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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The cry of the RINOsaurs as the tarpit consumes them

Conrad Black delighted in watching Liz Cheney sink into the quagmire of her own making. Trumpenfreude is best served cold. Or hot. Or room temperature. Face it, this stuff is delicious.

Black wrote, "The apparent suicide plunge of U.S. Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) appears to be the psychopathic backlash of Never Trumpers who are starting to realize Donald Trump’s defeat in November and the allegations he was attempting to overturn the election by provoking an 'insurrection'  at the Capitol on January 6 do not bring back the Republican Party of the Bushes and McCain and Romney, as those families seem to imagine. This is only the first shoe dropping. It will soon be followed by the realization of the role the Never Trumpers have played in shackling the country and the Western world to the unfolding disaster of the Biden presidency."

Oh, that shoe fell.

We realized long ago just who these leeches are.

The neocon Never Trumpers thought they could kneecap Donald Trump in the 2016 election and take the party back. 

He won.

They thought they could kneecap him last November. Dick Cheney had visions of President Liz in 2024.

But anyone in Poca, West Virginia, saw their undoing five Januarys ago when National Review published its Against Trump issue. By turning their backs on a Republican nominee, they revealed themselves as the Fifth Columnists they always were.

Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to get people to shed their facades. It is quite illuminating. The hoi polloi call it red pilling.

I will review later what I wrote on Friday, January 22, 2016.

But I am a cobbler. Black is a master. He shredded her.

He wrote, "Cheney endlessly repeats her faith in the rule of law as the justification for her mortal opposition to the president whom she claims to have voted for just six months ago. This faith in law did not propel her to object to the lawless assault upon Trump by the authors of the Trump-Russia collusion fraud or the first spurious impeachment of him. It is rather the last refuge of someone willfully sacrificing a congressional leadership position to be a useful idiot for the Democrats as they seek, through their iron-fisted control of the national political media, to maintain the Real Big Lie—namely, that the November election’s results have been carefully and impartially reviewed by the courts, and that the ex-president incited an insurrection on January 6." 

The courts of course never gave President Trump his day in court.

Black wrote, "The Real Big Lie seeks to suppress the fact that all 29 of the lawsuits over the presidential election that addressed the integrity or constitutionality of the electoral counting process were left unadjudicated. They were not heard for process reasons: late filing, lack of time to hear them, the wrong defendant, the procedural finding that challenges had to begin at the lowest courts and wend their way upwards, or lack of standing to hear the cases. Most of these objections were spurious and cowardly. The fact is, the judiciary abdicated its duty as a coequal branch of American government. It presumably did so for political reasons as overturning a presidential election result would indeed have been extremely controversial. 

"It may have been, politically, the correct call—making it unlikely that there will be a serious effort to pack the Supreme Court. But that is not the role of the justices of all the courts involved—they have not been placed in their life-positions on the benches of the country’s highest courts to be politicians. That is the ultimate response to Liz Cheney’s tired and hypocritical pieties about the rule of law."

There is a price to be paid. Lizzie Boredom paid it. The media and other Democrats who built her up have dropped her like a Jeff Flake, a Justin Amash, or a used condom.

So should we.

Black wrote, "The ex-president is conducting himself with commendable restraint. His support is not declining appreciably and will not, especially as the screaming horror of the Biden presidency sinks in on its victim-electors. Meantime, Republican leadership is taking the position that there are legitimate concerns about the last election but there is no point in debating them further and all Republicans should focus on bringing their party back in the midterm elections and in 2024."

Again, my take is that is what they should do.

We cannot undo the Cheat. Hillary-ing the election now is a diversion from mocking Biden's Big Bust as president.

And that is the road back.

Black wrote of Trump, "Unless he does something to damage his franchise, none of the other plausible Republican nominees will announce until Trump says that he will not run. If he does not say that, he will probably be renominated and reelected. 

"That is what drives the Never Trumpers to these insane acts and utterances: in policy terms, he was very good and it is clear that his opponents wounded but did not kill him. In their mindless hate, they inflicted this terrible regime on the country. Their rage now is designed to assuage their guilt. It will not succeed, even in that."

They are irrelevant.

They thought they could get away with it but that Against Trump issue doomed them because it made their real goal obvious.

As I wrote when the issue was unveiled, "National Review Hoists White Flag, Defiantly Rows To Outcast Island."

Their argument was that Trump was no conservative. My argument was nobody cares.

I wrote, "This is a White Flag edition that shows the people at the National Review now believe the Republican presidential race has become a referendum on Donald Trump -- which is exactly what he wants it to be. In a field of 17 candidates, The Donald rose to the top. He is the only one anyone talks about. That has been the case since June 16, 2015, when he entered the race. The magazine cover is a tribute to his success, and a concession of defeat because those writers -- from Glenn Beck to Cal Thomas -- have been through too many presidential elections not to be able to see and read the handwriting on the wall.

"All summer and fall and winter, everyone at The Weekly Standard and the National Review screamed to conservatives that Donald Trump is not a conservative.

"Guess what? That's fine. This year many conservative voters don't care. Certainly moderates and liberals don't."

I gave the conservative perspective on Donald Trump as of January 22, 2016.

My post said, "Having elected Bush 43 in 2000, what did conservative voters get? Another Cabinet office -- the Department of Homeland Security -- and a doubling of the national debt, after having spent the 1990s finally getting the budget balanced again. Oh and they got that jackass John Roberts as the chief justice and chief defender of Obamacare.

"I left out No Child Left Behind, which further expanded federal control of local schools. Also, Bush championed the right to home ownership in 2006, which resulted in mortgages for the unworthy in 2007, which led to the financial collapse of the Western world in 2008, which led to President Obama and the restoration of the House of Lyndon Baines Johnson." 

The Tea Party came next and it ended in disappointment for conservatives as Republicans failed to overturn Obamacare.

I wrote, "But [2016's] election is not about conservativism or liberalism. The survival of the nation is. It's not about entitlements or foreign policy or balancing the budget. It is about protecting the borders. We are reduced to that basic an issue because Washington has failed to protect the nation from two simultaneous invasions. Trump's response to Muslim terrorism in San Bernardino led to a chorus of clucked tongues on cable TV, but the people watching at home cheered.

"American Lives Matter."

Posts don't always hold up well as events unfold. This one did.

Liz Cheney's dismissal from Republican leadership came because she was Hillary-ing the 2020 election, which is ironic.

Republicans want to move on. They appreciate what Donald Trump did as president. He is their leader and their hero. He is their president emeritus. I suspect he will soak up the praise and enjoy being given his due.

And then I suspect he will make way for a new generation of conservatives.

Black does too.

He wrote, "There is an argument to be made for trying to persuade Trump to confer his benediction on another candidate who would thus be much indebted to him, and to do the necessary to make that candidate a unitary Republican figure. In this, Cheney inadvertently shows the way: the Trump policy with a less disruptive personality but with whom Trump is congenial."

Donald Trump earned his place at the head of the table. Those who refuse to sit at the table with him won't be missed because plenty of others await their turn.


  1. Favorite intellectuals:

    Conrad Black
    Tom Sowell
    Jordan Peterson
    Murray Rothbard
    Paul Gottfried
    Christopher Chantrill

  2. I am reminded of the great Winston who once attended a dinner party and was told by the hostess that she was going to seat him at the head of the table...he responded thusly: "Madam, wherever I sit IS the head of table!" And so it is with POTUS45 & the GOP IMHO

    1. More Churchill-

      Peace Activist: "Winston, If we were married I would put poison in your tea!!"

      Churchill: "Madam, If you were my wife I would drink it!"

    2. Female Member of Parliament to Winston "Sir I will not be bullied." Winston "And Madame I will not be cowed".

  3. I realized I wasn't a Democrat after Watergate. My only option was the Republicans. At the time, the Goldwater wing had been purged and it was the Rockefeller party. It's been a long march for conservatives and there's still a long way to go for GOP conservatives, but we're approaching critical mass where the McConnells, McCains, Romneys et al are becoming marginalized instead of the face of the party. I'm thrilled, to say the least.

    1. The Goldwater wing was never purged.

      Ever hear of a guy named Reagan, Jeffery?

  4. Ditto. Even better than Lizzie Boredom.

    We cannot undo the Cheat.

    We can and we shall. That's what Trump's trying to do now.

    Not only that, but we must. Letting the swamp get away with it only means they can do it again.

    As Sir Winston once put it, "What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget?".

    We must or we shall never get our country back.

  5. Another word on RINOsaurs. It puts them in the same swamp and the over-the-hill Radicals and party hacks which infest the Democrat party.

    A truly grand turn of phrase.

  6. Trump has said that he wants to concentrate on the midterm elections before deciding on 2024. That in my opinion is the way to go, forearmed about Democrat shenanigans.

  7. "Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to get people to shed their facades."

    I believe this to be his greatest accomplishment during his term. He scared hell out of the Democrats. They came roaring out of the closet and went full throttle with their communist agenda because they accurately saw it as their last chance to capture America. A second Trump term would have made them roadkill. It's starting to look like they may eventually end up as roadkill anyway. Rubbing America's nose in their leftist bullshit is generating surging blowback. It's probably gonna' rally hurt. At least I hope so.


    1. 2500+ cats have been recovered from the Tar Pits so far. There's a 600 skull display of them in one of the halls.
      If only the RINOsaurs were part of that display.

  9. “ We cannot undo the Cheat “
    If can not or will not undo that Evil, this country is dead. Undo it and bring the demoncrats to justice or lock & load, the end of American Civilization is staring us in the face.

    1. Saw a comment recently, either here or elsewhere. Now is the time to put election fraud protections in place at every level. Not in 2022. Not after redistricting. Now! It is starting in some key states thank heaven. It needs to start in all the others too.

    2. Roger That ! Undo the cheat; arrest the cheaters, try them and hang them publicly.

    3. Exactly. Saying we should move on and not make a fuss about the ultra leftist coup d'etat that took place is pussilanimous. They kicked us in the teeth and we're supposed to just say, "Oh, well." Please.

    4. The election fraud of 2020 absolutely needs to be uncovered. There may or may not be a way back to power for DJT, but without showing the massive amount of fraud in a convincing way, the DemocRATS will just perfect their craft and will have a lock on future elections. It looks more and more like Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell are absolutely correct on the voting machines and those alone can control results. Funny how all the talk about the perils of voting machines put out by the left has been discarded like an old banana peel.

  10. " Trump policy with a less disruptive personality but with whom Trump is congenial."


    1. The media will treat such a person as a disruptive personality. They will label him/her as such. And so it will be for the liberals.

    2. Trump wasn't disruptive. He was hated by the political Uniparty and THEY disrupted his administration every way they could. In fact, Trump was far too mild in his public utterances and allowed himself to be drawn into stupid twitter wars with Rosie. Oh, look! A squirrel.

  11. I disagree, the FRAUD and stealing of the election by the dems, MUST be exposed and Addressed by the Republicans in OFFICE now in the STATES and also DC. The TRUTH must see the light of day and IN A COURT OF LAW or this Republic is done. imo

  12. But who is going to FIGHT LIKE TRUMP for the next 8 years? Show me a viable candiate that can actually WIN against the media and DemoKKKrat control?

  13. No Don! You missed the point about Trump. It is time to expose the permanent political class for STEALING our election. It is not time to move on, it is figuratively pitch fork time. The country cannot move forward with an honest accounting and prison time for those who stole it. Biden and Kamala must go or we will find other ways to make them go.

  14. Good observations/analysis. But, if the CCP/Gates/fraud Fauci PLAN/SCAMdemic and 2020 "election jacking" are not fully "resolved/adjudicated" W/100's of the responsible not imprisoned . . . the Republic is lost . . . FOREVER. This drafted 'Nam VFW already making plans for a return to SE Asia. The stench of the now "USSA schiff-hole" is already too nauseating and I'm too old to endure another "bloody ugly".

  15. Can someone please ask Dick Cheney to take his daughter with him the next time he goes hunting.

  16. "Trump policy with a less disruptive personality but with whom Trump is congenial."

    Trump's personality is not a bug - it's a feature.

    Jeb! or Marco or any of the others would have been like Milquetoast Mitt - unfailingly polite and civil and doomed to fail. I didn't want another good loser, I voted for someone who would fight hard and WIN.

    As a group the Left is far more vitriolic, rude, crude, and insulting than the Right. The things they said about Trump were far worse than anything that came from his mouth.

    As for Trump's moral character, he's no boy scout but he's nowhere near as bad as Hillary or Joe Biden. The Democrats have searched high and low for over five years looking for something criminal they could could pin on The Donald. So far they have bupkis.

  17. Small correction: the federal budget was not balanced in the 1990's. Gingrich and Clinton agreed to a scam where the social security surplus would henceforth be combined with the operational budget. SS was hugely in surplus in those years and that papered over the operational accounts deficits. Go look at the US Treasury website for the annual national debt. The debt has grown every year since 1957. That is the true measure of surplus vs. deficit.

  18. Trump will run again in 2024 and he will certainly win. This ain't over, not by a mile.

    And the election and voter fraud of 2020 is just getting started. Arizona now, Wisconsin next. LETSGO!!

  19. Don, I became aware of your website fairly recently. I just read your January 22, 2016, column for the first time. It was, and is, magnificent.

    Thank you for your work.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  23. The next Republican Platform should be : SCORCHED EARTH on CORRUPTION be it democrat or republican ; massive reduction of gov't employees ; return our Military to a PRIORITY OF READINESS ; eliminate "fweeling" from our Military ; return SCHOOLS to Local control ; eliminate Dept's of Education, Commerce, Homeland Security, and maybe a few others ; Defund CIA, FBI, and transfer SOME responsibilities to US Marshall's ; investigate all immigrants serving in office (that's you brother f'er and you Gaza girl) ; full investigation of 2020 Election ; enact new DEATH PENALITY crimes of cyber attacks, political bribery, child rape, drug smuggling, immigration fraud (I'm big on deterrence!) ; and many more that address the current attempts to destroy Our Nation!

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