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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Highlights of the News

Cher is now the enemy of the people, comrade.

ITEM 1: American Spectator reported, "Cher, the celebrity-turned-political-hatchet-lady for liberals, has made sport of torching Republicans, to the delight of leftists. But alas, the Left is like Saturn: it eats its own children. Eventually, any progressive in good standing is bound to run afoul of the Ministry of Truth, condemned for apostasy in the liberal church. As the list of thought crimes and unacceptable language ever evolves, even the most social-media-savvy left-winger can’t keep up with what is and isn’t permissible."

Saturn was a Greek god whose wife was his sister.

Cher tweeted, "Was talking With Mom, & She Said ‘I Watched Trial Of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd,& Cried’. I Said “Mom,I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY,But.. I Kept Thinking …..Maybe If I’d Been There,…I Could’ve Helped😔"

The Weally Woke™ denounced her. The money tweet went, "I say this with respect: White savior complex. Stop."

The tweet was from a white who misspelled it.

The epithet is YT SAVIOR.

This is the liberal version of Louis Farrakhan's White Devils.

She showed contrition in a second tweet.

Just remember, no one is safe. The left once ridiculed Obama as a Magic Negro.

ITEM 2: I don't dismiss Cher as a mere celebrity. She succeeded in music, television, and films.

Oh, her politics are terrible, but I respect her achievements.

ITEM 3: American Lookout reported, "Joe And Jill Biden Mention Jesus Christ ZERO Times During Easter Message."

He mentioned covid 19 seven times.

Chairman Xiden likes Easter and Halloween because he can offer children free candy from his van without raising suspicion.

ITEM 4: Gallup announced, "At the same time Americans' satisfaction with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has surged, their concerns about getting the virus and about the availability of coronavirus tests and hospital services/treatment have fallen to record lows.

"35% of U.S. adults now say they are very or somewhat worried about contracting COVID-19, the lowest point in Gallup's trend since April 2020. 

"22% of Americans are very or moderately worried about access to hospital services/treatment, and 14% are just as worried about access to COVID-19 tests."

President Donald Trump delivered not one but two vaccines on time and under budget, much to the dismay of Democrats and their Republican lackeys.

But they will credit Xiden.

ITEM 5: The Washington Post reported, "The Trump White House provided reporters with a gusher of leaks. Everything's changed."

That's because the leaks were all lies.

He did not drink 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.

He did not watch Gorilla TV for hours on end.

And most of all, he did not collude with Putin.

ITEM 6: The New York Times lied, "Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters’ Towns, Study Finds

"Counties with the most significant declines in the non-Hispanic white population were the most likely to produce insurrectionists Capitol protesters."


They came from Detroit, Hawaii, and other areas where whites are in the minority?

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "Major League Baseball announced that they are moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Georgia in protest of the state's new voting laws — and it now it is reportedly headed to Colorado, which has some rules that are similar, if not more restrictive."

Georgia's new law offers 17 days of early voting. Colorado only 15.

Fox said, "As it turns out, Colorado also requires voters to show identification when voting in person, and the state says that first-time mail-in voters may be required to include a copy of their identification with their ballot.

"This is not far off from Georgia, which requires identification for in-person and absentee voting, although Georgia requires proof of identity for all absentee voting. According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office, voters without ID can use the last four digits of their social security number, a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or another government document with their name and address on it."

The White House and its media whores say it is a false equivalence because Georgia bans campaigning within 150 feet of a polling station, including the handing out of water by campaign workers.

Colorado law says, "Campaign workers are allowed outside of polling places to offer water, snacks, and other items to voters who are waiting to vote. These comfort teams, however, may NOT campaign or wear any apparel or accessories bearing the name or image of a candidate, political party, or ballot measure if they operate within 100 feet of the polling place."

ITEM 8: Zero Hedge reported, "Fauci Can't Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening."

Tony the Tyrant's actual words were, "It can be confusing because you may see a lag or a delay, because often you have to wait a few weeks...there's a lot of things that go into that.

"I'm not really sure, it could be because they're doing things outdoors, you know it's very difficult to just one-on-one compare that...I hope they continue to tick down, if they do that would be great. But there's always the concern that when you pull back on methods, particularly things like indoor dining, or bars that are could see a delay, then all of a sudden cases tick back up."

He cannot explain because he is an immunologist, not an epidemiologist. He is a wrench when we need a screwdriver, which makes him a tool. A useless tool. 

Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide in a world of 1.8 billion people.

A year into this one, 3 million people are dead out of four times that number.

ITEM 9: Reuters reported, "Arkansas on Tuesday became the first U.S. state to ban certain types of treatment to transgender youth, overriding a veto by Governor Asa Hutchinson and inviting lawsuits from civil rights groups that have vowed to stop it."

Civil rights?

What is so civil about mutilating children?

ITEM 10: United Press International reported, "Forbes' annual World's Billionaires List grew to a record 2,755 people in 2021, adding $5 trillion in worth despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The business magazine released its 35th annual list Tuesday, which saw an increase of 660 of people, including 493 newcomers. Collectively, the 2,755 people on the list represent $13.1 trillion in wealth, up from $8 trillion in 2020.

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos maintained his hold at the top of the list for the fourth year in a row. He's worth $177 billion, up from $113 billion in 2020."

Covid 19 ruined small businesses while these billionaire curs saw a 62% growth in net worth.

No wonder they all suck up to Chairman Xi and Red China. They should thank him for this corona virus.

ITEM 11: New York Times lied, "Crystal Mason Was Sentenced to Five Years Behind Bars Because She Voted."

Paragraph 7 said, "Tarrant County prosecutors went after her for illegal voting anyway. They said she should have known she was not allowed to vote. The state had sent her a letter telling her so in 2012, shortly after she had been sentenced in the tax-fraud case."


Once again, the Times crusades instead of reporting.

ITEM 12: Caitlyn Jenner, the only woman to win a men's gold in the Olympics, may run for governor of California as Gavin Newsom fights a recall.

That's nice.

He transitioned to she when he was an adult. His body, her choice.

John Hinderaker at Power Line quoted his daughter, who said, "If the first transgender governor is a Republican people will lose their minds."

ITEM 13: New York Magazine reported, "COVID-19 is ‘A Great Excuse to Do Nothing’: The People Who Don’t Want to Return to Normalcy."

What is not to like? You can work from home and play video games all day.

Breanna Martins, a high-school art teacher in Boston, told the magazine, "I’ve always been very self-conscious in public."

And yet she became a teacher whose job is to be in public 6 hours a day.

Martins said, "I’ve never been as productive as I was those first three months of quarantine.

"I was able to segment off from the world and just focus on my art, creation without expectations and fear of other people critiquing it or seeing it because I knew there weren’t going to be any shows anytime soon."

So she had the best of both worlds, a paycheck and not having to teach in school.

People used to work and then retire. I was born too early.

ITEM 14: The Patch reported, "Border Patrol agents this week rescued two children who had been abandoned along the border near Jacumba in southeastern San Diego County.

"Agents spotted a man and woman walking just south of the border with two children around 3 p.m. Monday, according to the Border Patrol's San Diego-area office. The pair hoisted the children over boulders in an area where the border wall ends at the side of a mountain abutting the boulders.

"Agents found the 6-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl alone and crying, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Jeff Stephenson said.

"The children were taken to a nearby Border Patrol station, where they gave agents a handwritten note that had their mother's name and phone number, Stephenson said. The siblings also had their mom's name and phone numbers written in marker on their forearms.

"Agents contacted the mother for additional information regarding the children. The siblings will be transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services, Stephenson said."


The mother who abandoned her kid like that is a monster. Let someone else take care of them.

The people who build these monsters are Democrats who call for the abolition of ICE (yes this is Border Patrol, a different entity). Democrats and Corporate America invite this invasion.

America, we have a sickness. It runs in Washington.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "Jeff Bezos says Amazon supports Biden’s proposed corporate tax hike."

Why not?

Amazon won't pay it.

The company paid no taxes in 2017 and 2018.

CNBC said Amazon finally paid taxes last year.

CNBC said, "After two straight years of paying $0 in U.S. federal income tax, Amazon was on the hook for a $162 million bill in 2019, the company said in an SEC filing on Thursday.

"Of course, $162 million is still just a fraction of the $13.9 billion in pre-tax income Amazon reported for 2019 — roughly 1.2%, in fact."

That $250 million he paid to buy the Washington Post saved him billions, and gave him immense power. No politician in Washington dares take on the local newspaper.

FINALLY, Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to January 28, 2013, when the New York Times reported, "When Jim Crow Drank Coke."

The report said, "Asa G. Candler, who had taken over the business, kept the formula secret, an Atlanta paper revealed in 1891 what many consumers — who called the soda dope — already knew: Coca-Cola contained cocaine.

"Candler began marketing the drink as refreshing rather than medicinal, and managed to survive the controversy. But concerns exploded again after the company pioneered its distinctive glass bottles in 1899, which moved Coke out of the segregated spaces of the soda fountain. Anyone with a nickel, black or white, could now drink the cocaine-infused beverage. Middle-class whites worried that soft drinks were contributing to what they saw as exploding cocaine use among African-Americans. Southern newspapers reported that 'negro cocaine fiends' were raping white women, the police powerless to stop them. By 1903, Candler had bowed to white fears (and a wave of anti-narcotics legislation), removing the cocaine and adding more sugar and caffeine.

"Coke’s recipe wasn’t the only thing influenced by white supremacy: through the 1920s and ’30s, it studiously ignored the African-American market. Promotional material appeared in segregated locations that served both races, but rarely in those that catered to African-Americans alone.

"Meanwhile Pepsi, the country’s second largest soft drink company, had tried to fight Coke by selling its sweeter product in a larger bottle for the same price. Still behind in 1940, Pepsi’s liberal chief executive, Walter S. Mack, tried a new approach: he hired a team of 12 African-American men to create a negro markets department.

"By the late 1940s, black sales representatives worked the Southern Black Belt and Northern black urban areas, black fashion models appeared in Pepsi ads in black publications, and special point-of-purchase displays appeared in stores patronized by African-Americans. The company hired Duke Ellington as a spokesman. Some employees even circulated racist public statements by Robert W. Woodruff, Coke’s president."

The idea that white people resented black people drinking Coke is amusing.

Hence the birth of cultural appropriation.

Birth of Cultural Appropriation. Wasn't that a D.W. Griffith movie?


  1. Bezos made $64 billion from one year of lockdowns? George Soros was an amateur.

  2. “I was born too early.” AMEN, Big D. Amen.

  3. 13 - one of my daughters is a high school art teacher. She said you can’t teach art from home. The lockdown sucked. She can’t wait to be back in the classroom next week. Martins should be fired. Instead, she will probably be teacher of the year.

    7 & FINALLY - Coors Field is hosting the All-star game. In the 70s Coors had a problem with hiring minorities. Good job, MLB.

    1. SL: good for her. If you're not teaching, you're not a teacher. I, too, used to be nervous in front of large groups largely because of a speech disfluency. However, as I was going to be a teacher, I worked to overcome my discomfort. Spent 15 years teaching History and Geography. I was pretty good at it and taught the truth, not LibCong BS.

  4. I was born right on time, thank G-d. A new procedure for treating Rh- babies had just been taught the attending physician!

  5. Cher was a terrible mother who, according to Chastity/Chaz' bio was a homophobe would only talk to her at a therapist office after the appointment was made by Cher's assistant. Her support is for public consumption only.

    Her son is a drug addict.

    Was once a Cher fan but realized she was a shill for anything that made a buck after she enthusiastically appeared in infomercials for that monthly subscription hair care line exposed as a rip-off. Cher was paid to appear and never used the stuff.

    1. I didn't know Elijah Blue had drug problems. I know her daughter is a surgically deformed drug dependent nutcase who wants to be a man.

  6. 2: Her (lack of) parenting skills are worth mentioning, right Chastity? er Chaz?

    12: Do not call him a her.
    "Transgender" is a mental illness. Bruce, for some unfathomable reason, cannot accept the skin in which he was born, so he lied to himself, and had his body mutilated to further that lie.
    The insidious nature of that lie is to try to force everyone else to disavow the truth of the matter, and go along with the lie, too.

    1. Well stated. If only this opinion wouldn't get me fired..

    2. I agree transgenderism is a mental illness but there are many who are trend followers and are latching on because celebrities espouse it and their friends are expressing agreement. Something similar happened with homosexuality back in the late 70's when popular musicians like Bowie, Lou Reed professed themselves to be gay.

  7. #9
    The pretzel logic of the governor was exposed on Tucker. Asa Hutchinson who has your giblets in a vice?

  8. Cher’s statement - “I kept thinking” presumes she is actually capable of thought. Epic fail.....

  9. ITEM 7: Campaign workers are allowed outside of polling places to offer water, snacks, and other items to voters who are waiting to vote.

    Why can’t voters go prepared with their own snacks?

    ITEM 8: Fauci is “a useless tool” and a little man with an inferiority complex.

    On a personal note… We had to buy a new washer & a new dryer yesterday, and I found what I wanted at Home Depot. I was floored to learn it will take at least 2 weeks for the machines to be delivered to the store. If I wanted the store to deliver them to our home and install them, I’d have to wait until the end of May “at the earliest.” Thank God our son-in-law will be able to pick them up and install them for us. Apparently, home appliances are selling fast, and don’t even consider building materials because the prices are “through the roof” (no pun intended).

    1. -Why can’t voters go prepared with their own snacks?-

      There you go using logic again!

      Unfortunately, what the left doesn't say is nothing's stopping anyone from bringing food/water to a polling place.
      They just aren't allowed to use it as an inducement to get someone to vote for a particular candidate.

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  11. #12. It's California, they've lost their minds. Electing a faux conservative means nothing, just like when der Gropenfeurer was governor.

  12. Finally: The media didn't like it when blacks were smoking weed in the 30's, either, after the film Reefer Madness came out.

  13. Item 5: I trust nothing, NOTHING, from the WaPoo; the NYT and the "media", too!

    Item 15: "That $250 million he paid to buy the Washington Post paid itself back a 100 times over or more, because no politician in Washington dares take on WaPo." This is just one reason for why I call the WaPo the WaPoo. Always WaPooping...

  14. Kitty - get a top loading washer, you will be happier. Front loaders don’t last, wash worse, costlier to repair, and start smelling.

    And older top loading washers wash better...

    1. I bought a top loader to replace the top loader that died.

    2. Every time the repairman comes to take care of a small problem with our 30 year old Whirlpool top loader, he tells us to never replace it. Most modern machines are expensive junk.

    3. LG makes good stuff but I would rather buy American.

    4. My front loader pair is over twelve years old, washes/dries as well as when new and better than a top loader. Amazing how well tools work, when the operator is smarter than the tool.

  15. If the media is going to capitalize Black then they need to capitalize White. To do otherwise is ACTUAL racism as opposed to the fake junk they write about to stir up animosity.

  16. Item 2: I flew Cher as Captain on a charter flight some years ago. Her politics may suck but you won't find a nicer, more charming lady. And she was absolutely gorgeous especially considering her age at the time. It's too bad she's on the wrong side. Oh well.

    1. Chrome plated crap is pretty on the outside, but it’s still crap inside.

  17. #13.
    We were definately NOT born too early. Can you imagine living in this crazy world of cancel culture when you were young and needed a job to take care of your family. Or try and decide where to send your kids to school. Or explain all the crazyness to them that they get in school indoctrination-but tell them NOT to tell the teacher about it?
    I'll take the 50-60 to grow up any time.
    As for working for a living and eventual retirement-thanks

    1. Gotta agree Doc. Born in 57 and growing up in the 60's and 70's were awesome. The shenanigans you could do and get away with would boggle the mind of anyone under 40. Never were we bored. I wouldn't trade it for Cher's help!

    2. I'm glad I am part of the Ronald Reagan/G.I. Joe ARAH Generation. We had fun, used our imaginations, and learned to love our country beyond any description I could give you.

      I gave my kids a taste of that and they love Trump on their own (without any arm-twisting from me) so I think it worked out. Not so sure how things will turn out when they have kids. Thankfully Texans tend to stay Texans and raise Texans so I will remain hopeful.

    3. Little child dry your crying eyes.
      How can I explain the fear you feel inside?
      For you were born into an evil world where men are killing men and no one know just why...

  18. Can Trump buy a different country so the 75 million sane people have a safe harbor to move to?

    1. We're already working on it.

  19. Wow! The theme of all these items posted this morning is, so much stupidity, so little time. That's why I'm hooked on this blog.

    ITEM 8 - It seems obvious to me that government medical bureaucrats are terrified of ambulance chasing lawyers, which is why they hem and haw about covid.

    ITEM 12 - Jenner may face competition for governor from Ric Grenell, who is gay. Grenell, however, is a hard nosed administrator with a very sensitive b.s. detector.

    This brings to mind a popular meme circulating that shows Howard Cosell standing between Bruce Jenner and O.J. Simpson. The caption says, "This is Howard Cosell. I've been looking into the future and you won't believe what I've seen."

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    4: This is Gallup talking, remember? They're afraid of the Demos.

    8: Deep State Dwarf has made a career of being wrong (or saying what the Demos want to hear).

    You expect him to change at 80?

    13: There have always been people like her, except we used to call them bums.

    FINALLY: Coke was formulated by John C Pemberton, a Philadelphian who fought for the Confederacy and commanded the defense of Vicksburg.

    I guess he wanted blacks to suffer.

  21. #8 Fauci is confused by the low covid numbers in Texas in light of Biden importing thousands of covid cases through the southern border.

    1. Faux Xi is such a malignant little dwarf.

    2. Oh, and Bidet* is now responsible for a full quarter of all Wu Flu deaths despite only having been installed for not even a full three months yet.

    3. Bidet* (I love that nickname) doesn’t even know where he is. They’ve got him upstairs eating oatmeal and watching cartoons!

  22. 'Morning...

    6 - These are just the comfortable fictions that the blue-enclaves dwellers tell each other - that they are the inevitable future, as per the Marxists nonsense they all imbibed. Radio Moscow used to sound a lot like this stuff...

    7 - Curling. (Seriously folks, I've been whispering this magic word all week for anyone looking for a still-non-woke sport - check it out! :-) )

    8 - "he is an immunologist, not an epidemiologist" - Don't even give him that much credit - the problem isn't that his expertise is wrong, but that he's a clown who schmoozed his way up the bureaucratic ladder (where actually ability counts for little). Anyone with a little knowledge and a little ability to compare things to past respiratory-virus outbreaks would have done a better job.

    9 - So if your young daughter decides she's really a mermaid, you have to let her have surgery to have her legs removed? (The ghost of Saddam Hussein approves.)

    10 - Has Bezos had to fork over half of that in his divorce settlement yet?

    13 - Printing money to pay people to do nothing and forcing the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates at zero is the economic plan-of-record right now. (The ghost of Santa Claus approves.)

    15 - Has Bezos had to fork over half of that in his divorce settlement yet?

    1. 6 - When I recognize the continuing abandonment of journalistic and literary standards of, respectively, the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine, I find myself sensing a need for (and rooting for) the complete destruction of NY City itself. Which seems to be nearing. Glad 45 switched his residency to Florida.

    2. It was either 30% or one third, I forget which, agreed relatively amicably, sort of like the division of the Hapsburg Empire between its Austrian and Spanish branches. This is one divorce where the lawyers couldn't consume all the family substance.

  23. Also 8 - I've spoken with Fauci and been in a meeting with him. He is what you see on tv. More of a tummler at a Catskills do than a working scientist.

    1. Wow. Seriously? You've met that clown? Woah.

    2. Yes. Serious. He's a usual left-credence creature in the Wash. DC area. An ideological mind-holding that doesn't recognize other thinking. No meta-ideology, no wisdom. But hey, he's got a degree. And I suppose he's sort of cutesy...

    3. Like a Gollum. Or whatever they call it. Lol.

      He strikes me as completely out of touch like a typical bureaucrat or pointy head.

  24. #1—Saturn was a Roman god who married his sister.

    Finally—-John C Pemberton fought for the Confederacy. He was injured whilst fighting to preserve slavery and became addicted to morphine. He formulated Coke with cocaine to help him break his morphine addiction.

    How does this pro-slavery company, Coke, get a pass from the woke monsters?

    1. As a child of the North, my soft drink preferences were Vernors and Pepsi. The rural south from the 70s to present remains sadly sparse of available Vernors for sale. Sigh.

    2. With my pizza at lunch today, I asked for a Dr. Pepper. Told me,"We don't have Dr. Pepper. Mr. Pibb okay?" Drat! Another Cock product!

    3. That's "Coke". Damn autospell.

    4. Go read what the CEO of Pepsi said about the U.S. after 9/11 and you will never buy another Pepsi or Yum product again. I haven't used either in 20 years.

  25. 15. The fact that there are no segregated commercials (and sports--no negro league) and both appeal to a diverse audience proves that "systemic racism" is BS.

    1. Not to mention that in most sports "minorities" are highly over-represented compared to their population percentage.

    2. Watch out, Big Jake -- Jimmy the Greek got fired for that "Due to comments he made about breeding practices during slavery leading to Black people becoming superior athletes, CBS fired him in January 1988." (wikipedia)

  26. Nathan Detroit's Oldest Established Permanent Floating Baseball Game.

  27. ITEM 12: California already elected the first transgender Governor and she was a Republican and her name was Arnalda. Do the research.

  28. ITEM 12: California already elected the first transgender Governor and she was a Republican and her name was Arnalda. Do the research.

  29. Cher has always been an enema of the people. Glad to see the left has finally figured this out.

    Oh, wait. You said enemy, not enema. I stand corrected. But still glad the left has finally figured this out.

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