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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Missouri House approves push to create ‘Rush Limbaugh Day.’ "

Rush Limbaugh Day would be January 12, his birthday.

A measure by liberals to make January 13 Walter Cronkite Day failed. Equating the two makes sense, except Limbaugh was honest and never pretended to be unbiased.

ITEM 2: Unemployment rose to 6.1% in April as inflation begins to climb.

At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump had shaved the unemployment rate by 0.6 points to a mere 4.3%, well below the 4.9% rate he had inherited 3 months earlier.

Biden has dropped it by only 0.2 points.

That 6.3% unemployment he inherited was less than half the 14.7% rate in April 2020. Donald Trump gave us hope. Biden gives Red China hope.

ITEM 3: Kevin McCarthy's roommate, Frank Luntz, said, "This could cost the Republicans the majority in the House in 2022.

"What Donald Trump is saying is actually telling people it's not worth it to vote. Donald Trump single-handedly may cause people not to vote. And he may be the greatest tool in the Democrats' arsenal to keep control of the House and Senate in 2022."

No sitting president campaigned harder for Republican candidates than Donald Trump. Thanks to him, Republicans surprisingly came very close to taking back the House.

Has Luntz ever gotten anyone elected?

ITEM 4: CNBC reported, "Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the health expert who was among the first to sound alarms about the threat posed to the U.S. by the coronavirus, is resigning from her role at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency’s director confirmed Friday."

Her warning saved about 100,000 lives as President Trump restricted travel to Red China before anyone died.

She made the mistake of telling the public the truth. 

That's a career ender in government.

ITEM 5: French President Emmanuel Macron blasted Biden's stupid call to end the patents on covid vaccines.

Macron told reporters, "“What’s the issue right now? It’s not really about intellectual property; you can give it to a lab that won't know how to produce it — the first issue is giving doses."

Communism gave us covid

Capitalism gave us the vaccine.

Biden wants to punish capitalism.

ITEM 6: Politico tweeted, "This week it was all about the Republicans. On Playback, Tara Palmeri and Meridith McGraw  break down the worsening feud between Rep. Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy and Caitlyn Jenner's first sit-down interview since announcing her run for California governor."

And that is the poison Cheney unleashed.

She wrote a Washington Post column that did not attack Biden's pathetic and failing policies. No, she attacked Republicans.

They should have dumped her in February. She is toxic, bitter, and entitled. She has made herself a gift to Democrats. If Frank Luntz had a daddy who was vice president, Luntz would be Liz.

ITEM 7: Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist tweeted, "While true that NeverTrump can't quit Trump, their problem is that he *did* bring unity to GOP (and expanded it by 11M votes), in part by choosing to make peace instead of their ceaseless wars, and crafting an econ policy focused on American workers instead of global corps.

"What's more far and away the largest source of division in the party has not been Trump but the NeverTrumpers who refused to accept the legitimacy and significance of his election, spending five years trying to throw him out of office and undermine his electorally winning agenda.

"Yes, Trump is divisive and polarizing with broader electorate, but not within GOP. That's why polls showed such overwhelming support for him in GOP. And why folks were so frustrated at the Never Trump sabotaging the agenda constantly instead of supporting."

That's an excellent observation.

Why is she giving such content away free to Twitter? It sells ads based on people reading her tweets.

Write the post, then tweet a link to it. Use Twitter. Don't let Twitter use you.

ITEM 8: Fox reported, "CNN’s struggling media program Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter hit another low on Sunday with its smallest audience of 2021 as the liberal program has now failed to crack the one-million viewer plateau for five consecutive weeks.  

"Stelter’s program averaged only 810,000 total viewers and a dismal 163,000 among the key demographic of adults age 25-54 on May 2, for its worst performance of the year in both categories."

Helter Stelter is safe. He works cheap and does whatever Jeff Zucker wants him to do. Stelter not only looks like a potato but he acts like one too.

ITEM 9: Neil Bradley of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said, "We need a comprehensive approach to dealing with our workforce issues and the very real threat unfilled positions pose to our economic recovery from the pandemic."

The pro-Red China, anti-MAGA chamber wants a handout.

Here's an idea: raise wages.

ITEM 10: Americans for Tax Reform reported, "Oops. Every House Democrat Endorsed By U.S. Chamber Voted for Job-Killing Biden Bucks."

ATR reported on a chamber press release that complained because 37% of the unemployed now receive more in unemployment compensation than they did when working.

The story said, "The unfortunate part for the U.S. Chamber is that every single House Democrat the trade association endorsed in the 2020 election cycle voted to extend the 300-per-week Biden Bucks."

That's not an oops.

That was the plan.

The chamber says one thing, does the other. The people who run the chamber are sneaky and deceitful, but they are nobody's fool.

ITEM 11: The Washington Examiner reported, "God didn’t deliver for President Joe Biden, who recently begged The Lord to help him erase the congressionally approved immunity that gun-makers have from lawsuits.

"In a little-noticed decision with a major impact on the firearms industry, a federal judge in Arizona has ruled in favor of pistol manufacturer Glock and dismissed a suit brought by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on behalf of a man who was accidentally shot and paralyzed.

"U.S. District Court Judge Susan Brnovich upheld liability immunity granted in the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed in 2005 to block gun-makers from a potential wave of industry-killing lawsuits.

"Brnovich, nominated by former President Donald Trump and the wife of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, dismissed multiple claims in the suit that the act’s protections were illegal, writing, 'The statute is constitutional.'

"While she made her decision in mid-March, it is just now winning attention as Biden and top congressional Democrats begin a campaign to impose new gun control restrictions and end liability immunity for gun-makers."

Without that immunity, there would be no guns, which is the evil intent of Biden and his Democrats.

ITEM 12Via Twitter, CNN's Christine Romans reported, "If you haven’t felt it yet, it’s coming. You can expect higher prices for toilet paper, diapers, soft drinks, plane tickets, a tank full of gas. Whirlpool is raising prices of some of its appliances by up to 12%."

I lived through the 1970s. The poor and the elderly will be hardest hit.

ITEM 13: Life Site News reported, "AOC Praises Planned Parenthood’s Prenatal Care, But 95% of Its Abortion Clinics Don’t Even Offer It."

Most of the plan for Planned Parenthood is not to become a parent.

ITEM 14: CNN reported, "The 23-month-old girl who fell out of a car and into a bay Sunday after a multi-vehicle crash on a bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, is expected to make a full recovery thanks to a humble hero who jumped into the water to save the child, authorities said Monday.

"Eight people were taken to hospitals Sunday after the crash on the Route 90 bridge left a car dangling off the guardrail, authorities said. All eight were discharged from hospitals and are doing well, Ryan Whittington, firefighter and medic at Ocean City Fire Department, told CNN on Monday.

"Whittington said the man who saved the toddler is choosing to remain unnamed publicly. The fire department is calling him the humble hero for his rescue.

"The man was driving on the bridge, and his car was also involved in the crash, Whittington said. The drivers were pointing down to the Assawoman Bay, where he saw the girl lying in the water, face down."

God bless the man.

Notice how we connect any doers of good deeds to the Samaritans because of one act thousands of years ago.

ITEM 15: Via Glenn Reynolds.

Didn't all the Lincoln Project schmucks once work for Fox?


  1. Item 7 - Mollie is the best! 👍👍👍

  2. Yeah, I remember when Chic’s “Good Times” came out, Big D. Inflation, unemployment, interest rates all skyrocketing and they’re singing about clams on the half shell. DAMN it’s great to be a LibCommie, ain’t it?

  3. Item 1: Rush Limbaugh Day! As a born and raised Missourian, I say OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-RAH!!!!!

    Item 3: There's a saying for this: It's "whistling in the dark of night".

    Item 7: The Never-Trumpers (and National Review, but I repeat myself) DELENDA EST!

    Item 8: CNN Delenda Est! (Same goes for the NYT and the WaPoo.)

    Item 14: "Notice how we connect any doers of good deeds to the Samaritans because of one act thousands of years ago." Yeah, I read about it in the Bible. It was a GOOD book.

    Item 15: Mr. Lincoln must be turning 2000 rpm in his tomb.

    1. It's far too hot where Mr. Lincoln is to worry about his tomb.

      All he had to do was buy back all the slaves. He chose an invasion instead. It's what sociopaths do.

      And Lincoln stole from Wycliffe the now infamous phrase: of the people, by the people, and for the people.

      It was first written by John Wycliffe in the first english translation of the Bible in 1384.

      Lincoln stole it without attribution. He did that quite a bit. Neo-cons still adore their idol Lincoln mostly from historical ignorance.

    2. Lincoln is in hell. 🤣🤣🤣 Judge not, lest ye be judged, LibCommie.

    3. Spoken just like a libcommie! You are projecting your biblical ignorance in spades.

      Joh 7:24 Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment.

      So now who's the libcommie you idiot?

    4. Invasions are based upon who shot first. Lincoln didn't do that. Pretty sure the South fired the first bullet.

  4. Here's an idea: raise wages.

    The Biden* Candy will stop in September. Why raise wages when the Candy is going away soon?

    The REAL problem is 'too many bars and restaurants.' They were over-built going into the Great Captivity and are even more over-built today.

    Not all businesses MUST survive, ya'know.

  5. Capitalism gave us the vaccine.

    It's not a vaccine. It's experimental medicine. Any drug issued under the emergency authorization order is by definition not a vaccine but a trial medicine only.

    FDA has yet to officially approve these medicines. There were no animal trials either. Calling all this a miracle is ludicrous and simply rushing to find ways to praise your party leader. Nothing new here.

    God deliver us from such ignorance! Fools rush in where angels fear to be. Not me. I'll let y'all be the guinea pigs.

    1. Plus Trump gave the drug cartel immunity from legal action if this trial medicine kills you.

      Proving Trump is little different from any other president. But in this age a little is a lot.

    2. And genuine capitalism, which is the natural outgrowth of genuine Christian culture, never abides patent law.

      It's unbiblical. God doesn't like it when we patent ideas and grant huge subsidies to corporate cartels.

      If anyone really cares, which I seriously doubt, then read the book Rockefeller Medicine Men to read about the origins of our monopoly medical cartel.

      Hint: it's progressive to the core.

    3. Tucker has reported that there are more covid "vaccine" deaths in the last 4 months than all the vaccine deaths combined for the last 15 years.

      Some miracle huh.

    4. You wouldn't know "genuine Christian culture" if somebody hit you with it.

      You're an atheist, remember? And we all know who you are.

  6. Here's an idea: raise wages.

    Seriously? That's as far from conservatism as you get. It's neo-con. Congress has no constitutional right to interfere with the labor market.

    Of course it does regularly. Liberals and neo-cons demand it.

    1. Please quote the line where Don is telling Congress to raise wages. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

      In the meantime, I’ll report that this is exactly what I said to a restaurant owner who complained that they couldn’t find anyone to work. “If you want to survive, raise wages and raise prices. Otherwise, you’ll have no customers.” P.S. I’m not Congress mandating higher wages, either.

    2. Please quote the line where he is not telling Congress. See anyone can play your game.

      Surber can elaborate if he wants. He won't of course. He's a statist at heart.

    3. No, that's you.

      Like the coward you are, you hide behind labels.

      Just not very well.

    4. Anonymous, you’re being an imbecile (I’m not sure if you are an imbecile, but so far the indications are strong you are a massive imbecile).

      Don wrote very clearly that if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the global corporations it represents are having difficulty finding people to do the work they want to have done, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its members should increase what they pay to those who do the work: “raise wages.”

      This is straightforward supply and demand. When the demand for labor is greater than the available supply, prices (wages) go up for the labor.

      You’re a flaming moron for including this line in your comment “Please quote the line where he [Don] is not telling Congress.”

      Don is not writing his column for sh-t talkers like you, so he doesn’t have to write nonsense like “…raise wages (please note all you morons like “Anonymous”, I’m not telling Congress to raise wages, only the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its members)” you ignorant a-hole.

    5. Gosh it's so easy to trigger you neo-cons! Just as easy to trigger the liberals because there is such little difference between them.

  7. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    3 - As I mentioned a few days ago, Luntz is a wuss and always advises the GOP to be wussy - such as insisting that no, no, no, you can't talk about what a disaster "public" education is because it will be interpreted as attacking teachers. And you can't talk about election integrity because that will be interpreted as telling people not to bother to vote. And so on. In his view, the GOP should just be wallpaper paste while the world falls apart. PDJT proved the old volleyball saying - "When you swing hard, good things happen." More of THAT, please.

    5 - So once again we're being outbutched by the French. Meanwhile, the loudmouths who have never invented anything demand, ex post facto, the "right" to take away the property rights of others. What they are proposing is blatantly unconstitutional, since it represents a taking of property without compensation. (There are litigations in progress regarding patent takebacks that are making this argument, watch how THAT unfolds...)

    1. Unless I'm mistaken, patent protection is mentioned in the Constitution. Without patent protection, why would a little guy in his garage create things that hugely benefit society? Anyway, patent protection is getting more difficult. They force disclosure way before protection is granted. Finally, about the only benefit patent protection provides is the right to sue. If the invention really is a game changer, can you imagine who the patent holder will opposing in court? A good trademark is fallback protection, but it requires market momentum. It's a tough row to hoe for inventors. Lucky for us, there are those out there who are still in hot pursuit of the brass ring.

      Regarding Anonymous... blah, blah, blah.

    2. I am so glad Luntz is being exposed and stripped of his power in Republican circles.

    3. Master of Lard, you are correct with exposure of the garbage that impregnates the soft political mainstays. Every One of these Pieces Of Shit Should be Exposed! Treasonous is what they are. Hopefully, Hell has a "Smokin" place for all to gather!!! Sorry, feeling hate right now... good time to shower 🚿.

  8. Pfizer/Moderna are new technologies, and, yes, they are vaccines. They stimulate production of antibodies to the virus. Hence, they reduce it in the body and can be called medicines. Jesus never spoke about corporations. It is up to us to realize that patent law allows the businesses to exist.

    1. No, sweetie, its gene therapy.

      That's why so many medical professionals won't have anything to do with it.

    2. They are vaccines because they induce an antibody reaction that attacks the virus particles. As for the genome being affected...I'll wait until the jury is in thank you very much.

    3. None of the three vaccines are fully approved by the FDA. Each one has received emergency authorization for use during the global pandemic. Maybe this is why so many medical professionals are opting out for now. As professionals, they want to see the trial results. And, what a trial it is! They have a statistical sample of literally millions of test subjects. All that's necessary is honest reporting of the results (fat chance). Didn't the WHO change their definition of "pandemic" to get this ball rolling? And, in what previous actual pandemic were healthy people forced into quarantine?

    4. 800: good point, what a trial! I'm looking forward to the books that are written. And, back to the genome idea...don't forget (edu) there could be good results rather than bad. For example, maybe it will reverse my male pattern baldness.

    5. Most unintended consequences are bad, but maybe some will be good. We used to joke about the nine-eyed carp that lived in the river by the nuclear power plant. Seemed like a bad consequence, but maybe he could see better. And, maybe, Dermot's wish will come true (LOL). This trial is similar to Microsoft releasing a beta version of a Windows upgrade. Apparently, their reasoning was to let the public find all the bugs for free. Wait a minute! Isn't Bill Gates involved in this virus crap up to his neck? I thought I something smelled funny.

  9. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: The lying dogfaced pony soldier said, "It shows we are on the right track".

    5: Nice to see the Frawgs stand up. Even if it is against FICUS (Fraud In Chief of the US).

    10: Why you don't trust the CoC.

    11: The lying dogfaced pony soldier never mentioned God in his message on National Day of Prayer.

    It also shows that being a cafeteria Catholic and an unrepentant sinner always comes back to bite you.

    12: Commodity prices are up 3.5% already. Even Bucketmouth wasn't this bad so fast.

    14: God bless the man.

    Man is the operative word here (no, I'm not minimizing the Airborne Ranger in the Sky). I can't quite figure out who named Assawoman Bay, but I can guess why.

  10. ITEM 7: “Why is she [Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist] giving such content away free to Twitter? It sells ads based on people reading her tweets.

    Write the post, then tweet a link to it. Use Twitter. Don't let Twitter use you.”

    This is an excellent observation and comment Don! I noted several months ago all (or just about all, I did not see an exception) of the authors on The Federalist’s website dutifully included their Twitter handle on their bio line.

    By this point, The Federalist had eliminated their “comments” capability because they were threatened with “deplatforming” by the Big Tech Oligarchs for failing to moderate their site’s comments. The editors of The Federalist dutifully folded like the cucks they are and shut down their comments capability.

    So I sent The Federalist’s editors a direct comment saying they are making virtually signaling fools of themselves by including their Twitter handles - signaling their desire to play in the sandbox with their Liberal Progressive friends and comply with Jack Dorsey’s diktats.

    Nothing has changed.

    Don’t forget, the big talking schmo Fox News has recently promoted - Ben Domenech - the co-founder and publisher of The Federalist - is the spouse of Meghan McCain and the son-in-law of Cindy McCain and the late Senator John McCain (a RINO Royal Family).

    There’s no question Cindy and Meghan wear the pants, and tough talking Ben wears short skirts behind his phony Fox News desk.

  11. #13:

    Christine Yeargin @christineyeargs
    Hi @AOC , I called Planned Parenthood to schedule a prenatal appointment and interestingly enough, they said they don’t offer them. Watch to see what they said.

  12. It looks like my Biden Cash arrives in the mail today. Never received the $600, but I will have a tax refund now.

    P.S. If Trump's signature is on the check, I won't cash it. LOL.

    1. Trump's signature was not on the Economic Impact Payment.

  13. 3. Frank Lantz helped to get Xiden "elected"

  14. Item #12 Looking for a first house for myself, wife and 3 year old son in upstate SC. A**hole Carter was president and banks wanted 23%/year interest for house loan. Economy was in sh*tter, Had to go to next county where house prices were lower. And I was an MD specialist USAR officer but cut no ice with banks. Ended up assuming a loan on a house that needed fixing up. Still had to borrow some from inlaws. Did well enough to accelerate payments on 30 year loan to twice monthly and paid it down 1/2 over 4 years. Thank God Ronald Reagan was president and improved the economy and brought down interest rates. Next house was what we wanted in county with my practice close, good schools, etc. and still there 37 years later. Three grown children. God Bless Ronald Reagan. And for my children, God Bless Donald Trump.

    1. love it, Doc. The genius of the individual citizen.

  15. When the American President is being in schooled in showing conservative backbone by the French President, ain’t we got fun?

  16. When the American President is being in schooled in showing conservative backbone by the French President, ain’t we got fun?

  17. We know that Don don’t smoke, so he didn’t bum no cigarette and ask Mollie for a light, but can’t help but think that that advice cost her a taste of her whiskey.

  18. Item 1 - WC was the last main stream journalist. I would vote for WC day in a heartbeat so every January 13th, I could remind the mindless wonders that call themselves journalists what a real journalist is/was. Rush is a hall of fame journalist right there with the likes of Andrew Breitebart and WF Buckley. It begs the question of who's next?

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