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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Liz Cheney is about to crash

I cannot call the misguided support for Liz Cheney a cult of personality because she has none. She is just there, a surrogate for her father who seeks to appease the people who called him Darth Vader and worse. She hopes that someday they will like her, really like her.

Republicans have had enough of her act and will soon bounce her from House leadership.

The left is using her to divide the party between its voters and their elected officials. She is a weak woman, the kind Democrats like to see leading the Republican Party. Let's see, there is her, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney... who am I missing?

Chinless Republicans worship her. 

Oregon Congressman Greg Walden told Politico, "You could see a speaker’s gavel in her hand, and I don’t think it’s that many years off frankly. She kind of reminds you of Margaret Thatcher or somebody like that in history: a strong person, in a big position, a woman who stands her ground in an otherwise male-dominated conference."

Walden does not know Margaret Thatcher from Margaret Court.

Thatcher never voted to remove Edward Heath. She served him well as his education minister. She was proving herself to be worthy of leading the Tories someday.

She did not get her job because of who her daddy was. Instead, Thatcher earned her place in British politics. She was brilliant. At Oxford, she studied X-ray crystallography under Dorothy Hodgkin, who later won a Nobel Prize. 

Thatcher had actual principles and stood up to communism at a time when appeasement -- d├ętente -- was the will of Washington and London.

Cheney was gifted the Wyoming congressional seat when Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis suddenly decided to retire in 2016.

Lo and behold, Lummis suddenly came out of retirement a few years later to run for the Senate -- and she won.

The Mafia is more subtle than the Cheneys.

Cheney isn't disloyal. She has sworn allegiance to the deep state with a conviction worthy of her daddy.

In voting to impeach President Donald John Trump days before his term ended, Cheney made her bones. She joined the anti-Republican wing of the Republican Party. Cheney, Murkowski, Romney -- odd how many of those traitors got ahead in politics because of their daddy.

Nothing is more telling than her April 29 tweet, "I disagree strongly with Joe Biden's policies, but when the President reaches out to greet me in the chamber of the US House of Representatives, I will always respond in a civil, respectful & dignified way. We’re different political parties. We’re not sworn enemies. We’re Americans." 

She allegedly agreed with President Trump's policies but treated him in an uncivil, disrespectful, and undignified manner. She swore to be his enemy. She calls it principle.

As does the press.

It is NewSpeak, as Orwell called it. Words mean the opposite of what they say.

The good news is she is on the way out.

President Trump backed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York to replace Liz! who likely will quit Congress and become a lobbyist, as the people who control her now will be able to pay her directly. Hey, a $2 million book deal is possible. Is the title "Trump Broke Me" still available?

The Hill reported, "Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), along with many rank-and-file Republicans, are moving to oust Cheney for continuing to speak out against Trump for his false claims the 2020 election was stolen and his role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. 

"Stefanik is extremely close with McCarthy; Scalise endorsed Stefanik for the No. 3 leadership job on Wednesday. A closed-door, secret-ballot vote to remove Cheney from leadership could come as soon as next week. 

"Trump’s endorsement of Stefanik means the race to replace Cheney is effectively over, and highlights the firm grasp the 45th president still has on the GOP four months after he left the White House."

Why wouldn't he?

Did Democrats dump Obama after his tenure ended?

Maybe Liz can succeed Meghan McCain on The View. Until then, I expect to see lots and lots of appearances by her on CNN.


  1. Don
    I do believe that you are accelerating. Getting better with every post. Bravo!

  2. Great post. Wisdom is the meta-ideological view. Lizzie lacks spades. And because of that, she fails in the grand scheme...and gets to go home. So life isn't that bad. There's always a nice wine to find. Ask HRC.

  3. "Chinless Republicans worship her."

    More like Chinese-loving Republicans worship her.

  4. Nailed it.

    "Chinless Republicans" is another DS phrase to be stolen.

  5. Nailed it! Though I am skeptical of Stefanik. Initially liked her a lot, but then read she voted against Trump’s tax cuts “for the wealthy”, against leaving the Paris climate accord, against the Muslim travel ban and the FCC’s removal of net neutrality and most recently for farmworker amnesty. If all that’s true, she is not as conservative as she sounds, hence the 56% rating.

  6. "... who am I missing?" Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Chuck Grassley, ad naseum.

    So I guess the whole lot of them.

    1. I was under the impression Chunk Gassy left. Did he change his “mind” and stand for reelection after he said he was retiring?

  7. How does a two term Congresswoman get the Conference Chair position? Her daddy was a Congressman and the Vice President. Lizzie gave the president, and the entire GOP forty whacks and now she'll be out of a job come January, 2023.

    1. ... forty whacks.
      And when she saw what she had done,
      she the base forty-one!


  8. Maggie Thatcher's dad was a greengrocer. She is a real self-made woman.

    PS Edward Heath.

  9. But in the end, what will change with her out of that position? Nothing. Other RINOs will still get their gig on CNNABCCBSNBC. Congress repubs still will have NO backbone to fight and all we have left is trump.

  10. Ace has a comment up on the new person, just about as bad as the old person, according to him.

    1. He’s right. Cheney actually has a better voting record.

    2. Yep - though her voting record has steadily improved with more time in congress. Cheney voted pretty much with Trump on most policy, but showed her true colors when she aligned with her real masters, the DC swamp. She didn't need to come out strongly against Trump and push for the impeachment, but she did because she was told to. Thus jettisoning her is the appropriate thing to do. Trump will make sure she doesn't hold her seat.

      Stefanik will need to be watched. She is trending on the right path - but she will need to pass the test when it comes, and that's a big if.

  11. "She is a weak woman, the kind Democrats like to see leading the Republican Party. Let's see, there is her, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney". How dare you include Pierre Delecto as a woman!!! He is at best a... Count..ry road
    Take me home
    To a place
    I belong...

  12. Ace is right and for Pete’s sake, it doesn’t have to be a woman but it DOES have to be a conservative! Preferably an America First conservative.

  13. Margaret Thatcher had more balls than most men. Liz Cheney has ...... nothing! She’s weak, incompetent and intellectually deficient. Seems like a perfect match for CNN.....

  14. Don't place too much hope in McCarthy. He's the quintessential GOP deep state snake

  15. "The left is using her to divide the party between its voters and their elected officials. She is a weak woman, the kind Democrats like to see leading the Republican Party. Let's see, there is her, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney... who am I missing?"

    --------Shelly Moore Capito------------------

    There are more similarities between Cheney and Capito than differences. While Capito never voted for impeachment, her support for Trump was always lukewarm at best. Also both of their father's were of questionable character and were influential with their daughter's political careers.

  16. “The left is using her to divide the party between its voters and their elected officials. She is a weak woman, the kind Democrats like to see leading the Republican Party. Let's see, there is her, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney... who am I missing?”

    John Kasich;
    Jeff Flake;
    Ben Sasse;
    Bob Corker;
    Paul Ryan;
    All weak woman…there are others, this is just part of a very long list.

  17. Why isn't false ever in quotes, like "false" claim?

  18. By the way, Greg Walden no longer sits in Congress. He didn't run for re-election last year.

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