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Friday, May 07, 2021

Highlights of the News

Donald Trump got liberals to defend a Cheney. Is there nothing our president emeritus cannot do?

ITEM 1: BBC purported, "Liz Cheney --Why being a Trump martyr could be good for her."

Sure, just like it was good for Justin Amash, Jeff Flake, John Kasich, and a host of other former elected officials.

BBC should stick to what it does best: Getting British politics wrong.

ITEM 2: Gateway Pundit reported not one of the 81 million people who voted for Biden showed up to greet him in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Landslide Joe rolls on.

ITEM 3: Just the News reported, "The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the federal health agency run for decades by celebrated White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, has spent over $400,000 funding a series of experiments that grafted the scalps of aborted fetuses onto living mice, studies that were meant to investigate the human skin's propensity for developing infections. 

"The research, published last fall in the journal Nature, was performed by a dozen scientists out of the University of Pittsburgh. The experiments involved developing rat and mouse models using, in part, 'full-thickness fetal skin' in order to 'provide a platform for studying human skin infections.'

"The report notes that the human skin tissues used in the skin grafting experiments were obtained 'from the scalp and dorsum' of  'donors,' namely aborted fetuses."

What a sick man.

And don't forget, Tony also spent millions helping Red China develop the Communist Covid. 

Memo to the next Republican president: Dump all presidential appointees and as many civil service-protected people as possible on Day One.

ITEM 4: Business Insider reported, "John Brakey, the co-founder of a group called AUDIT (an acronym for Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections), told CBS reporter Dennis Welch that 5K cameras were being used to take snapshots of the ballots and examine the folds in the ballots.

"The theory rests on the idea that tracings of bamboo would prove that the ballots were created abroad, despite the fact that not all paper made from bamboo is milled in Asia, and in fact, there are several bamboo forests in the U.S.

"Additionally, while bamboo pulp paper does exist in China, not all paper produced in China contains traces of bamboo as the country continues to have a thriving wood pulp and timber industry."

We are being bamboo-zled.

Pay site. No link.

ITEM 5: The Post Millennial reported, "The Arizona State House passed a bill Wednesday banning critical race theory indoctrination in public schools. The legislation, if approved by the Senate, would prohibit schools from promoting state-sanctioned racism and Arizona teachers could face a $5,000 penalty for teaching the ideology, if not counter balanced with an opposing perspective.

"Rep. Michelle Udall R-Mesa said of the amendments to Senate Bill 1532, 'We cannot allow children in our public schools to be taught that they are not created equal, that their skin color, ethnicity or sex somehow determines their character or actions. No forms of racism should enter our classrooms. Biased teaching needs to be stopped.'

"Udall, who chairs the House Education Committee, introduced the amendment on Wednesday, which caused hours of debate, mostly from Democrats. The measure passed on a party-line vote."

Democrats have revived racism after four decades of dormancy. 

This time it is anti-white.

ITEM 6: Ars Technica reported, "The largest Internet providers in the US funded a campaign that generated '8.5 million fake comments' to the Federal Communications Commission as part of the ISPs' fight against net neutrality rules during the Trump administration, according to a report issued today by New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

"Nearly 18 million out of 22 million comments were fabricated, including both pro- and anti-net neutrality submissions, the report said. One 19-year-old submitted 7.7 million pro-net neutrality comments under fake, randomly generated names. But the astroturfing effort funded by the broadband industry stood out because it used real people's names without their consent, with third-party firms hired by the industry faking consent records, the report said."

While the headline said the anti-net neutrality people forged 8.5 million comments, the pro side seems to have forged at least 9 million.

ITEM 7: Breitbart reported, "Floridians who receive unemployment benefits will soon have to show proof they are job-hunting, according to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

"DeSantis took away the requirement that people on benefits look for work early in the pandemic when unemployment was on the rise and few employers were hiring.

"But DeSantis has lifted pandemic-era restrictions on businesses, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average."

How refreshing to see a politician uphold the law instead of feelings.

ITEM 8: CNBC reported, "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed into law a sweeping election bill that has drawn accusations it will suppress voter turnout and already faces a legal challenge.

"DeSantis signed the bill, SB 90, in a closed-door event that blocked out all reporters and media coverage — except for Fox News, which in a live interview applauded the Republican governor for his response to the coronavirus pandemic."

If the press won't play fair, why should Republicans?

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "A 19th-century church has risen from the waters of a central Mexican lake after being submerged for decades — the result of a recent drought that is plaguing the region.

"The Church of the Virgin of Dolores disappeared in 1979 when the Purisima Dam was built and buried the colonial community of El Zangarro, Mexico News Daily said."

The Lord sent a message.

ITEM 10: WND reported, "Roger Daltrey of the British rock band The Who came to fame singing about My Generation, but he says today's politically woke generation is creating a miserable world that terrifies him."

Daltrey said, "It's terrifying, the miserable world they're going to create for themselves. I mean, anyone who's lived a life and you see what they're doing, you just know that it's a route to nowhere."

He's right.

But what can we do?

ITEM 11: Glenn Reynolds wrote, "In the California governor’s race, candidate Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner has landed the first blow, and it’s a telling one.

"This week, the former Kardashian paterfamilias’ campaign released a three-minute ad that might as well have been titled Make California Great Again. It’s a killer ad because every Californian knows that under one-party Democratic rule, the Golden State isn’t so golden anymore.

"Jenner’s ad juxtaposes the California of an earlier era, intercut with footage of Bruce at the Olympics, and sharply contrasts those evocations of sun, fun and vitality with images from today, featuring homeless encampments, discarded hypodermic needles and shuttered businesses."

You have to fall pretty far to have Jenner as your last best hope.

But that is where California is.

ITEM 12: Reuters reported, "U.S. President Joe Biden said a corporate tax rate between 25% and 28% could help pay for badly needed infrastructure, suggesting he could accept a lower rate than what he has proposed in his search for Republican support for the funding."

For decades, it stood at 35%, one of the highest in the world.

President Trump came along and dropped it to 21%.

Not a single Democrat voted for the cut.

Now they are too afraid to restore it all.

That's called winning.

Oh, fight the increase no matter how small.

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "A Minnesota woman who was told not to come to her ex-boyfriend’s funeral was charged Monday after witnesses said she drove through the cemetery and tried to run over mourners during the ceremony.

"Blair Whitten, 28, was charged with reckless endangerment following the incident at Riverside Cemetery in Fargo, North Dakota, on Saturday, police said."

She seems nice.

ITEM 14: Via America's Frontline Doctors, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon said, "Those who think vaccine passports are good or at least ok, I’m addressing you.

"If you were a vulnerable person and have been vaccinated, you’re protected. You don’t need to know others’ immune status. Note, even if they’ve been vaccinated, that doesn’t guarantee they can’t carry a single virus particle and donate it to you. So it doesn’t help you or make your safer to know everyone else has been vaccinated.

"If you’ve declined vaccination, for example, because you’re not at risk from this virus, noting younger people are at MORE risk from influenza than from COVID-19, you also don’t need to know anyone else’s immune status.

"Vaccination protects those who need it. Vaccine passports protect nobody."

I agree. I have been vaccinated. I have my shot record. If I have to carry it around, so be it.

But whether I am vaccinated does not matter to you, does it?

The passports are more Pandemic Panic Theater.

ITEM 15: Via Breitbart, actress Rosanna Arquette said, "If Jesus were alive today he’d be murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin."

That is another ahistorical talking point that misses the entire story of Jesus.

He was white and Jewish.

He was indeed killed by the police. Well, Roman soldiers.

And really, that was the whole point of His life on Earth, to be born, crucified, and born again. He died for our sins. 

ITEM 16Summit News reported, "CNN’s Michael Smerconish says that people who don’t take the vaccine should be socially ostracized and shunned by their friends and family."

The same people who say they are tolerant and want a diverse society also want to shun Trump supporters.

But given that so many black people are reluctant to get vaccinated, doesn't that make Smerconish a racist?

ITEM 17: Reuters reported, "Former Olympic weightlifter Tracey Lambrechs says females are being told to be quiet when they complain about the fairness of transgender New Zealand athlete Laurel Hubbard competing in women's competitions."

Silence isn't golden.

Silence is a poison.

ITEM 18: Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush said, "Every day, black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain. My children almost became a statistic. I almost became a statistic."

Black birthing people.

Wasn't that a Fleetwood Mac song covered by Santana at Woodstock?

FINALLY, the other night I had a dream where I multiplied all the primary numbers from 2 to 19. This was easier than it looked. I divided the task into smaller multiplication sets.

First 2 by 5 is 10. I skipped 3 because it is easy to triple anything. 

I went on to the next 3 numbers. 7 by 13 is 91, and anything times 11 is that number times 10 plus the number again. That made it 910 plus 91, which gave me the palindrome 1001. 

I knew then, this would go down quickly.

The last two numbers were 17 and 19. That was 17 times 20 then minus 17, which is 323.

Times 3 that's 969.

Multiply that by 1001 (replace the 1's with 969) and you have 969,969. Times 10, that's 9,699,690.

In my dream, the arithmetic took 1.6 seconds.

I woke up that morning feeling depressed. 

45 years ago, I used to dream of Valerie Perrine, Adrienne Barbeau, and of course, Barbie Benton.

Instead of those figures, now I dream of numbers.


  1. Kardashian paterfamilias. LOL. You crack me up, Don.

  2. Item 6- Not ballot harvesting, "comment" harvesting?

  3. #3, a study in which the scalps of aborted human fetuses were grafted onto lab mice was described in an article in the journal Nature.
    Is it just me or...

    1. No Foo, I caught that too. Sadly, what's left of our derelict culture seems to be adrift on a sea of irony.

  4. What sixty plus year old man doesn’t remember Valerie Perrine in Steam Bath. It was the first and last time I watched anything on PBS.

    1. YO!! I only watched Monty Python. I have a vague recollection of having heard Valerie's name, but not when nor where nor why.

    2. Valerie Perrine? Nope... Adrienne Barbeau? Nope, tainted by the Swamp Thing... Barbie Benton? Hell yeah! Great in Playboy, not so much in Hee Haw!!!

  5. Fox Buys Clay Travis’ ‘Outkick’ Sports-News Site

    his tone and knack for lending a right-leaning view to sports topics has won audiences. Since its founding, OutKick has since grown to encompass news, culture and sports wagering and has even added local and regional journalists.

    Other sports-content ventures of a similar vein have grown –and quickly. Barstool Sports, a backer of unruly “hot-talk” digital sports programs, has expanded its presence in recent years.

  6. Big D, it’s clear as a bell: You like big boobies. And to that I say: OHHH YEAHHHH, dig it! I mean, them…

  7. ITEM 14: I have my shot record. If I have to carry it around, so be it.

    We don’t have to prove we’ve been vaccinated for flu, and that kills people of all ages.
    Shot records are the yellow stars of 2021.

    1. Agree with Kitty - this is the same as a vax passport and that's a hell no.

    2. I carry mine in my shirt pocket, so that I can extract it, hold it out in my left hand, and raise my right arm up at 45 degrees, und zay, "Hier isst mein papier, Herr/Frau OBERST!" (Not copyrighted; free to all; spread the words.)

    3. "Badges? Badges? We no have no stinkin' badges!"

  8. Item 5 - This is not a revival of racism by Democrats. Democrats have always been the party of racism and it’s never been dormant.

  9. Item 7 - Ron DeSantis continues to demonstrate the strength to be a very viable candidate for POTUS. He’s awesome!

  10. Item 17 - Chicks with dix is no longer something to joke about. This is ridiculous!

  11. Item 16 - Democrats have become the party of intolerance and hate. 50 years ago they claimed to be the party of tolerance and love.

    1. Out in California, they stood for Peace, Love, and Dope. California didn't get Peace, we certainly didn't get Love, but we did get Dope, dammit. At least it was 40 years later.

  12. #5. Never dormant, just better hidden.

  13. I will not get vaccinated. If it means I won’t fly again, I’m fine with that. I don’t think Mississippi will mandate a passport so that won’t change things at home.

    1. Same! except replace Mississippi with FL

    2. Same here. I'm not worried about Florida. I have a feeling any state that imposes a passport mandate is a shithole state I don't want to visit anyway!

    3. It is probably safe to assume, then, that my once great Golden State will have a passport mandate soon.

    4. We're probably safe from the vac passport for the moment, because Newsom's worried about the recall. Hopefully he'll lose!

    5. Many years ago I thought I would like to visit California. No chance now. To me, it is one of the shit hole states I will never, ever, think of going to. Nothing personal to the Surber Readers, it's the libs and government.

  14. 12 - corporations will change their behavior and will jot pay more in taxes. The gubment will never see the expected increase in revenue.

    1. But... they will have already spent the expected money, so that leaves the middle class to make up the shortfall. Happens every time, IMHO.

  15. #5
    Democrats lynched blacks for 150 years. All they’ve done is paint their targets on the backs of a different skin color. They are the same racist bigots their parents and grand parents were. The ideology of hate is genetically hardwired in them.

  16. Replies
    1. Don't laugh.

      Came across a piece where a Demo Congressman is complaining about the cages used for illegal kids.

      Don't be surprised if

      a) those audits do find something

      b) the Demos need to figure a way to get rid of Chlamydia.

    2. RE: AZ audit. Now that the DOJ is worming its way in, I fully expect a federal judge to somehow rule against it, using pretzel logic, of course. I'm no lawyer, but since SCOTUS washed its hands of it, doesn't that formally remove the feds from it? What's good for the goose...

  17. Item 13: "She seems nice." What a lousy "seem" she did!

    Don, I'll bet your wife prefers you thinking about multiplying numbers than other women.

  18. Item 16: more of those "tolerant" people, from

    "Just f***** tie em down a stick it in them. Thats what we do to inject animals, and at this point those people are sub-human."

    Why, can't you just feel the love oozing out?

    1. Copied and pasted your Twitter link. I don’t have Twitter but usually can access a link. Nothing appeared except an “oops” message of sorts. Can’t let the truth out, doncha know😉

    2. Copied and pasted your Twitter link. I don’t have Twitter but usually can access a link. Nothing appeared except an “oops” message of sorts. Can’t let the truth out, doncha know😉

    3. Sometimes Twatter will give a “this is not available” error when you first try accessing it. A refresh should then do the trick.

      Also, make sure not to copy the colon at the end.

    4. Thanks, Alex. It was the colon at the end that must have been the problem. The tweet pulled up. Got a screen shot to remind me daily just with whom we are at odds.

      Liberals have a real problem with freedom and tolerance.

  19. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    5 - BTW, interesting surname in there - Udall. Same family? The Udalls go back a LONG way as a mountain/SW leftist political family. Interesting if this is one of the family who saw the light.

    12 - I also wonder if they'll try to reinstate the moronic taxation of repatriated overseas profits (which have already been taxed in the operating jurisdiction) - something that basically the US was only country doing, to US-registered corporations. US-based corporations had no incentive to move any overseas profits home to invest here - and since this did not apply to non-US-registered corporations, they could bring in investment funds (earned outside the US) without paying this second tax. This was one thing that PDJT understood and fixed (it was more than just the simple statutory rate).

    15 - Rosanna Arquette was more interesting when her main asset-of-interest was her luscious hooters. Since such a thing never lasts, I guess she has to do other things to get attention...

    16 - They want "visible diversity" but with everyone thinking exactly alike.

    FINALLY - You sound like you are now channeling Louis Farrakhan - Yikes!!!!

  20. 17: Doesn't the Left tell us that "silence is violence"?

    Speak out for Ashli Babbitt!

    1. Conservatives have done so since Epiphany.

      what about Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, and Keven Greeson?

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: And we thought the Indians were savages.

    4: Just beacuse it's weird doesn't mean it's not true.

    Witness DC.

    6: There's a lesson there.

    10: A little late since he and his did so much to create that generation.

    12: And the lying dogfaced pony soldier may not get that if the Demos keep losing those special elections.

    14: The Left doesn't seem to get the fact people are getting stir crazy. And, from what little I've seen, it's the women that are reacting the worst.

    You don't want to be a Lefty when we hit Peak Estrogen.

    16: Actually, he was kind of a light taupe, but even the Romans didn't kill him because of his color, just his thoughts.

    Same as now.

    FINALLY: 19 factorial. How Gaussian of you.

  22. Item 11: One bit of credit to Jenner.Jenner is dead set against this transgender sports garbage going on. and the laugh value is the idiots out their questioning Jenner having any knowledge as to this farce.

  23. Item 14: Government control freaks all over the world are pushing vaccine passports. I wonder why testing sites did not issue “COVID Positive” cards that we could carry to prove we don’t need the vaccine.

    Item 15: I get upset at Christians who hate Jews because they’re “Jesus killers.” Thank God they killed Him — He who was without sin. If they’d thrown Him in prison and let Him die old old age, there would be no salvation. Salvation came only through the shedding of HIS blood for OUR sins.

    FINALLY: Okay, now count backwards from 100 by 3. 100, 97, 94, 91...

  24. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed into law a sweeping election bill that has drawn accusations it will suppress voter turnout and already faces a legal challenge.

    These lefty ding a lings and the media, I repeat myself, have yet to give one single example of how this suppresses voting. It's just another gaslighting mission.

  25. ITEM 10:
    From Roger Daltrey and The Who's song My Generation:
    Things they do look awful c-c-cold
    I hope I die before I get old.

    ITEM 11:
    Interesting approach from "Ms." Jenner - "compassionate disruptor".

    I recently saw a commercial for John Cox, who is also running to replace Gov. Nuisance. His pitch is Beauty (Nuisance) vs the Beast (the California Bear and Cox). Beauty has wrecked the place and the Beast will clean it up.

    Nuisance is waving his magic covid wand around, magically opening up some California counties, hoping he can escape the recall. I don't doubt for a minute that if he escapes the recall, he won't find new "variants" (probably imaginary) to lock the state down again.

    It looks like the Dim strategy is just to try to defeat the recall. This would leave them defenseless if the recall succeeds. So a Republican COULD win if the recall succeeds.

    If some Republican had enough sense to run a commercial with contrasting pictures of California BN (Before Newsom) and AN (After Newsom), with a sound track of the Beach Boys, Newsom would be recalled and they would win.

    Tesla, McKesson, Oracle, HP Enterprise, and Musk have already left California. And forest fire and rolling blackout season just started...

    ITEM 15:
    Well put.

  26. #14 hey don will you wear the red star also, cus you know its coming

  27. Got a black birthing person
    Got a black birthing person
    Got a black birthing person
    Got me so woke I can see
    That she's a black birthing person
    She's gonna make a Demo out of me

  28. “ 45 years ago, I used to dream of Valerie Perrine, Adrienne Barbeau, and of course, Barbie Benton.
    Instead of those figures, now I dream of numbers”

    Who needs those chicks when you have the love of your life lying next to you?

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