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Monday, April 19, 2021

USA stands up for an embezzler, but not for a million slaves

Remember way back on January 19, when America had a president?

The Biden administration sent one of its boys -- national security adviser Jake Sullivan -- on CNN to rattle a saber over the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who is in prison on embezzlement charges, a fact that CNN conveniently omitted from its report.

Sullivan said, "We have communicated to the Russian government that what happens to Mr. Navalny in their custody is their responsibility and they will be held accountable by the international community. In terms of the specific measures that we would take, we are looking at a variety of different costs that we would impose and I’m not going to telegraph that publicly at this point.

"But we have communicated that there will be consequences if Mr. Navalny dies."

Ah yes, the vaunted International Community.

You know, the same lummoxes who cower before Red China and refuse to call it out for enslaving and sterilizing a million Uighur Muslims.

Why are we punishing Russia for imprisoning Navalny? Our own American dissident, Lyndon LaRouche, went to prison after being convicted of mail fraud after running for president in 1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988. He ran four more times, including 1992 when he ran from prison.

Being a dissident does not grant one immunity from prosecution. Let us not deify Navalny. He falls somewhere between Konrad Adenauer and LaRouche when it comes to dissidents.

The same people who decry a fake interference by Russia in our 2016 presidential campaign are trying to interfere with Russia's next election.

The hypocrisy does not bother me because I expect Washington Establishment politicos and pundits to be hypocrites who do exactly the opposite of what they say.

My complaint is that this is a phony issue compared to the very real enslavement and pending genocide of Uighur Muslim in Red China. 

Threats of sanctions on Russia are tiresome and pointless.

Sanctions on Red China would get response.

But Biden owes his presidency to the Communist Covid, does he not?

So the sabers are rattled on CNN against Russia, while Nike continue to import its slave-made shoes unmolested.


  1. I still think this Dem wet dream of war with Russia will bite US. Especially if we end up in the Crimea ....
    All it take is one mistake, a trigger happy Shukoi pilot, or missile crew .

    1. It's all just theatre for domestic political consumption.

      Dems have been anti-anti-Russian going back to the Cold War days. And in 2009 they did that "reset" fiasco because "we" had been too forthright about Russian aggression in the Caucasus, and in 2012 zippy did the famous sneer at mittens (even he realized that Russia is/was a problem) that anyone who didn't think Russia was a-okay was a troglodyte from the 1980s.

      Then, in 2017, to explain why shrillary lost, they did a 180 and tried to rewrite all that history to try to explain how this could have happened - since it couldn't possibly have just really happened! So they created this fictional narrative that vlad and co. were big allies of the GOP - since going back to wjc back in the 1990s the donks were just WAY to hard on the rooskies about "democracy" and "human rights," and vlad and co. preferred those Republicans because they didn't give them grief about those things. (Note that history was actually the exact opposite.) And vlad rigged the 2016 election to personally spite the clintons (and their hangers-on) as payback for all that.

      The present crew has to keep those lies going, since they overinvested in them in 2017.

    2. So far every damn thing this usurper administration has done has been against the interests of our nation. Is anyone surprised?

    3. I think the dems are now anti-Russia to cover for being pro-China. They need to select a foreign adversary to burnish the foreign policy cred, and Russia is convenient for that purpose.

  2. Even Russia doesn't poison people for embezzlement. We do however slander innocent people with fake charges of all kinds.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Depends on the mood Vlad is in that day.

  3. There is a rubber stamp where a president used to be. Pelosi is running domestic spending and the DOD is running our foreign policy. Looks like they're in hot pursuit of a new enemy somewhere. It's all going to leave a mark.

  4. Lyndon LaRouche? Damn, Big D, I just thought about him the other day, after your latest slamtastic piece about NR. Took a call from a La Douche fundraising guy back in like 1988. He was a fast mumbler, that guy. I told him I was a National Review-type conservative, at which point he started fast-mumbling that Buckley was for legalizing marijuana. Having partaken several times in previous years, that argument did not move me. I hung up on him shortly thereafter. Imagine that! Lyndon’s dead, so is WFB, marijuana’s practically legal everywhere, and the LibCommies STILL get wet for Rooshka. The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said nothing endures except change. So why is the Left still stuck in the 1950’s and ‘60s?

  5. Maybe Saudi Arabia will assassinate another fake journalist and take the heat off of Russia. No matter, the bribers of Hunter, the Chinese, slide.

  6. The blowhard insists on showing the KGB colonel how tough he is. He keeps it up, he may find out why Jack Kennedy ended up dead.

    Remember way back on January 19, when America had a president?

    We still do. He needs to be reinstated.

  7. Don, why would you expect American Democrats to criticize other nations for enslaving others when American Democrats refuse to accept their responsibility for supporting slavery in the USA throughout its history?

    Just because American Democrats have successfully infiltrated and control every significant American institution; and have been able to tar Republicans with the Democrats’s mortal sin of supporting the institution of slavery; does not mean the Communist Chinese and other nations are as idiotically stupid as the American People and are unwilling to call out the Democrats’ massive hypocrisy.

    Besides being a puppet of Chairman Xi, and an obvious victim of advanced dementia, President Biden* also has no standing to attack Communist China for enslaving the Uyghurs in light of the Democrats unwillingness to acknowledge and condemn their own history of supporting the slavery of Blacks and the mass imprisonment of Japanese-Americans by the Democrats’ icon FDR.

    Democrats continue to genuflect at the mention of FDR (and honor him by calling their next Government seizure of power the “Green New Deal”) while ignoring his mass incarceration of Americans based on skin color.


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