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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Why they virtue signal

To understand virtue signaling in the USA, we must go halfway around the world to Kim Jong-il's death on December 17, 2011, on a train traveling just outside Pyongyang.

CNN reported 5 days later, "Since Kim Jong Il’s death was announced on Monday, many people have marveled at the mourning scenes featured on North Korean state television, made viral on the Internet: North Koreans prostrate, weeping, hitting the ground. Many have asked whether the anguish is genuine. How could citizens mourn the passing of a totalitarian, such a gross abuser of human rights?

"The answer may be found in the human rights abuses themselves."

The story went on to answer the question in its headline, "North Korean mourners, crying to survive?"

Of course they cried to survive. They cried loud and long and publicly to avoid having their entire family being sent to a labor camp.

The fear of inadequate remorse was very real. It was a cruel psy-ops that predates Christ. The dictator is always viewed as a benevolent and kind patriarch, even though his regime is barely tolerable. The victims of this cruelty often tell themselves that if the dictator really knew what was going on, he would stop the cruelty. 

100 American CEOs did not spontaneously sign a paper protesting a new law in Georgia that Democrats dislike. The coercion comes from Kalorama, the neighborhood in Washington where Obama set up a government-in-exile. It is in his mansion, which he visits it from time to time, but it is run by Valerie Jarrett just as she ran the Oval Office.

It took two phone calls to get ABC to fire Roseanne Barr when she poked fun at Jarrett. Everyone universally condemned the joke as racist simply because Jarrett is black.

And that was at a time when everyone assumed President Trump would get two terms. Still, ABC bowed to her. 

Fear is a great motivator.

Do not get me wrong. I have zero sympathy for these running dog lackeys of capitalism. The CEOs are not North Koreans fighting for survival. They are for the most part rich white men selling out their country for a third-quarter profit margin that beats Wall Street's expectations.

Cowardice is why the wolves of Wall Street act like sheep.


  1. Eurythmics' lyric "They say the greatest coward can hurt the most ferociously." But applied here this gives these s-h-i-ts of politicians, woke CEOs and wannabes (like Jarrett) more credit than any of them deserve.

  2. Jarrett may be somewhat black, but she’s more privileged than most whites. Also, not particularly bright.

    1. She was the one who gave Zippy his orders.

    2. You could say the same thing about giggles... except that giggles is even MORE privileged than VJ and even LESS bright...

  3. The coercion comes from Kalorama, the neighborhood in Washington where Obama set up a government-in-exile.

    No, that's not even an embassy.

    The government-in-exile is in the Forbidden City.

    1. Actually, the government-in-exile (as the terms is usually understood) is in Mar a Lago...

  4. When Stalin spoke, the first to stop clapping were hauled off - either to the gulag or worse. Solzhenitsyn described it where men would collapse from exhaustion to not be the first to stop clapping.

  5. As Dennis Prager says " Fear of the Left is the biggest motivating factor "

  6. Boycott Coke, Delta and Baseball–absolutely!

    But I think it goes beyond mere cowardice or trying to hit on Woke Marge at the water cooler.

    But also important to keep in mind:

    1.) This is a timid, half-hearted reform bill, at best. It might not affect the Mail-In Fraud and certainly doesn’t affect the massive CheatWare Fraud.

    2.) Kowtow Kemp is trying to pose as an honest election-hero when he is one of the biggest Election Fraud criminals in America. He bought the Chinese CheatWare immediately after his trip to China’s spy-nest embassy. Georgia;s legislative leadership is compromised as well.

    3.) These companies don’t care about black people. They want more fraud so they can install more puppets to serve their interest$. They like Election Fraud and Puppet Government--as long as it's their puppet.

    1. Yep. Democrats and RINOs are both complicit and willing participants in the vote fraud.

  7. You can make a difference. Everyone who stands on principal will slowly erode their power.
    I quit watching mlb in 1994. I quit watching nba when it became thug ball. I quit watching nfl when they allowed disrespecting the country. None of these will win me back.
    I sold my facebook stock, twitter stock, disney stock, at&t stock and fox. If I owned delta, american airlines or coca cola stock I would sell that.
    I won't be buying their products; you shouldn't either.

  8. But in my world, most boomers, people talk big but do nothing. They continue to patronize sports, tv networks, large tech providers. Unwilling to work to migrate elsewhere. But as a group got called out at church this week about this it was just a joke to them, "Well we'll just keep feeding the beast" ha ha. It's pathetic. I am so glad my parents are not here to see this. Most of my fellow boomers are cowardly creatures.

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