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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Strip Covid Killer Cuomo of his Emmy

Accuracy In Media has begun a campaign to strip Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of his International Emmy Founders Award for his handling of the Communist Covid.

The academy bestowed the award on the politico last November. At the time the president and CEO of the Emmys, Bruce Paisner, said, "The Governor's 111 daily briefings worked so well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure. People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on, and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back."

You know who else was good at the media?

Hitler and Stalin.

But they were better at killing people. Hitler nearly wiped out Jews in Europe, killing 12 million Jews and others in his concentration camps. Stalin killed 4 times as many of his citizens in Siberia.

Cuomo killed 15,000 grannies and lied about it.

Now AIM wants his Emmy revoked. 

Fox reported, "Accuracy in Media, placed a mobile billboard outside its midtown Manhattan headquarters displaying the phrase 'Cuomo Lied, Thousands Died: Revoke his Emmy Now.' The group argued that Cuomo’s policies were 'directly responsible' to thousands of deaths at New York nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and called on the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to revoke the Emmy that Cuomo received for his televised briefings."

This would sting more than a recall or an impeachment because it is personal, not politics.

At its web site, AIM said, "At a time when corporations are expected to make statements about social justice causes and move out of states that are deemed politically incorrect, the Academy has been silent about giving an award to a man whose policies were directly responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths, and who covered it up."

The woke CEOs will sit this one out because the victims of Cuomo's ghoulish policies are old and mainly white. Those are not the target audiences for Coke, Nike, and the slew of other companies who are attacking America. They have learned the way to peddle their wares is to promote the cockamamie ideas of radicals on the left while attacking American values.

Oh, AIM knows this too. 

But it is time for real Americans to point out the hypocrisy and fabrications of the left.


  1. Only good thing is nobody cares about an Emmy.

    1. Leftists do. A lot. This would cut to the bone.

    2. The only good Emmy is a dead (revoked) Emmy.

      If Cuomo gets to keep his, "Emmy" will now mean "embalmed," as in 15,000 dead.

  2. The Nobel Committee will take its utterly ridiculous “Peace Prize” back from Obama before the Academy takes the Emmy back from Baby Doc Cuomo.

  3. Hitler has been on the cover of TIME Magazine 9 times and was declared their man of the year in 1938. I'll bet Cuomo can't top that.

    1. By the way, today is Hitler's birthday.

    2. Stalin made it twice (1939, 1942)

    3. I read the New Woke Times' obituary for Stalin a while back. I guess he wasn't a bad guy.

  4. Do the opposite, trumpet that the media is in bed with this killer and philanderer.

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