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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Swamp 💗s its airport

Josh Dawsey, an "investigations and enterprise reporter" for the Washington Post, tweeted, "I am reminded most every time I fly out of DCA that it might be the best airport for domestic flights in the US. Close to city, quick car-to-gate time, not that crowded, clean, nice & easy to navigate — especially now that 35X is gone. Is this an unpopular opinion?"

DCA is Reagan National Airport, which is nice and located downtown.

Dawsey asked, "Is this an unpopular opinion?"

I replied, "No, it just goes to show what privileges our Overlords In Washington enjoy. What's unpopular is the city itself and the people who live there. Most Americans like the airport because it was named for a great president, Ronald Reagan."

Of course, that was not the answer he was looking for. Victoria McGrane of the Boston Globe tweeted, "It is the best airport IMO. You can easily take the metro there, too! In Boston, taking public transit to Logan involves going from train to bus I think. (BOS isn't bad as airports go either, but much bigger than DCA)."

Tim Logan, also of the Boston Globe, tweeted, "You can take the Silver Line directly to the gates at Logan (and come back for free). Or yeah take a quick/easy shuttle to/from the Blue. Or drive downtown in like six minutes sans traffic. Or swim. Logan's proximity to downtown is a secret Boston weapon. But DCA also."

It is civic signaling. She may be a swamp critter but she is still loyal to (town of newspaper she works for). This explains the Nationals/Red Sox, Nationals/Yankees, and Nationals/Cubs fans.

Wesley Lowery of 60 Minutes said of Reagan National, "best airport in America." When you work for CBS, you can dispense with that back-home loyalty nonsense.

Dave Weigel, also of the Washington Post, tweeted, "Great for convenience and options, bad if you're stranded for a few hours. Phoenix Sky Harbor is similarly easy to get to (inc. a light rail line) but there's more to do if you miss a connection."

A rebel who mentions another airport without cause.

Joe St. George of Scripps TV (61 stations) tweeted, "It is the best hands down for its size and geographical importance, especially with CLEAR."

I believe the importance of DCA is what ticks me off the most. The federal government should not be this important in a free nation. Washington should be a quaint village we visit on 6th grade trips to see a Congress that convenes when the cherry blossoms blossom. Instead it is this 24/7/365 behemoth that we dare not offend. You can riot and hold streets hostage in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, or any other city in the Land of Bad Airports, but prepared to be shot and killed if you dare enter the Capitol without permission.

The trouble I have is that I remember DC the way it was. My mother and I visited it in 1968. It was like Cleveland without the factories. Nice. Quiet. We visited the White House. No metal detectors or anything other than an old guy keeping the line moving. I know what we have lost.

Decades later I revisited DC and Reagan is great. But I could not visit the White House. 

Freedom lost is worse than never having had freedom.


  1. "The federal government should not be this important in a free nation." BINGO! You pretty much captured it all in one short sentence.

  2. I keep telling my kids that every time DC acts, we lose freedom. Freedom is precious, I tell them. Freedom and health. Nothing else is as important. I will tell my grandkids this too, when they are old enough to understand. I hope they are paying attention.

    The pompous DC blowhards can have their great airport. I will take living far from airports and flight paths and trains and busses and light rail and taxis.

  3. We need term limits.

    And air conditioning outlawed in DC.

    1. The AC might be the critical thing.

      In the mid-60s in DC, very expensive cars were just beginning to get AC. There were a lot less Overlords and wannabe Overlords then. But we would still have traffic jams on hot days when some mid-level bureaucrat would drive around with his windows up ("See? I'm important - I have AC!") and pass out from the heat...

  4. I have visited DC over many years and have seen it slowly become ever more separated from the people. The Pelosi visitor entrance was the final straw; I couldn't take my bottle of water in to the Capital. I civilly expressed my outrage and left the line.

  5. Before an anticipated television audience of up to 100 million, Trump praised Dubai and Qatar airports while comparing them to a few US airports with "third world" amenities.

    "When we have $20 trillion in debt, and our country's a mess, you know, it's one thing to have $20 trillion in debt and our roads are good and our bridges are good and everything's in great shape, our airports. Our airports are like from a third world country," the Republican said.

    "You land at LaGuardia, you land at Kennedy, you land at LAX, you land at Newark, and you come in from Dubai and Qatar and you see these incredible - you come in from China, you see these incredible airports, and you land - we've become a third world country. So the worst of all things has happened."

  6. Washington, D.C. reminds me of Trantor in the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov: Center of the government and an administrative state that covers the entire planet.

  7. Damnit, Don, you made me cry. I too know what we have lost.

  8. The international airport in Great Falls, Montana kicks the shite out of anything on the Least Coast.

  9. I like Lansing- small, close parking to the gates, 15 minutes from home.

  10. Has someone who works and lives in the DC Bubble I can tell you with absolute certainty even if you think you know, you have no clue how much the DC Liberals look down upon their fellow citizens outside other elite Liberal bubbles.

    It’s not just that they view flyover Americans as their lessors and with distain. They do. It’s not that they think of Americans who support President Trump as insane misfits. They do, when they are being polite.

    It’s that they think Americans who support President Trump are not worthy of being considered human, and that they don’t really count.

    This is why many of them are just fine with the knowledge that the 2020 election was stolen and they not to secretly hope future ones are stolen to; if that is what it takes to keep someone like President Trump out of office.

  11. As a resident of DC beginning in 1942, I well remember when Dulles International was built SPECIFICALLY to replace National/Reagan. But the poobahs in Congress didn't want to waste time traveling to the hinterlands of rural Virginia, so both airports were maintained.
    Perhaps if we made it more inaccessible and remote, DC would lose it's cache as THE place to live.

  12. I flew into Regan once and dropping down fast and banking left and right to avoid protected zone. No thanks, give me Atlanta or DFW where you come in a straight line approach for an hour without banks and side slips. Yes, absolutely a chicken to fly but bills gotta get paid!

  13. I remember reading David Brinkley's history of Wash. DC during WW2 and he described the old National Airport, before the Pentagon was built. There was a highway that cut across the runway that the Virginia state govt. wouldn't spend money on to re-route, but they installed a signal light to stop traffic when a plane was landing or taking off. Don't know why that sticks in my mind!

  14. Syracuse's architecturally uninspiring Hancock Airport. Even after a redo it could be confused as the world's largest men's room. A weird treat are the fantastically awkward gates you must pass to get to your luggage.

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