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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Highlights of the News

You no longer have to wear a mask or socially distance to read my blog.

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Republican Sen. John Kennedy pressed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky during a Senate hearing Wednesday to follow up on a tense exchange last week between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul on funding for so-called gain of function research in the Chinese lab at the center of COVID-19’s origins.

"Kennedy questioned Walensky about whether the US provided funding to the Wuhan lab for the controversial research, which focuses on making a virus more potent in the laboratory as a way to produce better vaccines against it.

" 'Not to my knowledge,' she said, adding that Fauci would be the best person to answer that question.

" 'Fauci seems confused,' Kennedy responded.

" 'I’m asking, with all due respect, I’m asking you to give us that information: Where throughout the world, including, but not limited to the United States of America, are we doing research on these viruses to make them contagious in order to study them, that’s what I mean by gain of function,' Kennedy said.

"Walensky said she would have her staff look into it."

Republicans must continue to press on this issue because at least one prominent professor in Red China has gloated that Red China used covid in biological warfare.

I have no doubt about it.

ITEM 2: CBS reported, "The Seattle Police Department is struggling under the backlash of recent police reforms. The state of Washington has just enacted a dozen police reform laws, following nearly a year of protests over police brutality.

"According to one social justice group, more than $840 million were cut from U.S. police budgets in 2020.

"This has caused a shortage of police in Seattle. The police chief tells CBS News that 260 officers, which is almost 20% of the force, have left in the past year and a half."

Democrats smile because they want to purge cities of their local police and replace them with a nationalized police regulated by Washington. It will work about as well as your local schools do.

ITEM 3: The Daily Beast reported, " ‘Go F*ck Yourself’: Jill Biden Slammed Kamala for Attacking Joe on Race Record at 2019 Debate, Book Says."

Ah, civility.

Jill is now the Dick Cheney of first ladies.

ITEM 4: Breitbart reported, "Only 35% of registered independent voters in swing states approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while Republicans are more engaged than Democrats, bolstering GOP confidence ahead of the 2022 midterms.

"The poll conducted by DemocracyCorps also says 47% of registered independent voters disapprove of Biden, while 'Democrats are winning a mere 17% support among independents on the generic ballot, with 34% backing Republicans and a 45% plurality saying they’re undecided."

A lot can happen between now and Election Day 2022.

Republicans need to learn how the Democrats cheated, and emulate them.

ITEM 5: National Review reported, "Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is only accepting interview requests from 'black and brown journalists' as a matter of policy, according to a spokesman."

She looks like Beetlejuice and is as racist as fellow Democrat George Wallace.

ITEM 6: Via Breitbart, Democrat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said, "Hamas ought to stop, and if Hamas stops, the Israelis will stop."

And he said, "Hamas does not respond to requests, and they initiated rockets. They’ve been doing rockets on a regular basis, and it would be irrational not to think that the Israelis are not going to respond to protect themselves and their people. However, the president wants — and I think he’s talked to Netanyahu — wants the fighting to come to a close and try to see if we can negotiate. But frankly, terrorists are very difficult to negotiate with, and a terrorist organization like Hamas that does not want Israel to exist has no reason to negotiate."


Finally a Democrat is willing to stand up to Muslim terrorists.

ITEM 7: Via CNS News, Lindsey Graham said, "Let's start with the border. We are inviting a terrorist attack on our country on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by losing control of the border. How hard is it for a terrorist organization to figure out that you can put terrorists in this flow of illegal immigrants crossing our border? We’re equivocating on standing with Israel. I will be in Charleston, South Carolina, rallying Christians and the Israeli community and freedom-loving South Carolinians to stand with Israel."

Border Patrol says people from 160 nations have used the Mexican border to infiltrate our country.

And that is what this is, an infiltration. 

ITEM 8: The Hill reported, "A federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary ruling Tuesday which found that the Biden administration’s nearly $29 billion restaurant relief fund discriminated against a white male restaurateur.

"In an 18-page ruling, the judge ordered the Small Business Administration relief program to temporarily stop prioritizing funding applications from businesses owned by women and racial minorities, over that of the plaintiff.

"U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, found that the plaintiff is 'experiencing race and sex discrimination at the hand of government officials'."

Discrimination based on sex or race is wrong.

Biden and the bigots he appointed are wrong. Twice.

ITEM 9: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "While internal Customs and Border Protection documents repeatedly refer to an immigration surge at the border, according to records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, the AP recommends journalists no longer use such descriptions to avoid offense and maintain supposed neutrality." Other documents, circulated internally throughout Customs and Border Protection in May, instruct officials on processing 'the surge of undocumented individuals as efficiently as possible'."

So AP banned calling a surge a surge.

My new stylebook requires calling the organization the "Hamas-Loving AP."

ITEM 10: Speaking of Hamas-Loving AP, it said, "Republican leaders turn against bipartisan Jan. 6 commission."

If Republican leaders are not on board, it is not bipartisan.

ITEM 11: Republican Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas said, "I think it's a major economic blunder to raise taxes on job creators, as we're urging them to hire more Americans, and do it in a way that both hurts working families and drives U.S. jobs overseas."

That's the plan, man.

ITEM 12: Mike Pompeo told Breitbart News, "We have seen this, you just went through at least a partial list of the last hundred something days and how fast it has turned.

"On the international stage, it is very clear the Biden administration’s inability to demonstrate resolve—resolve delivers deterrence—has broken down some of the things that the Trump administration had established. You now see $6 gas or $5 gas, you can point to problems in the Middle-East that we didn’t have for four years and problems with the pipeline where we’ve now paid ransom money to a bad actor that they think came from Russia but they say didn’t have any Russian connection.

"This matters to the American people. If you get Middle-Eastern policy wrong, you end up with precisely what you’re seeing in our energy markets today. You close the pipeline, like the Keystone XL pipeline, and you have another pipeline sabotaged and hacked into and then you have rockets being fired from Gaza by an Iranian proxy and it shouldn’t surprise the average American it costs more money to get gasoline if you can even get it." 

Again, that's the plan, man.

Democrats want to destroy the middle class because we are self-sufficient and they cannot control us.

ITEM 13: CBS reported, "Engineers were inspecting a skyscraper in southern China on Wednesday, a day after it triggered widespread panic when it suddenly began shaking, as people took to social media to ask if shoddy construction may have been to blame.

"The 1,000-foot SEG Plaza in the southern city of Shenzhen near Hong Kong began swaying in the early afternoon on Tuesday, prompting people inside and those on the streets below to flee.

"Emergency management officials quickly ruled out an earthquake as the cause of the wobble in the tech hub's Futian district."

Chinese engineering shows Red China is good at spying and lying, but terrible at math.

Hey, let's get Red China to build Obama's next mansion.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, "Semiconductor lead times, the time it takes for a company to order a chip and taking delivery, increased to 17 weeks in April, indicating shortages of these critical components are intensifying, according to Bloomberg. 

"Companies that use semiconductors in their end products use lead times to gauge the balance between supply and demand. Rising levels suggest customers are racing to secure chips. If leads exponentially jump, as what has been happening since December, some customers will purposely order more chips to avoid future supply shortfalls. Inventory accumulation can also exacerbate chip shortages. 

"Susquehanna Financial Group reports chip lead times increased to 17 weeks in April, a level that surpasses the all-time high in 2018 and is described as a danger zone. The firm began tracking lead times in 2017."

This begs two questions. First, why are we so reliant on Red China for chips?

Second, why do we have to put chips in everything?

ITEM 15Fox reported, "Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Wednesday took aim at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., for suggesting that Israel is targeting schools and civilians in its airstrikes against Hamas terrorist targets.

" 'You are either mistaken or intentionally lying,' Haley tweeted at the progressive congresswoman."

AOC and the rest of the Squaw Squad are part of the anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party.

They are Nazis without the ovens.

ITEM 16National Pulse reported, "A venture capital firm backed by Kobe Bryant – the late National Basketball Association star – has invested in several Chinese Communist Party-linked companies, including those flagged by the U.S. State Department as tools of the Chinese government. 

"The firm – Bryant Stibel – began operating in 2013, counting $100 million in funding from the National Basketball Association (NBA) all-star. Among the companies funded by the investment arm are companies with Chinese Communist Party ties: Alibaba, VIPKid, and Full Truck Alliance.

"Since 2016, the firm has invested in the online learning platform VIPkid alongside Tencent, which has been described as a 'tool of the Chinese government' by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation. Noting the company has 'no meaningful ability to tell the Chinese Communist Party ‘no’ if officials decide to ask for their assistance,' the department also counts Tencent as providing the 'foundation of technology-facilitated surveillance and social control' in order for the Chinese government 'to shape the world consistent with its authoritarian model'."

Are you surprised?

Me neither.

LeBron James is the Stepin Fetchit of Red China.

But give LBJ credit. He was indoctrinated without going to college. He's a self-educated tool of the Red Chinese regime.

ITEM 17: The Epoch Times reported, "A recent investigation into Massachusetts’ New Red and Orange Line cars made by a Chinese rail company found “something acting abnormally” within their truck frames. It was the fourth time since August 2019 that a malfunction was identified in the new cars.

"Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s new Red and Orange Line cars are assembled in Springfield by the Chinese state-owned company CRRC. The company is under contract to deliver 252 Red Line cars and 152 Orange Line cars to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) over the next few years. The first fleet of six new Orange Line cars went into service in August 2019.

"On March 16, all new trains were pulled from service after an Orange Line train derailed at the Wellington Station. About 100 passengers were on board when the accident happened. No injuries were reported.

"MBTA Deputy General Manager Jeff Gonneville said in a May 10 board meeting that tests conducted on the new cars determined that as the mileage of the vehicles increases, there is a greater resistance on the truck frames. Investigators found that the trains would grip more as the side bearer pads wear down and create more friction than expected.

"Gonneville compared the issue to the brake pads on an automobile, though he emphasized that no braking issue was found on the subway trains."

Red China likely does this on purpose.

ITEM 18: Pasadena Now reported, "A settlement reached by a local church and Gov. Gavin Newsom allows an injunction against COVID-19 restrictions on churches.

"Harvest Rock Church has been battling in court for an injunction against Gov. Gavin Newsom since summer.

"Under the settlement, California may no longer impose discriminatory restrictions upon houses of worship. The governor must also pay $1,350,000 to reimburse attorney’s fees and costs."

Did no one heed Jan and Dean's warning not to mess with Little Old Ladies From Pasadena?

(Mom was 41 and a grandmother when she got her first license and her first car. She loved this song and drove like the title character.)

ITEM 19: In baseball news, pitcher (fill in the blank) no-hit the (fill in the blank) adding to what will be a record-setting number of no-hitters this season, as baseball tries to become more boring than soccer.

FINALLY, Just the News reported, "Former GOP President George W. Bush said Wednesday that Iran's influence is dangerous to Middle East stability and world peace."

No, the danger is a weak president.

We did not have these problems with Hamas when Donald John Trump was president.


  1. The Beneficent Big D has every intention of granting your requests!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thank you, blog administrator, for squashing this guy’s constant barrage of spam.

  2. Item 14: The chip shortage is just more economic warfare by the CCP against our country, no doubt about it.

    1. I just shake my head. We never traded with Russia or East Germany during the Cold War.

  3. Guilt ridden and ashamed, kamala resigns.

    Guilt ridden and ashamed, congress appoints our president emeritus to be vp.

    Too confused to be ashamed, president* Biden resigns.

    TRUMP 21!

    1. Great idea, but I don't think any Democrat has a clue what shame is. If they did, they wouldn't act the way they do.

  4. pitcher (fill in the blank) no-hit the (fill in the blank) adding to what will be a record-setting number of no-hitters this season, as baseball tries to become more boring than soccer.

    New York Yankees' Corey Kluber pitched a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers.

  5. The last word in Item 7 is "infiltration". The word should be revised to a more accurate descriptive word--infestation.

  6. I am still reading this column in the cone of silence until Dr. Fauxci tells me it is safe.

    4 - if more Republican office holders weren’t RINOS, the undecided vote wouldn’t be that high. Republicans would be kicking ass.

    6 - the squad will bring out the long knives for Hoyer. Should be fun to watch.

    17 - a friend used to work in internal testing for a company. They would order parts with rigid specifications from China. Prototypes were approved. Then, when the supplies of real parts arrived from China, they would test them and find that they had used cheaper components than those
    Used in the prototype.

    1. 17 - The reality is that the Chinese are outstanding at computation. Their ability to apply it, applied engineering, is incredibly weak. Without western knowhow there is very little the Chinese could actually build on their own. They reverse engineer everything without knowing how it actually works. Obviously there are some sectors where they have become the center of expertise, like chip manufacturing. But it is rare. And the engineering proficient western companies are helping China less and less.

  7. 330 members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter late last month insisting that the $3.8 billion in annual military aid the United States provides Israel remain unconditional.

    The letter — which was signed by virtually all of the Republicans and over half of the Democrats — was a slap in the face to those who have argued that military aid to Israel, like all recipients of taxpayer-funded weaponry, be conditional on at least some level of compliance with human rights and international law.

    1. When you have rockets recklessly fired into your country from multiple directions, I think that is all the reason you need.

    2. It appears he caught that knife in his only functioning brain cell.

    3. Ah the smell of fresh Jackboot oil in the morning.

  8. 17) Some years ago at a power plant under construction we used sections of Chinese high pressure steam piping. When we X-rayed the welded joints, the overlap in the X-ray showed defects. We discovered sand in voids in the steel pipe, so we had to cut out all of the Chinese pipe. We saw a significant lack of QC with their products, whether intentional or not.

    1. A lot has to do with the attitude:"Close enough for government work".

  9. #3. Jill is now the Dick Cheney of first ladies. okay, but do she, Joe and the ho have a peasant hunting trip planned?

  10. #25. What makes you think they won't build those ovens? Also remember that they dumped bodies in trenches.

  11. “ AOC and the rest of the Squaw Squad are part of the anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party.

    They are Nazis without the ovens. “. Yet.

  12. "Hey, let's get Red China to build Obama's next mansion."

    Why not, they already paid for it.

  13. 2. When there are no police it will be open season on liberals and commies with no fear of retribution.

    3. Once a ho, always a ho.

    4. With this much advance notice democrats are already printing ballots to be found in the middle of the night.

    5. Imagine the outrage if a white mayor said they would only talk to white reporters.

    7. Infiltration, invasion, whatever.

    9. The ap also quit calling murder, murder, opting instead to refer to early demise. No more bank robbing, instead, just coerced withdrawals.

    1. Jim, on your #2. We should expect the Commie left to have their own private security detail at taxpayer expense. They will have their police but we won't.

    2. ...and George Carlin is somewhere laughing out loud at these 'words'.

  14. Item 15: "AOC and the rest of the Squaw Squad are part of the anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party.

    They are Nazis without the ovens."

    You forgot the word "yet."

  15. Item #16: Is it Kobe Bryant or Lebron James' fund? Or do all basketball players look alike to you? ;-)

  16. "You no longer have to wear a mask or socially distance to read my blog." I never did, since I'm reading and responding from my secret underground basement, which has a window on the east.

    Item 4: "ITEM 4: Breitbart reported, "Only 35% of registered independent voters in swing states approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while Republicans are more engaged than Democrats, bolstering GOP confidence ahead of the 2022 midterms." As I've said before, I see the GOP as the "GO Along to GET Along with the Dems" Party. Cynical? YES.

    ITEM 5:" National Review reported..." I gave up on NR when it went all NEVER-TRUMP in 2015. Splitters; back-stabbers...

    Item 6: "Finally a Democrat is willing to stand up to Muslim terrorists." All words for now. Will it be more that "just air"?

    Items 9 and 10: AP speaks with forked tongue.

    Item 13: "Hey, let's get Red China to build Obama's next mansion." Shoulda had a "!" instead of a ".", Don.

    Item 17: Ahhh, the Chinese are or will be Did no one heed Jan and Dean's warning not to mess with Little Old Ladies From Pasadena?"killing
    Massachusetts trolley-riders sloooooowly".

    Item 18: "Did no one heed Jan and Dean's warning not to mess with Little Old Ladies From Pasadena?" Don, you're hitting them "out of the park" today!

    Item 19: I lost interest in baseball yearrrrrrrrrs ago. Football, too. Soccer? No interest ever.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Item 10: It's bipartisan now.
    Thirty five rinos showed their true colors. Most interesting is Marrianette Miller-Meeks. After all the crap she put up with from rita hart and the dems threatening to overturn jer victory in Iowa, mmm voted for this drek.
    I guess that was the agreement she made with pelosi to keep her seat.

  19. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    8 - "Discrimination based on sex or race is wrong." It is also illegal.

    10 - Keep in mind that "bipartisan" has been redefined. It used to mean that in the chamber in question, there were votes from members from both parties. Now, it means that somewhere, anywhere, they can find one Republican (who need not be an officeholder) who agrees with them. Seriously, this is what it means now.

    13 - Socialist countries are terrible at actually building things well. China is a little glitzier but no exception. One of the entertaining aspects of the old east bloc was that the construction was so shoddy that all their old cr*p crumbled away quickly. Ponder that Roman concrete has lasted for more than 2,000 years (and many of the structures are still functional), while socialist concrete crumbles away in about 20.

    13 - Look up the remarkable story of 601 Lexington Ave in NYC - the building that nearly fell over, and which was repaired with no one knowing about the fix for 20 years! (Been in that building twice in the past three years and never knew that story until a couple weeks ago.)

    14 - Don, point of order - the world is *not* over-reliant on the PRC for "chips" (aka silicon integrated circuits). The "big three" in the silicon business these days are Samsung (Korea), TSMC (Taiwan), and Intel (US) - and both Samsung and TSMC have large manufacturing facilities in the US and will be further expanding their operations here. Most of the value-add is by fabless companies (like Qualcomm) which foundry with places like TSMC and Samsung. The Chinese operations are second-tier at best. And I won't cut Intel any slack - TSMC may be the best-managed large company in the world (seriously) and Samsung is well-managed as well. Intel has been mismanaged into the ground, echoing the way that IBM (remember them?) was mismanaged into the ground thirty years ago, which echoed the way that the "big three" automakers were mismanaged into the ground back in the 1970s. Our large companies are run by marketing gasbags who got their positions by their whitebread ivy league family backgrounds; let's NOT subsidize these woke, parasitic failures.

    15 - "They are Nazis without the ovens." Yet. (And Ron R beat me to this above, but it's worth repeating. Socialism only produces three things in abundance - mud, rust, and mass graves.)

    19 - Scr** baseball - and football, and basketball, etc. It's time to make CURLING the new national sport!!!! :-)

    1. But Snow, regarding your comment on 14, while the manufacturers of these chips might not be in China, aren't the raw materials needed for production found 100% in China? (Because leftists in the US prevent the mining for these materials here)

    2. I think you're confusing it with the rare earths that are required to make the stuff for inside of wind turbines. The main raw materials for silicon integrated circuits are dirt and air - which is what makes that technology so remarkable.

      China would *like* to be a bigger player in that space - but lacks the expertise to carry it off. And the sanctions are also having a good effect.

    3. You are correct. rare earth materials was what I was thinking about and thought they are part of chip making process. Thanks as always for you input here. Don is awesome but so too are many of his reader/commenters

    4. The only resource China has in abundance is slave labor.

    5. I remember when competition curling used real brooms. Fun to watch.

  20. Item 4: I don’t believe political polls. Not even the ones that tell us what we want to hear.

    Item 13: Chinese buildings are just another example of cheap “Made in China” crap.

    1. ITEM 13 makes me wonder about the quality of China's military hardware.

    2. Go to an airshow and look at an imported Chinese Yak Trainer
      The are built with the idea that they are not going to run out of Chinese soon

  21. "Hooray. Finally a Democrat is willing to stand up to Muslim terrorists."

    Let me know when a Democrat stands up to Acting President Obama. He's sending billions to pay for these attacks and not a single Democrat stands up to him.

    Not one.

  22. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: There's a pattern here. Chlamydia has been on the public dole for almost 20 years, but she keep any staff for more than a few months.

    No wonder everybody hates her.

    4: Republicans need to learn how the Democrats cheated, and emulate them.

    OK, how do we get Red China to email ballots to our side?

    7: the Israeli community


    Does he/she, perchance, mean Jews?

    13: That's why their man-made islands are sinking.

    PS If they're as bad at math as the Demos, we can beat them.

    I think a governor of CA said that once.

    14: why do we have to put chips in everything?

    Because the dip makes a mess on your hands.

    I'm here all week.

    15: They are Nazis without the ovens.

    Or the brains.

    16: LeBron James is the Stepin Fetchit of Red China.

    At least Stepin made an honest living.

    17: Red China likely does this on purpose.

    You think they can't be incompetent on their own?


  23. Item 6: A Demoncrat locates his testicles. Is there actually a patriotic Democrat left?
    Item 7: Tell me where and when, Senator.
    Item 10: Do 35 Never Trump traitors make it partisan?
    Item 15: Governor Haley is still trying to dig herself out of the Bubba Wallace cesspit. But it’s good to hear her call out the NAZI liars for what they are; NAZI liars.
    Item 17: Could you imagine Boeing installing bombsights in B-29’s in 1944 that were made in Japan?
    Finally, I supported that gutless, back-stabbing SOB for more than eight years. Where do I go for my refund?

  24. 6 and 15: So a Dem has spoken in support of Israel, yet as Haley pointed out, we have AOC and her deeply anti Semite buddies condemning Israel as to "targeting schools and so forth. It's been rare from me lately, but it's time for a Moron Alert!

    Moron Alert! Besides the fact that Israel warns them before attacking, the fact is that the schools, hospitals and Mosques all house Hamas weapons and troops and are used as launching facilities. And of course let's not forget the AP headquarters in which they were launching weapons from the office next door, completely unbeknownst to so called reporters there.

    Good Grief! why is it we hardly ever see this mentioned but they pay lip service to some bartender and a radical Muslim representative that wear their hatred for Jews on their sleeves.

    and While I'm on this rant, let's not forget that self loathing Jew Schumer who is advocating for the Muslim slime. Despicable!!!

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  27. Speaking of masks and socialist distancing, wasn't that originally "wear a mask OR keep a six foot distance?"