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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Fox News sings, "I Want You Back"

Fox News is making some changes, and they go something like this:

Luh-huh huh huhhh
Let me tell ya now
When I had you to myself, I didn't want you around...

Fox may want us back but Chris "Cuomo" Wallace is still there running its Washington coverage, which embraces RINOs and takes to the fainting couch whenever MTG speaks.

And of course, it pays RINO sellout Paul Ryan $334,986 to sit on its board of directors.

But Fox made some cosmetic changes and the New York Times has its hair on fire. (Home hint: Never smoke while applying hair spray.) It ran a panic-stricken, "Fox News Intensifies Its Pro-Trump Politics as Dissenters Depart."'

The purge consists of Donna Brazile accepting a better offer from ABC, and Juan Williams deciding to stay in Washington full-time, where he has lived since graduation from Haverford College in 1976, rather than move when The Five show returns to its New York studio. He will remain with Fox.

That is some purge there.

But Fox is trying to win conservatives back.

The Times complained, "The network has rewarded pro-Trump pundits like Greg Gutfeld and Dan Bongino with prize time slots. Some opinion hosts who ventured on-air criticism of the former president have been replaced. And within the Fox News reporting ranks, journalists have privately expressed concern that the network is less committed to straight-ahead news coverage than it was in the past.

"The shifts at Fox News, which is controlled by the father-and-son moguls Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, have come in the wake of what amounted to an existential moment for a cable channel that is home to Trump cheerleaders like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham: the 2020 election.

"Fox News’s ratings fell sharply after the network made an early call on election night that Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, would carry Arizona and later declared him the winner, even as Mr. Trump advanced lies about fraud. With viewers in revolt, the network moved out dissenting voices and put a new emphasis on right-wing commentary."

Speaking of fraud, the Times failed to mention that of the three cable channels, Fox suffered the smallest drop in ratings in the first 100 days of Biden's regime.

The Hill said, "CNN has lost 792,000 viewers, while MSNBC is down 788,000 and Fox is short 348,000."

Fox took over sole possession of first place with 1.2 million viewers followed by MSNBC at 868,000, and CNN at 749,000. Not quite the halcyon days when Fox had more viewers than the other two combined, but that was under Roger Ailes. The Family Murdoch's embrace of the DC Establishment has turned off many viewers. 

But Fox's prime-time shows are going back to what worked.

The Times also showed its ignorance of cable finances, writing, "Despite continuing criticism from liberals, Fox News remains a financial juggernaut for the Murdoch empire; it is expected to earn record advertising revenues this year, the network said."

Most of Fox's revenue comes from cable subscribers.

In March, the Daily Kos whined, "Fox News could lose all of its advertising and it wouldn’t matter, because cable companies pay them carriage fees to be in the lineup. And they command the highest carriage fees in cable news, because they use their viewers to harangue cable companies into paying whatever it is Fox is demanding."

Actually, it gets the biggest fees because Fox was No. 1 among all cable channels up until its Election Night fiasco.

Despite the Times's ill-informed and dishonest reporting to its echo chamber of elitist loons, Fox does seem to be moving back to Main Street Conservatism.

RINO Ryan Williams, a strategist for RINO Romney, told the Times, "Conservatives have a long-held suspicion of the mainstream media being in the tank for Democrats and for the left. Fox News for many years was viewed as the only outlet that wasn’t shilling for the other side. Liberals may doubt the power of Fox News, but it still draws a considerable audience for a reason."

Fox lost its credibility when it put Chris Stirewalt and Democrats in charge of its Election Night coverage and refused to call Texas and Ohio, which Donald Trump easily won, while calling Arizona for Biden in an election that was too close to call and is still in dispute.

There is no doubt Fox wants us back. Its prime-time lineup (Tucker, Hannity, Laura, and Gutfeld) are unquestionably conservative now.  Given that those four shows are the rainmakers for the network, Fox realizes who its audience is.

Certainly OANN and Newsmax have failed to fill the gap.

Today's Fox prime-time lineup is more conservative than the Ailes lineup of Van Susteren, O'Reilly, Kelly, and Hannity (which sounded like an Irish law firm).

Unfortunately, Fox often offers the same leftist BS reporting that the other channels do. Instead of the fair-and-balanced reporting of the Ailes Era, Fox offers not-openly-liberal reporting. Fox fell for the Russian hoax, the Ukraine hoax, and the Insurrection hoax. It also reported last summer's riots were "mostly peaceful protests."

Watch Fox or don't watch. Your TV choices do not affect me. Fox does want you back. Just bear in mind, Fox hasn't retired Mike Wallace's son or dumped Paul Ryan. 


  1. No longer a viewer... only miss Gutfeld.

    1. Stopped viewing after 2006. Sick of mindless Conservative, Inc. talking heads pretending to build a better world when all they do is mewl while the nation continues down this dark process, The Shapiros and Treachers of the world never understood we wouldn't keep financing their lives with our angst and stress. We want actual accomplishments and push back against the un-American trash inhabiting our institutions.

  2. When Lou Dobbs is back, then I might consider. Getting close to cutting cable. Only reason have not is how two get wife's favorite soap operas on streaming service. Between cable bill & Tivo, can save some serious coin....

    1. Same here Matty. Our monthly Comcast bill is approaching our car payment for the ol Ford Escort I had back in the Nirvana days, but The General loves her them view-on-demand shows like Blue Bloods, NCIS, and Monsterpiece Theater. Happy wife, happy life, as they say…

    2. Disgrace about Lou Dobbs. We gave up and watch Newsmax they are improving dramatically, Stinchfield if very good.

  3. Fox makes them toe the biden won line. Even tucker wont question the rigged election. They are all payed shills.

  4. I would have made the point that the NYT complains when Fox makes a minor shift to please it’s audience - all the while firing anyone that doesn’t toe it’s line or displeases leftists.

    No one enforces opinion conformity more than left wing media.

    People in glass media houses throwing bricks is amusing.

  5. Until Chris Wallace is fired from FNC it will remain a RINO network. Let’s flush fellow squish Paul Ryan at the same time.

  6. Until Chris Wallace is fired from FNC it will remain a RINO network. Let’s flush fellow squish Paul Ryan at the same time.

  7. “Advanced lies about fraud.” Riiiight. Just like COVID wasn’t grown in Wuhan? You farking clueless bastards.

  8. The Fox is still guarding the henhouse.

  9. Canceled AT&T streaming service after election. Saving $80/month. Never going back to Fox or networks—ever. They had their chance and blew it. I’m tired of being manipulated. This stolen election is the very last straw. They covered for the big steal and now want to play nice? Our country was stolen by commies and these b*st*rds aided the enemy. AT&T, Disney, the networks, Fox—they all hate us until ratings drop and money runs dry. Then they woo us back. But they got what they wanted—no more mean tweets. Instead we have pedojoe and the ho’s puppet masters destroying what remains after the Wuhan scamdemic. They burned their last bridge. Too d*mn bad. They can rot in hades

    1. Keep at it, it's working. AT&T has been a real woofer (in terms of its stock price) for some time now, and they recently announced that they are going to sell off all of those "media assets" they acquired 2 - 3 years ago - and go back to being a telecom company.

  10. After I dropped CommieCast early last year, I subscribed to Hulu specifically to watch FNC’s campaign coverage. I’d stopped watching Chris Wallace a couple of years ago, but Bret Baier seemed to do a good job. About a week after their November 3 dumpster fire, I dropped Hulu and haven’t watched Fox News since.

    You’re right about OANN and Newsmax. At 6 pm — my personal time slot designated for TV news — the coverage at both networks leaves a lot to be desired.

    I first tried Newsmax, because it’s free, but after a couple of weeks watching Greg Kelly, he seemed to say the same things night after night. Granted, the big story back then was the election fraud, but still, constantly assuring viewers it was going to be overturned in court was boring — about as boring as Melanie Eva’s maniacal claim of earning $12,000 per month working online.

    After that, I watched OAN via a free trial on KlowdTV. I even subscribed for a couple of months. I enjoyed “Real America with Dan Ball,” but since it ran at 8–9pm, it cut into my TV entertainment time. (No, I don’t live and breathe politics 24/7.) In my opinion, OAN’s 6 pm anchor, Stephanie Hamill, hasn’t quite nailed the art of interviewing guests. Her questions go on way too long, and she basically sets up the guest to affirm the premise she‘s promoting. That’s a famous Chris Wallace trick: “Do you agree that…?”

    It has been a few months since I’ve watched either network, so they may have polished their act by now. Maybe I’ll try them again in the summer of ‘22, to follow the midterm campaigns. But if Chris Wallace is still at Fox, they’re still dead to me.

  11. I have never watched or listened to Fox broadcasts. That's just me.I won't read the NYT or the WaPoo. Can't trust them, either.

    I read blogs. Don's always my first of the day.

  12. They likely thought -- like the rest of the GOP Establishment -- that the party would turn on DJT once he lost the election and after Jan. 6. When that didn't happen, they were like a skinny dipper when the tide suddenly goes out. Now they are crawling back.

  13. I dropped cable, probably 8 to 10 years ago when a technician told me they would have to charge me triple because we had 3 tv's connected. I think he didn't want to go in my attic to run a new cable.
    Anyway, I went with an antenna. I only get 67 channels, no cable news, disney or espn. But, I wouldn't watch woke channels anyway. Figure I've saved close to $5,000 without missing anything important.

  14. Ditched FoxNews after the election and haven’t missed it. Plenty of news online...who needs TV?

  15. I'll wait until Fox gets rid of leftist whipping boys Paul Ryan and Chris Wallace. Then maybe I'll come back. Maybe.

  16. As Mr Franklin put it, “Glass, China, and Reputation, are easily cracked, and never well mended”.


  17. Paul Ryan conspired with the Obama/Clinton Crime Syndicate to steal our elections. On Election Night, they manipulated the results so the real winner never pulled ahead, then used their conservative street cred to keep the counting open for a week until the Steal was done. The Fix Was In and they knew it. They helped overthrow the People.

    Afterward, their assignment was to normalize the Coup. This kind of Black-Op Propaganda and betrayal we had long expected from CNN and the others, but not from Fox. Looking back now, I can't even remember why we thought that.

    Bret Baier, who fancies himself an Eisenhower man and biographer, is, in fact, the Media Wing mouthpiece for the Military-Industrial Deep State that Eisenhower warned us about. Your hero loathes you, Baier.

    Paul Ryan enacted as little of President Trump's agenda as he could while Speaker, and then, on his way to Fox, threw the House to Pelosi like a crooked prize-fighter laying down for a fight. Mitch McConnell just did the same for the Senate, which was also stolen and sold.

    Tucker Carlson and some others do some good work but all Fox "reporters" are prevented from discussing the biggest Political Crime in American History as a condition of keeping their jobs. And none can discuss their own company's role in subverting democracy.

    Actual President Trump still appears on Bartiromo, having decided it is worth it to reach viewers. Lara Trump appears and some others such as Stephen Miller, too. And there conservative views expressed occasionally that have no other major outlet, as of yet, anyway, due to the Blacklist of the #ProfessionalLiar Media and Big Tech Fascist Censorship.

    So it's a mixed bag. But Fox is still an Agit-Prop mill run by un-American election thieves and Decepticon Republicans who want to replace America First with Swamp First policies and continue their Business As Usual-grift. They hope to install a fellow-Decepticon candidate next time instead of a Main Street America-MAGA patriot.

    Fox is running headlines that scream "BIDEN"S BORDER CRISIS!". But it is Fox's Border Crisis. too. Under the Theory of Felony Murder, the get-away driver is just as guilty as the trigger-man.

    McConnell and Ryan helped to install Biden by fraud. They knew he would dissolve our borders. They made this happen, too. Now they say they want to save us from the Democrat criminals they helped install in the White House. Collaborators, please. This is what is meant by "the Uni-Party".

    I think they worked out a plan with the Biden Junta: He creates a Crisis. They raise hell and then they all get together to pass their beloved "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", which will be Open Borders with a veneer of an official rubber-stamp approval. Crisis solved!

    They all knew Biden is in the pay of China. The treason and the foreign presidential kompromat doesn't faze them at all because almost everyone they know is on the payroll, too. Including themselves. And Actual President Trump was interfering with everyone's paydays.

    So I watch sparingly for the same reason we cracked the Enigma Code; to keep abreast of enemy strategy. For instance, they have been pushing Gov. Kemp as a hero, when he was one of the true criminals of the Election Fraud Coup. Paul Ryan's Fox News is pimping Kowtow Kemp as the hero of the battle for Honest Elections because they want him re-elected, so he'll be in place to help them steal the next election, too.

    This latest purge is just a headfake to lure patriots back and install a Swamp Creature.

    1. Spot on! And you keep 'watching sparingly' for me too and report back, because I REFUSE to turn FOX News anymore in case prying eyes 'Nielsen' monitors my viewing habits. Literally hundreds should be swinging from ropes for this coup! Instead, we argue about 'masks' and 'vaccines' HEY LOOK! A Squirrel!

    2. No sanguination without extermination

  18. Geraldo Rivera and the other racists should be teed up next.

  19. I have cut any cable and streaming package for which has CNN, MSNBC, and Fox (RINO) FaxNews.

    I’m saving money and don’t miss it. At all.