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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla sued for slavery

An attempt by Congolese parents to sue Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Tesla in U.S. federal court received publicity from a story in the Deseret News.

Via the story, the lawsuit says, "Cobalt is a key component of every rechargeable lithium-ion battery in all of the gadgets made by defendants and all other tech and electric car companies in the world that has brought on the latest wave of cruel exploitation fueled by greed, corruption and indifference to a population of powerless, starving Congolese people."

The charge is that cobalt workers are slaves.

The story said, "The companies have argued the case should be dismissed, asserting they have no control over the mining practices in a foreign country and that the families lack standing to bring the suit on U.S. soil. Furthermore, they stressed they have no direct connection to mining on foreign soil."

I am no lawyer but it does seem standing is a problem.

But just because something is legal that does not make it right. 

The lawsuit says, "There is no question that defendants have specific knowledge that the cobalt mined in DRC they use in their various products includes cobalt that was produced by children working under extremely hazardous conditions, that serious mining accidents are common due to the primitive conditions and complete lack of safety precautions in the mines, and that hundreds, if not thousands, of children have been maimed or killed to produce the cobalt needed for the world’s modern tech gadgets produced by defendants and other companies."

Every smartphone, tablet, laptop, electric vehicle or other device containing a lithium-ion rechargeable battery requires cobalt in order to recharge.

And that comes from cobalt in Congo.

And the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone from being a French colony to being a war-torn and corrupt client of Red China.

The use of slaves to mine cobalt is not news. 

On October 17, 2017, Reuters reported, "Electric vehicles are often labeled the “green cars” of the future but rising demand for the raw materials needed to get them on the road could increase the risk of slavery in their production, according to a risk analysis report on Tuesday.

"British risk analysis firm Verisk Maplecroft said electric vehicle makers would need to be careful as they cast a wider net to source raw materials ranging from rubber to aluminum and mica needed for the 30,000 or so components in each car."

The story also said, "The report, based on data from the firm’s commodity risk service, said China was now the top producing country for about 86 percent of the key commodities in lithium-ion batteries but this was likely to change as production picks up speed.

"Demand for eco-friendly electric vehicles is on the rise."

Of course it is. Western governments push inefficient electric automobiles as a means of battling the Climate Change bogeyman.

Meanwhile, Red China runs its cars on gasoline. On Monday, Reuters reported, "Why China Will be the World’s Largest Oil Refiner in 2021."

The Paris Accord exempts Red China and India. I have no doubt that Red China paid off every politician around the world who supports electric cars. How expensive are they? For a few billion bucks you can buy thousands of politicians and gain a multi-trillion-dollar advantage over the West,

The Congo is corrupt? It is nothing compared to DC, Brussels, and London.

That 2017 Reuters story said, "Paris authorities this month unveiled plans to banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars by 2030 while the British government earlier this year said it would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040..

"Sabo-Walsh said this meant businesses would seek new source countries with reserves of key materials such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, the Philippines and South Africa."

Red China has brought back slavery.

And the West is silent.

And the slavery is not limited to cobalt mining. Red China has Hitlerian concentration camps for ethnic minorities that it wants to eliminate.

Nick Cohen wrote in the Guardian on December 5, "Forced labour is an essential part of the Chinese state’s program to humiliate and destroy ethnic minorities. The parallels with the antebellum south reach to the cotton fields. The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps runs prison factories and its own paramilitary force to keep its captives in line. It helped create the Chinese cotton industry, which now supplies 20% of the world’s cotton market and, maybe, the clothes on your back. XPCC sends forced labor to pick cotton because no one has ever picked cotton unless poverty or slave masters forced them to. It’s hard to know what is worse: the backbreaking work or the exposure to pesticides."

Red China is evil.

We should not do business with Red China.

President Donald Trump tried to rally the world against Red China, which then unleashed biomedical warfare on the world with  its covid 19 virus. Its moles in the U.S,. government, led by Tony Fauci, provided disinformation and undermined President Trump's efforts to combat the virus.

Covid 19 almost cost President Trump the election. When it did not, Democrats cheated and installed Biden as Puppet-in-Chief.

And corporations supported this coup. To find out which ones, look at who is woke.

Cohen wrote, "Last month, the Washington Post quoted congressional staffers saying Apple was lobbying against the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which would require US companies to guarantee they do not use imprisoned or coerced workers from Xinjiang. The New York Times added that Nike and Coca-Cola were lobbying too. They all condemn forced labor and the ethnic persecution in Xinjiang and, in the words of Apple, say they have 'found no evidence of forced labor' on their production lines. Nevertheless, they fear the act’s ambitious requirements could wreck their supply chains in China."

Apple and Nike are among the slaves to Red China's slavery.

And soon shall we all be unless we take a stand.

I suggest we start by ending slavery in Congo. How? By banning electric cars. 

We have done this before. Last July, I posted, "Media owes Kathie Lee Gifford an apology." I pointed out how the media attacked her in the 1990s because a line of clothing bearing her name was made in sweatshops in Honduras. The propaganda campaign nearly ruined her.

I wrote, " Colin Kaepernick is the modern Kathie Lee Gifford because his shoes are made in sweatshops in Red China. The difference is no one calls him out. The same virtue signalers that went after Gifford revere Kaepernick.

"The media that clutched its pearls over sweatshops in Honduras could not care less about slave labor in Red China. The former was labeled as exploitation. The latter is labeled as free market."

Nike is just one of 83 companies that benefit from slavery in Red China.

I ended that post, "The lack of curiosity among reporters is understandable. Corporate media is globalist, which is why it opposes President Donald John Trump with every fiber in its being.

"Gifford is just one woman, a celebrity who somehow got railroaded in a media feeding frenzy.

"The same media that toasted itself for bringing her down should apologize in light of the under-reported slave labor used by 83 globalist companies. In retrospect, maybe the goal was to move those sweatshops from Honduras to Xinjiang." 

I hope a federal judge grants standing to those Congolese parents. Americans must confront slavery now or face being slaves to Red China in the future.

Just like Apple, Nike, and 81 other companies that buy those slave-made goods to sell to their customers. 


  1. Colbalt is not that rare but is messy to mine. Hence slavery and in a place no one cares about. With dark skinned people -again- doing the dirty work.

  2. I guess internal-combustion engines don't look so bad now...

  3. Fossil fuels provided the wealth and productivity that made it possible to eliminate slavery in the Western world.

  4. Quick point of order before lunch - the DRC was a Belgian colony, not a French colony (and was run off-the-books as a personal fief by King Leopold II in horrible ways). The French colony was the Republic of Congo (often called "Congo-Brazzaville" to distinguish the two countries), literally across the river.

    More after lunch or so...

  5. As a country, we are so addicted to cheap Chinese junk and cheap Chinese junk components to our products that it will take years to wean ourselves from them. PDJT has us on the right track. It will take him or someone like him to continue the job. The Beau/Slow Joe Xiden combo will only increase our reliance.

  6. I happened to be on a business trip in South Africa and Zambia back in 2018 shortly after the whole "sh*thole country" kerfuffle.

    One of my longer-time Zambian friends brought this up - to tell me that he (and a lot of other people there) agreed with it, since so many of the countries in the region have been so horribly mismanaged.

    We talked a bit about if there is a prototypical "sh*thole country" it would be the DRC. THERE is a country that should be one of the richest on Earth. In addition to having some of the best-and-most-plentiful reserves of cobalt on the planet, it has much else - such as some of the largest and richest copper reserves on Earth (most copper ore is galena (copper sulfide) and is only 3% copper - but much of the DRC's copper is in the form of copper oxide, which is 10% copper). The DRC also has some of the largest hydroelectric potential on the planet - since the Congo River not only has an enormous flow, but the flow is very constant throughout the year.

    All that... and they managed to screw it all up.

    One thing we have yet to exploit is that much as the eastern Europeans in particular absolutely hated the Soviet Union, so do Africans hate Red China. As I've mentioned before, when "China" does projects in Africa, they don't employ locals - they bring in their own crews who do all the work using materials brought in from China... while the locals get no jobs and no supplier contracts. And China sets debt traps - so that when the host country can't repay the loans, they either take ownership of the project (and reap the rewards), or they take cut-rate-priced supplies of raw materials as "payment." As someone there once put it to me, "This is worse than colonialism."

    We finally exploited hatred of the Soviet Union in eastern Europe; we need to do the same with hatred of Red China in Africa...

    1. Galena is LEAD sulfide, not copper sulfide. Common copper sulfides are chalcocite, covellite, and bornite (a copper/iron sulfide).

  7. I guess black African lives don't matter to Black Lives Matter.

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  9. You wouldn’t catch me in one of those damm plug-buggies.

  10. You wouldn’t catch me in one of those damm plug-buggies.

  11. And, electric cars make slavery possible. Because you don't really own the car, you can't run 300 straight miles, you're always GPS tracked... I bet a Tesla can be also deactivated from remote.

  12. As Instapundit often reminds us: "Don't trust China. China is asshole."

  13. As Instapundit often reminds us: "Don't trust China. China is asshole."

  14. The USA never stopped depending on slavery, they just changed venues.