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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

NYT downgrades a hate crime

Tommy Lau is New York's most beloved bus driver since Ralph Kramden. The headline said it all, "Asian-American Bus Operator Intervenes to Stop Hate Crime; is Himself Assaulted."

New Yorkers are proud of the man.

Lau said, "I figured I had to get involved. These are my people. I can't take it when people think they can get away with attacking elderly people."

The increase in such cases got the police off their duffs.

CBS reported, "The NYPD is beefing up its efforts to combat a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes. The department is adding more resources — and manpower."

And it is not just throwing money at the problem. Tactics changed. Asian police officers are going undercover. That's pretty good.

The New York Times has embraced the sudden interest in inner-city attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, in part because it can pretend the cause is Donald Trump.

He said Wuhan Flu!

But when police arrested and charged Donovan Lawson for attacking Lau, the New York Times changed its tune.

It isn't a hate crime because Lawson is mentally ill.

And black.

The Times said, "It was the 33rd arrest for Mr. Lawson, 26, who is homeless and mentally ill, the authorities said. Four times, officers had been called to assist him because he appeared to be in the grip of a mental breakdown, and he was being monitored for treatment in a mental health program run by the Police Department.

"He is not unique. Many of the people charged recently with anti-Asian attacks in New York City have also had a history of mental health episodes, multiple arrests and homelessness, complicating the city’s search for an effective response."

The arrest ruined the narrative, as reality often does.

The odds are zero to negligible that a homeless man in the middle of the second-most anti-Trump city after Washington is a Trump devotee who was triggered by the words Wuhan Flu. 

But the story is revealing. The city arrested the man 33 times and instead of jailing  him or helping him, the city literally threw him out on the streets.

33 times.

Bail reform and no jail for minor crimes have a price paid by law-abiding citizens, especially in Chinatown.

Lawson is not an exception to the rule.

The Times said, "For instance, Mr. Lawson was one of at least seven people arrested after attacks on Asian city residents in the last two weeks of March, ending with a horrifying attack on a Filipino-American woman, who was kicked repeatedly in broad daylight in Manhattan by a man the police say was homeless and on parole after serving a prison sentence for killing his mother.

"Of the seven people arrested, five had prior encounters with the police during which they were considered emotionally disturbed, police parlance for someone thought to be in need of psychiatric help. Investigators believed the remaining two also had signs of mental illness."

Now I do not doubt that mentally ill people are attacking Asian Americans in the cities. Involuntary commitment fell out of vogue among liberals and now the mentally ill -- and the people they beat for no reason -- are the ones who suffer.

Make no mistake. Crazy or not, Lawson beat a man because of the color of his skin and Lawson should be tried convicted, and punished.

But Lawson also needs help, likely from a pill. The prison should get him that aid.

If the New York Times wishes to look for the root cause of all this trouble, I suggest its staff begin with a good long look in the mirror. Liberalism is a disease that hits hardest those with comorbidities such as mental illness.


  1. What the racists at the Times say is that dark skin is a mental disorder.


  2. Michael Savage wrote a book called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. Indeed it is. Some liberals have a comorbidity of violence.

    1. Outside of "Ethnic Replacement" that's my favorite Savage term.

    2. Or saying, phrase. Whichever.

  3. That pill he needs is 115 grains of Pb in a Cu jacket. Given intercrainially, it cures those violent urges for ever.

    1. Lol! I prefer 155 grain Cor-Bon myself but you are so right.

    2. You don't like people having guns, remember?

    3. "Somewhere out there a village is missing its idiot."

  4. Yes expense spared for murdering babies but a strange isolationist Do Nothingism for people who, in other countries, would simply have their heads cut off after, say, the fifth offense. It is official: Singapore is more Enlightened than the USA. Wave that aborted goo high, LibCommies!

  5. It's most-excellent - and heroic - that he intervened... but did anyone besides me find this bit disturbing?

    "These are my people."

    What does *that* mean?? That he only intervened because the woman being attacked was Asian? Elderly? Other-unspecified?

    This "scoring system" with regard to targets of crime is unacceptable.

    Several years back, there was a disgusting incident somewhere in Atlantic Canada. Some school bullies (all white) made a classmate (also white) lie down prone in a small stream and then, one-by-one walked across the stream on his back. They videoed their "exploits." When the incident and the videos came out, everyone was outraged - as they should have been. But if you read the reactions, one item runs through all of them - everyone was outraged... because the young gent so-abused had a disability (cerebral palsy or something of that sort). It made for depressing reading, since it was pretty clear that this was the ONLY reason that anyone was outraged about what happened - and that if the young gent had just been a healthy, normal young gent, it would have been a "so what" incident.

    The term "outlaw" means that someone so-designated is outside of the protection of the law - and can be dealt with by anyone in any way they deem necessary. Declaring 80% of the population to be outlaws is a really, really, REALLY bad idea - for many reasons.

    1. What you say is why, "He needed killin'", is a valid defense in many of our more civilized states and municipalities.

    2. Yup. "These are my people" jumped out at me too.
      People are tribal.

      Smart thing would be to push the idea that our tribe is American, first and foremost.
      But no.
      Liberals have been pushing multiculturalism since at least the sixties in an effort to create special interest groups in need of representation.
      Democrat representation.
      There is nothing Dems won't happily destroy if it brings them power.

    3. That's one of the things that's scary about these people.

      They are idiots, but they really do believe that if the whole world is burned down, then out of the ashes will arise a new world in which their rightful place as rulers will be created.

      Note that most (if not all) of these people couldn't actually fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

    4. Nothing wrong about people having a closer affinity to their own kin group than to others. I can live with that

      What can no longer be tolerated is the idea that one group is evil if it reacts like that. If one group can act tribal, then all groups can act tribal. If its wrong for one group, its wrong for eberybody

  6. The latest is one of those, "Stand against hate", ads by what I presume are prominent Americans of Oriental descent.

    Of course, they're all good Lefties. Which raises the question why aren't they getting Joe and the Ho involved?

    Or the many Democrats who are the governors and/or mayors of the places where these things happen? When do lives other than black ones matter?

    Or am I being unreasonable?

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  8. Start spending funds earmarked for new/expanded jail facilities on mental institutions. They could even be co-located with existing jails/prisons, but separate.
    Then guys like Mister 33 Arrests could be institutionalized and everyone would benefit.

  9. “ Lawson also needs help likely from a pill.”
    Yes, he does, although I’ve never heard of a hollow point being called “pill”.

    1. "Pill" for "bullet" is widely used. I remember a 1980s Shooting Times, or G&A, special edition on, I believe, military small arms, primarily focused on assault and (vs) battle rifles. I vividly remember the "steel-core pill" expression used to describe the "new" Belgian 62-grain loading. And in uses before and after. Lawrence Sanders novels. No, "pill" is current.

  10. Democrats tell each other and any dope who will listen that they really really CARE. They are so full of cr^p. I learned that from what I experienced growing up in NYC, and seeing first-hand how NYC ignored my younger brother who was seriously mentally ill and needed help.

    Because he was an adult, and NYC lied and said he was “competent” they let him out of a institution in which I and other family had him placed for the treatment he desperately needed.

    The result of NYC’s negligence was predictable. My brother blamed me for my efforts to get him help, talked to other people how he wanted to get a gun and shot me, and ultimately jumped off a bridge and died.

    Yeah, Democrats “care” my AZZ they care.

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