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Friday, April 09, 2021

Why they are dumbing down Bar exams

The best bloggers are the lawyers. The best of the blogging lawyers are the law professors. Journalists suck at blogging, with one major exception of course.

Today, the lawyers and law professors are upset by the lowering of the bar on the Bar exams.

Bloomberg Law reported, "Several states say they could make their bar exams easier to pass as a way to address racial diversity problems and access-to-justice issues entrenched in the legal profession.

"Their statements coincide with the first data from California, which permanently lowered its cut score last summer just incrementally—but saw significant changes in the racial make-up of those passing the test to become its newest lawyers.

"Last week, Rhode Island became the first to follow suit in lowering the state’s cut score. Several others say they’ll soon be weighing similar reforms."

Diversity means destroying the norms.

Always bear that in mind.

And of course, it does not work. There was still a 20-point gap between black and white test-takers after lowering the passing grade—cut score.

John Hinderaker wrote, "The trend toward dumbing down bar exams is part of a broader phenomenon that Paul has written about many times–a decline in standards across many sectors of our economy and our culture, allegedly in service of racial equity. If members of a particular ethnic group are statistically less likely to get over any particular bar, one solution is to lower the bar. Whether this helps in the long run is of course another matter."

Of course, racial diversity is the excuse, not the goal.

And Hinderaker eventually cut to the chase, writing, "For almost all of our history, America has been a beacon of meritocracy, compared with the rest of the world. That largely explains our economic and cultural success. But today, individual achievement is being subordinated to group politics.

"Meanwhile, China–ostensibly ruled by a Communist Party in which all are equal–has become a ruthless meritocracy."

Red China has adopted our standard. We have opted for Maoism. Law professors can expect to be reassigned to tilling the soil soon, and it won't be in a happy Green Acres way. Uyghur Muslims will have more rights.

You see, the purpose of the dumbing down of the legal profession is to eliminate it entirely. You do not want an F. Lee Bailey or a Kurt Schlichter gumming up the works when you hold your show trials.

And while ignorance of the law may be no excuse, such ignorance serves well those in power.

We know the rule of law is in peril because Democrats keep complaining that Donald Trump broke it. That's projection.

But I have a feeling this won't end the way Democrats plan, because no matter what their politics are, law professors have a vested interest in keeping their profession alive.


  1. Aren't they dumbing down EVERYTHING???????

    Sure seems like it.

    1. The medical profession is doing it for certain.

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  2. China is a meritocracy in some senses, but in others, they are merely the best gangsters.

    While we were buying the best aircraft carriers, they buying our politicians who command those carriers. Smart.

    We were told that if we normalized relations with China, market forces would eventually liberalize them and their people would gain freedom.

    But instead of China becoming more like us, we’re become like them.

    We have a corrupt and greedy political class like China.

    We see Big Tech oligarchs suppressing speech to protect that Ruling Class. Just like China.

    We see a nearly-One-Party Media ignoring the corruption of the Elites, just like China.

    We have a two-tiered justice system; one for Party Members, another for everyone else. Like China.

    We have spies and secret police that sponsor coups, jail opponents and target non-Party members. China does that.

    We even have revolutionary mobs in the streets and on the campuses like Mao’s Cultural Revolution, just like China.

    And now China has joined with our Globalists and corrupt politicians to overthrow an American election and install a puppet president in a colonial Government of Occupation.

    "We'll see what happens."

    1. Indeed we will, Gip. Great post.

    2. I'm paraphrasing, but wasn't the line from the book, "The Godfather",

      "A lawyer with a brief case can steal more than a hundred men with guns."?

      The legal profession - like the Oldest Profession - will remain. Just becoming more and more corrupt.

  3. China is not a meritocracy any more than the Soviet Union was. If you aren't in the party you are nothing.

  4. African Americans are primarily educated in large inner city schools wholly owned, funded and run by the left. The get zero education. Are cut loose to the world and fail to succeed. The left will never acknowledged their primary role in screwing generations of minorities instead demand standards be lowered and everyone pretend it’s the system that’s racist. And I don’t care. As long as blacks want to hitch their wagon to progressive leftism they can get the life they voted for good and hard.

  5. The lowering of standards has been going on a long time in police, firefighters and the military.

    1. Maybe for paid firefighters, but volunteer firefighters bring in who we want.

    2. And, now, United Airlines has announced affirmative action for all their new pilots. Remember when Frank Sinatra's mother was on a private jet that departed Palm Springs and was guided straight into a nearby mountain? Was the air controller the beneficiary of affirmative action? I believe he was. I'm all for "passports" that document non-affirmative action status. Before surgery, ask the surgeon, "May I see your papers?"

  6. So in addition to democrats thinking black people are too lazy to get the basic ID we all have they are also too stupid to learn the things white people learn.

  7. So in addition to democrats thinking black people are too lazy to get the basic ID we all have they are also too stupid to learn the things white people learn.

  8. no need to dumb down the bar exam there are a lot of people who call themselves lawyers that are not very smart. A banker friend told me once that the people they have to choose from to hire are only a notch above a hanberger flipper.

  9. Consider how many lawyers go into politics straight out of law school. Consider how many are of the Joe and the Ho caliber.

    Why would they need to dumb down bar exams?

    The best bloggers are the lawyers. The best of the blogging lawyers are the law professors.

    I know some people who could give you an argument on that.

    1. They're both duds.

      Even before he went totally senile, sniffy was stupid, vicious, arrogant, and greedy. He graduated at the bottom of his law school class, and nearly got bounced for plagarism. 'Nuf said.

      When it comes to giggles, despite coming from a VERY VERY privileged background, she went to a third-tier undergraduate school and a fourth-tier law school... and her career ceiling was going to be prosecuting cow-tipping cases in some rural California county... but for whoring herself out to willie brown...

  10. Time to reclassify “Idiocracy”...from comedy to documentary.

  11. This brings to mind Tom Paxton's classic.

    Humankind has survived some disastrous plagues
    Like locusts and flash floods and flu.
    There's never a moment when we've been secure From the ills that our flesh is heir to.
    If it isn't a war, it's a gruesome disease,
    If it isn't disease, then there's war.
    But there's worse still to come and I'm asking you please,
    How the world's gonna take anymore?
    In ten years, we're gonna have one million lawyers,
    One million lawyers, one million lawyers.
    In ten years, we're gonna have one million lawyers.
    How much can our poor nation stand?

  12. Having a bunch of halfwit lawyers doesn't bother me as much as AA AIRLINE PILOTS! I think we've seen what AA doctors can produce. Medical "mistakes" are the THIRD leading cause of DEATH in the USA! THIRD!! Socrates was right!

  13. I avoid dealing with minority "professionals" due to aa. As an example I will no longer fly united.

  14. "John Hinderaker wrote, "The trend toward dumbing down bar exams is part of a broader phenomenon that Paul has written about many times–a decline in standards across many sectors of our economy and our culture, allegedly in service of racial equity." WHO is this "Paul" that Hinderaker mentions?

    1. Paul Meringoff, another PowerLine contributor. A retired DC attorney and Never Trumper extraordinaire.

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  17. For the record, Don should know for a FACT that if he was an employee of his favorite WOKE carbonated soda (among other things sold by the multinational conglomerate) company — Pepsi -- his office/cubicle would have been cleaned out and his employment with said Multinational WOKE Conglomerate would have been terminated with extreme prejudice for this blog post alone - not even including what other outrageous slanders against WOKE ideology Don has previously publicly posted.

    I can write this with Supreme confidence into seeing the “disciplinary” measures my increasingly WOKE non-profit employer has initiated against those who publicly engage in “wrong speak.” Especially when those engaging in such wrong speak are older paler males.

    But keep on bragging how you gulp down WOKE Pepsi instead of WOKE Coke.

  18. They don't really need to dumb down the bar exams. Out here in California, they're using COVID as an excuse to skip the bar exam entirely!

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