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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Capitalism stops covid, NYT resents it

A year ago, President Donald John Trump launched Operation Warp Speed and promised to have a vaccine for Communist Covid by the end of the year. Experts scoffed. They said it would take a miracle. Donald Trump trusted capitalists. They rewarded him with two miracles.

The New York Times absolutely hates it.

Today, NYT attacked Pfizer for earning a profit from its miracle.

The story said, "Pfizer Reaps Hundreds of Millions in Profits From Covid Vaccine."

So? The NYT may make hundreds of dollars selling news. The same company that pushes a $15 an hour minimum wage for everyone (except newspaper boys) wants Pfizer to give its product away free.

Moderna also delivered a vaccine by year's end. It too takes a profit. The Times did not mention that until Paragraph 12.

Well over 90% of the Communist Covid vaccines in America are from Pfizer and Moderna, the two capitalist companies. Not only did they develop their vaccines quickly, they ramped up production almost overnight. Pfizer will produce 2.5 billion doses this year, enough to cover the United States 8 times over. No one else comes close to this production.

But the Times lauded AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson for forgoing profits with their products. Their vaccines have had problems, especially AstraZeneca, which was pulled from some markets. The story did not mention this inconvenient fact.

The Times said, "Companies are eager not to be seen as profiting from the pandemic, especially as pressure mounts on the Biden administration to relax protections on intellectual property and allow poor countries to produce more affordable versions of the vaccines. Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have staunchly opposed such proposals."

What good is a patent if you cannot profit from it?

If intellectual property does not deserve protection, then tear down that NYT pay wall, Mister President.

The story said, "A group of developing countries led by South Africa and India has proposed to the World Trade Organization that intellectual-property protections be loosened on coronavirus vaccines during the pandemic.

"The proposal is intended to pressure pharmaceutical companies to ensure access to vaccines for developing countries, perhaps by offering discounted prices or by partnering with other companies to increase capacity."

Fascists have used the pandemic panic to strip individuals of their liberty and dignity. Now the fascists attack the very capitalism that saved the world from Communist Covid. They thought there was no preventative. Capitalists found it. Now NYT wants to strip capitalists of the vaccine they developed.

The story ended with Mustaqeem De Gama, councilor at the South African mission to the WTO in Geneva, discussing how to get Pfizer to get doses to South Africa.

De Gama said, "It could just be an incentive for companies to come forward and collaborate. But if left to the choice of companies, usually companies will refuse to collaborate and share what knowledge they have."

An incentive is readily available now. It is called "profit."


  1. "If intellectual property does not deserve protection, then tear down that NYT pay wall, Mister President."

  2. And how long will it take for these "developing" countries to develop? The USA took about 100 years from nothing to #1. Now in our 240th year we still lead the world in every category but poverty. The countries mentioned have been around for thousands of years and still they beg one of the youngest countries for help. Yes the USA sucks until you need our help.
    On another topic of interest to New Yorkers, Cuomo stated that if you dont get the vaccine, you will kill your grand parents. What a moron!

    1. "Now in our 240th year we still lead the world in every category but poverty" fear not, the donks are working to solve that now.

    2. Wait, aren't we number one in racism? /sarc

    3. Thanks to the Bayh-Dole Act, government workers are allowed to file patents on any research they do using tax payer funding.

      Tony Fauci owns over 1,000 patents, including patents being used on the Moderna vaccine...which he approved government funding for.

      In fact, the NIH (which NIAID is part of) claims joint ownership of Moderna's vaccine.

      Does anyone else see this as a MAJOR conflict of interest, or criminal even?

      I say criminal because there's also this pesky problem that makes me even more distrustful of Fauci, NIAD, and the NIH in general.

  3. I could feel a lot better about all this is

    A) Pfizer and Moderna weren't gene therapy instead of being vaccines

    B) They had actually been tested

    C) This is the only vaccine rollout with a body count

    D) It wasn't being used as yet another means of coercion

    1. A virus is just a box with a gene in it. Fight for with fire.

  4. No to letter C, Ed.

    Polio tragedy:

    1. @Dermot. This is true for the Cutter Incident, also for Dengvaxia deaths in the Phillipines. The difference is in the degree. Over 3500 COVID vax associated deaths reported to VAERS in a 4 month period as compared to less than 10,000 total reports in the previous 30 years. This is a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

  5. One big problem I see with all of this is that real health care professionals had found preventive/cure meds in HCQ, etc. They had to be stifled because if the FDA had admitted there were viable treatments they wouldn't have been able to justify early emergency use authorization for the "vaccines". IOW, follow the money. The big Pharmaceutical companies weren't the only folks making a fortune pushing untested, unproven drugs. A lot of palms were liberally greased to maintain the many fictions surrounding this "pandemic".

  6. I had a dr. appt. next to a vaccine place. I watched the people line up like sheep to get vaxed. I wondered how all this can be happening. Unproven vaccines that don't work in crowds? All the useless masks. What happened to the U.S.A. i grew up in?

    1. The U.S.A. is also number one in Sheeple. Amazing the blind faith these 'free' citizens put in their 'leaders'

    2. Blind Faith??? Love them... "Can't find my way home". Sheeple...Suck! A lot of people, including the ones that read the Surber, need to evaluate the situation in this place we call home!

  7. Although I do not begrudge Pfizer of their hard-earned profit, I happened to listen to their earnings call, and there were some puzzling (nay, outrageous) comments from their CEO as well as their R&D head.

    CEO Albert Bourla states in response to "people that are reluctant to get the vaccine," "the focus of all should be to convince those people that have still fear about the vaccine that they must do the right thing." Way to reassure us with virtue-signaling.

    The head of R&D states, "So I think we would really need to rely on regular immunization and of course other public health measures, rather than hoping that herd immunity across the globe can be established." Read that as minimum annual vaccinations, described by Pfizer as "boosters." Haven't yet taken a flu shot, and so it is with a hard no to COVID vaccines.


  8. Why do the Sulzberger’s publish the New York Times? To make a profit. If a business founder didn’t think his business could feed ones family, then

  9. Master of Lard, I don't know who the Sulzbergers are! I care not and speak not of any of these piece of shit people that I would love to see replace Carl Showalter, (Steve Buscemi), in Fargo. Chip away!

  10. This would be a triumph of capitalism if the drug companies could be held liable for the damage they are doing to thousands of people who have been injured/killed by their products.

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