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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Republicans to the rich: You are on your own

Last night's Drudge Report was dominated by Joe Biden, as Drudge continues to look at the world through his Bush Republican eyes. 

Drudge pimped a Reuters report -- "After somber tone in first 100 days, Biden plans to try to sell spending to U.S. public" -- under the all-caps headline: "BIDEN SET TO PITCH TRILLIONS."

The Associated Press's report -- "Biden to propose free preschool, as speech details emerge" -- was linked as "TAX THE RICH, GIVE TO POOR."

And a second Reuters report -- "Shaken U.S. Capitol on high alert for Biden's first address to Congress" -- was billed as "CAPITOL ON HIGH ALERT FOR FIRST ADDRESS."

The message was clear.

Biden speaking was the most important event since the miraculous election of a man who never held a rally of humans, never gave a press conference, and never went a week without calling it a day at noon at least once.

Drudge is a relic of a Bush Republicanism that promotes globalism and the wars that go with it.

His "TAX THE RICH, GIVE TO POOR" epithet was throwback to the olden days when there was some semblance of fiscal sanity in Washington. Indeed, the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act was Reaganesque in nature and it helped lower the unemployment rate to a 50-year low of 3.5%.

But Communist Covid wiped all that out. The rich flocked to support Democrats who now control trillions in spending. They care not if ours becomes a Zimbabwean dollar. They plan to escape through cryptocurrency. I have news for them. Red China controls that, too.

You see, Drudge did not give us the whole stanza from that long ago Ten Years After song:

Tax the rich, feed the poor

'Til there are no rich no more

Such is the world we live in today. But real Republicans are bailing on the rich because the rich bailed on us.

Axios reported, "Top Republican officials tell Axios that if the party is going to survive, it needs to copy Donald Trump’s fixation on blue-collar voters in 2016 and working-class and minority voters in 2020 — and ditch, or at least downplay, allegiance to big business."

Democrats abandoned us in the 1990s. Finally, Republicans embrace us.

A senior aide to a high-ranking GOP House member told Politico, "I don’t think you will see Republicans advocate for higher taxes but the enthusiasm to oppose them has waned considerably in recent years. Why should Republicans continue to do the bidding of corporations when they don’t have the best interest of voters in mind?"

If Democrats want to raise the capital gains tax, how does that hurt me? The capital gains tax serves as a way for the super-rich like Warren Buffett to avoid paying the higher income tax rate. Buffett has exploited this loophole for decades, even while advocating for higher taxes. Let the tax hikes begin.

Oh sure, this is terrible long-term policy. I oppose raising taxes on anybody.

But the excellent long-term policy that President Donald John Trump brought was punished by Liz Cheney and her politically in-bred ilk in Washington. She voted to impeach. She is not a congresswoman so much as a she is a political pole dancer. Her rich patrons call the tune. Oh how she loves to dance.

Actual Republicans need to stop dancing.

Make the rich come crawling back to us. You cannot have a symbiotic relationship if one side gets squat every time. Politics takes a little resolve now and then.


  1. The Republicans have done a atrocious job of letting the narrative be that it is the party of the rich. Maybe they were, but the Democrats are the party of the super-rich. The Republican party has to be morphed into the party of the people.

    1. Slowly, and without much fanfare. It will continue over time, but the rich will get a taste of being the next serving on the platter for now.

    2. These party labels - Republican and Democrat - have just about outlived their usefulness. What we have now are Patriot Nationalists and Socialist Globalists, and it's easy to tell who's who by their works. I think we need to start calling these people what they are, rather than just what they claim to be.

    3. Yes, allow the tax hikes, and frankly, leave them in place until the rich start voting republican. Then lower the taxes but break up the oligarchs through anti-trust, republican Teddy Roosevelt's correct solution to the problem of concentrated wealth.

  2. "targeted tax increases"...bwaaahhhh! I always thought that was a joke because it just kills more trees by adding reams of paper to the tax code, but why should I care anymore? Y'know, I'm kinda warming to the idea of these billionaire bozos who support Bezos and Bozo-in-Chief adding up their wealth at the end of each year and sending the IRS a check for a "fair" percentage of it. Hmmm, let's see, how about 5% a year for billionaires? Of course, it won't stop year it'll be 6%, a year later 7%, yadda, yadda, yadda

    Of course, lawyers, CPAs, tax specialists will have a field day as the rich try to avoid their "fair share", but screw'em - they had a businessman in the Oval Office and they didn't appreciate it, so now they must pay the price, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

    It will be fun to watch Buffet have to sell his stock to pay for his IRS check, but hey, what do I know?

    1. "lawyers, CPAs, tax specialists" and lobbyists will end up writing the laws and "carve out" goodies for their clients.

  3. Big D, again I must respectfully disagree. Tax increases ALWAYS make their way down to us. ALWAYS. Or as I learned so well at The Zoo, “Shite flows downhill.”

    1. "Tax increases ALWAYS make their way down to US". And half of "US" voted for this senile old coot. At least they too will get what they voted for- good and hard.

    2. But ZZ, I totally agree with Don that Republican elected officials have got to stop being puppets for the US Chamber of Commerce and focus on supporting Blue-Collar, White-Collar (also subject to losing their jobs and declining salaries because of their employers either off-shoring their work, and/or I mporting low-cost immigrant labor from Asia) average working Americans.

      Republicans need to signal that they view their role as supporting the quality of life of average hard-working Americans - not Billionaires like Bezos and Buffet; not Multinational Corporate CEOs and their U.S. Chamber of Commerce comrades.

      Don makes clear in this column that he does not in general support tax increases (and in general I agree).

      However, in this case I fully agree with Don that Republican elected officials must effectively and convincing communicate to Liberal Billionaires and Liberal Virtue Signaling Corporations imposing the Democrat narrative on their employees and shouting it through their Public Relations teams that they cannot expect the support of Republicans (except RINO pole dancers like Lizzy, Mitt, Paul Ryan, etc).

      Your “disagreement” in the current environment appears to connect the well-being of Bezos, Buffet, and Multinational Corporations to the well-being of average working Americans.

      The evidence suggests you are wrong, that these Billionaires and these Multinational Corporations have been allowed by the Democrats and RINO (Bushies) to obtain obscene amounts of wealth in large part at the expense of average Americans since Ronald Reagan was President to the present-day; and the only effective pushback was President Trump’s term in office (which was marked by the hysterical non-stop libelous attacks by Multinational Corporate-owned media “journalists” and the rest of the Liberal Progressive controlled American institutions).

      In a word Z, you are badly out of touch with the reality the American People face today. You either are, or behaving like a typical Libertarian. You’re stuck on principle, your holy doctrine; even when doing so screws over the American People.

    3. No, Big, Half of us did not vote for the lying dogfaced pony soldier. More like 1/8.

      And most Rs are Trumplicans now, so nobody needs to "signal" anything.

  4. Don, I disagree. It can be summed up with “Democrats are the party of the rich, Republicans are the party of wish we were rich” the reason so many billionaires and even millionaires will go along with Biden’s capital gains tax is it will not impact the billions and millions they already have. Raising the capital gains of tax will just prevent anyone else from joining the club. It limits competition.

    1. Nope, it is 100% incorrect.

      I know of not one Trump supporter who has demanded that Republicans fight against increases in the capital gain tax rate of Americans who have annual incomes of $1 Million and over.

      I do know of several Country Club Republicans who voted for “The Postman’s Son” in the 2016 Primary and “McMuffin” in the 2016 General Election; and who have told me they consider Liz Cheney Presidential material and President Trump a wannabe dictator; who demand that Republicans protect the wealth of the currently wealthy, especially those making over $500,000 annually.

      Supporting Liberal Billionaires (including the Big Tech Billionaires effectively shutting down conservative opposition to the Democrat narrative) and Liberal Virtue Signaling CEO’s imposing Critical Race Theory indoctrination on their workforces and putting out press releases supporting the Democrat narrative, is suicidal behavior for the Republican Party.

      Taking these actions would relegate the Republican Party to the “little itsy bitsy lesser of two evils” that would result in a Dementia Case like Biden winning re-election, or an empty suit like HeelsUp winning election - in a LANDSLIDE.

      Like McCain and Romney, but worse. Much worse.

    2. Wotta crock.

      This is nothing but disinformation.

  5. Nope, totally agree O2bnaz.. The vast majority of the GOP base which support President Trump are hard-working Americans who will never reach the thresholds currently contemplated at which the higher capital gains tax rate will be applied.

    Your comment places you in the “Country Club Wing” of the GOP.

    You need to get your head on straight. To win elections, Republicans cannot be phony supporters of President Trump. They cannot claim they support the interests of the American working and middle class, yet serve as the “firefighters” for the Billionaires and Virtual Signaling CEOs who demonize and ostracize the Trump-supporting GOP base.

    If a Trump-aligned politician was in the White House, of if Trump-aligned politicians controlled the House and Senate, these proposed capital gain tax increases would never be seriously considered.

    But, it is not the job of Trump-aligned politicians to run and be the “first responders” for the Billionaires and Virtual Signaling Corporate CEO’s who openly express their contempt for these politicians.

    It’s like the big fat Jersey Orca (Chris Christie) repeatedly talking about how Bruce Springsteen is his idol while Bruce makes no secret that he can’t stand the gelatinous Jersey Orca.

    You wanna be Chris Christie hugging Obama, go ahead; make a fool of yourself.

    1. First you disagree, then you agree.

      As I tell my wife on occasion, pick a lane.

    2. Suzie Q,
      Thank you for your comments. You say exactly what I feel and know to be true, but am unable to put into so many words.
      I fear in the end the RINOs, who will represent their cooperate masters, will team up with principled conservatives and liberal Democrats (who truly represent these rich pricks) to kill any legislation.

  6. Not the Rs, the Whigs.

    They've been bought and paid for, but your average consumer has learned it all gets passed on to him.

    Actually, this is another version of Medicare For All that worked so well.

  7. Not sure if or when Don is going to get around to running this story, but just in case there is any doubt “journalism” in America is DEAD (and there should not be any doubt) - at least the garbage pushed out by the Mainstream Media which Liberals rely on to carry their narrative - this recent story reporting on Gannett-Owned USA Today allowing Stacey Abrams to “update” her “Opinion” piece to limit the political damage to her and her Democrat colleagues (and Gannett only apologizing once they were caught red-handed) is a useful reminder that the Liberals who think they are the smartest ones around are in fact the most deluded:

    What makes this situation particularly egregious is that CNN relied on the “updated” opinion to claim that Stacy (aka BIGFOOT - yeah yeah, it’s okay to attack bad orange (white) man for his appearance (Trump); and gelatinous fat (white) man for his appearance (Jersey Orca; Beached Whale Christie); but not a black female because “equality” or “equity”) never supported boycotts.

    AT&T owned CNN - The First Name in Propaganda!!!

  8. The line preceding the one Don Quoted from Ten Years After's "I'd Love to Change the World," is:
    "Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity..."
    Can I say that?

  9. That was a really great! Thanks for the data and the supporting information.
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  10. "Axios reported, "Top Republican officials tell Axios that if the party is going to survive, it needs to copy Donald Trump’s fixation on blue-collar voters in 2016 and working-class and minority voters in 2020 — and ditch, or at least downplay, allegiance to big business." OOOOO kay, but it's gonna take a LOT before I even consider voting for a Republican again. Untrustworthy, the lot of them.

    "Actual Republicans need to stop dancing." Kicking asses is "step 2".

  11. Printing presses can make us all trillionaires--and unable to buy a cup of coffee--and move all ocf us to a flat tax at the highest rate.

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