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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Highlights of the News

I own this boycott of baseball. I haven't watched a game in years, and have not attended a game in decades.

ITEM 1: Jerry Dunleavy tweeted, "Palm Beach County (Democrat) Mayor Dave Kerner: 'I watched the 60 Minutes segment on Palm Beach County last night and feel compelled to issue this statement. The report was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false.' "

The CBS infotainment show did a hit piece on Republican Governor Ron DeSantis that was so bad that Democrats are angry.

Makes one appreciate the competence of Mike Wallace, who could at least pull off an ambush interview.

ITEM 2: Jeff Dunetz reported, "Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) threatened 'serious consequences' for corporations that retaliate against Republican-led efforts to pass new state election laws and warned against what he described as private-sector advocacy for progressive policy goals, from environmental regulation to gun control.  His statement’s most immediate cause was the liberal attacks on the Georgia election laws backed up by some major corporations operating in the state." 

Old: No excitement without an indictment. (Still waiting, by the way.)

New: No applause till they change the laws.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators were poised Monday night to impose $4 billion in new taxes as they tried to hammer out the final details of New York’s s overdue, roughly $200 billion budget. 

"The key issues separating the sides — who’ve blown past an April 1 budget deadline — included a plan to legalize sports betting and whether to dole out benefits to illegal immigrants and ex-cons. 

"But lawmakers appeared ready to wallop New York’s higher earners and big businesses with an array of new taxes — despite a $12.6 billion infusion of cash from President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus measure that US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said is enough to balance the budget."

The headline said, "Fear of exodus over $4B in tax hikes as New York hammers out budget deal."

That's not the fear. That's the hope. They want the rich and the middle class to leave because the poor are easier to rule and control.

ITEM 4: So a person in a mask must wear a mask.

​And they wonder why people are skeptical.

ITEM 5: Bill Wenger is a retired commercial real estate executive, college professor, and U.S. Army Infantry Airborne Ranger Colonel. He voluntarily served four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan after initial military retirement. He served 42 years commissioned service. He earned five Master’s Degrees and has taught National Strategic Planning, the Operational Level of Warfare, business and U.S. History. His latest book is on Amazon: The Key to American Independence: Quantifying Foreign Assistance to the American Revolution.

He wrote, "President Biden during his tightly orchestrated press conference on March 25th was asked if we will get out of Afghanistan by May 1st of this year. He obfuscated and muttered, 'It is not my intention to stay there for a long time. We will leave. The question is when we leave.'

"Truth be told, the three previous occupiers of the White House never intended to win in Afghanistan. Biden has now assumed that failed agenda.

"Why would we go to war, fight, lose lives, and expend largely unaccounted for trillions of dollars while lying to the American public? Follow the money to see the evolution of the truth of why we have actively sought not to win in Afghanistan. We have been at war in Afghanistan for now 20 years. We have expended an estimated $2.7 trillion, more than 2,300 military deaths, 1,700 U.S. Contractor Deaths, and 20,000 wounded in action."

Outside of making money for the contractors and earning promotions for the officers, what is our national interest in Afghanistan?

Not to be too Edwin Starr about it, but really, what is this war good for?

ITEM 6: Bloomberg reported, "73% of Chinese consider China to be democratic, whereas only 49% of Americans believe the same about the U.S."

Well, if most people say we are not a democracy, then we aren't because that is how a democracy works.

ITEM 7: The Times of Israel reported, "Israeli researchers studying the nutrition of Stone Age humans say the species spent some 2 million years as hyper-carnivorous apex predators that ate mostly the meat of large animals.

"The study at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Portugal’s University of Minho, challenges views that prehistoric humans were omnivores and that their eating habits can be compared to those of modern humans, TAU said in a statement."

The actual Paleolithic diet was meat. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and roots are what food eats.

Of course, they all died by age 30.

Usually in a hunting accident.

ITEM 8: "Spirit Airlines has deplaned an entire flight from Orlando, Florida to New York on Monday. According to reports, the reason was that a 2-year-old girl was not wearing a face mask.

"The child was part of an Orthodox Jewish family that included a father, a mother and a boy with special needs.

" 'Seven months pregnant with a special needs kid… who has seizures,' the mother was seen saying in a video clip."


The plane had to land so the airline could remove one idiot who was making trouble on the flight.

The attendant.

Richardson then reported, "After all of the passengers were back at the gate, police officers were seen in another clip escorting the attendant, who had a problem with the girl not wearing a mask, off the plane."

And now we know the REST of the story.

ITEM 9: Zachary Evans reported, "Senator Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) said he would oppose raising the corporate tax rate to 28%, a key component of the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill, in a radio interview with West Virginia’s Metro News."

Chairman Xiden is going to have to offer a little more.

A no-show job in Ukraine for daughter Heather might seal the deal.

ITEM 10: Breitbart Politics reported, "Alaska Republican Kelly Tshibaka leads Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) by double digits in the race for one of the state’s Senate seats, according to a poll released Monday. Tshibaka, a former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner, leads Murkowski by roughly 15 points, or 33.6%, to Murkowski’s 18.8%. Democrat Al Gross polls at 17.6%, and Alaska Independence Party John Howe polls at 5.7%, with 21.1% of voters remaining undecided."

That's nice but Murkowski has more political lives than a crate of kittens.

ITEM 11: The New York Daily News reported, "A 75-year-old woman was punched to the ground on a Harlem street by a stranger, the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks, police said Monday. The victim was sucker-punched on Lenox Ave. near W. 119th St. just past 3 p.m. Sunday by a man who attacked her without ever saying a word. 

"The attack was partially caught on camera. Surveillance video released by cops shows the assailant ducking under sidewalk scaffolding, then knocking to the ground the victim, who was walking towards him."

The Knockout Game continues while the police do nothing. Savages.

ITEM 12: The Washington Times reported, "The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Donald Trump, as a former president, is now free to block whomever he likes on Twitter — while Justice Clarence Thomas hinted it’s Big Tech that may be due for an edit."

Actually he is not free to block anyone because Twitter banned him.

Justice Thomas wrote, "As Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms. The extent to which that power matters for purposes of the First Amendment and the extent to which that power could lawfully be modified raise interesting and important questions."

He put Corporate America on notice. There are limits on the power of the CEOs to push Americans around like this.

And let me state this for the record, Twitter will not like the next Donald Trump because he will not tolerate abuse.

ITEM 13: Reuters reported, "The U.S. Senate parliamentarian ruled on Monday that Democrats may use a procedural tool known as reconciliation to pass more legislation this year, a spokesman for Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said, which could clear the way for passage of an infrastructure bill without Republican support."

Bob Byrd, the master filibuster, came up with the reconciliation bypass to the filibuster.

Evil has a long shelf life.

ITEM 14: When it comes to first ladies, this year we went from class to trash.

That's DOCTOR Ho. She didn't spend 8 years in Ho School to be called Missus.

ITEM 15: Breitbart reported, "The Georgia Republican Party is booting Coca-Cola from state legislative offices after the soda giant deliberately misled the public about Georgia’s new voter integrity law."

Not to worry. Stacey Abrams will pick up the slack.

Oh, and Chairman Xiden is walking back his call to boycott Georgia.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of the Biden Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), criticized efforts in some states to ban minors from obtaining transgender drugs and surgeries, saying such bans constitute a 'health equity issue.' "

Everything is an equity issue now. It is the new Democrat word that magically justifies any irrational policy. It makes no sense to allow 10-year-olds to castrate themselves so they can pretend they are girls.

ITEM 17: CNBC reported, "Republican state lawmakers in Florida who received corporate support from Disney and other major companies during their campaigns are now sponsoring a slew of bills that could put restrictions on voting access in the key swing state." 

Restricting voting to actual citizens who are residents of the jurisdiction are called common sense.

No one in journalism has any common sense anymore.


  1. If you haven't seen this...have a laugh...

    1. Reminds me of those old Folgers ads:
      We secretly switched the voting laws, let's see if they notice.

    2. Never drank coffee but remember the commercials

  2. I'll go with a minority view on the first lady. I think she looks swell in that picture. Or, as they say in Spanish, "fantustica".

    1. Dolly Parton used to say "It takes a lot of money to dress this trashy."

    2. Unless this is some obscure word in Spanish, not found in any Spanish-to-English dictionary I have been able to find, your spelling is as poor as your taste in women.

    3. Homewrecker Jill looks pretty bad for an 85-year old.

    4. Now hold on! Maybe after a 12 pack of Budweiser,(possibly a 18 pack), or as a 2:00 closing time "last resort"...Wait a minute, SHE doesn't have a penis, does she?

  3. 2: Mitch McConnell (R-KY) threatened 'serious consequences'...
    Oh, well hell, that'll show 'em, you weak chinned turtle. But then again, this is where Mitch has always been comfortable: spouting fiery rhetoric that he knows he can't or won't do anything about. A prime example of this is item 13, but I digress...
    All these corporations have to do is throw a little sugar his way (PAC contribution, slush fund, contracts with wife's shipping company....the possibilities for kick-backs are imaginative and endless), and ol' Mitch, with a wink and a nod will tuck his head back in his shell.

    1. Exactly right! #DitchMitch trades, sells, and shuffles votes among his caucus to hide the fact they are almost all Decepticons. He swears to fix things in the minority but when he's in the majority he always has a McCain in the wings to torpedo legislation his donors/masters don't want.

      It's so obvious even the village idiot can see it. (Well, our village idiot can't, but others could.)

    2. I expect to hear a giant roar from Lindsay Graham as well. Speak loudly and carry a small stick.

    3. Even sadder is the republican cowardice at state levels.
      Case in point: the Georgia house republicans passed a bill to strip Delta's tax breaks after they whined about the voter law, but...The senate republicans pussied out and didn't even take up the bill before their session ended.

    4. "Thunder can't hurt! Harmless noise…bullsh*t!" - Michael Corleone

  4. Item 14: Homewrecker Jill NO SE PU-ASTE.

  5. Status Quo Joe’s holding out for The Azzam. Two football fields long. Chairman Xi will buy the yacht and Vladimir will kick in the helicopter that can be landed on the ship’s heliport. Fookin ay, Joe! Good times on the New River! You fooking felon.

  6. #6. 73% of Chinese do as they're told vs only 49% of Americans. Freedom isn't dead, just badly wounded.

    1. Yup. One thing the American ethos has is a non-conformist rebel streak a mile wide. Thank God for it.

  7. #17 I guess the era of big corporations are bad is over. Shame on them. Please Florida vote those bastards out.

  8. I'm not boycotting MLB; I just lost interest yearrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago.

    Item 1: A Democrat dissing the "media"! I never woulda thunk it!

    Item 3: Driving out the rich is gonna crimp/crumple/smash the personal taxes paid to NY gummint. Couldn't happen to a nicer Gov, but then, "nice" he ain't.

    Item 10: Perhaps the Alaska voters can (figuratively) put Murkowski on an ice floe and set her adrift.

    1. 3 - you are right. Better to give benefits to illegals and felons than keep your tax base. Very smart. No wonder he’s Fredo’s dumber brother.

      With technology, there is no reason for Wall Street or the big banks to be in NYC. I’d they move, it the city will be destroyed. I guess that’s Warren Wilhelm’s dream.

    2. Keep in mind that these clowns actually believe that there's a viable way to do this. Drive out the productive people and productive capacity, thus create a feudal estate where they and their cronies will be lords forever... and the economics can be made to work by receiving large annual dumps of "stimulus" (sic) money from DC.

      They really believe this. Right now, I'm surprised how so many supposedly "smart" people seem to believe that all that's needed is for DC to flood the galaxy with "stimulus" money, and have the Federal Reserve keep interest rates at zero...

    3. Dallas is making an huge play to replace Wall St. It will be interesting to watch. If they can wrest control of the financial district from NYC, NY is through as a powerful state.

    4. Gawd help us if we get a bunch of crony capitalist lefties flooding into Dallas. We've already turned blue.

  9. "Republican state lawmakers in Florida who received corporate support from Disney and other major companies during their campaigns are now sponsoring a slew of bills that could put restrictions on voting access in the key swing state."
    I would be intrigued if anyone could locate the person who wrote this to explain what in the hell it means if they think they have any idea.

  10. Item 6: We're not a democracy, thank God, we are a Constitutionally-Limited Republic.

    Democracy is mob rule or two wolves and one sheep voting on who's for dinner.

    1. (Cue the village idiot with some whacked out nitpick in a failed attempt to appear intelligent.)

    2. Whatev.

      And it's a federal republic. As the Romans proved, you don't need a constitution to be a republic.

      And the constitution isn't limiting much these days.

    3. Jake, as annoying as his shtick is, your invocations of him and compulsive need to react to anything he says are just as annoying, in my opinion at least. Be the bigger person.

    4. Alex, I'm working on it. He's a putz. You'll note he reacted just like I expected. As if we don't know about federalism--which is laid out in the Constitution, duh.

    5. "A constitutional republic is a state where the chief executive and representatives are democratically elected by the people, and the rules are set down in a written constitution."

      *mic drop*

    6. Big Jake and edutcher are like the comic strip characters "The Bickersons". They are both only happy if they ain't happy with the other one. It's like a George Carlin Heavy Mystery with them two.
      I very happy that we have the first ammendment protecting our freedom of speach (speech) So both of those commenters can bicker unimpeded.
      *mic redropped*

    7. They can bicker all they want. Just not here.

      Now where do I send the bill for that microphone you broke?

    8. You mean the one I shoved up his backside?

      Rich seems to forget that little. Edweenie accused him of being one of my sock puppets.

      Don, you're a dope to even remotely compare me to Special Ed. I mind my own business until he attacks me. Then, like Trump, I pummel him into the dirt. If you don't like it then ask him to stop. Otherwise, you can choke on it.

    9. I asked Don politely MONTHS ago to ask Special Ed and his cabal of dipsticks to holster their weapons. He didn't. Now he squeaks like a liberal snowflake when I fight back.

      Boo freaking hoo. Cry me a river.

    10. I’m with Big Jake on this Special Ed thing.

      Ed attacks everyone around like a rabid, jealous, spurned lover. I enjoy watching people kick him in the teeth. He deserves it.

      Jake just fights back and I’m glad he does.

      Ed is a fungus.

  11. #2—About this so-called “new” ID voting law in Georgia. I am so incensed about the outright lies about this state—it burns my biscuits!

    I have lived and voted in rural Georgia since 1978. I have had to show my valid GA license before I could vote every-stinking-time. This voter ID law is not new! Metro Atlantans haven’t obeyed this law the entire time I have resided in this state. It’s about time those hateful, cheating metro Atlantans are forced to follow the same voter ID laws that the rural Georgians have obeyed at least, to my knowledge, since 1978!!!!!

  12. 'Morning, all...

    Fun fact - On this date in 1930, the Twinkie was invented.

    0 - Curling.

    1 - One piece of advice for any conservative is that it you are going to sit for an "interview," it's not an interview but a deposition - treat it as such and things will turn out well. (This is something that I think Mr. DeSantis seems to understand, fortunately... we need more of that.)

    3 - Most of the "rich" aren't powerful - those two aren't necessarily (or even commonly) co-existent; note how many of the powerful become rich. The problem generally isn't concentrations of wealth (which tends to ebb and flow), but concentrations of power (which tends to lead to intentional stasis). The best explanation we have for the complete collapse of Bronze Age civilization is the overconcentration of power and the resulting stagnation.

    5 - These things are intractable. One reason we stayed after fall 2001 is because "We used to come in, whack the bad guys, and leave - and then the vacuous mess that ensues is a breeding ground for things that are worse." When staying to build things after whacking the bad guys doesn't work, it's back to the first.

    9 - Please, no - make it China. As I've said before, successive Ukrainian governments have been trying to clean up corruption - that's one reason that what sniffy did back in 2014 (and bragged about it 2018) was so despicable - he destroyed a presidency there and that President's anti-corruption drive... to bail out his cokehead son (the corrupt oligarchs who hired sniffy jr. made a great investment). The famous PDJT "Ukraine phone call" was really about trying to help the new President make a successful go at it this time.

    10 - Don't forget that she lost the primary, but then ran as an independent and won (and changed back to R). If she wants to this time (not sure if she did it last time), if she loses the primary again, she can cut a deal with the Ds to not run anyone against her. This is a trick that bernie sanders (i - lunar orbit) has regularly used (he cuts a deal for the Ds to not run anyone against him).

    17 - Keep in mind that there is a bunch of b.s. (all over the world) about "stakeholders" - which is basically about making up excuses for why people should be allowed to meddle in anything they feel like meddling in. There's a gasbag view out there that since things done in the U.S. are so important to the world, then anyone in the world should be "allowed" to vote in our elections. (Still waiting for people who own property in two different jurisdictions to be allowed to vote in both - remember that "No taxation without representation" thing?)

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: They're legendary for it.

    5: A former Ranger officer once told me it wasn't an honor to command a Ranger outfit, it was the honor to do all he could to take care of such fine men (he put it better). Trump wanted to leave, but the reason to go is there.

    6: You trust Bloomie?

    PS I've been saying for a while, most polls seem to show a 2/3 - 3/4 margin of people who oppose the regime and its policies.

    Sounds like the best evidence it was stolen.

    8: Yellow stars to follow.

    10: Every string runs out.

    13: Reconciliation has been going on forever. Hardly, a newbie.

    17: A J-school degree is like a degree in education.

  14. Item #7

    "The actual Paleolithic diet was meat. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and roots are what food eats.

    "Of course, they all died by age 30.

    "Usually in a hunting accident."

    The first responders were probably saber-toothed tigers.

  15. #6: We're not a democracy. We're a democratic republic. Just goes to show that 51% of Americans were listening in civics class. The other 49% probably weren't required to take a civics class.

  16. At least we can call the Bidens White House trash without being racists.

    1. There's a silver lining in every cloud. Lol

  17. "The Knockout Game continues while the police do nothing."

    This is liable to spawn a trend of elderly Bernie Goetz's.

  18. “ Truth be told, the three previous occupiers of the White House never intended to win in Afghanistan. Biden has now assumed that failed agenda.”

    Where was this jackass the last 4 years?

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