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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Highlights of the News

A jury convicted Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin of the murder of George Floyd. I accept the verdict, tainted as it is by the mob outside the courtroom.

Of course, that will not end the case because once empowered, it is difficult to get a mob to disperse.

ITEM 1: Politico reported, "For a country roiled by a pandemic, a year of protests, a bitter presidential campaign colored by ugly racial invective and a failed insurrection, the verdict felt, for many, something like relief.

"But even with the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, there were pointed reminders that one case does not equal systemic change."

And that is the fear: systemic change, because the change sought eliminates free speech in the name of banning hate speech, eliminates property rights in the name of mostly peaceful protest, and eliminates the right to a fair trial in the name of justice for (fill in the blank of the petty criminal).

Black people are being had. They are trading their rights as Americans protected by the Constitution for having black capitalized in news stories.

This is all theater. Nancy Pelosi said, “Thank you George Floyd for Sacrificing Your Life for Justice!”

Democrats are using black people, just as Democrats used white people during segregation.

ITEM 2: The National Pulse reported, "A New York Times podcast sponsored by Huawei, a Chinese Communist Party-linked technology firm, criticizes U.S. artificial intelligence companies praised for catching child sex predators.

"What’s more, Kara Swisher’s recent Sway podcast relies on analysis from Joy Buolamwini, a researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab which has taken millions of dollars linked to Jeffrey Epstein. MIT Media Lab 'aggressively sought the financial support of the convicted sex offender Epstein,' according to WIRED, and hosted him as a guest 'at least nine times from 2013 to 2017.' "

Follow the money, and there is plenty of money to be had in protecting pedophiles, as the cash-strapped New York Times has discovered.

But I thought Red China had higher standards than to underwrite junk like this.

ITEM 3: The American Humanist Association Board announced, "Established in 1953, the Humanist of the Year Award is conferred annually by the American Humanist Association, recognizing the awardee as an exemplar of humanist values. Communication of scientific concepts to the public is an important aspect of advancing the cause of humanism. Richard Dawkins was honored in 1996 by the AHA as Humanist of the Year for his significant contributions in this area.

"Regrettably, Richard Dawkins has over the past several years accumulated a history of making statements that use the guise of scientific discourse to demean marginalized groups, an approach antithetical to humanist values. His latest statement implies that the identities of transgender individuals are fraudulent, while also simultaneously attacking black identity as one that can be assumed when convenient. His subsequent attempts at clarification are inadequate and convey neither sensitivity nor sincerity."


Calling a man a man and a woman a woman gets you kicked out of the He Man God Hating Club.

Pray for Dawkins to find The Lord.

ITEM 4: The Washington Post reported, "USDA extends universal free lunch through next school year, bringing relief to millions of food-insecure families."

But will there be universal school openings to go with the lunch? Or will teachers continue to play hooky?

ITEM 5: The Washington Examiner reported, "Sen. Ted Cruz grilled Stacey Abrams during a Senate hearing over claims that her run for Georgia governor was stolen from her through voter suppression."

Cruz said, "The percentage of black Georgians who are registered to vote in 2018 is 64.7%. That compares to 60.2% as the national average, the percentage of Georgians who voted in 2018, the election you claim was stolen from you, was 56.3%. That's higher than the national average of 48%.

"Let me ask you this, Miss Abrams. In 2018, do you know which demographic group in Georgia had the highest registration percentage and the highest turnout percentage?"

The press should have had that information out years ago.

But none ever dare question a black Democrat.

ITEM 6: Life News reported, "An Idaho Senate committee advanced a pro-life bill Tuesday to protect unborn babies from abortion once their heartbeats are detectable. The new measure is a revised version of legislation the panel previously passed that corrects a wording error.

"After passing the Republican-led Senate State Affairs Committee, the measure now goes to the full Senate and has already cleared the House.

"Sponsored by state Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Caldwell, and Rep. Steven Harris, R-Meridian, the bill would prohibit abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. Exceptions would be allowed for rape, incest or threats to the mother’s life.

"A number of states have passed heartbeat laws in recent years, but all have been banned from enforcing them due to legal challenges by abortion activist groups. States with heartbeat laws include Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio and Tennessee. So this bill contains a trigger provision that would take effect only if a court in the U.S. upholds another heartbeat law."

The national sin of the 19th century was slavery. It ended in 1865.

The national sin of the 20th century was segregation. It ended in 1964.

The national sin of the 21st century is abortion. It, too, will end.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "A mass shooting at a child’s birthday party in Louisiana left six people wounded — including a 12-year-old, authorities said.

"The gunfire that broke out at the bash late Saturday in LaPlace was sparked by an argument, according to St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office.

"No fatalities were reported and no arrests had been made as of Sunday."

And no one is talking to the police.

Sheriff Mike Tregre told, "We have not one witness, not one person that saw anything yet. I’m going to be polite — it’s more than frustrating."

Evidently people prefer the Law of the Jungle over the Rule of Law in St. John the Baptist Parish.

ITEM 8: The Wrap reported, "Netflix’s momentum from 2020 didn’t carryover into 2021 it appears, with the streaming giant on Tuesday reporting it added 2 million less subscribers than it expected between January and March.

"Netflix added 4 million accounts globally in Q1, bringing the company to 207.6 million subscriptions overall. That came in below the 6 million new accounts Netflix projected it would add in Q1."

Bu-bu-but Newsweek told me the boycott over the child porn flick failed.

ITEM 9: Summit News reported, "Yet another disgusting video has emerged of children being paraded around during a late night drag queen show in L.A. as they are encouraged to take cash tips from members of the crowd.

"The woman filming the video expresses her revulsion at the scene, commenting, 'Why in the hell do these people got these fucking little-bitty ass kids at this fucking drag show?'

" 'It is 11:40 at night – these people have children in a fucking drag show in L.A.' she adds.

"The video then shows two young blonde girls being made by a drag queen to perform poses to music as they collect money from the attendees."


Their preferred pronoun is Netflix Subscriber.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "Some of House Democrats’ most progressive female members, known as the Squad, have collectively spent thousands of dollars on private security while championing the defund the police movements, according to a news report.

"Federal Election Commission records show Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush each spent thousands of dollars on their own private security services while championing movements, in response to incidences of police brutality, according to the Daily Caller."

That is in addition to the Capitol Police.

Hey, how about we start a Defund the Capitol Police movement?

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "Panamanian-American journalist Juan Williams said a white TV show host dismissed him from discussing George Floyd's death and subsequent social unrest because Williams wasn't "black enough."

"Williams alleges the host is on the PBS-affiliated show This Is America & The World and that he declined to have Williams talk about race-related issues because he was born in Panama, not America. Williams, a Democrat, said he received a note from the show host telling him about his decision.

" 'A white TV host recently dismissed me from appearing on his show to discuss race relations by telling me I didn’t qualify because I was born in Panama,' Williams said in his opinion piece in The Hill. 'He thinks I’m not Black enough. Seriously.'

"Williams did not include the language of the note or the name of the host."

Maybe if he were born in Kenya he would be black enough.

ITEM 12: Politico said, "Mark McCloskey — the gun-toting St. Louis attorney who drew headlines last year for brandishing an assault rifle at Black Lives Matter protesters — says he’s looking at running for Missouri’s open Senate seat."

Well, that makes sense because senators don't have to pull guns on protesters. Senators just have the Capitol Police kill an unarmed protester for them.

ITEM 13: Reuters reported, "China's President Xi Jinping will attend a U.S.-led climate change summit on Thursday at the invitation of President Joe Biden, in the first meeting between the two leaders since the advent of the new U.S. administration."

Puppet, meet puppeteer.

ITEM 14: The Daily Mail reported, "House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy moved Tuesday to formally censure Rep. Maxine Waters for her comments urging protesters to 'get more confrontational' depending on the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial.The House voted to table, or kill, the effort on a party-line 216-210 party line vote."

Make the cowards pay at the polls in November 2022.

ITEM 15: CBS reported, "A new list has Massachusetts at the top of the snobbiest states in America.

"According to career site Zippia, being snobby appears to be a New England thing. Vermont came in at number two, followed by Connecticut at number three.

"New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine all made the top 10."

Massachusetts is the Thurston Howell III State.

The humblest state in the survey is West Virginia.

We're Jed Clampett.

Yes, he really is a Missourian. Then again the Beverly Hillbillies Mansion is in Bel Air.

FINALLY, the death of Fritz Mondale at 93 is a reminder of how close the USA came to disaster in 1984 when he ran against President Reagan.

Had we elected Mondale, gay marriage would be legal, pot would be legal, and the national debt would be soaring.

Had we elected Mondale, the communists would be taking over the world, and we would be in an endless war in Afghanistan.

Had we elected Mondale, the shining cities on the hill would be third world places where people lived in tents and pooped in the streets.

Thank goodness we did not elect Mondale.


  1. 14: Historically House member re-election rates are in the 90's while year after year national polls show that the public's opinion of Congress is in the low teens. American voters hate Congress but love their Representative. It's time that the voters make the connection between their Congressional vote and the balance of power in Washington.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

    1. It's time Ashli Babbitt's killer is brought to justice. Some people say it's US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey.

  2. “The national sin of the 21st century is abortion. It, too, will end.”

    Sine qua non, Big D. Sine qua non.

  3. The exception for "threats to the mother's life" always has baffled me. In what other circumstance would we OK a mother killing her child to save herself?

    1. My mother opposed abortion for all other reasons except that one. Her reasoning was, "Who is going to take care of the child if its mother is dead?" My mom adopted 3 kids when 2 of my aunts died. My answer to her was, "Women like you."

    2. That makes some sense at least - except the answer is in your reply. There is always someone willing to take a child and love them as their own.

    3. There are a very few cases where continuing the pregnancy would kill the mother, but the child would also die. They are rare.
      I know one couple with multiple daughters. Each time she got pregnant with a boy, she experienced something similar to toxic shock. The condition nearly killed her, and was fatal to the child she was carrying. She had to undergo a D&C each time. Since the child was deceased, it's not an abortion although the procedure is the same, and the mental damage is also present.
      Other conditions like a tubal implantation are not viable and would kill the mother with the child having zero chance of success.

  4. RE: Chauvin - I watched much of the trial and read AB's descriptions of the rest of it at LI. I can see where a jury could get to manslaughter based on the last 2 minutes or so of Floyd's time on the ground. The murder charges were simply unproven and unsupported by evidence.

    1. After the Zimmerman trial I had a renewed faith in juries, but now I'm back to we'd be better off with robots in the jury box.

    2. I'm sorry, that is a concession to the mob, there was no underlying issue with his technique or procedure. The reason Floyd died, besides ingesting so many drugs, was the mob delaying the EMT's from arriving. Yeah, the city of Minneapolis killed George Floyd, but it wasn't the police, it was the local citizens of the area.

    3. I would expect the judge to call a mistrial and grant a change of venue, but these days who knows? Judges are funny people.

    4. Knobhead: I agree and don't think he should have been even charged. I expect the officer who killed the 13 yo to be charged. None of 3 should have been or be charged. The jury IMO was afraid of the mob as was the judge and are relying on the appeal to clear Chauvin.

    5. I am afraid those ruling on the appeal will also be afraid of the mob, all the way up the line. No justice for Chauvin no matter who what where or when.

    6. One of the really irritating things that preening leftists like to do back in the day was, when the issue of political prisoners in communist countries was brought up, to blather that, "Oh, WE have political prisoners too, you know!" This was usually followed by a list of leftist terrorists who were in prison for actual violent crimes.

      Well, now we DO have political prisoners.

      I don't know if he's the first, but Derek Chauvin is a political prisoner.

      Say it.

      (And is there a prisoner ministry in MN that is going to look out for him? I'm sure that the reptilian sadists would be happy to "arrange" another "epstein incident"...)

  5. Item 11: Juan Williams often shows pictures of his family. He's the darkest one in it. His wife is so light she appears white (did he date any dark skinned women?) and his children married whites.

    Juan is a useful idiot paid to parrot racist left wing ideology while living comfortably in a white world.

  6. Item i: As I keep saying, I don't KNOW if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS.

    Item 2: One must now wonder just how much Communist China's money is spent on the NYT...

  7. #2. Pedophiles are easy to manipulate, they are just another form of sexual deviant to be blackmailed. Remember Lonetree, the Marine in Moscow that the KGB turned into a spy?
    That is how they view people. Everyone has a weakness. For some it's alcohol. Others prostitution.
    It's not that China doesn't want them caught, it's that China wants to be the one catching them so they can blackmail, exploit and use to sabotage America.

  8. Writing from Canada, I am left scratching my head wondering in what world that Chauvin trial is considered a 'fair trial'. Because, here, a judge has the oft-used option of issuing a publication ban on trial details and our juries remain anonymous, unless they volunteer once the verdict is in. How is anything less than that considered 'fair'? Answer: it is not fair.

    1. Here in the US trials are generally supposed to be open so that any unfairness can be clearly seen by everyone. As things now stand though, with a raging mob screaming for blood, a truly "fair trial" may not be possible.

  9. 'Morning...

    1 - Don't kid yourself - it was a 1937-ish Stalin show trial designed to produce an intended outcome. Leftists are not human - they are just reptiles obsessed with accumulating power and using it to trample all over everyone else. States and localities MUST not comply - it's the only way out of this that does not involve civil war or mass violence.

    4 - Yeah, we get to prosperity by just declaring everything to be "free." That will work out well...

    15 - That "survey" was rather weird - the basis is: "compiled its list by weighing factors such as the percent of the population with a bachelor’s degree, the percent of those with a degree in arts and humanities, the number of Ivy League colleges and how much wine each state consumes." That seems pretty weak, and it has nothing involving actual empirical data based on behavior. Personally, I find there is more trouble from FAILED snobs rather than from actual snobs.

    FINALLY - Back when zippy was running and then took office, the common comment was that this was going to be the second carter term that we never got. I opined that it looked to me like it was going to be the mondale presidency that we never got - since zippy (being dumb as a stump) had ingested all the 1980s campus nonsense that was in the air back then. As Dave Burge has noted, all the campus nonsense escaped the campuses and ran amok. But campus kooks are loud but weak - never forget that, and don't let them hector you into compliance.

    1. John Fraud Kerry and Fauxcahontas Warren vaulted Massachusetts to number one, no matter what other metrics were used.

    2. I don't disagree with that assessment, but the metrics used seem rather bizarre. As Howie Carr has noted, if he had a slow day on his radio show, all he would do was ask people to call in with their stories of john francois kerry being a total jerk with them. And the switchboard would light up.

      But there's nothing behavioral in that assessment. If you have at least a four-year degree and drink wine, you're a snob? Seems pretty silly to me.

      And like many states, don't blame the rest of MA for how people in Boston act. Boston is indeed overloaded with snobs. But you'd be surprised how much people in the western 2/3rds of the state hate Boston and Bostonians.

  10. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: I accept the verdict, tainted as it is by the mob outside the courtroom.

    No, this is why Zola write, "J'accuse". This is no better than one of Torquemada's "confessions".

    1: Black people are being had.

    But they are waking up. Trump doubled his share of the black vote even with a crooked count.

    Nancy Pelosi said, “Thank you George Floyd for Sacrificing Your Life for Justice!”

    So, ramming a tube full of dope up your ass so you don't get busted fort possession and having it burst and kill you is the same as Nathan Hale giving his life for his country.

    Like Hell. They're all crazy down there.

    3: Science.

    11: Not black enough? That left a mark, I'll bet.

    13: Invited? Shi sent him an order to receive him.

    14: This assumes honest counts.

    15: Funny how nobody in Philadelphia brags about coming over on the Welcome or nobody in New York brags about knowing Peter Stuyvesant.

    They're called Massholes for a reason.

    FINALLY: We owe those things to all the people who voted for Zippy instead of Sarah Palin.

  11. 15 - whatever the methodology, we are number 49. I’ll take that.

    1. If Florida could chop off Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties (maybe throw in the Orlando area), I believe we would be right there with you Master of Lard.

  12. Item 1: When Gitmo first opened top Demo law firms were competing to get down there, and make sure our guests were being properly treated, and would have legal counsel. Chauvin had one attorney, probably working out of his briefcase.

  13. personally thank Chauvin was overboard in his handling of Floyd, but I don't pretend to know police procedures. Don't expect appeals court to go against the mob.

    1. Video provided at the trial clearly showed Chauvin kneeling on the shoulder. That did not change any rhetoric which continues to describe "9 minutes kneeling on his neck." Everyone is afraid to change the description for fear of the mob.

  14. Item #7 "Evidently people prefer the Law of the Jungle over the Rule of Law in St. John the Baptist Parish."

    Works for me, considering there is no rule of law in this country. If there were, well, you know.

  15. 1. This wasn't a trial for justice, this was a lynch mob.

    2. communist china is interested in undermining the moral fiber of the US, at least that which remains.

    3. Create a sanctuary state for fetus' and ignore the courts. If blue states can ignore laws, red states have the same righs. Exercise states rights under the 10th Amendment. Courts must rely on compliance for their rulings as they have very little muscle to force states to follow their orders, other than voluntary.

    7. Obviously the gun fire wasn't from a police officer which would have produced 50 witness and 45 videos.

    10. You, too, have every right to spend your money on security services when the police are defunded. However, you cannot use the capitol police.

    13. It would be interesting to see if biden ever speaks to another world leader extemporaneously, or, just read from notes.

    14. If it wasn't for double standards, democrats would have no standards at all.

  16. Item 15 - there is a reason they are known as Massholes.