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Monday, May 31, 2021

Highlights of the News

Memorial Day. All gave some. Some gave all.

Not all of them were soldiers.

ITEM 1: Texas dropped the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Stephen Gutowski, founder of the Reload told Fox News, "I think that this just continues the momentum for permitless carry across the country. It’s the most popular gun policy over the last decade here in America. More popular than even ‘red flag’ laws which have popped up in quite a few states. So, I think with Texas adopting it, if they don’t see any negative repercussions for that, you’ll probably see a number of other states adopt this as well."

The concealed weapons movement is a success that used socialism's incrementalism to take us from a few privileged people being allowed to carry concealed weapons, to restoring it as a right.

The movement started by changing that the government "may" permit to "shall" permit. Then came interstate reciprocal agreements. Now the move is to just carry without a permit. Conservatives got a boost from the Supreme Court in Heller, the game-changing Second Amendment ruling that took us from the abyss of banning private ownership of guns. 

But the benefits of this movement include finally flipping many southern states and West Virginia red to get the legislation passed.

This holiday commemorating the sacrifices of American soldiers is a good time to remember we must -- and are -- preserving the rights they died defending.

ITEM 2: More good Second Amendment news.

The New York Times complained, "An Arms Race in America: Gun Buying Spiked During the Pandemic. It’s Still Up.

"Preliminary research data show that about a fifth of all Americans who bought guns last year were first-time gun owners. Sales usually spike around elections, but the sheer volume is notable."

Riots have consequences.

The story said, "39% of American households own guns. That is up from 32% in 2016, according to the General Social Survey, a public opinion poll conducted by a research center at the University of Chicago. Researchers said it was too early to tell whether the uptick represents a reversal from the past 20 years, in which ownership was basically flat."

At what point does private gun ownership create a herd immunity to violent crime in which criminals stop attacking people because the risk of being shot down is too high?

ITEM 3: Herbert Buchsbaum is the Middle East Editor of the New York Times.

When it comes to disinformation about Israel, he does not like competition. Leave the pro-Hamas terrorist posting to the pros.

The obsession with children killed (most of them by the Hamas terrorist group) in this incident stands in stark contrast to coverage of Obama's unprovoked attack on Libya which killed thousands. I assume at least 1 or 2 were children, but the Times did not count them, much less run stories on the brief life of each one.

Lives matter to the Times only to push its anti-Semitic message.

ITEM 4: Jessica Marie Baumgartner reported, "From 2001 to 2017 the CDC reported that overall cancer rates had been decreasing about 1.5% each year. Male cancer deaths decreased 1.8%, and female cancer deaths decreased 1.4%. This was considered a medical triumph. There was hope for many. Unfortunately, it was quickly destroyed by changes in medical protocol due to COVID rules put in place without proper research and consideration for all the consequences, short and long-term."

Early detection was the key to improving the survival rate.

Last year, we shut down colonoscopies and other procedures to detect cancer because governors banned elective surgery to free hospital space because the liars told us hospitals would be overrun.

Hospitals laid off workers, and lost money because their fixed costs remained the same.

And cancer deaths will rise post-covid.

ITEM 5: The Assembly said, "Emails obtained by The Assembly show that UNC-Chapel Hill’s largest journalism-school donor warned against Nikole Hannah-Jones’ hiring. Their divergent views represent a new front in the debate over objectivity and the future of the field."

The story said, "Even in the midst of a record-setting $4.25 billion capital campaign, Walter Hussman Jr.’s $25 million commitment in 2019 to the UNC-Chapel Hill school of journalism stood out. His name went on the school, and his statement of journalistic principles went up on the entryway wall. 

"Hussman, the publisher of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, is an evangelist of old-school objectivity. 'Impartiality means reporting, editing, and delivering the news honestly, fairly, objectively, and without personal opinion or bias,' says the opening line of his statement of core values."

Hannah-Jones is a fact-challenged, race-baiting propagandist pushing a sophomoric and discredited theory that we built the country on slavery and not freedom.

I thank the Great Benefactor of this J-school for standing up for journalism.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "Grief-stricken mothers who have accused Black Lives Matter of profiting from the deaths of their sons condemned the group’s embattled co-founder Patrisse Cullors after she announced she was stepping down from the movement.

The story said, "Cullors, the executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, announced on Thursday she was leaving the group a month after The Post reported on her $3.2 million real-estate buying spree and questions about the group’s finances."

Black Lives Matter is the re-branding of the communist Black Liberation Movement. Communists are ghouls. I feel sorry for the mothers whose sons died and now are used to buy mansions for opportunists like Cullors. These mothers suffer twice.

ITEM 7: The Washington Examiner reported, "The Texas state Senate passed a sweeping voting reform bill on Sunday that would create new criminal penalties and tighten nontraditional ballot methods.

"The bill, SB-7, cleared the Senate by an 18-13 margin following closed-door overnight deliberations and would prohibit drive-thru polling places, which were two practices employed by the blue stronghold of Harris County during the 2020 presidential election. The legislation would also make it a crime for local leaders to send mail-in ballot applications to those who did not request them, and the proposal would also require more identification for absentee and mail-in voters.

"The House is expected to vote on the measure later in the day. If approved by the House, it will head to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk."

The New York Times said it "includes some of the strictest voting measures in the country."

Good. It should be as difficult to vote as it is to buy a gun.

Fighting election corruption requires determination, and speed. 2022 is just around the corner.

ITEM 8The Sentinel reported, "A federal judge earlier this week denied a preliminary injunction that, unless overturned on appeal, could force the College of the Ozarks to begin allowing men in women’s dorms and showers — or vice versa.

"In mid-April of this year, the small Christian private college along with the Alliance Defending Freedom sued the Department of Housing and Urban Development — and President Joe Biden personally — over changes in HUD rules that would prevent discrimination against the transgendered, by requiring the school to house a student as whatever gender with which they identify.

"Federal District Court Judge Roseanne A. Ketchmark, a Barack Obama appointee, denied the motion for preliminary injunction filed by the college, asking her to suspend the rule changes pending the outcome of their lawsuit."

We need to fight for cis rights, that is people who accept their biological assignation as men or women. The Lord does not make mistakes. Men do. Obama judges make more mistakes than normal people do.

ITEM 9: Most of us miss President Trump.

But there is someone else we also should miss.

Vice President Pence.

All weekends are long when Kamala is the veep.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "A Southwest Airlines pilot who watched porn and exposed his genitals to a female officer on a flight to Florida has been sentenced to one year of probation.

"Michael Haak, 60, apologized before US Magistrate Judge J. Mark Coulson."

Just who does Haak think he is?

A federal worker?

ITEM 11: The Daily Mail reported, "The flagship commemoration event to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre was scrapped after three survivors demanded $1 million each to appear.

"Monday's Remember & Rise event - which was also set to feature John Legend and Stacey Abrams - was called off on Friday after survivors Viola Fletcher, 107, her brother Hughes Van Ellis, 100 and Lessie Benningfield Randle, 106, upped their appearance fee from $100,000 each to $1 million each.

"Lawyers representing the trio also demanded seed money for a reparations fund be boosted from the agreed $2 million to $10 million, with Oklahoma State Senator Kevin Matthews saying organizers were unable to meet their revised demands. 

"The event was due to take place on Monday -- the 100th anniversary of the notorious massacre that saw whites in the Oklahoma city given permission to attack the prosperous black Greenwood district and its residents."

The left dredges this ancient history up to obscure Memorial Day. As president, Obama ignored all the 150th anniversaries of the Civil War including passage of the 13th Amendment in favor of honoring the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma.

Lefties plan to destroy real American history.

ITEM 12: The Epoch Times reported, "A World War II veteran who turned 97 years old earlier this month received a welcome gift from a local biker club in Maine.

"When the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club learned that the town had foreclosed on Army veteran Joey Comeau’s home in Ellsworth, they knew they had to step in.

"The biker club quickly mobilized to raise funds for Comeau, who turned 97 on May 13.

"They set up a barbecue and held signs on Bangor Road, encouraging motorists to contribute toward paying some of the veteran’s taxes and saving his home."

They did well raising $4,400.

ITEM 13: WND reported, "A South Dakota farmer is suing the federal government after its Agriculture Department ordered him not to farm his farm.

"It seems the Washington bureaucrats have determined that a mud puddle in one of his fields is a protected wetlands.

"The fight is being taken up by Pacific Legal Foundation.

"Arlen Foster's action is against the federal department, Tom Vilsack as secretary, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and others."

It did not take long for Chairman Biden to have the government protect puddles again.

The federal government has no jurisdiction over a farm in any state.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, "It's the end of an era for Israeli politics as embattled prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's longest serving leader, is facing a shocking ouster after the head of a small hard-line party on Sunday said he would try to form a unity government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opponents, effectively ending Bibi's 12-year rule.

"In a nationwide address, Yamina party leader and Netanyahu's former defense minister, Naftali Bennett said he had decided to join forces with the country's opposition leader, Yair Lapid in a unity government whose unified goal has long been removing Netanyahu from office. The pair have until Wednesday to complete a deal in which they are expected to each serve two years as prime minister in a rotation deal."

He has been prime minister for the last 12 years. 

He's 71.

He's replaceable.

I don't know if these are the right replacements, however.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson tweeted on Saturday that she was told that an alarm went off at the facility where ballots were being stored, and that the building was open.

" 'Scoop: Attorney dealing with Fulton County GA on audit of more than 145k ballots from 2020 election tells me that alarm went off today at secure building where ballots were kept. The building was found left wide open & unattended,' Robinson tweeted on Saturday.

"On Sunday she posted a photo that the attorney supplied of the open door."

I used to think people voted socialism in, then had to fight their way out.

Now I know the socialists usually steal the election.

ITEM 16: The Associated Press reported, "President Joe Biden marked his first Memorial Day weekend as commander in chief by honoring the nation’s sacrifices in a deeply personal manner as he paid tribute Sunday to those lost while remembering his late son Beau, a veteran who died six years ago to the day.

"As a cold rain fell, Biden made his annual appearance at the commemoration in New Castle, not far from his Wilmington home, a day before he planned to do the same at Arlington National Cemetery on the official observance.

"The death of his son from brain cancer at age 46 is ever-present for the elder Biden, with the loss defining so much of his worldview, dotting his speeches and stirring his empathy for others in pain."

Sad as it was, his son's was not a military death.

If Donald Trump had made such a claim, AP would have put its fact-checking in overdrive, and rightly so.

But Donald Trump would never make such a claim because he is a decent and honorable man.

ITEM 17: Twitchy reported, "Glenn Kessler gives Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene four Pinocchios for saying the Nazi Party was a national socialist party."

Kessler is a propagandist at the Washington Post.

Of course he said something insane. That is what he does for a living.

ITEM 18: The New York Daily News, "Protesters gathered around a Nashville hat store on Saturday and one top manufacturer said it would pull its products after the store’s controversial Instagram post of its owner wearing a Star of David patch that read “not vaccinated.”

"In the now-deleted post by hatWRKS, the patches were described as great with a strong adhesive back, and added that they would be making hats eventually.

"The offensive post drew ire from many users and some left comments to make their displeasure known to the store’s owner. The shop then followed up with another post asking why people were so angry with their initial photo and not with the tyranny the world is experiencing."

The store made a powerful statement about the Nazi-fication of America.

A message most Americans are too afraid to challenge.

ITEM 19: New York Times headline, "Think Your Weekend Plans Were Ruined? Try Being a Mayoral Candidate."

Some would gladly change places.

ITEM 20: Breitbart reported, "Biker Event Raises Awareness About 22 Daily Average Military Suicides."


That's 22 too many.

ITEM 21: The Washington Examiner reported, "A Navy warship and the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency on Saturday failed twice in a key test to shoot down a medium-range ballistic missile, raising questions about America’s readiness to intercept potential enemy attacks.

"The Defense Department did not reveal a specific location, but it’s believed the test took place somewhere off the coast of Hawaii."

But they used the correct pronouns, and that is all that matters in today's Navy.

ITEM 22CNBC reported, "Senate Democrats plan to forge ahead with crafting a massive infrastructure package next month — regardless of whether Republicans get on board — as they push to pass a bill this summer.

"Senators will be out of Washington next week for the Memorial Day holiday. When lawmakers return, Democrats aim to write an infrastructure plan that touches on everything from transportation to broadband, utilities and job training."

Gentlemen, we must do something immediately, immediately, immediately because the grift and kickbacks cannot wait.

FINALLY, as Summer Shooting Season begins, let us compare homicides to date, 2020 vs. 2021.

Defund the Criminals.

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  1. The bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers never ceased to amaze me.

    1 - universal concealed carry is a great equalizer against the thugs of the world.

    1. I am a veteran and I am almost daily amazed at the bravery of those Americans who charged fixed positions with bayonets, was part of the D Day invasion, the island hoping during the war in the Pacific by the Marines and other such violent confrontations. I cringe at the thought of me participating in those attacks.

      Having been in a submarine underwater collision in 1968, I many times reflect on me waiting to die at my damage control station. We all, including the Captain, believed our boat, the Von Steuben SSBN 632, was sinking at a depth of water beyond our crush depth because of the erratic behavior of our boat after our 3 strikes on the other vessel. While running silent, we had snagged a tow line.

      My foster father was in the battles in North Africa, invasion of Sicily, D Day and fought up until the Battle of the Bulge when he was severely wounded. How one handles seeing such death and destruction is beyond me.

    2. Thank you for sharing AMR. And for your service. Glad you resurfaced

    3. AMR, it seems handling such death and not beyond you. Emphasis on the handling. God bless.

  2. ITEM 9: …there is someone else we also should miss. Vice President Pence.

    No, I don’t miss Pence. He betrayed President Trump.

    1. Agreed__General Arnold was Gen. Washington's 'fighting general' until he betrayed the American cause. Pence did metaphorical same to his CinC (likely, quietly throughout his term with never-Trumpers) ___. To he** with him! ZB

  3. Item 21: “the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency on Saturday failed twice in a key test to shoot down a medium-range ballistic missile” Sounds like we should be buying Iron Dome technology from Israel. Their interceptors work.

    1. Not designed for IRBMs or ICBMs. We have a system for short range missiles and other air born weapons called C RAM ( which was just utilized in Iraq which received little notice.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. I’m woefully ignorant of military technology beyond the various “things that go bang” that can be carried by a single person.

  4. Portlantifa is a cesspool. My Cousin, retired , and her family have not been there in two years. It's not country for Old people..
    They are attacking people in nice cars and SUV's..
    Pendleton is as far west as I go now.

  5. Portlantifa is a cesspool. My Cousin, retired , and her family have not been there in two years. It's not country for Old people..
    They are attacking people in nice cars and SUV's..
    Pendleton is as far west as I go now.

    1. Sadly, my child-to-adulthood view of Oregon (thank you, Beverly Cleary r.i.p.) is now gone__. Heaven called her home in March, sparing her any further knowledge of Portland's deprivation, oppression, and terror by its antifa-tic hordes. Goodbye, Klickitat Street. ZB

    2. My late Auntie knew Beverly Cleary.Had a
      good opinion of her.

    3. Surely me, and a nation full of kids all lived for a while in our heads, as Portlanders (my kinship was cemented in my mid-Atlantic community, shopping at the local A & P just like Henry H.). You helped me now be three-degrees separated from her, by posting. ZB

  6. "No, I don’t miss Pence. He betrayed President Trump."

    I concur.

    Donald Trump regarded Mike Pence as a peer, an equal.

    Mike Pompeo would be a terrific vice president in 2024.

  7. Item 6 - Until blacks take the red pill they will continue to be exploited by Democrats.

  8. Item 9 - Maybe Neil Diamond can come up with a song named Cackling Kammy along the lines of his famous Cracklin’ Rosie...

  9. Item #5 - kudos to Walter Hussman for standing for truth in journalism. Funny that bit of news hasn’t made it to the Raleigh paper yet where I live. They did publish my letter commending the trustees for denying tenure but she shouldn’t have even been hired. Now she’s threatening to sue. Hopefully the Board will not cave to the pressure.

    1. See below for items that don't make it into the news (Ellsworth ME)...

  10. Item #5 - kudos to Walter Hussman for standing for truth in journalism. Funny that bit of news hasn’t made it to the Raleigh paper yet where I live. They did publish my letter commending the trustees for denying tenure but she shouldn’t have even been hired. Now she’s threatening to sue. Hopefully the Board will not cave to the pressure.

  11. Replies
    1. I was responding to the top comment... I’m not certain how this posting works, however, Capt Larmaster has the correct responses... IMHO

  12. "Early detection was the key to improving the survival rate."

    The five-year survival rate — the standard measurement of a cancer treatment's success — may be misleading because people are being diagnosed earlier and therefore living longer with detected cancer before they die, a study says. Dr. H. Gilbert Welch, lead author of the study, said the increase in the survival rates is mostly influenced by earlier diagnoses of cancer, not advances in treatment.

  13. After decades of trivializing Palestinian death, the Times has humanized our children by showing their faces & printing their names.

    This last attack on Gaza was just the ignition of a powder keg in shifting public sentiment that had been building for several years, and is not due to any top-down effort at perception steering by the establishment narrative managers, but by ordinary people sharing ideas and information.

    in what other ways we can collectively move the narrative in a way that benefits ordinary people instead of the oligarchic empire of the US and its allies.

    1. Our children???

      Who do you think you are, Jeffery, Mike Ozero?

    2. The nomadic Palestinian grasshoppers of the 19th and early to mid 20th century, were lolling about with no organized government or land definition, letting the Brits take them over to define the boundaries with their nation-state maps...while the worker Zionist ants began to acquire land in the 1920's and '30's, and used the new United Nations to establish its homeland. The grasshopper Palestinians tried too late to secure a unilateral boundary, and also tied to steal the land of the new Israel with weaponry, suffering the final humiliation of losing their land as well. Such was and is the still current attitude of the grasshopper Palestinians. They, like their insect counterparts are despised as locusts, while the Israeli insect comparative, are marveled and referred in the vernacular as 'armies'!. Here endeth the story... zb

    3. "the grasshopper Palestinians. They, like their insect counterparts are despised as locusts, while the Israeli insect comparative, are marveled"

      Jews have divine souls and goyim do not, being merely beasts in the shape of men. Indeed, the primary reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve as the slaves of Jews, with some very high-ranking rabbis occasionally stating this well-known fact.

    4. There's a word for your bigoted rant, the first half of which is "bull."

    5. __Relying on outlier 'some...rabbis' is like relying on a leftist Pope to attempt to define Catholic dogma. zb (writing as a /current/ non-practicing, baptized member)

    6. Nerfcatcher. You . Are . Wrong. Have you ever known a Jewish person? One of the best employers l had was Jewish. One of my friends was Jewish we spent a lot of time going to Seahawks games and I dated his sister some.

    7. I must Have missed the memo knifecatcher. I’m waiting for my slaves. I’m also waiting for the bank I control to give me millions and I’m waiting did my share of my diamond mines.

    8. Let’s hope your beloved “palastinian” people can find peace after Israel destroys Hamas. They will never have peace until they stop electing terrorists to lead them and stop blaming Jews for all of their problems.

    9. The Palistidiots had an equal opportunity when England divided the region but said no. It wasn't that they didn't want a nation, they didn't want the Jews to have a nation. They chose their path. That they suffer is entirely their own doing. They can choose peace at any time. Their devotion to the pedophile false prophet and his lies about the Arabian moon god heap coals on their stupidity. Mandatory Palistine was eventually divided into two countries, Jordan being the other and larger so in effect, they have a home land.

  14. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    1 - Congratulations to Texas for finally catching up with... Vermont!

    6 - Ms. Cullors should worry about what will happen if the communists take over...

    15 - The other thing they do is hire local psychopaths to enforce their rule; "father" stalin excelled at this game, which he used rather effectively in the late 1940s to take over the countries in eastern Europe that had been occupied by the red army; he really hit the jackpot in Albania (Enver Hoxha - you can look him up).

    16 - Today's lefties are all weak narcissists. Hence the need to recruit psychopaths to do their dirty work.

    17 - This debate over whether or not the Nazis were socialists is pretty silly. Given that the word "socialist" appears in the party name (NSADP), that means that they IDENTIFIED as socialists. That's good enough - isn't that how these things work these days?

    21 - FWIW as per a comment above, the Israelis have other stuff for IRBMs and ICBMs that they haven't had to use yet...

    1. 15 - Joe was one of the local psychopaths Nick Lenin hired.

      And Mao started out the same way.

    2. "Joe was one of the local psychopaths Nick Lenin hired."

      Yep - "grandfather" lenin had figured this out, and "father" stalin was one of the ones he hired on.

      Another one was the pole felix dzerzinsky (sp.?), who was riding into Poland in 1920 right behind the invading red army... he was supposed to be installed as lenin's client ruler in Warsaw, but Pilsudski's "Miracle on the Vistula" forestalled that and chased the red army out - so instead dzerzinsky (sp.?) went back to moscow and founded and ran the nkvd.

    3. Kessler has no business fact checking anyone. But then he still believes in left - right continuum in politics when in reality it is despotic vs freedom loving. The reason he can't change his worldview is because his favored political party today would wind up with the despotic side, which includes the nazis and the communists and the fascists. Can't have that.

  15. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Consider Red Cross workers assigned or attached to combat units, correspondents (back when they reported the news), etc.

    2: Riots have consequences.

    White, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Spanish-speaking Lives Matter.

    Not to mention Law-abiding black.

    3: Hasn't changed since 'Nam.

    4: We knew that a year ago.

    6: As a boy from Tupelo once observed,

    On a cold and gray Chicago morn...

    7: Penalties ought to include a short rope and a long drop.

    9: But there is someone else we also should miss.

    Vice President Pence.

    Not just, "No", but "Hell, no".

    He betrayed this country and he betrayed the American people.

    First thing Donald Trump needs to do when reinstated is find someone better.

    That should be a pretty easy bar to clear.

    11: So much for Communism.

    Fact is, all these Pride and History months get short shrift from most people. This would be as big a deal as Martin Luther King Day characterized by January White Sales.

    13: The tree huggers used lawfare to get their iron-fisted grip. Only fair lawfare should break it.

    15: I used to think people voted socialism in, then had to fight their way out.

    Now I know the socialists usually steal the election.

    How do you think Hitler got what he wanted?

    17: Where does Nazi come from?

    National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei.

    During the campaigns in Russia, the Krauts would proclaim they were the true socialist movement.

    18: A message most Americans are too afraid to challenge.

    Dunno about that. The masks are finally coming off in a lot of states. Deep State Dwarf and the rest of the Mao wannabes didn't want that.

    19: Those would be the guys who would be most adamant about the candidates.

    22: They can try, but, with an election next year, the Rs will have to show off.

    FINALLY: ...A poor little baby child is born,
    In the ghetto

    And his mama cries

  16. Is the Navy still refer allowed to ships as she and her?

  17. Item #5: Nihilist "Hannah-Jones is a fact-challenged, race-baiting propagandist pushing a sophomoric [RECOMMEND DELETE; REPLACE WITH "SATANIC"] ]and discredited theory that we built the country on slavery and not freedom."

    They can keep an occasional black racist (black or white, irrelevant) out of the universities because they acquired too large a profile.

    However, this is pointless. Thousands of teacher's assistants and antique tenured Communists have already destroyed the minds of millions of American students (if they had one to begin with; doubtful), all in pursuit of meaningless, worthless college degrees.

    If newspapers are going broke, where did the $25,000,000 million come from? Is the publisher a former NY Mets shortstop?

    Item #12: "A World War II veteran [living in Ellsworth Maine] who turned 97 years old earlier this month received a welcome gift from a local biker club in Maine... the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club ... quickly mobilized to raise funds for Comeau... They did well raising $4,400."

    The office pool has been launched. The bet is on what future date the local newspaper, the neo-Communist Ellsworth- [Maine] [Anti-]American, will bother to run this story.

    I drew box #73. "October 10, 2027." Probably too close to May 31, 2021.

    Meanwhile, no one has answered the question as to why this obscene situation continues. WWII vet. 97 years old. Forced to pay taxes.

    Possibly will be evicted from his home when the $4,400 runs out (if that amount has satisfied the rapacious Ellsworth officials).

    And doubtless, there are thousands of stories IDENTICAL to this one, at the same time that the America media is fascinated with Bill Gates's miserable love life.

    To those of us who are still sane, happy Memorial Day!

  18. #2. The flip side of Constitutional carry is that those folks who took CCW courses are highly trained, something that will be lost. How can we preserve that? I believe that CCW courses should be taught in highschool and be required.
    Herd immunity is a fickle thing. When Florida began offering permits, crime dropped. Then the thugs began targeting tourists via the rental cars. Next Florida offered reciprocity and the thugs got the wake up call to a dirt nap again.
    My last thought is what is wrong with the households that don't have firearms?

    1. Constitutional carry will augment carry permits, not replace them. Out-of-state reciprocity requires a carry permit in your home state, like driver’s licenses, so permits will not disappear unless / until Constitutional carry is the law of the land everywhere.

      If the lib next door “doesn’t believe in guns,” you should post a sign in your front yard that says, “Attention criminals: A licensed gun owner lives here, but next door is a gun-free zone. —>”

  19. #6. Step 1, don't raise a thug. That means have a father in the home as a roll model and disciplinarian.

  20. Item 1: This will make lefties sooooooooooo MADDDD!!11!!

    Item 2: I am soooooooo not bummed for the NYT!

    Item 3: One more reason for me to despise, detest, and totally distrust the NYT (the little dog WaPoo, too!)

    Item 8: I can see that college putting up 200 individual showers on campus.

  21. #16. To make it worse, he was the only one in the family with a working brain.