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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

At home with Frank and Kevin

Fox News item: "Tucker Carlson reveals top House Republican lives with Google adviser Frank Luntz."

Frank: Hey Kev. Wanna Focus Group tonight?
Kevin: No. I have an early meeting tomorrow morning.
Frank: I will do a little poll dance.
Kevin: That's tempting.
Frank: I'll lay the spreadsheet out. It will be just like old times.


  1. Little girl... what's he doin now Mama?

    Mama...He's gonna focus!

    Little girl...Bofus?

  2. They're gonna focus? Forkum.

  3. I hope somebody does a billboard in Bakersfield, McCarthy’s district...

  4. Well, seriously, I have thought about what life would be like if I got elected to represent Almost Heaven. You know, as a citizen legislator and not a LibCommie. I found out there is NO housing allowance, as there is in the military, so ANY decent-sized apartment in that area is gonna run about $30k/year. Yes, it would make financial sense to get a roommate…

    But Frank Lutz? Ewww. Are these guys married?

  5. Regardless of details, this does show that a weanie like Luntz has undue influence. He's been key in getting the GOP to be scared of its own shadow - as Mark Steyn noted this morning, "Oh, you can't question any of the nonsense going on in the public schools - since it will perceived by 'the public' as attacking teachers." And so forth.

    Personally, I prefer an old volleyball saying - "When you swing hard, good things happen."

    If this helps can the candy-*sses and gets us GOP people in DC who (get this) DO WHAT THE BASE WANTS and swing hard, then great. If it means the end of the idea of speaker mccarthy and instead one of OURS, well, even better.

  6. Proof that political incest is alive and well in our nation's capital.

  7. Ace:

    "After first denying that McCarthy has been living in Luntz's luxe penthouse apartment complex (more on that below), McCarthy's spokeswoman later told Carlson that yes, McCarthy does live in a room provided by Luntz, but pays "fair market value."

    No evidence was provided to prove that he pays "fair market value," though it would be easy to provide cancelled checks to show how much rent he's paying.

    Now, if Kevin McCarthy is underpaying for his rent, then he's in violation of ethics rules, which forbid Congressmen from accepting favors or gifts, which include transactions on terms favorable to the Congressmen.

    Especially from interested parties -- which is a description of the corporate lobbyist Frank Luntz.

    Because Luntz doesn't live in just any apartment -- or an apartment, singular. He lives in one of the most expensive buildings in the DC area.

    And he doesn't live in one apartment. He bought four apartments and connected them all to make one luxe 7000 square foot ultrasuite.

    And Kevin McCarthy -- Luntz's pal -- presumably has almost full access to the whole place, and isn't just locked in his one bedroom."

    Luntz should put a Bat-Signal searchlight on top of his penthouse.

    Except with a dollar-$ign.

    1. A bat signal search light? What, is there a wet market on the ground floor?

  8. A Poll dance. Laugh of the day!!

    Luntz / McCarthy - cringe if the week.

  9. Interesting take on all this and Liz Cheney by Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse.

  10. OMG, that's hilarious, Don!

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