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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Highlights of the News

Jack Posobiec tweeted, "BREAKING: Biden did not come down to greet Japanese PM because he was ‘feeling under the weather’ this morning, per WH official."

America needs a president again.

ITEM 1: Sunny Skyze reported, "The owner of a restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, is offering the man who burglarized his business a job."

The story said, "Carl Wallace is the owner of Diablo's Southwest Grill. Last weekend, someone smashed the restaurant's front door with a brick in an attempt to steal cash from the register -- but there wasn't anything in the drawer."

Wallace said, "You know my initial response was, you know, anger, frustration. I realized that we're gonna have to kind of put up a Facebook post about our door looking really, really bad because here we are going to put up two sheets of plywood over the front door to just get through the day."

Then he had an epiphany.

He said, "It really kind of occurred to me (that it's) … Easter weekend and to just extend an olive branch. You know, extend the layer of forgiveness and kindness and give the … would-be robber some redemption and a different path."

I don't know what religion Wallace is, but he's a better Christian than me.

ITEM 2: CNN reported, "When Raul Castro announced three years ago that he would step down in 2021 as head of Cuba’s all-powerful communist party, he surely envisioned the island on firmer economic footing and the transition to a new generation of leadership nearly complete.

"Things have not worked out exactly according to Castro’s plan.

"As Castro announced he was stepping down on Friday, his country is deep in crisis. The tourism-dependent island has been battered by the pandemic; the economy shrunk at least 11% in 2020 according to government estimates. Cubans each day spend hours in long lines to find increasingly scarce food, medicine and other necessities."

How does CNN know what Castro's plan was? After 62 years of misery for the people while the Castro family amassed a billion dollars in wealth, a logical person would say this was the plan.

ITEM 3: American Rifleman reported, "Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has been awarded a five-year, $49.9 million contract under the United States Army Precision Sniper Rifle program for its MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) MK22 MOD 0 rifle. The firearm will be issued as the cornerstone of a precision kit that includes a Leupold & Stevens Mark 5 HD scope and sniper-accessories. The MK22 will replace several currently fielded Army rifles.

"Designed with precision and modularity in mind, the MK22 provides even greater flexibility within the highly successful MRAD rifle platform. This multi-caliber bolt action sniper rifle is capable of converting between 7.62 NATO, .300 Norma Mag. and .338 Norma Mag. chamberings, based on the mission."

That is good, but I wish Singer Sewing Machines still made guns

ITEM 4: HuffPo reported, "Throughout his decades in public life, Prince Philip was known for putting his royal foot in his mouth with occasional off-the-cuff remarks that could be embarrassing. But his faux pas at a White House dinner with President Richard Nixon in 1969 was enough for Philip to actually lose sleep.

"In a handwritten note to the president uncovered by archivists at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, California, the Duke of Edinburgh wrote to humbly apologize for failing to toast the president’s health as dictated by protocol during a stag dinner in his honor."

The note said, "After the brilliance of the other speakers and yourself, I am afraid my contribution was very lame. That night I woke up in a cold sweat when I realized I had forgotten to propose your health!"

That was sweet. RIP, Phil.

ITEM 5The Sun reported, "America has suffered 54 mass shootings in just the past month, as a CNN host says there’s an 'active shooter situation in the US.'

"The shocking statistics were revealed as a gunman opened fired during a FedEx night shift change in Indianapolis, Indiana, killing at least eight people before he turned the gun on himself."

There is no such thing as a coincidence in politics.

We are being set up for gun confiscation.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer wearing a mask while in the Capitol complex or on the Senate floor now that he is vaccinated, he revealed this week.

"Speaking to CNN Thursday, Cruz (R-Texas) explained, 'At this point, I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated.'

" 'CDC has said in small groups, particularly with people who were vaccinated don’t need to wear masks,' he continued.

"While lawmakers and congressional staff were given priority access to the Pfizer vaccine in December, as well as additional staff being inoculated earlier this year, there are many other Capitol employees and reporters on the premises who have yet to be vaccinated."

If you are vaccinated, you have no virus to pass along.

We would trust the science if the CDC and others based their decisions on science.

ITEM 7: NBC reported, "Public health officials say there are many reasons for the rising surplus of vaccine doses sitting on shelves. Before vaccine production ramped up, providers often maxed out quickly as residents at the greatest risk from the virus scrambled to book scarce appointments. But as availability continues to swell, there are new challenges: how quickly front-line workers are able to push out the shots, whether those who want to get vaccinated face barriers in doing so — and, most significantly, hesitancy among some residents to get vaccinated at all.

"Recent polling shows that although vaccine hesitancy is on the decline, 17% of Americans still want to wait and see before getting a shot, a figure that rises to 24% among black Americans. Doctors and nurses say it’s still common to hear from patients fearing complications that they’re not ready to make an appointment. Public health officials and front-line workers say that not all of that opposition derives from concerns of safety or effectiveness. Polls show Republicans are among the most likely to say they won’t receive a jab at all."

'Tis the nature of vaccinations. Many of us are hesitant. Prior to this one, it had been 44 years since I had a flu shot and that was mandatory as I was in the Army.

Yanking the J&J vaccine over a 1-in-a-million chance of getting blood clots undermined public confidence as well.

My body, my choice.

ITEM 8: CBS reported, "Activists in Chicago are calling for the resignation of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Superintendent David Brown following the release of bodycam footage that shows an officer fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo."

The 774 murders last year -- an increase of 50% from the 506 murders in 2019 -- did not bother these activists.

Only the death of a 13-year-old boy out at 2 AM with a gun does.

One death is a tragedy to communists.

774 are a statistic.

ITEM 9: Glenn Reynolds wrote, "Georgians adopted voter-integrity measures supported by a large majority of Americans, that are in the mainstream of state regulation and in fact are less stringent than the rules in Delaware, President Joe Biden’s home state, and New York. By more than a 2-1 margin, Americans think such rules are not unfair or discriminatory.

"Nonetheless, these measures have produced an unprecedented effort by large corporations to interfere in the workings of a democratic government. Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game out of (majority-black) Atlanta to (majority-white) Denver in protest. Coca-Cola’s president weighed in against the changes. And in a statement organized by Kenneth Chenault, former chief executive of American Express, and Kenneth Frazier, the chief executive of Merck, hundreds of CEOs voiced opposition. Why?

"A cynic would say Georgia is a crucial red state the Democrats managed — barely — to flip blue in 2020 by adopting unorthodox voting measures and the mega-corporations who’ve thrown their lot in with the Democratic Party want to make sure Democrats hold it in 2024. They’d like to ensure similar measures apply across America because they make it easier for Democratic voters — living and dead — to cast votes without identification and without even showing up at the polls, producing a structural advantage for Democrats.

"As always, this is defended in the name of racial equality. But as usual, that’s just a smokescreen for power."

Conservatives have had it with Corporate America.

The Fortune 500 by and large have no problem with dictator Chairman Xi.

But they did everything they could to keep President Donald John Trump from doing the job that we elected him to do.

Up theirs.

The running dogs of capitalism, as Mao called them, are in for a big surprise once Red China takes over.

Hope they like picking cotton and making shoes.

ITEM 10: Breitbart News reported, "An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday found that a majority of Americans oppose woke corporations influencing everyday life. The poll asked registered voters if they support or oppose American companies using their public role, position, or events to influence political, cultural, or social change. 

"The findings show 58% oppose any type of corporation using its power to influence any type of political, cultural, or social change across the country. They also show that 35% did support the efforts by woke corporations, while 7% were unsure how to answer."

Republicans need to make "get woke, go broke" a reality.

Break up Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Coca-Cola. We have antitrust laws. Enforce them.

ITEM 11: Daniel Greenfield reported, "Boehner Stands to Make Millions in Drug Money From Biden Win."

The story said, "While Boehner can be found addressing the Bank of Montreal, the Edison Electric Institute (an electric company lobby), and a Portland life insurance company offering services to the ultra-affluent for pay, he's better known for going to pot.

"Boehner, who had opposed drugs as an elected official, received the high honor of heading up the National Cannabis Roundtable to lobby for drug legalization. The former House Speaker came by the position naturally since he was already on the board of Acreage Holdings.

"Acreage Holdings has one of the biggest marijuana operations in America. As Democrats began to legalize drugs in select states, companies were formed to get in on the action. But despite all the hype, the marijuana business was a disaster. 

"Legalizing and taxing pot just meant users buying cheap ‘illegal’ pot from drug dealers.

"Acreage tried opening operations everywhere only to pull back. The marijuana company suffered $286 million in net losses in 2020. But there was some good news. 

"Canopy Growth, a Canadian company, controlled by Constellation Brands, a liquor company which owns everything from Svedka Vodka to Robert Mondavi, has a deal to buy Acreage on the condition that marijuana is federally legalized in the United States.

"And the only way that could happen is with a Democrat in the White House."

Boehner went from House Speaker to House John Dean.

Which I will shorten to House John.

Republicans must end floor privileges for ex-congressmen.

ITEM 12: Fox enjoyed reporting, "CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers since President Biden took office, with ratings down more than 50% in multiple categories since Inauguration Day.  

"The liberal network spent years attacking former President Donald Trump and the network thrived during his final days in office amid a brief post-election spike. CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers during the first three weeks of 2021, but it has averaged just 1 million viewers since Biden took office, a staggering decline of 54%."

CNN should go back to what worked.

Bashing the president.

Heck, with this demented crook, CNN would not have to use Fake News.

ITEM 13: Roger Friedman reported, "Hunter Biden’s Confessional Book Beautiful Things Is a Sales Bust After First Week Despite PR Push."

The story said, "NPD Book Scan says the book, in which Hunter whines about being a drug addict who slept around and has no memory of fathering a child, has sold just 10,000 copies in its first week. For a celebrity book with so much PR, TV appearances, etc, that’s not a lot.

"On Amazon, Beautiful Things is ranked at number 130 now 177, now 208."

Hunter's broke.

Cocaine dealers and strip joints hardest hit.

ITEM 14: No Q Report reported, "The entire purpose of a free press is to allow the truth to come out. In modern day America, mainstream media works against this notion and proactively works to subvert the truth with their reporting. In the case of CBS News coverage of the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, the dishonesty on their part is striking.

"They intentionally edited out the part of the video that shows a gun in Toledo’s hand just prior to being shot. We know it was intentional because the rest of the video edit kept Toledo in best view, but the split second in which the gun can be seen, they conveniently pulled the edit to the left to keep him hidden before panning back to show him getting shot."

Toledo, armed with a gun, ran from police at 2:30 AM in the middle of Chicago.

No one has explained why a minor was running around like that on what should be a schoolnight.

ITEM 15: Margaret Menge reported, "Both houses of the Indiana legislature voted Thursday to override Gov. Eric Holcomb’s veto of a bill that would allow legislative leaders to call the Indiana General Assembly back into session to deal with an emergency.

"The vote in the House on Thursday morning was 59-26, with all of the yes votes coming from Republicans, and a total of 15 representatives excused.

"In the Senate, all Republicans voted to override the governor’s veto except Sen. Liz Brown of Fort Wayne, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who was absent." 

We can become a republic again. Indiana showed us how. Rein in those powers of the governor.

ITEM 16: Reuters reported, "President Joe Biden signed an order on Friday limiting U.S. refugee admissions this year to the historically low 15,000 cap set under his predecessor Donald Trump, shelving a plan to raise it to 62,500 and drawing the ire of refugee advocates and some Democratic lawmakers.

"But as criticism mounted, the White House issued a statement saying Biden would set a final, increased refugee cap for the remainder of this fiscal year by May 15."

The heat is on.

Americans want their border closed.

If Biden really won the election, he would not have to do this.

ITEM 17: The Blaze reported, "U.S. Embassy warns people fleeing an active volcano about the COVID dangers associated with cruise ships."

Our crack federal team is right on the case. 

Follow the science. Zero people died of covid at Pompei because they knew better than escaping aboard a cruise trireme and risking a virus.

Just think of molten lava as Nature's Vaccination, which comes without the risk of blood clotting.


  1. Ask yourself ... would life suck all that much if Coca-Cola was a thing of the deep and distant past?

    1. They started downhill when they took the cocaine out.

    2. I haven't had a coke in probably 20 years quit it about the same time I quit alcohol. Miss neither.

    3. I too am making the switch to Royal Crown when I can find it.

    4. Pepsi! Pepsi! ..
      Hit's the spot ...
      12 Full Ounces, that's a lot ...

      (Admit it, those of you over 50 sang this)

    5. Thanks a lot! Now that tune is stuck in my head!

    6. Unknown,Pepsi is woke too, they back black liars matter and are an offal sponsor of the national felon's league and the kneel down clown show. I dumped them and all Frito products when colonoscopy began his crap. Took a while to find a potato chip I like, but I was recently at an eatery where we got chips with the sandwich, and I took a bag of Lays. Couldn't finish em. Yup, you CAN eat just one Lay's potato chip.

  2. Item 1: Just don't let the robber anywhere near the cash register, EVER! And don't think that way, Don, nobody is any better Christian than anyone else who believes.

  3. #17 Soufiere' volcano is slowing down but made a mess.
    No deaths. It will be interesting to see how the Hurricane season goes due to the cooling effects of the ash in the Caribbean.

    1. DC—Perceptive point! Will watch with great interest this hurricane season.

    2. DC—Perceptive point! Will watch with great interest this hurricane season.

  4. #17 Soufiere' volcano is slowing down but made a mess.
    No deaths. It will be interesting to see how the Hurricane season goes due to the cooling effects of the ash in the Caribbean.

  5. “Dreams unfulfilled, graduate unskilled
    It beats pickin cotton and waiting to be forgotten...”

    - The Replacements, Bastards of Young

    How’s that hopey-changey thing workin out for ya?

  6. #8. Toledo was KNOWN as Lil' Homicide for a reason. WHERE the hell were his parents?? NOW they will get rich.

    1. When they should be behind bars. Like so many other families that cultivate killer children.

  7. Item 5: The shooter's family should be charged with eight counts of first degree murder. They raised him to be the psychopath that he was.

    1. Like a lot of kids today, he was probably raised by his school system.

  8. And the shooter in Indianapolis was - wait for it- "known to authorities". How many times have we heard that story? Yet nobody ever gets fired.

  9. And when Xiden finally met with the PM, the vaccinated Xiden was wearing two masks. Sad that he is on the White House. .

    6 - way to go Ted. I wonder if Schumer or Piglousy will have him placed under arrest.

    10 - amen

    13 - I’m sure most of the 10,000 bought were by a union or some organization pumping up sales. The books are sitting in a warehouse gathering dust.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ...or 10,000 bought for the porn pics

    3. The Japanese prime minister was probably thinking " Got to get that Carrier program going."

  10. Item 10: Big Business
    The democrat controlled justice department will never break up their big business allies. File a lawsuit with a conservative judge demanding the removal of patent protection for all those programs and processes used by those firms to restrict our rights under the First Amendment, those patents are how they maintain their monopolies. Otherwise the Government is complicit in denying us our First Amendment Rights! This is exactly the way the lawsuit should be framed.

    Make Big Business fear the right and start to break them up. Then we can see real free market enterprise. Bigger may not mean better, but is does usually imply more power.

  11. 7. 1 in 1,000,000 chance of developing blood clots from J&J vaccine is very low and a naive assumption. It is the same formula as the Astra Zeneca shot now being withdrawn in Europe for the same reason. Your body Don, but don't be fooled by fake stats.

    1. Everything about this virus is fake. My main reason for not getting a shot is that the lying bastards in the government want so much for me to get it. All the favorable treatment stories are suppressed and, now, Fauci insists the so-called vaccines offer very little protection. Tell me this isn't the most blatant, three-ring circus in recent history. If it were not so destructive to our culture and economy, it'd be hilarious.

    2. Agree with one caveat: The virus itself exists, but its danger is minimal and almost non-existent with early treatment. Everything else about it is fake.

  12. If gun confiscation is what they try I promise I will make them and their families pay dearly for their goals.

  13. Item 7. To quote Mark Twain, "You can choose to not read the news and be uninformed or read the news and be misinformed." Never has the mass media done a larger dis-service to the public than all the fear mongering tales of side effects, ill effects, deaths and other horror stories if you take the vaccine rarely telling what a tiny percentage of the total this represents. Once again they choose to mislead us in the interest of scaring us. I like many Americans said I would get a shot as soon as I could walk in and get it at the local drug store until "the boss'(wife) took charge. If there are any serious problem convincing people to do this lay the blame one more time on the so called news people.

  14. item 2: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not bummed for Raul, who done it to himself, and allllllll the OTHER Cubans...

    Item 4: I saw a picture this week or last, where he was dressed as a Guard and the Queen walked by, and smiled...

    Item 7: I got mine in January and February, my wife in February and March, in our rural area.

    Item 11: (Inhale) Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... (I just couldn't resist that.)

    Item 12: Don makes a 30,000 watt ZINGER!

  15. #7: The main reason I, and perhaps many other old conservatives, are reluctant to get their "vaccine" is, we no longer can place a bit of trust in our government or the medical establishment. Personally I've always been a bit leery of them even as a young liberal; the passing of years brought a modicum of wisdom and with it a level of distrust and disgust I'd never have imagined. So today my faith is in the Lord, and without that I'd have given up a long time ago.

  16. That photo at the top is the entire xiden "presidency" (sic) summarized in a single image.

    5 - As per the "Snowgander plan," governors (and county sheriffs, etc.) need to simply declare that their jurisdictions are 2nd amendment sanctuary jurisdictions - as Gov. Ricketts did in Nebraska a few days ago. The plain-and-ordinary meaning of the Constitution is the law of the land; nonsense emitted by the illegitimate junta in dc is not.

    1. I'm sure under the "Snowgander Plan" all sporting events will include Curling somehow.

    2. Exactly!

      Let's get this sports-liberation effort started!

      Take five minutes to learn the basics:

      And guess which country won the gold medal at the last (2018) Winter Olympics?

    3. I hate to say it, One who watches Snow, but I did enjoy it in 2018. The USA men were superb. And Swedish Agnes Knochenhauer was a womanly example of perfection. Not really, that's just the UN-sexiest name I've ever heard!!!

    4. Hey, it's the Swedish CURLING team, not the Swedish BIKINI team...

    5. Don't get me wrong, One that watches Snow, I'm on board with the Curling!!! I'm just saying, "Agnes Knochenhauer" really throws a wet blanket over any thoughts of Swedish "collusion"!!!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: Funny how Communism always works out that way.

    5: Doubtless. I also think, if the Lefties want a war, that will start it.

    6: And yet, there's now news that, if you get the shot and get the Brown Bilharzia, you shouldn't get the shot again.

    Guess it doesn't work.

    9: adopting unorthodox voting measures

    It's called vote fraud.

    11: Rs need to purge the Whigs.

    12: I thought his numbers were supposed to be just so swell.

    16: Reinstate Trump. My wife hates the 2 broads next in line.

  20. #9 "The Fortune 500 by and large have no problem with dictator Chairman Xi."

    Milton Friedman said something like, "There are two groups that hate the free market - college professors and CEOs." We've known about the first group for a long time. Now, we now about the second group.

    1. Even Adam Smith knew this back in the day.

      He had a discourse on how too many businessmen will try to use state power to conspire against the marketplace and consumers; today we call what he described "crony capitalism."

  21. I got my two vaccination shots from the Veterans Administration in February and March. So far, no side effects to speak of.

  22. #10. In James Caan's Rollerball, the world is run by corporations. We are three years behind schedule. Or are we

  23. 8 & 14. What did he have to do to earn the nick name li'l homicide?

    9 & 10. I sold my att, facebook, twitter, disney and fox stock. Now I need to review the new list of sjw ceo's.

  24. Item 1:
    I hate to be “that guy,” but this story does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The problem with the Republican party is that there are too many turn-the-other-cheek Christians and not enough of the fire and brimstone ones. (I am assuming this guy is a Republican). It makes for a party that is na├»ve, easily manipulated, docile, too trusting, and unable to learn from past errors. It is why the Republican party is full of lying politicians that will tell their constituents one thing to get elected, but then vote against their wishes. It is how Mormons (I think they call themselves Christians) can elect a Mitt Romney. It is how poll watches who think the election is in the bag, can be ordered home at 2 in the morning only to have it stolen right out from under them. When I hear stories like this, I think about all the YouTube videos I have watched over the years where the perp comes into a convenience store and pulls a gun to rob the place, but gets blown away by the clerk instead. Now that gives me a warm and fussy feeling.

    1. You make an excellent point. Christians tend to emphasize “harmless as doves” and neglect “wise as serpents.”

    2. You make an excellent point. Christians tend to emphasize “harmless as doves” and neglect “wise as serpents.”

    3. I'm in agreement with you, Mac that is Big!

  25. Hopefully the Cash Register Robber will have a happy ending! Yep, when he shows up tell him you will give a tour of the place and eventually steer him out the back door into an alley where you beat the crap out of him and have the Police waiting around the corner! Just explain that he was remorseful but rather clumsy and just slipped and fell into the side of the building seven times! AND we need a TRUTH IN REPORTING ACT! Make it a CRIME for a news agency to post or display DOCTORED video or pictures! The scum KNEW they were hiding the gun!

  26. 17: Cruise ships are not terrible Covid incubators. There have been studies done on the spread of the disease on that one ship that wasn't allowed to disembark their passengers. Nothing unusual.

  27. 13 - Hunter's broker? I wouldn't have time enough left to spend 2 millions on hookers, and I believe I'll outlive the fellow.

  28. ITEM 2: I'm sure Obama'd be willing to replace Castro. Being officially a dictator would probably please him immensely.

  29. Item 1: Or could be entrapment

  30. ITEM #2 - “ How does CNN know what Castro's plan was?” Inside Information.

    CNN is not known as “Communist News Network” for nothing.