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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Highlights of the News

Good morning. America was the greatest country the world ever knew because we built it on freedom. Then it took its greatness for granted. Now it is run by the government.

We will make America great again.

ITEM 1: Axios reported, "House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will oppose a bipartisan deal announced last week that would form a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, his office announced Tuesday."

In a subsequent report, Axios said Mitch McConnell also opposes this commission.

Excuse me, but my friend, the English Language, says that when the leaders of one of the two parties opposes legislation, you do not have a bipartisan proposal. You have a partisan proposal.

ITEM 2: Jonathan Turley, a law professor, wrote, "Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the first arguments in Roe v. Wade, a case that not only would transform constitutional law but political divisions in the United States. Since then, pro-life advocates have launched continuing challenges to try to dislodge the decision. Over the years, pro-choice groups at times exaggerated the risk of a serious threat to Roe and its progeny. Now, however, reality has caught up to the hyperbole. The court just accepted review in a Mississippi case that could deliver a crippling, or even lethal, blow to Roe."

Yes, and over 100 years ago the court heard arguments in Plessy v. Ferguson, a ruling that made black people second-class citizens.

Brown vs. Board of Education overturned that 58 years later.

This new abortion case is Dobbs v. Jackson.

Turley wrote, "Dobbs is about as nuanced as a punch in the jaw. The case was accepted for one question only: 'Whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.' The court could have just as well asked: 'Whether we can gut Casey and return key choices over reproductive rights to the states'."

States, not the courts, should decide social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and whether men can compete in girls sports because we are still the United States of America, and not America Divided Into States.

ITEM 3: The governor of Texas announced, "Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order 36 Prohibiting Government Entities From Mandating Masks."

The Lone Ranger hardest hit.

But now we know Ron DeSantis isn't the only rider in Republican 2024 rodeo. 

ITEM 4: Reuters reported, "President Joe Biden's administration approved the potential sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel, and congressional sources said on Monday that U.S. lawmakers were not expected to object to the deal despite violence between Israel and Palestinian militants."


Meanwhile Biden gave Palestinian terrorists $235 million.


ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "Dr. Anthony Fauci supports businesses choosing to leave mask mandates in place because the issue, he said, is that 'we don’t have any way of knowing who is vaccinated'."

Tony is a medical expert who does not understand the concept of vaccination.

I'm vaccinated. That protects me from getting infected. What do I care if some unvaccinated person keels over and dies? Just as long as they don't do it in the checkout line. I hate when I have to step over a corpse to unload my groceries.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge said HUD is not prioritizing U.S. citizens over illegal immigrants for public housing assistance, despite a shortage of available units in certain areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Fudge announced the allocation of vouchers under President Biden's American Rescue Plan during a news conference with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, North Carolina Democratic Rep. David Price and others. The Biden stimulus package includes $5 billion in vouchers to house homeless individuals over a three-year period."

Under Biden, all Americans are second-class citizens.

The only housing we should give illegal aliens is in a detention center before we deport them.

ITEM 7: CNBC reported, "Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on Tuesday for business leaders to pay higher taxes to support government stimulus spending, and backed stronger labor unions and lowering barriers to foreign competition.

"In a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Yellen reiterated the White House’s intent to raise taxes on corporations and the highest earners as part of an ambitious infrastructure spending plan.

"The administration also is seeking a global corporate minimum tax in an effort to stop companies from relocating their bases to avoid higher levies at home."

Communist China, meet Communist America.

And the Chamber applauds this. Everything the organization once opposed it now promotes.

ITEM 8: Zero Hedge reported, "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott elicited criticism from Dr. Fauci and a host of Democrats when he decided to drop all COVID-19-linked restrictions in the Lone Star State back in March. Now, as states across the country are falling in line with President Biden's aggressive new mask guidance (clearly intended to encourage more holdouts to accept the vaccine) Texas is reporting a milestone that many of these critics once believed unthinkable: On Sunday, the state's Department of State Health Services reported its first day without a single COVID-19 death since March 21, 2020."

Tony Fauci is about to become the fall guy for the Covid Conspiracy, which wrecked the economy to elect Biden.

And with a $400,000 per year salary sucking at the federal teat, the quack is totally cool with that.

ITEM 9The New York Post reported, "Andrew Giuliani has dreams of turning next year’s gubernatorial race into another Fight of the Century.

"The son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will announce Tuesday that he’s officially running for the Republican primary in 2022 — and is confident he can not only knock out veteran GOP competition but then go on to take out scandal-ridden Gov. Andrew Cuomo."

I endorse Andrew in this Battle of the Sons.

Which Andrew? Ah that is for me to know, and for you to figure out.

ITEM 10: Politico reported, "How Kamala Harris became a victim of the barriers she broke."

The story gushed, "Harris carried many firsts with her into the vice presidency. The daughter of an Indian mother and a Black Jamaican father, she is the first woman, black person, Asian American, Indian American and biracial woman to serve as vice president. Those firsts have come with their unique set of pressures, primarily for her to embrace her history-making role. And after nearly four months in office, Harris faces criticism that she hasn’t struck the right balance, that she’s focused more often on being the United States’ first black vice president than the first Asian American one."


No one bothered to ask if she were competent, ethical, or qualified.

Charles Curtis was very competent. He had to be or he would have been stuck riding ponies in Kansas.

ITEM 11: The Washington Post gurgled, "Trump DOJ tried to unmask a Twitter account behind ‘mean tweets and bad memes’ that teased Rep. Devin Nunes."

This is the same gang of idiots who whined about President Trump's "mean tweets and bad memes" that teased the press and Democrats.

ITEM 12: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "In a 217-209 vote, Democrats rejected a bid by House Republicans to hold a vote on Hamas sanctions legislation authored by Rep. Brian Mast (R., Fla.). The bill was supported by every House Democrat in the last Congress, but stalled this time around when Democratic members refused to allow the bill to be considered by the legislative body. Republicans wanted to pass the legislation to further express support for Israel as it fights the terror group.

"As the conflict in Israel continues into its second week, many Democratic lawmakers on the party’s left flank have publicly criticized the Jewish state, with some describing its defensive operations as terrorist acts. Progressive lawmakers such as Reps. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.), and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D., N.Y.) have called for cutting U.S. military aid to Israel and sanctioning the country. They have not condemned Hamas’s strikes on the country or the terror group's use of civilian shields in the Gaza Strip."

Hamas is officially a terrorist organization according to the federal government.

Democrats support terrorism.

ITEM 13: Axios reported. "The Biden administration will waive sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany, according to two sources briefed on the decision."

Biden approved a pipeline for Russia, while he bans them in the USA.

Putin's puppet? Naw, Chairman Xi just loaned him out for a day.

ITEM 14: A reader complained that Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas went on Meet the Press.

The reader said, "The media is in pain without Donald Trump but looks triumphal. Republicans should stop going on these worthless shows. They don't change the woke minds of anyone watching them but by being insulted and disdained are made in the sound bites to appear suppliant to scepter holding dwarfs.  Crenshaw was foolish by saying he had come on the show to help inform people. Go into the arena to kill."

I agree.

Crenshaw is a decent man who assumes everyone else is decent.

After 4 years in DC, Trump no longer is encumbered by that fallacy.

ITEM 15: Via Glenn Reynolds, "Conservative Viewers Are Better Informed About Important Topics. 'A new Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 16% of Likely U.S. Voters who say CNN is their favorite cable news outlet and 20% of those who say MSNBC is their favorite correctly estimated the U.S. national debt (currently more than $28 trillion) as being between $20 trillion and $30 trillion. By contrast, 35% of Fox News viewers, and 32% who say they get their news from talk radio, correctly estimated the size of the U.S. national debt'."

The more you know, the more conservative you become.

It is called growing up.

ITEM 16: Face2Face Africa reported, "Last month, at least 50,000 people fled the Mozambican town of Palma following an Islamist attack on the town that left dozens of people dead. It took the Mozambique army supported by a private military contractor nearly two weeks to reclaim the town.

"An Amnesty International report released on Thursday said White contractors were given priority over local Black people during a rescue operation at a hotel in Palma when the attacks by an armed group known locally as al-Shabab began in March. The report compiled accounts of 11 Black civilians who were present at the Amarula Hotel during evacuation.

"Amnesty said even dogs were airlifted to safety before local Black people by a helicopter that rescued civilians from the hotel where they had sought shelter." 

I like how Amnesty International is more concerned about possible racism than it is about Islamists killing people.

ITEM 17: Via Power Line, the Associated Press propagandized, "As a grassroots movement, Hamas is deeply embedded in Palestinian society, with a political operation and charities separate from its secretive armed wing. While Israel and Western countries view Hamas as a terrorist organization, it is also Gaza’s de facto government, employing tens of thousands of people as civil servants and police. So just being connected to Hamas doesn’t mean someone is a combatant, and there are many in Gaza who oppose the group — and all are equally exposed with nowhere to run."

As were the Nazis.

ITEM 18: The Drive reported, "Electric Ford F-150 Lightning's Battery Weighs Over 1,800 Pounds By Itself."

Adding nearly a ton of weight to a vehicle is crazy. Electric cars are the least efficient and least environmentally safe means of transportation.

We want an electric grid system that cannot handle a winter storm to suddenly support 150 million vehicles that will double every household's  electric needs.

Buy a horse.

ITEM 19: The Sun reported, "In a shocking video, a mom was dragged out of a Little Caesars by her hair and stomped on in front of her child while screaming my baby.

"The brutal attack occurred at the popular pizza chain on Monday in Augusta, Georgia.

"According to Augusta Crime, the suspect Brittany Kennedy attacked victim Emily Broadwater.

"The video shows Kennedy pulling Broadwater by her hair out of the establishment while she screams and attempts to fight back.

"Once outside, Kennedy stomps on and punches Broadwater's face and head."

Kennedy is black. The victim is white. The baby is biracial.

ITEM 20: Breitbart reported, "The NCAA made loud proclamations in April that it could pull events from states with limits on transgender athletes. Still, now the college sports governing body has caved and will allow tournaments in states including Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas despite their laws restricting trans athletes.

"The NCAA sided with transgender athletes only last month, saying they may cancel events in states that aren’t 'free of discrimination' against transgender athletes.

"The NCAA Board of Governors made its announcement as more than two dozen states proposed, debated, and advanced legislation aimed at requiring state schools to ensure that athletes compete only in the category of their birth gender.

"But now, only a month later, the NCAA announces that despite its saber-rattling in April, it will allow events in states that have already passed laws limiting transgender athletes to birth gender categories, Yahoo! Sports reported."

Stick to your guns.

Do not compromise with crazy because no matter what you do, it is not good enough.

Besides, what is so special about NCAA events? Aren't most of them money losers?

FINALLY, the New York Post reported, "A couple married for more than seven decades was separated for almost a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"But on March 22, the pair were finally reunited in a heartbreaking scene — which was recorded on video and has now gone viral.

"Margaret Louise Baldwin Bigler, 97, hadn’t seen her husband of 73 years, Joseph Andrew Bigler, 96, since she was admitted to long-term HarmarVillage Care Center in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, on April 7, 2020, following a hospital stay. Her beloved hubby remained in independent living, unable to visit her during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

" 'Oh my God!' Margaret said repeatedly as the two embraced from their wheelchairs and snuggled their faces into each other’s shoulders after Joseph was admitted to an attached care home in March, SWNS reported."

A good cry was had by all.


  1. “Where Have You Been?” by Kathy Mattea.

    1. Spammers should be killed slowly and by the most painful means possible.

    2. Spammers should be killed slowly and by the most painful means possible.

    3. Yes Randy... But I still prefer these posts and posts about how much I can earn each month, than the posts calling people ROLCON and Jeffrey. Just my personal preference 😜😳

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  2. The intentional destruction of a television station constitutes a war crime.
    the Israeli policy of settlement, demolition and expulsion violates international law and UN resolutions.

    firing rockets at random into towns is a war crime against civilians.

    1. Bah. May Gd forgive you. Telling only one side of a story is injustice.

    2. That knife catch you in the brain pan? You should’ve ducked.

    3. Yes, Using innocent people as human shields - Hamas - and sending rockets into Israeli towns where civilians live and would be killed - Hamas - are war crimes. Hamas should be condemned and held accountable by the UN and the world.

    4. Yes, Using innocent people as human shields - Hamas - and sending rockets into Israeli towns where civilians live and would be killed - Hamas - are war crimes. Hamas should be condemned and held accountable by the UN and the world.

    5. Destruction of terrorist headquarters that also houses a tv station as a shield of not a war crime.

      Precision bombing terrorist structures is not a war crime.

      Warning people to evacuate buildings before they are razed is nothing a war crime.

  3. Does the US want peace in the Middle East?

    “Would a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in the Middle East benefit the United States after all? Israel, no longer dependent on the United States as its last defender, could show a worrying degree of independence” - Ralh Peters

    1. President Trump wanted and achieved peace in the Middle East. Biden pizzed it away in the space of 4 months. At this point, I would trust the IDF more than Biden’s military.

    2. You know the term "Palestine" was given by Romans to everyone - Jews included - who lived in the area of Israel during Jesus time. This was more than 600 years before a warlord proposed the religion he called Islam.

      So, Jews are the real Palestinians- and they have lived in Israel continuously for 4,000 years.

      Why do you support violent terrorists who want to kill them and take what they have built in Israel? Shouldn't Hamas take the hundreds of millions of dollars they get and make the desert bloom for all their people where they are?

    3. Palestine was the name chosen by Rome as an anti-Semitic insult, associating the region with Israel's long time enemy, the Philistines.
      Not much has changed in the world.

    4. Yes, the US would like peace in the middle east. Hamas...doesn't.

    5. Beware the day they proclaim peace and prosperity in the region.

  4. #5
    One reason you may care if anyone else is vaccinated; Each time a person transmits the disease to another there are more replications of the virus and a greater chance for mutation. Enough transmissions may provide enough opportunities for the virus to mutate outside the range of effectiveness for the vaccine. The issue really is, does government have the constitutional authority to compel a person to act outside his own interests for the better good of the community. And that makes it messy. Speeding laws, drinking driving laws, the draft, ect all are enforced on this principle. Where do we draw the line. On top of this, government does not have a good track record with injections, think Thalidomide, the Tuskegee Study even the food pyramid have caused more damage then had government remained out of the discussion. Imagine the lefts position on this if "gayness" turns out to be a simple combination of hormones. One combination you're attracted to women another men. And pharmaceuticals develop a "vaccine" to "cure" them. Will a different administration be allowed to "cure" homosexuality through forced or compelled vaccinations?

    1. Susan and I and millions more have had the disease,not the vaccine. This style of vaccine may trigger autoimmune disease if we take it. Not going to do it. Wouldn't be prudent. We will be in the control group. We had the live virus. It suffices. And if treatments such as hzq and ivermectin hadn't been blocked this this bug would not have killed 10% as many as it has and there would have been no excuse to seize control of the world economy double the size of government, kill freedom, geld the middle class and (according to Forbes Magazine) increase the wealth of the billionaire class by 60% in 2020.

    2. Re: reason for wearing masks falls apart for 2 reasons. The first is that masks don't work. Their weave is too big and fit too loose to stop virus particles from passing through. Second- you (and the government) ignore the tens of millions those who have had the virus and are immune.

      The science of vaccines holds that those who recover from a disease have better immunity than what a vaccine provides. Previous exposure also appears to protect people from the so-called "variants". For example, those who were exposed to the 2009 swine flu and other previous flu strains have T cells which make them immune to Covid 19 virus. The government is still requiring those who recovered from Covid to wear a mask.

      Further, India has dramatically reduced it's death toll from the current Covid 19 wave by administering readily available generics ivermectin and hydroxycholorquine.

      So it is all about government control (not science) and the mask functions like the Star of David under the Nazis.

    3. I like masks, it makes it easier to spot koolaid drinking morons.

    4. Seriously, a vaccine to cure an addiction? Many addicts stay addicted because they like the feelings.

  5. The NCAA has seen the writing on the wall - Florida (again) demonstrated to the fascists at the ncaa that state schools are first beholden to the purse strings from their state. And when the NCAA loses that state money, they go all wobbly. Noem in SD should have realized that before she crushed her national ambitions to kiss up to banks chartered in her state.

    The power five conferences just watched what happened. College football is about to leave the NCAA. Hope the Trans movement was worth it.

    1. I would love to see women, pretending to be men try playing linebacker in the SEC. Never happen though, I dumped the telly.

  6. Item 17: “While Israel and Western countries view Hamas as a terrorist organization, it is also Gaza’s de facto government” And how did it happen that a terrorist organization is the de facto government of Gaza? Hamas was elected by the people of Gaza in 2006, 2012, and 2016. Elections have consequences.

    Item 19: “Once outside, Kennedy stomps on and punches Broadwater's face and head.” One good guy with a gun could have changed the outcome of that confrontation. Become a “Citizen Responder.” Get a gun; get a carry permit; get trained.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. #19. Well said. If Broadwater had been armed, blm would have another zero.

  7. #5. Don't like stepping over corpse's? Don't shop in Chicago

    1. According to some sources, there are plenty of vaccinated corpses stacking up. Is this another fact struggling to get out?

    2. I heard, but have not seen yet, that one of the vaccines has a higher death rate than Fauci's fake flu.

  8. #10 - "No one bothered to ask if she were competent, ethical, or qualified."
    Just like Soetoro.

  9. re: Item #1 ... All the demonrats need is one backstabbing RINO See You Next Tuesday to vote with them and they can call it "bi-partisan" ... paging Liz Cheney

    re: Item #3 ... But it's still President Trump's party, if he doesn't run himself, the nominee will need his blessing.

    re: Item #4 ... Supplying weapons to both sides ... now that's how you MAGA :)

    re: Item #7 ... Corporations don't pay taxes, their customers pay them. The corporate tax rate in the US should be zero.

    re: Item #9 ... There may yet be hope for New York ... nah, never mind, they're just too stupid.

    re: Item #18 .. I've been saying that the current crop of EVs and PHEVs are the modern day equivalent of the thousand dollar betamax. I've little doubt that American know how and ingenuity will turn out $29 VHS players in no time, at that point expect the "greenies" to start screaming about the "environmental impact" of electric vehicles (wait 'till they find out we need about 700 nuke plants to power them) ;-)

    re: Item #19 .. Don't hold your breath waiting for "hate crime" charges.

    re: Item #20 .. There should be no debate, if you've got a Y-chromosome, you're a dude. If you've still got the old twig and berries, you're definitely a dude. ... Once you've made the commitment to slice off the "wedding tackle", we can start having a conversation.

    re: Finally ... Awwww

    1. You had me at Y-chromosome.

      Slice off your wedding tackle and we can start a conversation...but you still can't play with the girls.

  10. The only housing we should give illegal aliens is in a detention center before we deport them. And it should be less time than a hooker spends at a Budget motel.

  11. 9 - I bet you are backing the Andrew with the Italian last name.

    10 - she’s incompetent at being a plain old Vice President. No surprise here.

  12. Zhurong: “Hey Perseverance, where’d you learn to fly a chopper?”

    Perseverance: “Nam.”

  13. #20. more than two dozen states... Let's say it correctly, more than half the states. Saying two dozen attempts to marginalize the magnitude of the opposition to this encroachment on women's rights by people with serious mental issues.
    Come to think of it, people with mental issues pose the greatest threat to women. Even in their madness they know that men will curb stomp them.

  14. Item 20 - Kristi Noem now looking foolish and weak.

  15. Item 3 - Can we schedule a National Mask Burning day??

  16. Also re #20: "limiting to birth gender categories" is slippery. Already we are seeing a hideous "right" to change one's birth certificate.

    Any new laws should say XX can compete with XX (female);

    XY can compete with XY (male)

  17. #19: Don: Here is a shock video that is even more chilling, and our press is going nowhere near it:

  18. Item 3: Last I checked, the Lone Ranger chose to wear that mask. He was NOT forced to do so by any government decree.

    Item 5: You should have put the phrase “medical expert” in scare quotes. Fauci has proven to be anything but a “medical expert.” What he is is a perfect example of The Peter Principle in action.

    Item 10: She’s so freakin’ popular and accomplished that she garnered ZERO delegates before dropping out of the race for President.

    Item 12: This should hurt the Dems in the mid-terms. It should, but sadly it won’t.

    Item 13: Exactly what you might expect from the anti-American, pro-communists currently running the show.

    Item 20: It’s XX or XY. Two genders. Period. Each has its own impact on the body. They can’t be altered or changed once established in the womb. You can have different sexual preferences, body modifications through surgery, etc. Doesn’t change that XX or XY, however.

    1. 12: The only way the Demos aren't hurt, Jeffery, is if they haven't arranged for fake ballots.

    2. Just thought I would let you know that when I see your name on a comment I skip right by it. I don't have any use for someone who is always calling other people names.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Damned straight.

    2: Your lips to God's ears.

    3: The Lone Ranger wears his mask to fight for justice, not Communism.

    5: There's a lot Fauci doesn't get.

    Sometimes on purpose.

    6: Under Biden, all Americans are second-class citizens.

    Except Central Americans.

    And anti-Americans.

    8: May he become the next Cindy Sheehan, David Hogg, and Greta Thunberg.

    10: No one bothered to ask if she were competent, ethical, or qualified.


    12: Democrats support terrorism.

    Since 1966.

    Or is that 1866?

    14: After 4 years in DC, Trump no longer is encumbered by that fallacy.

    After spending his life in Gotham, you really believe he was ever so encumbered.

    15: You're also smarter.

    16: I like how Amnesty International is more concerned about possible racism than it is about Islamists killing people.

    I like how black people are more concerned about Islamists killing them than they are about possible racism.


    17: As were the Germans.

    And the Japanese. And the Italians.

    FINALLY: Sounds like something out of WWII.

    Socialist dictatorships are all evil.

  20. Item #3 (Masks) “But now we know Ron DeSantis isn't the only rider in Republican 2024 rodeo. “

    DeSantis is shaming Abbott into taking action. Abbott has a lot of catching up to do. Regarding 2024, Abbott has all but disqualified himself by being a typical Republican. Sticking one's finger in the wind isn't being a leader.

    1. Agree Abbott proved he's in the Mike DeWine 'conservative' club...just barely to the right of MD's Hogan. We need REAL conservatives in TX. Abbott WAYYYY too squishy

    2. Gov Hot Wheels shut Texas down just like all the democrats. He's no leader! He's toast!

  21. Item #14 “After 4 years in DC, Trump no longer is encumbered by that fallacy (assuming everyone else is decent).”

    Really? Has Trump finally learned to dump traitors in his midst, or is he still his own worst enemy? I’m pulling for him, but I worry about that.

  22. "Excuse me, but my friend, the English Language, says that when the leaders of one of the two parties opposes legislation, you do not have a bipartisan proposal. You have a partisan proposal."

    You are correct, and to a much greater extent, command of the English language is something which is rarely found in today's world.

  23. ITEM 4 - Some Democrats oppose any transfers of military assistance to Israel, so Biden probably feels that a sale is a compromise. Biden's handlers are likely aware that denying Israel this assistance would result in Israel either obtaining it from other sources or inventing it themselves and covering their costs by exporting it at prices that undersell our own products.

    ITEM 5 - Dr. Fauci is like a horse. His manure is all over the road.

    ITEM 12 - Hose Democrats not only support terrorism, but they are violating a law Congress passed three years ago that sanction those who use human shields.

  24. ITEM 6: Any American citizen who hasn’t figured out by now that the illegitimate Biden* Regime is not on their side has a severe cognitive impairment, to be polite yet precise.

  25. ITEM 10: The pathetic idiocy and sychopancy of American “journalists” know no bounds.

    In the most elite American “journalism” “schools”, students are taught how to hold their breath and shove their heads as far up the rectums of Democrat politicians as possible.

    Seriously, this is the truth. 😳😳😳

    Whenever Hillary or HeelsUp Harris have a cackling fit, they are literally snuffing the life out of some “journalist” who failed to remove their head from Hillary’s or HeelsUp’s rectum in time.

    This is the only reason I’m able to make it through watching one of Hillary’s or HellsUp’s cackling fits without puking in disgust.

  26. “ITEM 11: The Washington Post gurgled,“

    An excellent, accurate, intro. 👏👏👏

  27. "No one bothered to ask if she were competent, ethical, or qualified." She slept with Willie Brown, so she's good!

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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