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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Highlights of the News

Matt Drudge is upset because Biden might order the military to get covid vaccinations. Too bad. I had to get a swine flu shot 44 years ago.

Uncle Sam's body, Uncle Sam's choice.

ITEM 1: CNBC reported, "The Biden administration will restrict travel from India as that country grapples with a gigantic surge in coronavirus cases, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.

"The policy will take effect Tuesday, May 4, Psaki said in a statement. The administration made the decision on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, she said.

"While Covid infections and deaths have been on the decline in the U.S. as millions of Americans get vaccinated each day, India is in the grip of an unprecedented spike in cases.

"India reported record daily death tolls from Covid on Wednesday and Thursday. The country is averaging about 3,050 Covid deaths per day, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, though media reports indicate the official figure is being understated."

A year ago, Biden said such travel bans were ineffective.

I don't know. 

12,500 miles seems to be pretty good social distancing.

ITEM 2Fortune reported, "The country is in the midst of a growing chlorine shortage. And that’s causing some pool supply stores to limit the amounts people can buy.

"That could be a problem, since a lot of people added pools to their homes during the pandemic in lieu of a summer vacation. And a major chemical plant fire in Louisiana last August has created supply issues, as an estimated 800 tons of pool chlorine were lost.

"That’s going to make it more expensive to keep pools clean. IHS Markit predicts chlorine prices could jump 70% this summer, after already doubling in some areas in the months following the fire at BioLab. The real effects of that fire haven’t been felt, as it took place right before Labor Day, when many pools close for the summer."

Pool's out for summer!

ITEM 3: John Nolte wrote, "Tim Scott, a black United States Senator who in 2016 won 61% of the vote in the conservative state of South Carolina, who earned more raw votes and won by a wider margin than Donald Trump, has done more in just a few days to drag the racism of the Democrat party out into the sunlight than the feckless Republican party ever has.

"On Wednesday night, during his brilliant rebuttal to His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s congressional address, and through the simple act of stating a truth, Scott smoked these racist monsters out and proved once again that racism is still very much a part of the Democrat party’s DNA, a DNA that stretches back to their creation of the Jim Crow South and their willingness to go to war to stop a Republican president from taking away their slaves.

" 'Hear me clearly,' Scott said. 'America is not a racist country.'

"With those nine words, Scott undermined everything that motivates today’s organized left, and to prove Scott wrong, to prove America is indeed a racist country, Democrats hurled the worst kind of racism directly at Scott.

"Instead of addressing the substance of his argument, Democrats took direct aim at his skin color. For hours, 'Uncle Tim' — a play on the slur 'Uncle Tom' — was allowed to trend on Twitter, and the only reason it trended at all was Democrats, including countless members of the Blue Checkmark Mafia, who ensured it trended.

"Cable news anchors smeared him for throwing 'white Republicans' a lifeline, which is just a dog whistle screaming 'Uncle Tom.' "

Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar were among the Fake Comedians who attacked Scott.

Both have appeared in blackface.

Senator Scott poses an existential threat to their Throne of Lies.

ITEM 4: The Daily Mail reported, "A Texas rancher's TV interview about the crisis on the border was interrupted when federal agents stormed his property chasing migrants as he said he was 'under siege' amid the crisis. 

"John Sewell was speaking live from his property to Fox News about the border crisis, saying he had already caught three migrants at his ranch that day before breakfast.

"Dana Perino was attempting to read a statement issued by Sen. Mark Kelly about President Joe Biden's speech on Wednesday but dogs were heard loudly barking in the background."

Democrats created this crisis so they could surrender the country to the invaders.

Sadly, Dubya sides with the Enemy From Within.

ITEM 5: Finally the truth about Italian cooking.

I thought they only torched places for the insurance money.

ITEM 6: William A. Jacobson reported, "You know who is the most racisty racisty racist in America right now according to Democrats? That would be one Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who just drove a stake through the heart of Democrat dreams to make the District of Columbia a State.

"Making D.C. a state would be unconstitutional, even with an attempt to carve D.C. into pieces and make one piece a state. So unconstitutional even John Roberts might switch sides and join the conservatives on the high court. But nonetheless, Democrats wanted to go there, perhaps hoping more threats from Chuck Schumer and Sheldon Whitehouse to go all insurrectionist against SCOTUS would work.

"But in order for it even to be in play legislatively, Democrats would need to bust the filibuster AND get all Democrat Senators plus the Vice President to vote for it. Joe Manchin has said he’s not busting the legislative filibuster, and today he said he’s also not voting to make D.C. a state, arguing that a constitutional amendment would be needed for that."

I hate to say Joe's right, but Joe's right.

ITEM 7: Financial Times reported, "Duke and Vanderbilt universities, two of the most prestigious seats of learning in the US, are among the biggest shareholders of a company that owns a single sandwich shop in New Jersey and has a stock market valuation of $100 million despite recording just $13,976 in sales last year.

"The delicatessen in Paulsboro, a dusty refinery town abutting the Delaware river near Philadelphia, has attained notoriety on Wall Street after its parent company Hometown International was named by hedge fund manager David Einhorn as an example of the quasi-anarchy that he said had taken hold in financial markets."

No, this is an example of well-connected managers turning college endowments into hedge funds with a university attached.

Investigate and prosecute because someone is making millions through a Bernie Madoff scheme.

By the way, the next Republican president must order colleges to start spending down their endowment funds. No other charity gets away with keeping $40 billion in the bank.

ITEM 8: The New York Times reported, "The Museum of Modern Art blocked protesters from entering the museum Friday afternoon at the conclusion of a march designed to focus attention on what the demonstrators say is the undue influence of wealthy patrons on the cultural institution’s values and programming."

Good for the museum. 

And of course wealthy donors get to call the shots -- not 40 "activists" who contribute nothing to society but a lot of unpleasant noise.

ITEM 9: Venture Beat reported, "Intel wants 8 billion euros ($9.7 billion) in public subsidies towards building a semiconductor factory in Europe, its CEO was cited as saying on Friday, as the region seeks to reduce its reliance on imports amid a shortage of supplies.

"The pitch is the first time Pat Gelsinger has publicly put a figure on how much state aid he would want, as Intel pursues a multibillion-dollar drive to take on Asian rivals in contract manufacturing."

Ah the irony. Europe regulated and taxed their homegrown businesses to the point where they have to pay $10 billion to an American company to open a factory there.

ITEM 10: KMJ reported, "This year’s Kentucky Derby will be run Saturday, with the state song being played before the horse race despite calls to end the musical tradition.

" 'My Old Kentucky Home,' written by Stephen Foster, traditionally has been performed pre-race by the University of Louisville’s marching band."

Foster read the anti-slavery novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in 1852. He became an abolitionist, as millions of Americans did. It was a very powerful book. His song was sympathetic to the slaves -- darkies, as he called them -- who were leaving everything they knew to cross the Ohio to escape slavery.

Liberals detest the song not because its original lyrics use the word darkies, but because it is a reminder that the American people rose up against slavery, formed the Republican Party, and fought a civil war that ended slavery for good.

Kentucky was a northern state in that conflict.

ITEM 11: The Arizona Republic reported, "An Arizona Republic reporter was escorted from the Arizona election audit site on Friday morning after posting a photo showing a former Republican legislator at a ballot-counting table.

"The photo showed a ballot, with no markings discernible, on a vertical stand in front of former state Rep. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale.

"The reporter, Ryan Randazzo, was told his press privileges were revoked. He left the building as requested." 


Try activist.

The newspaper opposes the audit and now is obviously trying to sabotage it.

ITEM 12: The State Department announced, "Ambassador Daniel Smith, the Director of the Foreign Service Institute who recently served as acting Secretary of State and Acting Deputy Secretary of State, will be departing for New Delhi to serve as Chargé d’Affaires, ad interim. Ambassador Smith carries the highest Foreign Service rank of Career Ambassador."



He must have pissed off someone important to get sent to Covidlandia.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, "Texas Republican congressional candidate Susan Wright is seeking help from federal law enforcement the day before her special election, after supporters reported receiving robocalls that accused her of being responsible for the death of her late husband.

"Wright’s campaign reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice on Friday after discovering robocalls baselessly alleging that she had 'murdered' her husband, the late GOP Rep. Ron Wright. Wright is running in the special election to succeed Wright, who passed away in February after being diagnosed with coronavirus."

Let's slap the 24 Hour Rule on this one.

The special election is today.

ITEM 14: NBC reported, "Florida is on track to be the first state in the nation to punish social media companies that ban politicians like former President Donald Trump under a bill approved Thursday by the state's Republican-led Legislature.

"Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican and close Trump ally who called for the bill’s passage, is expected to sign the legislation into law, but the proposal appears destined to be challenged in court after a tech industry trade group called it a violation of the First Amendment speech rights of corporations."


Oh the tech companies have a lot of brass trying to hide behind the First Amendment -- an amendment they defecate upon daily.

ITEM 15: HuffPost reported, "President Joe Biden has spent his first 100 days pushing massive spending bills, proposing higher taxes and enacting progressive policies. But unlike his Democratic predecessor, President Barack Obama, a mass movement in opposition hasn’t materialized yet.

"At this point in his presidency, Obama faced the Tea Party revolt. On April 15, 2009 ― Tax Day ― thousands of protesters took to the streets in cities across the U.S. to demonstrate against high taxes and increased government spending following the Great Recession. In Washington, D.C., a crowd even forced a temporary shutdown of the White House after they hurled tea bags onto the executive mansion’s lawn. 

"Republicans insist the same type of backlash is coming for Biden if he continues down the path he’s on. But the party, still reeling from years of Donald Trump and a Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, faces a problem: some of Biden’s policies are very popular."

Some of his policies are popular?

Well if he really got 80 million votes, all his policies would be popular.

The reason no Tea Party has emerged is Republicans ignored the last one. The Tea Party gave Republicans the House and a decade later Republicans still had not repealed Obamacare. They never did.

We got the message.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairwoman, and a top lieutenant of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), announced Friday she will not be seeking reelection.

"Bustos said 'following a decade of service,' she 'will not seek reelection after completing this term.'

"This is a major blow for Pelosi and House Democrats with their already slim majority crumbling. Bustos is the latest Democrat to announce she will not run for reelection.

"Former President Donald Trump previously won Bustos’ district in both of his elections in 2016 and 2020. The retiring Congresswoman was able to hold her seat. Illinois lost a congressional seat after the Census, and the Democrat supermajority controls redistricting for the 2022 election."

It will be nice when Nancy hands that gavel to Kevin McCarthy in January 2023.

ITEM 17: United Press International reported, "Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on U.S. soil that appear similar to mysterious 'sonic attacks' that caused debilitating symptoms in dozens of U.S. diplomats in Cuba.

"Defense officials briefed lawmakers on the House and Senate armed services committee about the investigation into the incidents, including one near the White House last year, CNN and NBC News reported.

"A National Security Council official was sickened in an incident near the Ellipse, a lawn on the south side of the White House in November and a White House official reported a similar attack while walking her dog in a Virginia suburb near Washington, D.C., in 2019."

If the government cannot protect its own employees, how can it protect you?

And if it cannot protect you, why are we spending $700 billion a year on defense?

FINALLY, The Blaze reported, "An Alaska couple says the FBI raided their home with guns drawn at them this week in the search for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) laptop, which is apparently still missing after it was reported stolen following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"According to the couple, Paul and Marilyn Hueper, the feds left after hours of interrogation, in what the Huepers say is a case of mistaken identity."

This is the same FBI that had Hunter's laptop and sat on it for a year without bothering to prosecute him.

Break up the FBI. Level the J. Edgar Hoover Building. Pass a constitutional amendment banning Congress from authorizing another one.


  1. My first mando flu shot on my first ship made me very sick so the follow on shots I avoided. You entered sick bay, got your shot and then saw the Corpsman on your way out the other side. I just skipped the shot, hung out for a couple of minutes then snuck into the line and got my name crossed off.

  2. “When they kick out your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun?”

    Strummer and the boys. The Clash. The Guns of Brixton. The song hasn’t changed, folks.

  3. Whatever happened in the case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's stolen laptops?

  4. A lot of medical and vaccination experts completely questioning these vaccines and what they may do to our bodies...

    1. Pro tip: When posting a URL, you can delete the question mark and everything following it. The “utm” references are just to give the referrer credit for the link. It has nothing to do with accessing the Web site.

    2. Thank you Randy! I had no idea. This is very helpful information.

    3. If you go to tinyurl you can shrink the big link to a much smaller one. Very convenient

    4. The caveat for mandatory Vaxing of our military is it won't happen until the Vax is approved by the FDA. As of now the Vax has "emergency use authorization" only. That should be a warning to anyone getting it.

  5. 5 - the mob may work on New York, but many live in NJ. Pizza is not to be messed with.

    8 - if hot for wealthy patrons, many museums, operas and ballets wouldn’t exist.

    13 - good luck to a Republican asking the fbi for help. See FINALLY.

  6. "That could be a problem, since a lot of people added pools to their homes during the pandemic in lieu of a summer vacation"

    Where are these people used to vacationing if building a $40k pool is a trade off for a missed vacation?!?! I must be doing something really wrong here!

    1. Debt service on a home improvement loan. Having a pool is like owning a boat. The day you finally get rid of it is a happy one.

    2. Save money, dig a hole, put one of those blue tarps in, "Flex Seal (tm)" it, fill with water. THere. save $39,960.00. Now,spend that on the overpriced chlorine to keep the water clean.

  7. Item # 15 "The reason no Tea Party has emerged is Republicans ignored the last one. The Tea Party gave Republicans the House and a decade later Republicans still had not repealed Obamacare. They never did.

    "We got the message."

    And the message is, never, ever trust a Republican.

    1. "never, ever trust a Republican". I say no to that. Too many who trust them never check the record of them and then kick them out in the primary if the are sayers not doers. But sometimes it is the staff that is the problem and they join the person you helped elect. So if yu gp against a Republican, ask the challenger if he will bring in some new staffers to break the misinformation chain. Trump had this happened to him too, where his staff was not loyal to is base. I was/am a county TEA Party director and also have problems with the GOP. Dan Bongino says often the Dems cause all your problems, but the GOP is not always the solution to your problems. The 10 who voted to impeach Trump are a prime example.

  8. Item #16 "It will be nice when Nancy hands that gavel to Kevin McCarthy in January 2023."

    Can we really trust a Republican House? No, we can not. Conservatives continue hoping, "Maybe it'll be different this time." How's that been working for us?

    1. Maybe just maybe the Republicans have finally learned the lesson that to go along to get along was always a ruse.

    2. Ryan was a disaster. The Speaker determines the order of business, so we shall see if a GOP congress is the same as the previous one. If so, time to go to DC like we once did with close to a million of us, peacefully but aggressively. No more Mr. Nice guy! We trusted the GOP to be true to their word and too few were. I see my Rep face to face and let him know what I want done and he knows I do have some influence with the number of people that are his base.

    3. Buzz: “Maybe just maybe the Republicans have finally learned the lesson that to go along to get along was always a ruse.” Where have we seen the evidence of that? Rs voting with Ds to override Trump’s veto? Rs voting with Ds to impeach Trump? Rs voting with Ds to approve Biden’s disastrous cabinet picks? Where is the evidence Rs (other than Cruz, DeSantis, Harley, and a handful of others) have grown a spine, balls, or even chest hair?

    4. Buzz, Here's the old, tried-and-true, DC game Republicans play. They make a bold statement against some boogie man - lately it's Big Tech. The fist benefit is it fires up their (betrayed) base and boosts contributions. But, the real payoff is the bribe they take from their target to back off. This is just one of the reasons why Republicans love being the "opposition" party. Starting a third party will divide the vote so we're stuck with the uphill battle of finding honest conservatives to run under the Republican label. To succeed, they must be able to defend against the inevitable bribery attempts and blackmail. It's a very tough situation. The only practical solution I see is a 10th Amendment defense against all things from DC at the state level. But, the country doesn't seem to have hit rock bottom yet.

    5. Randy, you're 100% correct but there isn't enough profit in growing a spine. The incentive just isn't there. I don't think Trump running around the country campaigning for what appear to be honest Republican candidates is enough. On huge issues, where the stakes are very high, Republicans can not be counted on not to flip. DC runs on threats, bribes and blackmail. That's why I like bypassing DC with strong governors, if we can find any. DeSantis is off to a good start. Abbott has been a huge disappointment. He talks big, but so what.

    6. BWS= Battered Wife Syndrome

    7. The next GOP Speaker better be in the mold of a Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes etc. from the House Freedom Caucus. Giving the gavel to Kevin "Ryan-Boehner-Romney-Hastert" McCarthy would be insanity!

  9. Item #14 If these companies can ban a political candidate under the guise of the First Amendment, then they are responsible for all their content. That would be the good, the bad and the ugly. Under those terms, they might want to rethink their position.

  10. Prologue: “I had to get a swine flu shot 44 years ago. Uncle Sam's body, Uncle Sam's choice.” The difference is that the swine flu shot was not an experimental vaccine, released under an emergency-use authorization, by a company that was given a blanket exemption from all liability for unintended side-effects.

    Your “Uncle Sam's body, Uncle Sam's choice” reasoning is like saying it was okay to inject Tuskegee blacks with syphilis. After all, they freely enrolled in the study conducted by the US Public Health Service — just like people who freely enrolled in US military service — so their body “belonged” to Uncle Sam. Experimental vaccine = experimental syphilis study; both are okay as long as it’s Uncle Sam doing it?

    Item 1: Where are the bleeding heart immigration activists filing lawsuits against Biden for his Hindu ban? Banning folks from India is xenophobia, don’cha know.

    Item 10: Stephen Foster also wrote Florida’s official state song, “Old Folks at Home,” better known as “Suwannee River.” It was also a minstrel song written in Negro dialect, and also included “darkies.” The lyrics were revised in 2008. Here’s the original and the revised version (note also the change in spelling of the river):

    Item 16: Bustos beat the voters to it. She announced her retirement before the 2022 voters did.

  11. "att Drudge is upset because Biden might order the military to get covid vaccinations. Too bad. I had to get a swine flu shot 44 years ago.

    Uncle Sam's body, Uncle Sam's choice." As we said, when I was in the USAF, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it."
    Item 1: " [Search domain]
    The current population of India is 1,390,790,274 as of Monday, April 19, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data."

    Item 3: The Dems are...RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST? Why, I'd NEVER have thought that!! (SARC, off)

    Item 5: Never having had a New Yawk or a Joisey pizza, I got no dog in this fight, (and, I trust, no dog in my pizza.)


    Item 11: The Arizona Republic should change it's name to the "Arizona Democrat".

    Item 13: Democrats are Dastards.

    Item 15: As I keep saying, the GOP is the "GO ALONG to GET ALONG with the DEMS" Party.

    1. That'd be "JERzee" if you tawk'd to a native frum dare (Only Hudson County tawkz dat way)/JERzee
      ak-scent awf.

  12. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    3 - Apparently, black Americans were a solid GOP constituency from Reconstruction into the 1920s... and when they started to drift over to the other party, many black preachers preached hellfire and brimstone against anyone who would abandon the Party of Lincoln who freed them - with little effect. Today, the donks are preaching hellfire and brimstone because they see their most-reliable constituency drifting away (the numbers back that).

    8 - This is why I detest the term "stakeholders"...

    9 - Much irony here. Intel isn't what it once was - it has screwed up royally (probably too much marketing and too much office politics and not enough engineering), and is now looking for subsidies to bail out its incompetence - and of course the king of subsidizing entrenched incompetence is "Europe"...

    10 - Kentucky was a slave state that stayed in the Union; as Lincoln once said, "God may be on our side, but I gotta have Kentucky." But it was badly divided. If you visit the Chickamauga Battlefield Park in NW Georgia (I have twice), one of the more-striking things about the regimental monuments is the number of Kentucky regiments involved - on both sides. (Lincoln's brigadier-general brother-in-law was killed in that battle - fighting in the Confederate army.)

    15 - Everything the left does is "organized from the top" so they assume that's how everyone works. Not us, not this time. And it's going to be coming in a boil from the grassroots small scale - like these folks in Vail, Arizona:

    "Hundreds of parents showed up to the Vail School Board meeting to demand the board make masks optional. The board didn’t want to hear it so they walked out of the meeting before it even began. So the parents, under Robert’s Rules of Order, voted in a new school board. Then, the new members voted to end the mask requirement in Vail Schools."

    That's how we do it. That's how we get our country back from the illegitimate junta holed up in dc...

    1. 15: God helps those who help themselves.

      An effective rebuttal.

  13. When Trump banned travel from China he was racist.

    Biden bans travel from India and is not racist.

    1. When Xiden said you can’t go into a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts without an Indian accent, he was not racist or bigoted. He’s a democrat. He can’t be.

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Which only shows the lying dogfaced pony soldier can't keep his lies straight.

    3: Any black American is an existential threat to their Throne of Lies.

    4: But we were a lot safer with Dubya on 9/11 than Albert Gore.

    10: The American people did not rise up against slavery. Abraham Lincoln instigated a punitive war on Southerners for exercising their Constitutional rights (during which he trashed the Constitution repeatedly).

    KY was, like MO, a bushwhacker war.

    Kentucky was a northern state in that conflict.

    No, it was, and is still considered, a border state.

    13: No, we didn't, but we're restricted because of the Beshear Bronchitis farce.

    Fear not, however, MAGA rallies will soon be restarted.

    1. I know we get to cross swords on this. But the south instigated the war, firing first. Of this there is no doubt. Sorry about that.

  15. #1 When Trump banned travel from China he was a racist. Now Biden bans travel from Indian and nothing but crickets.

    #15 Another reason there is no Tea Party or big opposition to Biden's policies is the observation that Biden will follow Obama's example and unleash the IRS, FBI, and all the other 3 letter agencies to attack the "deplorables". The fascism is strong with this one.

    #16 There are many others more worthy of the gavel than the coward, (perhaps turncoat) Kevin McCarthy. He's Mitch McConnell lite.

  16. McCarthy should NOT get the gavel. After January 6th Don, ye of little memory...

    " ..,The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump to accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure President-elect Biden is able to successfully begin his term.”

    McCarthy said he supported a censure resolution against Trump instead."

    No gavel for that disloyal gutless swampy hack.

    1. If I know the GOP, they'll appease the 'base' and not give McCarthy the gavel in 2022. Instead they'll give it to Liz Chaney! Most tone deaf organization in history

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Tim Scott lives among the swamp dwellers too.

      This is an excellent thread.

      Ms. Pickles @MsPicklesP

      Just a tiny trip down memory lane for those that still ask why Tim Scott is terrible.

      First one: Washington Examiner @dcexaminer
      Tim Scott: Trump's "moral authority is compromised" after latest Charlottesville comments. Aug 17, 2017

    4. The Hill @thehill

      JUST IN: GOP Senator Tim Scott calls Trump's tweets blasting Dem congresswomen "unacceptable" and "racially offensive"

  17. "Pool's out for summer!"

    Groan. ;)

  18. 1. Still no word from the cdc about our Mexican border.

    8. He who pays the piper gets to call the tune. At least that's they way it's always been.

    Finally, "Break up the FBI. Level the J. Edgar Hoover Building..." and salt the ground.

  19. #16 “ It will be nice when Nancy hands that gavel to Kevin McCarthy in January 2023.”
    1. No, that would be Pelousy Lite
    2. The demoncrats have demonstrated their ability to steal elections as needed, no Pelousy Lite need apply.
    3. Please don’t post about ballot harvesting again, that ain’t shiff.

  20. Don, I like "My Old Kentucky Home," and I certainly think they ought to keep singing it at the Derby, but it has nothing to do with slaves' escaping to the North. "My Old Kentucky Home" is not being sung from the viewpoint of a slave who has escaped to the North, but rather from the viewpoint of a slave who has been, or is about to be, "sold down the river" to be worked to death in the sugar-cane plantations. "The head must bow and the back will have to bend / Wherever the darky may go. / A few more days and the troubles all will end / In the fields where the sugar cane blow...." It's a powerful song, and a sad one.

  21. I didn't know the swine flu vaccine was that old but I take your point.

    I got 60-70 vaccines when I went through navy boot camp in 1967.

    No objections because these were all fda "approved" vaccines which had been through all testing including animals testing.

    The kung flu vaccine is not an "approved" drug. It is an unapproved "experimental" drug "authorized" for emergency use only.

    I think there is a huge difference between an approved drug and an experimental one. I fully understand people's reluctance.

    Even so I do recommend that everyone get vaccinated and plan to do so myself if I ever touch down long enough to do so.

    John Henry

  22. Prologue - I received a battery of vaccinations when I entered the Army 52 years ago and still more when I shipped out to Vietnam. According to the CDC itself, no vaccine is 100% effective. So far, the CCP-virus vaccines appear to be effective despite the Chicken Little panics in the media and from certain government bureaucrats.

    ITEM 3 - Sen. Tim Scott performed a priceless public service in exposing the Democrat Party's systemic racism.

    ITEM 5 - My sister toured Italy a while back and told me the pizza on Long Island beat the pizza in Naples, where it originated, hands down.

    ITEM 7 - Not only college endowment funds, but big foundations and many nonprofits are little more than thinly disguised money laundering rackets.

    ITEM 10 - Kentucky was kept in the Union after Gen. Grant defeated his West Point buddy, Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, at Forts Henry and Donelson in early 1862.

    Finally - Of all the police departments that need to be defunded, the FBI should be first and foremost.

  23. Under Emergency Use Authorization, no employer, biz, or govt can make the COVID19vaccine mandatory until it's evaluated in 2 yrs. You have the right to refuse it & the consequences of abstaining. Seek legal action if anyone tries to coerce you to take it. 21 US Code SS 360bbb-3

    1. Hospitals in Houston are firing everyone that refuses.

    2. all can sue. sounds like a massive class action there.

  24. Kudos. Best write up I've read yet.

  25. Pizza in New York will only ever be a distant 2nd at best to Chicago pizza.

    Not even close.

  26. The swine flu vaccination was an actual vaccine. The current drugs they are pressing to be taken are a experimental gene therapy drug. Which is why they're having so much trouble with side effects (and maybe worse in a year) and why Health care workers are not getting the shot and that gene therapist researchers are concerned that much of what can happen was not researched and tested for before certifying this drug for use in humans.

    There are some very smart people who have questions about this therapy and I think we should listen and also wonder why the push for something that could be hazardous.

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