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Monday, May 03, 2021

Highlights of the News

Last week, Politico declared, "Meet the Texas veteran who could blaze a trail for the anti-Trump GOP."

He got 3% of the vote in the special congressional election in Texas on Saturday. 

ITEM 1: Politico reported, "Democrats' best chance this year to pad their slim House majority suddenly evaporated Saturday night, as Republicans claimed both runoff spots in the special election for a fast-changing House seat outside Fort Worth."

I think they mean fast-changing House district.

How fast is it changing? Donald Trump won it by just 3 points.

Buried in Paragraph 14 was this: "Republican candidates captured 62% of the total vote in the all-party race, while Democratic candidates got 37%."

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "Afghan government forces face an uncertain future and, in a worst-case scenario, some 'bad possible outcomes' against Taliban insurgents as the withdrawal of American and coalition troops accelerates in the coming weeks, the top U.S. military officer said Sunday.

"Gen. Mark Milley described the Afghan military and police as “reasonably well equipped, reasonably well trained, reasonably well led.” He cited Afghan troops’ years of experience against a resilient insurgency, but he declined to say they are fully ready to stand up to the Taliban without direct international backing during a potential Taliban offensive.

"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, spoke in an interview with Associated Press and CNN reporters flying with him from Hawaii to Washington just hours after the formal kickoff of the withdrawal."

What do we care?

We went in to get Osama bin Laden. 10 years later we found him in another country. That was 10 years ago.

The Taliban were in charge when we invaded. They will be in charge when we leave. Their country, their choice.

ITEM 3: Dan McLaughlin wrote, "Sunday marked the tenth anniversary of Barack Obama’s announcement of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The raid was the undoubted high point of Obama’s presidency – nothing else he did was as popular across party lines – and contributed significantly to his re-election, inoculating him against criticism of much of the rest of his foreign policy. 

"But for Democrats, there are two inconvenient facts about the raid, which I have detailed before at greater length. One, the hard part was finding bin Laden, and we found him in large part due to Bush-era policies that Obama and the Democrats had criticized. And two, while Obama deserves the credit for making the decision to go ahead with the raid (after a fair amount of hemming and hawing), and most of Obama’s team went along with the decision, the historical record is quite clear that Joe Biden opposed it."

It was a daring raid that was worthy of the Israelis. 

Congratulate Obama and move on. No one is always wrong.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, "Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic champion and reality TV personality now running for California governor, said she opposes transgender girls competing in girls' sports at school."

Boys have physical advantages over girls.

Jenner said, "That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. It just isn't fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools."

The story ended, "Many transgender-rights advocates have criticized Jenner, saying she has failed to convince them that she is a major asset to their cause."

This comes after years of exploiting Jenner's gender change by these so-called advocates of transgender rights.

And what about cis rights? Men born male and women born female were born that way, too, you know.

ITEM 5: Politico reported, "Biden team insists taxes won't go up for most people."

47% already pay no income tax.

By the way, all Americans saw their income taxes go down under President Trump.

Well, except for that 47% who already paid no taxes.

ITEM 6: 146 million Americans -- 44% of the USA population -- have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. 

CNBC reported, "Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Sunday said that the precipitous drop in new Covid-19 cases in the U.S. was likely to continue, predicting a 'relatively quiet summer when it comes to coronavirus spread.' "

The story also said, "The physician credited the mass vaccination campaign that got underway under President Donald Trump and has been continued under President Joe Biden for the country’s ability to rein in the spread of the disease."

Thank goodness Hillary was not president.

She would have put Andrew Cuomo in charge of our reaction. Or worse, that goofball Tim Kaine, her vice president.

ITEM 7TPM reported, "Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) on Sunday defended Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) amid fellow Republicans refusing to tamp down their outrage over their votes to impeach former President Trump for incitement of insurrection.

"Appearing on CNN, Collins was pressed on Romney being booed and narrowly avoiding censure by the Utah Republican Party during the state party’s organizing convention the day before."

Of course she did. That is what her donors bought.

Have you ever heard of an anti-Obama Democrat? An anti-Biden one? Did any Democrat vote to impeach Clinton, let alone a member of House leadership?

But there are always plenty of anti-president Republicans around any time there is a Republican president. Follow the money.

I will have more on Mittens at 11 AM.

ITEM 8: Los Angeles Times reported, "Los Angeles County reports no new COVID-19 deaths."

Covid Shortage Hits California!

ITEM 9: Jonathan Martin of the New York Times, "Why Kristi Noem Is Rising Quickly as a Republican Prospect for 2024."

I checked the date. It was May 2, 2021, not May 2, 2020.

Does somebody want to tell him?

ITEM 10: CBS reported, "The outdoor mask mandate will remain in place until further notice in Brookline, Town Manager Mel Kleckner said Friday.

"The announcement came on the same day that the state eased its outdoor mask mandate, allowing people to not wear a mask outside in public as long as it is possible socially distance."

For vaccinated people, it is like a pregnant woman taking birth control pills.

ITEM 11Via the Daily Caller, Jake Tapper railed against Republicans on Sunday.

Tapper said, "Lie after lie after lie. Look, I’m not talking about opinions. If people want to rail against Biden’s border policies or his $6 trillion worth of proposals or whatever, have at it. That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about made up convoluted crap and it’s having an impact."

Tapper was CNN's chief spreader of the Russian Collusion manure.

ITEM 12: Just the News reported, "The Golden Horseshoe is a weekly designation from Just the News intended to highlight egregious examples of wasteful taxpayer spending by the government. The award is named for the horseshoe-shaped toilet seats for military airplanes that cost the Pentagon a whopping $640 each back in the 1980s. 

"This week, our award is going to the United States Small Business Administration and Treasury Department for awarding at least $200 million, but as much as $420 million, to Chinese Communist Party-linked businesses by way of the Paycheck Protection Program, intended to assist U.S. small businesses that were devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, widely believed to have originated in China.

"A report from the Horizon Advisory strategic consulting group illustrates how negligible congressional oversight allowed at least 125 Chinese firms to take advantage of the international disaster by benefitting directly from U.S. investment and relief measures."

Why are we allowing 125 Red China companies to do business here?

Embargo them already.

ITEM 13: United Press International reported, "More than 30 Republican senators have called on the Biden administration to withdraw anti-racist education priorities, saying such education is biased and divisive.

"The group of senators, led by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., sent a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona calling for withdrawal of the education department's proposed priorities for U.S. history and civics education, and National Activities program."

Specifically, they oppose using the New York Times's Fake History -- the 1619 Project -- to indoctrinate American kids to hate their own country,

We have gone from having black history augment American history to  replacing American history with an anti-American history.

ITEM 14: John Nolte reported, "The trifecta of fake news-retractions unrolled this week after the far-left Washington Post, the far-left New York Times, and the far-left NBC News were all forced to issue retractions for smearing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

"All three fake news outlets reported Giuliani had received a defensive briefing from the FBI warning him he was the target of a Russian influence campaign.

"The faker-than-fake Washington Post also claimed OAN received the same briefing so the faker-than-fake Post was forced to retract that, as well."

These news outlets just repeat what the deep state tells them to without any fact-checking or even a hint of disbelief. They are unfathomably evil with their lies.

ITEM 15: Kane at Citizen Free Press reported, "Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear gets booed by Derby crowd."

Unlike Romney, Beshear is not a coward who pretends to be a Republican. He is Openly Democrat.

ITEM 16: NBC reported, "Three months into Joe Biden’s presidency, enthusiasm for his predecessor is still going strong among Latino Republicans in Florida.

"The South Florida-based Patriotas con Trump, or Patriots with Trump, has held multiple rallies outside Mar-a-Lago, members send messages all day in their WhatsApp group, and a smaller group of 10 meet regularly to brainstorm ways to recruit more members — and help get Republicans elected in 2022. They’re also looking ahead to 2024."

Biden did himself no favors by ignoring the 60th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, which was the expatriate Cuban community's only hope of overthrowing communism and Castro.

ITEM 17: The New York Post reported, "A tree fell on an occupied portable toilet in Gettysburg National Military Park on Friday, trapping a man who was using the john at the historic Civil War battlefield, authorities said. 

"Rescuers who responded to the south-central Pennsylvania park had to saw part of the tree and cut open the porta-potty to free the man, a local fire official told the York Daily Record."

Well, it could have been worse.

He could have run out of toilet paper.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "A Florida elementary school principal is under investigation for whacking a 6-year-old girl with a paddle in a shocking incident that was captured on video by the student’s mom, according to a local report."

It's called disciplining.

Perhaps if the girl's mother put the videocam down and paid attention to what her brat was doing, the principal could spend more time on more important matters.

ITEM 19The Smoking Gun reported, "A Missouri woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to smuggling a loaded gun that was hidden in her vagina into a county jail, court records show.

"During a Circuit Court hearing last week, Amy Wilhite, 39, copped to a felony indictment charging her with 'delivery or concealment' of the weapon, a small .22 caliber revolver that was fully loaded with five rounds.

"In a plea deal, Wilhite was sentenced to serve a decade in the custody of the Missouri Department Of Corrections. She is currently being held at the Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center, a state intake facility."

10 years. That's 2 years per bullet.

FINALLY, John Hinderaker eviscerated a Wall Street Journal article, "Why Black Homeownership Lags Badly in Minneapolis. Restrictive property covenants once helped keep people of color out of neighborhoods around America. The effects have compounded."

The story said, "A trove of new research suggests that one factor is a tool of discrimination from 100 years ago: racially restrictive covenants that were attached to thousands of Minneapolis homes in the early 20th century, prohibiting sales to many minorities."

Hinderaker wrote, "This is a profoundly silly theory. First of all, race-restricted covenants have been unenforceable, as the article acknowledges, since 1948, and have been banned in Minnesota since 1962. The idea that somehow, 60 to 75 years later, those long-gone covenants are still preventing blacks from buying homes, is ridiculous on its face."

So what is the reason black people largely shun buying homes and adopting the middle class lifestyle in Minneapolis?

He wrote, "Actually, the Twin Cities are home to a number of such gaps, most notably, in educational achievement. The reasons for this are historic, but the most obvious causal factor is that 15 or 20 years ago (it could still be true, but I haven’t seen the numbers lately) the U.S. zip code that had the highest rate of illegitimate births in the country was North Minneapolis. But don’t hold your breath waiting for liberals to talk about that."

We keep blaming a slavery that ended 155 years ago and a segregation that ended 56 years ago for the failure of the black underclass to become middle class.

Asians and other minorities prove that America has no systemic racism because if the USA did, Asians and other minorities would suffer.

Sensible people would treat black people no differently than any other group, and then watch the assimilation begin.

We are not sensible. And Rupert Murdoch's WSJ feeds the lies that serve that lack of commion sense.


  1. Adam Kinzinger will have to run as a Democrat to be reelected.

    Kristi Noem sided with the trans activists and in doing so exposed her true self to those who ARE the Trump GOP and therefore has no chance in the 2024 primary.

    Every single South American immigrant I have spoken to regarding Trump here in South Florida loves him. The Venezuelans and Colombians know EXACTLY what socialism and communism looks like and what the end result will be if they're allowed to be in charge. True story: in December, 2019 I attended the Trump rally in Sunrise, FL. Sitting next to me was an entire family of Colombian immigrants from Naples who had driven over an hour to be there. The 17 year old girl and her 14 year old brother were jumping up and down when Trump came out. Many, many immigrants from all over the world have had experience with Communism and hate it.

    1. Well maybe his (AK) district will disappear with the Illinois lose of a representative, then he can take his wife home to Guatemala.

  2. “Amy’s got a gun
    “Amy’s got a gun…”

  3. ITEM 7: Re: Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)

    In this age of transgenderism, in which gender specificity is demanded, I suggest specifying elected officials’ politics. In the case of Sen. Susan Collins, her politics should be specified as elected Republican/trans-Democrat or ER/TD. Likewise, Sen. Mitt Romney (ER/TD) and Rep. Liz Cheney (ER/TD).

  4. Personal vignette, for what it's worth. Last February, I was booting up at my local ski hill in PA, struck up a conversation with a fellow whose foot was in a cast. Turns out he and his wife were ex-pats (actually political refugees, if I understood him correctly) from Venezuela! He went on at length how much he loved the USA and how disappointed he was to see what was going on with the anti-American BLM/Antifa crap. He said that was the kind of activity that caused him to flee his natal country and seek refuge here. He was pretty based. So, although I am staunchly opposed to illegal immigration (and not so hot on immigration in general), if we could select for his type of immigrant, I could live with it, in acceptable numbers, of course.

    1. Those that I’ve met who were raised in Eastern Europe love America as well and share the same fears.

      The brainwashed younger generation should listen to the voices of experience.

    2. The brainwashed are stuck listening to the academics who hold a utopian world view of communism and reject reality. Our kids spend half their day being assaulted with the lies.

    3. I also have met two people who grew up in the old Soviet Union. Both of them have said they see signs of increasing totalitarianism in the USA.

    4. Don’t you know, Schlongtavius, youths KNOW EVERYTHING and it’s a new world, nothing happened before we were crapped on by their presence? /s

    5. It's known as "The Age of Infinite Wisdom" which some kids actually grow out of.

  5. 2 - I feel for the peace loving Afghanis. Much as I fear for conservatives in America.

    The Taliban will try to take over by force. Hopefully they can be defeated, but it will be a bloody battle.

    The liberals are trying to take over and transform America. Hopefully, they will be defeated peacefully. If it gets bloody, the liberals will be crushed.

    10 - Masks are becoming America’s burkas.

  6. #19 I've heard of shooting your mouth off but...

  7. Item 1 - The mother of all paybacks is coming for the Democrats in November 2022.

  8. Item 6: Don, I think you are confusing Tom Kean, former Republican Governor of New Jersey, and Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate. But then Kaine is a forgettable nonentity, so I can see why you didn't accurately remember his name.

    1. Tim Kaine was a Clinton 'bag-man' and a flunky. He is also a Communist and a liar. We lived in Virginia during his reign. He always reminded me of John Gotti's ner-do-well brother.

  9. Item 3: “Congratulate Obama and move on. No one is always wrong.“ Except Biden, of course, who has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” according to Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

    Item 6: “146 million Americans -- 44% of the USA population -- have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. ... [FDA honcho Scott Gottleib] credited the mass vaccination campaign...” What about the 32,191,342 Americans (“cases”) who had the virus and recovered, as 95+% do? They are also immune, since having the virus and recovering is just effective at building antibodies as a vaccine. In fact, it’s even more effective for COVID, since the antibodies were the immune response to the actual pathogen, not some GMO trigger. If you’re ever received a positive PCR test, there’s no reason to get the vaccine.

    Item 9: Of course the NYT is promoting Kristi Noem. They want the weakest R possible running for President. Surprised they’re not pushing Jeb! for 2024.

    Item 10: “The outdoor mask mandate will remain in place until further notice.” I’m glad I’m in Florida. When Gov DeSantis issued the executive order last Fall to reopen the state, he also canceled all local pandemic restrictions. No city or county can impose mask-wearing, limit occupancy in businesses, or impose fines for any COVID-related infraction.

    1. Agree in theory about natural immunization. Yes if you really had Covid, DO NOT get the vaccine! However there were SO MANY false positives with the PCR test, that isn't a good indicator. This 'pandemic' has been a complete Psyops campaign. And it's worked as planned.
      BTW - Desantis removed any 'teeth' from cities/counties. But that doesn't stop them from trying. Here in The city of Sarasota, the council still has mandates that for the most part I completely ignore. It's just then the local businesses implement them and I either comply or don't do business with them. My gym is one example. The local Y has a mask nazi working there, so I just go another gym that isn't so militant.

    2. Only Florida and Oklahoma have established the medically determined cycle threshold to use for determining covid positive people; 30-35 rather than 40-42 or higher. The higher number means the analysis goes deeper to find an indication of any potential virus confusing dead and non-covid organic particles resulting in false positives. The real world impact is flying restrictions and longer than required quarantining.

  10. #3. Creepy Joe changed his name to no one?

    1. "Congratulate Obama and move on. No one is always wrong..." EXCEPT Shanghai Joe Xiden, who has been wrong about every foreign policy plan in his 40+ years in the Senate.

  11. #4. There has never been, in all of history, a man born female or a woman born male. Men who think they are women have serious mental health issues. Bruce Jenner is one of them. HE may not be as crazy as Jazz, but crazy none the less.

    1. Crazy is not the same as stupid.

      Stupid is a guy who sees a little boy and thinks sex before 8 or else it's too late is a Constitutional right.

    2. That's not 'stupid''s pure EVIL

  12. May go home from HP tomorrow got to arrange home care .
    I had split in my bladder, due to injury from the car wreck dock I an my insurance agent are going to have little talk.

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: The Taliban weren't too popular and just moved faster to fill the vacuum the Russians left. Who wins may well be anybody's bet.

    reasonably well equipped, reasonably well trained, reasonably well led

    Reminiscent of the DOD weasel in the second Rambo movie saying the op had a better than average chance of success.

    5: They also insisted the lying dogfaced pony soldier was going to be a unity PUS.

    6: How many died?

    And how many got it again?

    7: Have you ever heard of an anti-Obama Democrat? An anti-Biden one? Did any Democrat vote to impeach Clinton, let alone a member of House leadership?

    They're out there, but it's like Vulcans showing emotion, extremely bad manners.

    The Os and the Ozarks hate each other and the Lefties can't abide the lying dogfaced pony soldier.

    It's just that the Whigs are working for the other side.

    10: For vaccinated people, it is like a pregnant woman taking birth control pills.

    Then why is it half the new Communist Covid are in people who've had the shot?

    15: Hey, DeWidiot got booed in OH last year.

    Doesn't what matter the label is.

    18: What did she do? And why was it in front of the mother?

    Might be illuminating to know.

    19: We'll skip the size of the holster to merely ask how the cops found it and how they got it out.

    FINALLY: Notice nobody ever mentioned one of the lying dogfaced pony soldier's abortive runs at the Oval Office flopped because he lived many years in a house with such covenants.

  14. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    5 - Speaking of "sweet (sic) little lies." There is NO society on Earth where everyone can have everything they want at no cost to themselves, while all the costs are borne by some small segment of "the rich." Scandinavian welfare states (which are not socialist, as they will tell you - loudly) are based on EVERYONE paying exorbitant taxes on everything - just go have dinner in one of those countries... there's a reason that everything is at mini-bar prices. Everything will end up being heavily taxed, at least indirectly.

    9 - She's finished - she for some reason thought that the way to "broaden her appeal" was to go squishy. I noticed her atrocious January piece in the Federalist (which was the text of a speech she gave at the National Republican Governors Association meeting about the same time). Anyone who would go squishy for perceived tactical reasons is forever untrustworthy.

    16 - People in eastern Europe hate communism with a passion as well - the three most pro-American countries in Europe are Albania, Poland, and Romania.

    FINALLY - There are a lot of weird things in old deeds that no one notices until someone looks. Back in the 1980s, Chief Justice Rehnquist bought a summer home, and when someone looked at the 1930s deed, it had some provision that the property could not be sold to anyone who was Jewish. The usual suspects tried to use that against him, but it was a non-starter. (Trying to sort out the boundary descriptions in old deeds is a bigger issue actually.)

  15. Item 3: No, I won't congratulate Obama for anything. All he did was make the decision, and by all accounts he took too long to do so and nearly went the wrong way.

    The congratulations go to the SEALs and the US Navy for handling the takedown of this terrorist scum in a deft and superb manner.

  16. Item 9: I'm surprised at you, Don. Noem vetoed that bill because she knew it would be invalidated in the courts when the NCAA got done with it. It was the legislature that refused to budge and come up with a bill that did materially the same thing and wouldn't have given the NCAA a leg to stand on.

    Her subsequent EO's on the matter weren't enough to tell you where Noem stood?

    Sometimes you have to be pragmatic and decide to fight only when you have a chance of winning.

    1. Go find her January Federalist piece, which predates the "transgender" fiasco. It reads like something Nikki Haley would have written.

      That piece set off all sorts of alarm bells with me (as I said at the time) which proved to be justified.

    2. Fuzzy, your excuse making for Noem is noted and rejected.

      Pay attention, other states have signed bills very similar to the bill which Noem rejected.

      Noem surrendered to the Chamber of Commerce business interests in her state rather than stand up for the values of the citizens of her state.

      Just one example, see West Virginia.

      I’m tired of those who want to make excuses for conservative squishes.

    3. Yeah - she was way behind, signaled no issue with the bill as it worked its way through the legislature. Then discovered her problem right at the end. She had no issue with how the bill was written. Banking interests in SD told her, via the CoC, to back off the bill.

      If she had any guts, she would do what Florida is doing, essentially telling the NCAA that if they boycott the state they can not receive any dollars from member institutions in the state. Hit them where they live, in the check book. Assuming Texas follows on with this - Abbott just can't get in front it seems - the NCAA will be having to back down, or layoff staff from their Indianapolis HQ.

      Noem ran away. She's done nationally for 2024. We will see what she has learned.

  17. Item 6: I have my two shots, and I carry my shot record in my shirt pocket, so that, if questioned, I can pull it out, put it in my left hand, raise my right arm up at 45 degrees, und zay, "Hier ist mein papier, Herr/Frau Oberst!"

    Item 14: This is why I do not trust the media, and why I ignore it. It/they are the propaganda arms of the Dems.

  18. #19..."a small .22 caliber revolver". Hardly newsworthy. Now a .50 cal Desert Eagle... That's Newsworthy!!!!

    1. ...."help me find my car keys and we can drive out"

    2. I thought about that old joke when I read 19, and then I wondered why she didn't just tell 'em one of her boyfriends must have dropped it while he was in there.

    3. I'm dyin here. that's so o;d I forgot it.

  19. ITEM 9: Another reminder that subscribers of the New York Times should by now be well aware they are paying for Fake News which caters to their preconceived notions echoed in the Liberal Bubble World they inhabit.

  20. ITEM 14: Second to last sentence - I say let’s be honest and not call the “New York Times”; the “Washington Post”; or “NBC News” “news outlets.”

    How about “Democrat Propaganda Outlets” or some other identifier?

    All I know is that Libs love to slander, demonize and ostracize Fox, OAN, and other “news outlets” that refuse to push the Democrat Party narrative. Why can’t those on our side do the same?

    Do we think these legacy organizations can be redeemed? As Don notes in the last sentence of this item “They are unfathomably evil with their lies.” So let’s not call them, even in passing, “news outlets” because they don’t deserve it.

  21. Amazing how some people feel obliged to stuff the comment board.

  22. I saw in another article about the incident that the child who was spanked had just done significant damage to a computer. I presume the principal thought, whether rightly or wrongly, that it was willful mischief.

  23. Arizona, then other states, prove massive election fraud showing pdjt really did win.

    Kamala Harris is so ashamed that she resigns.

    Democrats are so ashamed the select and confirm pdjt as her vp replacement.

    Joe is so befuddled he resigns thinking he is signing up for extra pudding.

    TRUMP 2021!!

    Uncle Bob

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