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Friday, May 07, 2021

We should be in the Golden Age of Journalism

David Marcus of the New York Post committed good journalism in a piece, "Facebook’s ‘independent’ board stocked with Trump haters."

In a post clearly marked as an opinion piece, Marcus laid out the case that the panel Facebook assembled to pass judgment on President Donald John Trump's postings on Facebook was stacked against him.

Marcus did not just say the deck was stacked. He showed it. He used the Internet to see what they said about Donald Trump before the case was brought up.

Marcus's first example was "co-chair Jamal Greene, a Columbia law professor, has tweeted, 'The transparency of Trump’s unfitness means, almost tautologically, that a big chunk of his supporters are conspiracy-minded.' "

Facebook said it was an independent panel.

Facebook lied.

Marcus proved it.

His column should be routine. All stories in a newspaper should be as well-researched. They aren't.

We should be living in a Golden Era of Journalism. We have the technology. We can make news reports better than they were. Stronger, more accurate, faster.

Instead journalists serve us garbage and tell us it is filet mignon.

In December, Fox News reported months after the event that police shot and killed George Floyd. That was totally wrong. There was no reason for the error. Two clicks would have shown he died of a drug overdose while in police custody. I tweeted the reporter. No response. No correction.

Journalists today have instant access to trillions of facts. They can contact just about anyone in the world. News tips are abundant and available to anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account. In fact, there are plenty of aggregators who will do the work for you.

At this point, I should ask something lame like, so why is the product so bad?

But we know the answer. American journalists by and large are lazy liberals so hellbent on promoting social justice that they don't realize how big a danger their incompetence and anti-American prejudice are to the fabric of this great country.

Everyone at CNN and the rest of the news outlets knew from the get-go that the Russian Collusion hoax was bullshit. But they promoted it to get President Trump.

That undermined his presidency and his foreign policy. We could have had a nuclear treaty with North Korea. We could have had a completed wall along the Mexican border. We could have had a trade deal with Red China.

Instead journalists dragged the presidency and the American down a blind alley, derailing the effort to Make America Great Again.

Despite hobbling his presidency with the Mueller witch hunt, President Trump fixed the economy and brought manufacturing back. Unemployment was at a 50-year low of 3.5%.

The prejudices of the press in general offset the technological advances that should inform the public as never before.

By and large, journalists do not wish to be fair and balanced. They wish to fundamentally transform America into a dung heap of social justice. They don't realize it but the pup tents lining the streets of San Francisco are a testament to this vision of social justice.

The Washington Examiner reported, "A new study shows President Joe Biden has received less negative coverage from U.S. media than any president in the last 30 years.

"The study found that about 19% of the coverage of Biden has been negative over the first 60 days of his administration. Former Presidents Bill Clinton (28%), George W. Bush (28%), Barack Obama (20%), and Donald Trump (62%) all saw more negative coverage than Biden."

No one needs a study to observe that the press denied President Trump the traditional honeymoon period that every other president gets.

It is not that Trump supporters hate bad news. We hate news done badly.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a ceremony to sign in a new law protecting the ballot box. He invited only Fox News. That is the future all Republican governors should offer. If your newspaper blasts the governor every day on its editorial page, then the news pages cannot be trusted. 

The press can howl about its rights all it wants. After 40 or so years in newspapering, I say it is about time Republicans wised up.

The press has no one to blame but itself.

The refusal by the press to defend Donald Trump's rights are infuriating, but also humorous and ultimately self-destructive. 

The press sued to stop President Trump from blocking people on Twitter, claiming a right to read his tweets.

But when Twitter censored him, suddenly presidential tweets meant nothing. No one sued Twitter.

Bear this in mind the next time the press demands a special privilege in the name of serving the public interest.

The press has no interest in serving the public.

And it shows. We get it. We aren't stupid. We respond in kind. Public support for the press is at an all-time low.

It should be zero.

We are not in the Golden Age of Journalism.

We are in its Tarnished Days.


  1. The day Woodward and Bernstein got traction was the day journalism died.

  2. Excellent post!

  3. And like all of us "golden agers", the press is now one step and a banana peel from the grave.

  4. Well done Don, outstanding really !
    Journalism is woke-spoke for propagandaism.

  5. It’s an excellent post.

    But it’s a mistake to call these Corporate Drones “journalists” and the Democrats’ Propaganda Outlets like the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc “the Press.”

    It’s like calling Biden* the duly elected President.

    1. No, they're journalists because that's what journalism has become.

  6. Saw a piece a few years ago about how Zuck has a well-defined Emperor Complex, so the lack of independence is hardly surprising.

  7. I rarely use the word "brilliant" in regard to anything. But I will use it here. You earned it.

  8. "David Marcus of the New York Post committed good journalism in a piece...": Which the NYT and the WaPoo do not and will not do, nor will the network "news".

    "Everyone at CNN and the rest of the news outlets knew from the get-go that the Russian Collusion hoax was bullshit. But they promoted it to get President Trump." Which is WHY I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the media. It/they LIE to us.

    "The Washington Examiner reported, "A new study shows President Joe Biden has received less negative coverage from U.S. media than any president in the last 30 years." As I've said before, the media and the Dems sleep in the same beds.

    1. Only question is, who’s on top?

    2. A very rare example of anything that's actually readable in the NY Post opinion offerings. 90% of the stuff if read causes comas (I gave up on these stuffed shirts on 11/04/21). Excellent column here by Mr. Surber.

  9. Excellent article, Don. As things now stand, the MSM and our "president" Biden are owned by the same outfit - Communist China - so they're all doing their master's bidding. Everything the Biden admin. has done so far has clearly been against the best interests of the USA. The Leftists don't give a hoot about those homeless tents and camps in their demonrat cities because those poor souls aren't THEM, yet. They can't imagine what will happen to themselves and their children once the worm has turned.

  10. The mainstream media is giving us a golden shower instead of a golden age.

  11. Cesspool Era of FakeNews media.

  12. "We should be in the Golden Age of Journalism."

    But what we REALLY are in, is the Age of DROSS, Lies,and Perfidy. And as Ron says above, the Cesspool Era.

  13. The Press as a whole so raves in delirium these days that this seems like a text from another planet, let alone another era:

  14. I no longer care what journalism majors say about anything. Most were the poorest students in college, giving Education majors a run for their money.

  15. David Marcus of the New York Post committed good journalism...

    He would not have gotten away with it in the NY Times or the Washington Post.

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