future. I will tell you, if you do not vote, you can not hope to make the positive changes our country, our future generations are depending on us to provide for them and their safety. So go out talk to your friends, family, neighbors. GEt them to see that our very freedoms that we have enjoyed for more than 200 years are at risk of disappearing if we don't stand up and make our voices heard at the ballot box with better choices than we have been making for the last several election cycles. Look for strong leaders who value free speech, smaller government imprint on our daily lives, lower taxes to bring more jobs so we can get our adults working at full time and have our economy humming again. Above all, make sure those you vote for want our Elections to be free, fair, and without the taint of shadey or possibly criminal influences.

  21. “Planet AP” = Idiots on Parade.

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