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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Highlights of the News

Quote of the Day from AOC: "It's not a border crisis, it's an imperialism crisis."

Yes, America is such a lousy place that millions are trying to overrun our border to come in.

ITEM 1: Today is April 1. Just a reminder, I don't do April Fool's Day jokes because I treasure my credibility.

Besides, reality is difficult to top. In this century, today's satire too often becomes tomorrow's headlines.

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "Some of Georgia’s most prominent corporate leaders on Wednesday began to more forcefully criticize the state’s sweeping new election law, acknowledging the concerns of civil rights activists who say the measure threatens the democratic process.

"The chief executives of Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola called the law unacceptable, opening an unusual rift with Republican leaders who championed the legislation and typically enjoy a cozy relationship with the state’s business community.

"Business leaders in Georgia, home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, typically wield significant clout over the direction of the state’s politics and they were blamed by civil rights activists for not opposing the law before passed this month. The comments from Delta and Coca-Cola could add pressure on the state’s other marquee brands, including UPS and Home Depot, to take a stronger stand."

Liberals once scorned Corporate America.

Now Corporate America is their lapdog.

Conservatives should scorn Corporate America.

And learn to ballot harvest.

ITEM 3: The New York Times reported on November 29, "Nike and Coca-Cola are among the major companies and business groups lobbying Congress to weaken a bill that would ban imported goods made with forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region, according to congressional staff members and other people familiar with the matter, as well as lobbying records that show vast spending on the legislation."

Those "civil rights leaders" were silent about Coke's support of slavery.

The Associated Press should ask those "civil rights leaders" about slavery in Red China.

I mean, it is pretty easy to oppose American slavery. It ended 155 years ago. Opposing slavery in our time is the real test.

Meanwhile, President Trump released a statement which said, "Congratulations to Georgia and the Georgia State Legislature on changing their voter Rules and Regulations. They learned from the travesty of the 2020 Presidential Election, which can never be allowed to happen again. Too bad these changes could not have been done sooner!"

ITEM 4: The Washington Post reported, "EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump."

So much for liberals saying follow the science.

Why should we when they don't?

ITEM 5: The Associated Press reported, "The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate on Wednesday, stripping the governor of one of his last remaining tools to curb the spread of the coronavirus as the state stands on the precipice of another surge in infections.

"The conservative-leaning court ruled 4-3 that Evers violated state law by unilaterally issuing multiple emergency orders to extend the mandate for months. It found that Evers needed legislative approval to issue more orders after the expiration of the initial 60-day mandate he issued in August."

The Constitution and the balance of powers still mean something in the Dairy State.

The AP report by Todd Richmond was especially biased against civil rights to the point where Kane at Citizen Free Press noted, "AP reporter is extra butthurt."

By the way, why doesn't the press fact-check these false claims of super-spreaders and surges? They can do it. They just need to pretend Donald Trump said it.

ITEM 6: Andrew Stiles wrote, "President Joe Biden's dog Major was involved in yet another biting incident requiring medical attention. The notoriously unruly canine attacked a National Park Service employee just days after being returned to the White House. The dog had been forced to undergo training following a separate biting incident earlier this month.

"Equally disturbing were reports of a wayward turd deposited on the hallway outside the White House Diplomatic Reception Room. The seemingly unending canine-related chaos has many voters wondering whether Biden is fit to serve as commander in chief.

"As the saying goes: There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. But what if one of those bad owners happens to be the president of the United States? To answer that question, we enlisted the help of some of the top scientific experts in the country."

President Trump did not get a dog just before he took office because he is not senile and he never tried to be one of us.

ITEM 7: CNN reported, "It's not possible to know a person's gender identity at birth, and for some people, the sex listed on their original birth certificate is a misleading way of describing the body they have."

Like I said, reality is hard to top.

It's not news. It's CNN.

ITEM 8: Timothy Noah, "journalist and writer," at The Atlantic wrote, "Why D.C. Is Failing at the Vaccination Game. If the District were a state, it could fix its shot problem."

I see.

DC failed as a city but things will be better if we made it a state because we could call Mayor Muriel Bowser "governor."

Oh, and Noah blamed Donald Trump because Mayor Muriel Bowser is an incompetent political hack. 

ITEM 9: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit linked a story, "New court docs say George Floyd had 'fatal level' of fentanyl in his system."

It led to an August 20 story at KARE. I am not blaming Driscoll for not realizing it because the media has refused to mention Floyd was a junkie who died of a fentanyl overdose.

That does not fit the narrative of a cop killing another gentle giant.

So the media ignored the real cause of his death.

ITEM 10: Not the Bee reported, "Robinhood day trader looking at $800,000 tax bill even though he only made $45,000 trading stocks. Yes, this can really happen."

Day trading is a Get Poor Quick scheme.

Ironic that they called it Robinhood, and it is helping that modern Sheriff of Nottingham we call the IRS.

ITEM 11: Zero Hedge reported, "The recent rise in tensions between the US and Russia over continued simmering conflict in Ukraine seemed to correspond with the Biden administration entering the White House. Many pundits have commented that on a foreign policy front things are eerily feeling like a throwback to the Obama years of 2014 or 2015, whether its the Ukraine and Crimea crises, or Syria returning to headlines again (including Biden's ordered airstrikes on the country in February), or the growing Russia-NATO standoff. 

"This past weekend we were among the very few to take notice of the Pentagon's latest large military equipment delivery to Ukraine's army via the port of Odessa, following Biden earlier pledging that Crimea is Ukraine and that he'd work to thwart Russian aims in the region. 

"And now this week the US European Command (EUCOM) has issued a notification of a raised 'threat level' in Europe. The designation has been officially raised to one of potential imminent crisis this week. It comes just as The New York Times and others are reporting a serious escalation in fighting in Eastern Ukraine, which has signaled the collapse of yet another cease-fire."

Chairman Xiden casts about, looking for a war to prove his manhood.

This one would have us siding with the Ukraine oligarchs in their fight against the Russian oligarchs.

Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, and President Trump were man enough to avert war because they knew the price was paid by the blood of others.

ITEM 12: The Daily Wire reported, "NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt says fairness is over-rated and the news media no longer needs to present both sides of a given story.

"Holt, who was this week awarded the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism from Washington State University, waxed poetic on the news media, at one point declaring that 'it’s become clearer that fairness is over-rated.' "

You know what's really over-rated? The Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism from Washington State University.

Oh and His Majesty deigned, "Before you run off and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit. The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention."

No one is arguing that the sun sets in the east, oh Slayer of Strawmen.

We are arguing that the Russian Collusion Conspiracy that the media pushed was a hoax.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "Mexican smugglers have been caught on camera dropping two toddlers over a 14-foot-high border barrier into the US while a mom was assaulted and her six-month-old baby was tossed off a raft into the Rio Grande river where six other migrants drowned. 

"Disturbing footage released by US Customs Border and Protection Wednesday captures the moment two female toddlers from Ecuador, aged three and five, were dumped over the wall just west of Mount  Cristo Rey, near El Paso, Texas, Tuesday evening.

"The CBP said the young children, who are sisters, had been mistreated and abandoned by human smugglers."

The blood is on Biden's hands for encouraging this invasion.

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "French leftwing parties have spiraled into a bitter fight over whether white people should be asked to shut up – or be banned outright – during meetings about minority issues.

"The controversy erupted after revelations that a leftwing student union, called UNEF, organizes meetings that are off-limits to white members.

"Anne Hidalgo, Paris mayor and Socialist presidential hopeful, stepped in Wednesday after a candidate from the same party, Audrey Pulvar, failed to condemn such meetings."

Bill Ayers always advocated a race war to sweep in communism.

He may get his wish.

I hope he likes making Nike shoes for 50 cents a day.

ITEM 15Trending Politics reported, "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s effort to steal GOP House Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has completely blown up in her face after Democratic challenger Rita Hart withdrew her challenge.

"Miller-Meeks had previously won her district in Iowa by 6 votes however Hart then ran to House Democrats including Pelosi to try to steal the seat from Miller-Meeks."

The next Republican Speaker should unseat every Democrat who won a close race.

And by close race, I mean anything that was not unanimous.

ITEM 16: HuffPo reported, "Actor Chet Hanks and his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker have taken legal action against one another following a violent altercation between the two at their Texas home in January.

"A judge in Fort Bend County, in suburban Houston, granted Parker a temporary protective order against Hanks, son of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, in January. Parker said in court filings that Hanks was physically and verbally abusive for months, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday."

I wonder if he said, "Kiana? Things got a little out of hand. It's just this war and that lying son of a bitch, Johnson! I would never hurt you, you know that."

ITEM 17: CNN reported, "The man arrested in the assault on a 65-year-old Asian woman in New York City was out on parole for killing his mother, police told CNN.

"Brandon Elliot was arrested early Wednesday. Elliot was charged with two counts of second degree assault as a hate crime and one count of first degree attempted assault as a hate crime.

"Elliot is facing 25 years in prison in addition to other consequences related to his lifetime parole if convicted, Vance added. The judge ordered Elliot remain in custody. His next court date is April 5."

Lifetime parole for killing his mom.

In an earlier, more civilized time, he would have hanged.

Good job, NYPD.

Bad job, judges.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "New details emerged Wednesday about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic memoir, including how he enlisted government staffers to help with the book — for which he was offered more than $4 million, according to a new report.

"Top aides, including Melissa de Rosa, Stephanie Benton and other junior staffers assisted the governor with drafts of American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, which was published in mid-October, The New York Times reported.

"The governor’s book deal — which came as he was riding high in popularity due to his nationally televised coronavirus briefings — ended with a $4 million offer, the Times reported."

$4 million for his book on the pandemic is ridiculous.

Now a book by Cuomo on how to pick up women might be worth a read.

FINALLY, a reader emailed, "Never can make the comments section work, but I can't resist telling you about this. Your chart made me remember an experience I had in CA.

"Pre-covid, I was in CA and with my grandkids when they signed up for the local youth baseball program.  The parents were required to present a BIRTH CERTIFICATE for each child, a CA Divers License for the accompanying parent, and a utility bill with the family name on it to prove they lived at an address within the league boundaries. No arguments were acceptable. Homeless, too bad. Just moved. Sorry, come back when you have an updated address on your Drivers License and utility bill.  Your name not on the utility bill, homeless and live with family? Sorry, no sign up. Got kids with different names than yours? Better be able to prove you are their parent or guardian.

"I thought to myself, doesn't this just beat all.  Participation in Little League has strict ID requirements but voting doesn't! About Little League we're serious, about voting--not so much. It certainly shows by actions that voting is not some sacred and precious right of citizens.  What's really important is the integrity of Youth baseball, not voting.

"Your take on the news is a daily morning bright spot, one place to go where the spirit of insanity doesn't reign supreme."


  1. No April Fool’s this year...can’t top the joke which was foisted on us back in November.

    1. Joke? Try evil prank.
      Evil to put on us, cruel to do to a senile fool, even one as evil as Xiden.

  2. No April Fool’s this year...can’t top the joke which was foisted on us back in November.

  3. 9. NBC Nightly News used to be a fixture in my household. I can remember watching the "Huntley/Brinkley Report" when it opened with the Scherzo from Beethoven's 9th. Now it's Bluster Dolt, who only got the gig when Brian Williams got busted for the quaint infraction of ego-inflation. Poor Brian's toiling away on MSNBC while Bluster's lying every night on the mothership, not that anyone watches broadcast either.

    Morrow would demand a retraction.

  4. “The horse is made ready for the day of battle
    But victory rests with the Lord.”

    - Proverbs 21:31

  5. Item 2: I lived in Georgia for decades. They changed the voting law around 2006 to require photo ID at the polls. Black voting increased with every election cycle.

    This new law doesn't change what has been working very well for more than a decade. It DOES address unmanned drop off voting boxes on street corners and unverified absentee ballots that destroyed the credibility of Georgia in the last election. No sentient person should approve of underhandedness in voting.

    1. I read the senate version, the house version and the final version of the election bill. I spoke with two different Ga reps and one GA senator. Early voting has been extended to include two Saturdays. To obtain an absentee ballot you must prove your identity and eligibility. "No excuse" absentee ballots have been eliminated. So have unattended Absentee ballot boxes. The uproar is all about no more mail in ballots. Can't cheat or the ability to cheat has been made more difficult. It's a good thing. There are already lawsuits filed to challenge to bill. The Georgia Legislature passed this law because the good people of Georgia demanded it! I'm not a life long native but I love my adopted home.

    2. SCOTUS has already ruled on rules like this - precedent actually supports Georgia's actions, and the law actually increases opportunities to vote legitimately. Lawsuits are going nowhere. Look for successful red state voting integrity templates to be mirrored in other states, including some purple ones.

  6. Every First Family seems to have a dog, and they tend to be lap dogs, good natured labs, spaniels, etc. Biden gets a german shepard. Where is Black Lives Matter? This is the breed that was so often turned loose on civil rights marchers that it, along with the fire hose, became an icon of crowd control. Oh, and didn't the Third Reich have a fondess for shepards? Nothing says diversity like an Aryan house pet.

    1. The first time the dog drew blood, the Secret Service should have shot him, as they would any dangerous, feral dog.

    2. Whoa! It's not like he was biting good people.

    3. haha I agree Alger! Dog should be given a medal

  7. Every First Family seems to have a dog, and they tend to be lap dogs, good natured labs, spaniels, etc. Biden gets a german shepard. Where is Black Lives Matter? This is the breed that was so often turned loose on civil rights marchers that it, along with the fire hose, became an icon of crowd control. Oh, and didn't the Third Reich have a fondess for shepards? Nothing says diversity like an Aryan house pet.

    1. What the fuck is up with this shit blog?

    2. Nothing that won't correct itself when you leave and don't come back.

  8. Item 17: They gave him parole when he promised not to kill his mother again.

    1. No they felt sad for him because he was orphaned

    2. I wonder who he’ll kill the next time he gets parole.

  9. VIDEO: I had to quit watching a third of the way in, but I loved Terrence K. Williams’ expressions to her rant. And when he pushed his MAGA hat over his face… pure gold!

    ITEM 1: Today is April 1. today's satire too often becomes tomorrow's headlines.
    Rush used to highlight the absurd by being absurd. And then his absurdities began making headlines.

  10. I can confirm "Finally's" anecdote. I coached my daughter's little League team and eventual all-star team. The documentation I had to bring for each 10 year old was daunting.
    Meanwhile my Democrat father-in-law would brag about the names he'd add to the voting roles by visiting local cemeteries.
    Danny Almonte unavailable for comment

    1. And you’re complicit, by not turning your demoncrat father-in-law into the law.

    2. He was talking about what he'd done years ago; not recent (I divorced his daughter years ago too) but I agree. And would have if he was still doing it

  11. #1. Today is April Fools' Day.
    Believe nothing and trust no one... Just like every other day.

  12. #12: "The sun sets" is, of course, a metaphor. As in one thing resembling another thing. What happens is that the rotation of the earth, causes, to a stationary viewer, an eclipsing of the sun's light and sight. So yeah, Lester Holt (sounds like the punchline to a dirty joke) can be questioned. Despite that glorious award.

    1. The funny part is these clowns are the ones saying that the sun is setting in the east - and trying to ban evidence to the contrary.

      "Climate change" is a perfect example. They are the ones who are saying that the sun is setting in the east, while the evidence says that ... it's setting in the west. So they are banning presentation of the evidence.

      This won't end well.

  13. Today is also the127th birthday of the United States Navy Chief Petty Officers

    1. So he voted in Detroit back in November? :-)

  14. 7 - sure. Follow the science.

    12 - Lester Dolt lives down to his name.

    17 - I often wonder how some defense lawyers can sleep at night.

  15. 2 - And this is why I am not caring much on Biden’s higher corporate tax rate. It’s not like they want to employ Americans much either.

    1. Be careful - it's not just an issue for the annoying large companies.

      One thing that PDJT grasped (and which basically no one in the political world grasped) was that the outdated-and-too-high corporate tax rate was making the US (and American workers, particularly in low-margin spaces, like... manufacturing) uncompetitive, and the absurd double-taxation of "offshore" profits was greatly-incentivizing American corporations to invest offshore rather than domestically. One of the biggest reasons for the economic revival and in particular the return of wage growth for hourly workers was the fixes to all that.

      If the "roll everything back to 2014" crowd is going to put that old, stupid system back, it's going to re-do to hourly workers and their towns what was done to them in the recent past...

  16. About Item 18, "Now a book by Cuomo on how to pick up women might be worth a read." I beg to differ.

    It would be pretty boring, there's just chapters about the fireman's carry, the arm around the waist hauling, and the drag 'em by the hair method.

  17. FINALLY - if you are having trouble adding comments (at least on an iPhone), in settings for Safari, turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”.

    I used to have problems then started doing this - turning it off when I came to Don’s site and back on when I left. I now leave it off at all times. I’m an k tierney privacy freak and haven’t noticed any increase in annoying adds with this control turned off.

    1. Never tried with iPhone, no problems with iPad or iMac.

  18. #6. President Trump didn't need a dog, he had enough to do dealing with that B!TCH Nasty P. Lousy.

  19. Re #10 - Not The Bee is wrong. You can cross gains and losses incurred within the same tax year. It is conceivable that someone could misfile a return, but the wash sale rule does not cover the transactions described in the article.

  20. ITEM 4: The Washington Post reported, "EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump."
    I would normally say here that I trust nothing the WaPoo prints, but this I can believe. The media and the Dems are in cahoots.

    Item 7: Ahhhh, the Crap "News" Net"work"...

    Item 12: One more reason for me to distrust NBC, not that I needed one... And not that I trust ANY of "the media"...

  21. #17. But Don, he's an orphan.

  22. What was so wrong with peace and prosperity? Just filled my gas tank. It was nearly double the cost of 6 months ago.
    I read about a guru whos said the US can survive a Joe Biden. It cannot survive the people who vote for a Joe Biden.

    1. "What was so wrong with peace and prosperity?"

      Simple - they don't care about that.

      In their warped little minds, all that matters - the only "good" which exists in the world - is that THEY have power.

      Note how the various (x)DS variants (BDS, TDS, etc., etc., etc.) have all been driven by this. Also note how the "occupy" nitwits basically were aggrieved because they think they should be "the elite" but they have no actual skills (a problem they can't face).

      When ego >> actual abilities, life is just a festival of running resentment...

  23. Item 10 and least we aren't be robbed by the Catholic church. The other taxing authority of the time of Robin of Nottinghamshire.

  24. I have a feeling A-Yuck is a descendant of Spanish Conquistadors. Not exactly a non-genocidal bunch, they.

    She needs to shut her giant, fat, "White privileged" mouth.

  25. Biden got his dog because he felt he needed a friend in Washington.

  26. If I am ever asked for ID to board a Delta airplane ever ago I am going to go to war with their CEO

    1. WE need to start boycotting these sjw ceo's.

  27. #13 - Every registered Democrat should be forced to take one child to raise as their own.

  28. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: Ballot harvesting isn't going to stop this.

    And remember Coke is woke these days.

    5: Now let's see if he pulls a Zippy.

    6: In all fairness, the lying dogfaced pony soldier probably tries to sniff him and he knows that's not a people thing.

    7: There's this little spigot thingy is how you tell.

    9: Duh.

    11: They smell weakness.

  29. PS I see somebody wants to load up the board.

  30. “Learn to ballot harvest” is a sign someone is stuck on stupid.

  31. ITEM 14: “Bill Ayers always advocated a race war to sweep in communism.

    He may get his wish.

    I hope he likes making Nike shoes for 50 cents a day.”

    Prediction seems to be off-based.

    More likely. First, Bill Ayers is voted to a lifetime membership to the UASR (Union of American Soviet Republics) Politburo to recognize his and his wife’s work paving the way to the success of the People’s Revolution.

    Second, his lifetime membership is terminated when he and his wife are personally removed from their government-owned housing and summarily executed for posing a threat to the regime’s dictator.

    1. And fully cancelled. They were cancelling before it was called that.

  32. ITEM 17: Watch for the second bounce on this one. The NYTimes will soon be calling Brandon Elliot a “White Black.” The Democratic Propagandists are predictable as long as your cynicism is set to “f^ucking high as it gets.”

  33. 17. Let's take a moment to contemplate that a man out on parole in NYC is videoed beating a little old Asian lady and the judge has to order that he be held in jail. You know, rather than his parole officer arranging for him to return to prison to serve his prior sentence while awaiting trial on the new charges.

    Why was there no faith the the NY Parole Board would keep this guy in prison and the judge had to make a special ruling?

  34. ITEM 11:

    Got this from the Telegraph via a source in the Mid East. Russian reinforcements headed to Crimea this week. Hope the video works!


    1. MP4 file won't work, but here's something similar.

  35. #18 I have to think that if Cuomo had his office people doing work on his own personal book for him on "company" time, that should add to his complicated problems.

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  37. Don, you have to send the Little League bit to Senator Kennedy. Right up his alley!