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Friday, April 30, 2021

Hey, Nancy Pelosi, I have a real hero for you

Dear Nancy Pelosi, 

The other day you thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life for justice. He did no such thing, but I have a real hero who actually sacrificed his life for others. His name is Keith Heacook.

He was a corporal in the Delmar Police Department in Delaware. 

Early Sunday morning, he responded to a domestic violence call. Randon Wilkerson, 30, was out of control, as he fought his roommate and then beat up his neighbors, 73-year-old Steve Franklin and his wife Judy, 76.

The bruises on the old man's face are horrific.

Hannah Cechini of Channel 47 read the court documents and gave a pretty good rundown of what went down.

She wrote, "It all started around 3 o’clock in the morning Sunday, when 30-year-old Randon Wilkerson allegedly got into a fight with his roommate. Court documents say Wilkerson punched his roommate in the face and police were called to the scene.

"Then, Wilkerson ran across the street and knocked on the back door of a home there, saying there was a disturbance at his home. A 76-year-old man let him in, and then Wilkerson punched him to the ground and began beating him in the head with a glass angel figurine, saying 'I’m going to kill you.' Next, Wilkerson began beating the man’s 73-year-old wife, to the point where she was left with two broken eye sockets. When he was done there, Wilkerson simply walked out of the front door.

"When Corporal Keith Heacook arrived at the first residence, Wilkerson severely beat him. Witnesses say they could see Wilkerson repeatedly bringing his foot down on the corporal’s head."

I don't know why Heacook did not pull out his revolver and kill Wilkerson. Maybe he was ambushed. I don't know. I wasn't there.

Neither were you, Madame Speaker.

Nor were his wife nor their 12-year-old boy.

I am not going to politicize this because that dishonors a good cop who deserved better. His widow cited budget restraints, which forced him to answer the call alone. That was plain wrong. 

But if he waited for a backup, the Franklins likely would have been killed.

His murderer is black but this is not about race. This seems more about drugs. Wilkerson may have been higher than a kite when he went on this rampage.

I will let the legal system work this all out.

My disappointment with you, Madame Speaker, is that while you praised the Capitol Police for protecting YOU, you have demonized the officers who serve and protect 320 million of your fellow Americans.

That is irresponsible and places the lives of the people and the policemen and policewomen in jeopardy.

The governors of Delaware and Maryland have ordered the flags to be at half-staff in honor of Corporal Heacook.

How about getting Biden to lower the rest of the flags?

It is a small gesture that would cost taxpayers nothing, but lowering the flags would send one hell of a message of unity to the nation.

We are all in this together. If you as a congresswoman get police protection, the rest of us deserve police protection. If you and your party want to defund police, you can start at the Capitol. Send the National Guard home, too.

Otherwise, let us remember Keith Heacook in a special way. Any time there is an initial report or video alleging police misconduct, let us remember how Keith Heacook gave his life to stop a killer.  


  1. THAT is your “New Normal,” America. Right there.

  2. The Corporal was probably fearful of being "Chauvin-ed" if he shot Wilkerson.

    1. I would think many law enforcement officers have that fear.

    2. Not just cops. Oppose the mob and you'll be attacked. Defend yourself and you'll be prosecuted.

    3. How could that not be a concern of his. The black criminal was "unarmed," after all.

    4. My thoughts exactly murph... Things are going exactly as planned. And when Trump starts his rallies again, how many good Americans will be afraid to go after seeing the good people of January 6th being persecuted, many simply for being there!

  3. When I first saw this story I couldn't help but wonder if the officer might have hesitated to draw his weapon thinking if he had to use it, the odds are his life would be over no matter what given our perverted system of justice.

  4. I think we all should print a copy of this and mail it to Nancy and as many members of Congress as we can.

    Cop killers deserve the death penalty...

  5. It is about race and it is about politics.

    Things like this are why we need term limits.

  6. This dooesn't faze the left one bit because their guy didn't die.

    1. The left wingers never care about police who are killed by criminals.

  7. I object to lowering the flag for every publicized death when 7,000 people die every single day unrecognized.

    It is a desecration of the flag to use it as a cheap political pandering tool that political whores use to show their feelz.

    Gov. Mel Carnahan [D] was killed in a plane crash while campaigning for the Senate over a month before the 2000 election. His replacement [D] ordered flags lowered until the election so every American flag in the state could serve as a campaign prop for the Democrats.

    If we actually had to half ass the flag for every worthy death we might as well cut the top half of the staff off because they would never be at the top again.

    Enough with this. My flag stands proud. You can do what you want with yours.

    1. I've been flying the Sons of Liberty flag since Jan. 20th.

    2. Would that be the Chinese flag

  8. "His murderer is black but this is not about race." Man, the steps you have to take keep not noticing things and be able to stay online in 2021.

  9. Too bad it wasn't
    PIGlosi's face in lieu of that gentleman who was the victim.

  10. Pelosi is a piece of shit that has dumbass pieces of shit that support her.

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