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Friday, May 14, 2021

Offer something better than Trump

The DC press showed its cluelessness when it reacted to the ouster of Lizzy Boredom from House leadership by proclaiming that it's (dramatic pause) Donald Trump's party now.

Dudes, it has been Donald Trump's party since he took the Indiana primary and cinched the party's presidential nomination 5 years ago.

That is how it works. 

Never Trumpers thought they could sit on their hands, watch him fail, and pick up the pieces after the election.

Well as Jim Nabors always said when playing Gomer Pyle, soo-prize, soo-prize.

We elected President Trump and for 5 years those who don't like him have been yammering on and on about principle when really they have been saying one thing (such as promising to repeal Obamacare) while doing the opposite (not repealing Obamacare).

With President Trump cheated out of a second term, you would think DC Republicans would move on. But the Cheney gang and its fellow travelers keep yammering away at Donald Trump.


75 million people voted for him. That's 13 million more than any other Republican presidential nominee has ever received.

Byron York sort of gets it. He wrote, "The fact is, the Republican Party is bigger than the former president. Party leaders have an obligation to oppose President Biden -- they're the opposition party, for goodness sake -- on those issues for which they, Republicans, believe they have a better policy agenda. Yesterday Josh Holmes, the former chief of staff for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, tweeted: 'Border crisis, gas lines, inflation, economic stagnation, kids still out of school, rocket attacks in Israel, and on and on and on. If you're a Republican [in the Capitol] not talking about any of this today, you're weakening your country.' The message to Republicans: Keep your eye on business."

While it is true that the party is bigger the only way DC Republicans take back the party is by offering something better than Donald Trump.

3.5% unemployment and peace in the Middle East are tough acts to top.

Attacking him turns off Republicans. Politico reported, "Internal polling conducted for Trump’s PAC in January and, more recently, for the pro-Trump Club for Growth show a majority of Wyoming Republicans disapproving of Cheney and continuing strong support for Trump."

Oh, Cheney has support. Pelosi, Psaki and O.J. Simpson all voiced support for her this week.

But Republican voters own the Republican Party.

And they oppose her. She went from winning 68% of the vote in her state last November to a distant second in the polls to retain her seat next year.

If Republicans who don't like The Donald want "their" party back, they will have to win it back. They have to show they are willing to take on the real enemy: Joe Biden. Holmes nailed it in his tweet.

You know who gets this?

Susan Collins, the wishy-washy dame from the state of Maine.

Maine Wire reported, "Maine Sen. Susan Collins grilled US CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Tuesday during a Senate Health Committee hearing where the agency was providing an update to federal officials on its efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

"Collins questioned Walensky on the agency’s “conflicting, confusing guidance” on school reopenings, outdoor transmission and mask wearing, and rules for summer camps."

You know who else gets this?

Rand Paul, the presidential wannabe from Old Kentucky.

Summit News reported, "Senator Rand Paul continued to slam a White House medical advisor Thursday, saying that Anthony Fauci could be culpable for the entire coronavirus pandemic.

"Paul was attacked by leftist media Wednesday for merely questioning Fauci’s extensive role in granting funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology at a Senate hearing.

"CNN’s Anderson Cooper declared that Paul should 'have more respect at least for medical science'."

[Note: Senator Paul has a medical degree. Cooper does not.]

The story said, "Paul hit back, noting that Fauci is lying about the NIH’s involvement in funding of the Wuhan lab. Now in a further appearance on Fox And Friends, Paul has gone even deeper, accusing Fauci of being personally to blame for the global pandemic."

You know who else gets it?

Dan Bishop, and few are fina than this man from North Carolina.

The Epoch Times reported, "Two bills will be introduced to counter critical race theory at the federal level, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) announced with some GOP House members at a press conference in front of the Capitol on Wednesday.

"One bill is Combat Racist Training in the Military Act, a House companion bill to the bill introduced by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) in the Senate. The bill prohibits the United States military from promoting critical race theory.

"The second bill is called Stop Critical Race Theory Act. Bishop called it 'the most comprehensive legislation' to restrict the spread of the quasi-Marxist ideology.

"The bill would codify an executive order by former President Donald Trump signed last year, which banned critical race theory from federal agency training. The bill would also ban any federal funds from being used to promote critical race theory.

"Both bills will have 31 co-sponsors when introduced, Bishop said."

Let us review.

Taking on Donald Trump gets you nowhere.

Taking on Democrats and their Marxist agenda gains you favor among Republicans.

Outside of DC, no one cares who your daddy was. And frankly, they no longer care how many wives you have had. Republican voters want someone who will fight the DEMOCRATS.

Lincoln said of Grant, I can't spare the man; he fights.

Be Grant.


  1. I detest the use of the word "theory". It distorts, tricks.

    I think of "critical race theory" in the same way that I think of "phlogiston theory". Please think about that.

    1. Phlogiston was the accepted 'science' during it's heyday, though. Surely you are not suggesting we disrespect 'Science', are you? /sarc

    2. Yes, because who doesn't lose sleep at night contemplating phlogiston theory?!?!
      I just googled it...has something to do with combustion/fire

    3. And anyone who uses the word "systemic" should have their college degree revoked.

  2. And, the threat to start a new party leaves 74,999,900 Trump voters trembling in fear.

    1. I kind of wish they would. Keeps the America First party from having to file all the national paperwork and paying the fees. Let them create the new party and leave true conservatives in the GOP where we belong. As a benefit, would clean out Congress of the RINOS

  3. Cheney/McMuffin 2024!That will show'em.

    1. After eight years of Obama and the theft of 2020 I think anything is possible.

  4. Lincoln said of Grant, I can't spare the man; he fights.
    IMO, more than Reagan did, but Reagan was more civil; that didn't do him much good with the Dems though. I lived in CA when he was governor and liked him from then on, But I'll take the bare knuckle fighter any day over some of the GOP wusses we have had as President. I'll take the fighter since for decades I have had to watch the go along to get along GOP and what has it got us. I tried the peaceful, civil TEA Party route and the Dems laughed at us and still called us terrorists and worse. No more Mr. Nice Guy being tolerant of idiot leftists.

    1. As I keep saying, I call the GOP the "GO Along to GET Along with the Dems" Party. That makes two of us. All you others? There's room on our train for you!

    2. Reagan was demonized too. I'll always remember a sweet old lady I knew back then clenching her fists and turning pink as she said, "I just hate that man!" I was a Dem then and he was considered evil and stupid.

    3. Reagan was demonized too. I'll always remember a sweet old lady I knew back then clenching her fists and turning pink as she said, "I just hate that man!" I was a Dem then and he was considered evil and stupid.

  5. Lizzy Boredom

    I love it.

    And Trump has not yet begun to fight the theft of his job.

    The MAGA rallies restart soon, the audits are just warming up, not to mention a lot more public discussion of them, and Joe and the Ho are not setting the world afire.

    In a good way.

    I says again and I repeats, when told there is solid evidence the election was stolen, the American people will start yelling, "Bring him back".

    After all, with Joe and the Ho gone, all the Demos have is Pelosi Galore.

  6. Republicans are great at introducing bills that can't possibly pass when they are in the minority, and failing to pass the same bills when they are in the majority. Repealing Obamacare comes to mind, of many.

    1. These bills are Great for their fundraising(beggin')letters.

    2. No! They repealed Roe vs. Wade. Eliminated the Departments of Education, HUD, EPA, Commerce, Secured the border, balanced the budget, eliminated the deficit and cured cancer i think

    3. Exactly. We need a 2022 version of the Contract For America:

      1. Term Limits
      2. Election Transparency
      3. Balance Budget Amendment (with enforcement)
      4. Private option for Social Security
      5. ZERO investing by ANYBODY in government except through blind trusts, which are audited quarterly with PUBLIC reports.

    4. Oh, and FINISH THe DAMN WALL!!!!!

  7. It's clean-up time. Get rid of the swamp rats and restore government by the people for the people. GO TRUMP

  8. When will Lizard Cheney go on a hunting trip with her Dad?

  9. The ousted "real republicans" want their party back so they can resume their cozy relationship with the democrats. "You don't expose us and we won't expose you".

  10. The "secret" to Trump's support and success isn't hard to figure out. He's a fighter and will do what he says. The old paradigm of RINO back-stabbing, do-nothing, wobbly swamp rat isn't going to fly anymore. The Mitt Romney's and Liz Cheney's are history.

  11. Acid test for Republicans: "Don't yammer on about what you're gonna' do; tell us what you've already done!" In other words, no more fake, chest-pounding, fund-raising Issa/Gowdy hearings that go nowhere! No more promises and bullshit "vows." Grab the microphone and tell us how you kicked a Democrat's butt.

    1. I think Graham certainly belongs in this group too.

    2. Graham is a police detective's doll used to ask children if they've been molested.

  12. Four years of fake Russian collusion and an easily illustrated fraudulent election ousting a duly elected C&C and the swamp-toad GOP float around as befuddled as Biden. The Moral High Ground is waiting for those willing to take it.

  13. If wishy-washy (cowardly is the appropriate & objective term) Susan Collins is now the backbone of the Opposition To Suicide By Government, stock up on the cyanide.

    1. Don Reed
      Collins is just pulling a “Gowdy” when his only desire was to keep his seat so that he could keep the heat off those setting-up The Big Steal.