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Friday, April 16, 2021

Guns and ammo will be tax-free in WV

First, West Virginia legislators took the sales tax off food. And it was good.

Then they took the sales tax off tampons. And it was better.

On July 1, they will take the sales tax off guns and ammunition. And it will be awesome.

Republican Delegate Gary Howell, the bill’s primary sponsor, said, "In 90 days West Virginia will become the single best place for small arms and small arms ammunition manufacturers to locate. I would welcome all small arms and ammunition manufacturers to move to Mineral County, West Virginia."

Guess who represents Mineral County.

Guns and ammo already are tax-free in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Those are the 5 states without a sales tax.

And of course, the federal excise tax will continue.

But this is a good thing.

Bearing Arms reported, "Additionally, West Virginia-based firearms and ammunition manufacturers will now be allowed to use the federal excise taxes that they have to pay as a tax credit against any state-level tax bill. Howell says his hope is that with the new legislation in place, gun and ammo manufacturers won’t have to pay any state taxes, making the state an attractive environment for companies looking to relocate from anti-gun blue states to friendlier pastures (and hollers)."

In California, there is a proposal to slap another $25 excise tax on guns and an undetermined excise tax on ammo.

West Virginia is de-Californicating. I suggest the 49 other states follow suit.

Removing the sales tax on food, tampons, and guns is good, better, and awesome, but the best is yet to come.

West Virginia is working to eliminate the tax on income.

WSAZ reported earlier this month, "West Virginia Governor Jim Justice introduced a fourth plan on Monday in his quest to eliminate the state personal income tax.

"He has called it Justice 4 All, as the plan introduced during his income tax summit with legislative leaders looks to ensure no one is financially hurt by the proposal.

"The summit was announced on the heels of debate regarding West Virginia House Bill 3300, which is the House’s version of Justice’s plan to eliminate the state’s personal income tax."

Other taxes will be raised to offset the decrease in revenues. But with more disposable income, West Virginians will be able to buy more cars, furniture, and other taxed items.

And they will, right after they buy some tax-free guns and ammo.


  1. Tax-Free Ammo. That's kinda' like, "Free beer. . .tomorrow."

    Glad I bought mine in bulk before the mad rush.

    1. That’s kinda like. . .making no sense whatsoever.

  2. Love such stories...go red states. But, as the azul states continue with their profligacy...we need the Congress to stop bailing them out. Let's take back the Congress and get to work on that level.

  3. WV taxes food?

    Good Lord, I only thought UT did that.

    DE taxes guns and ammo? How did the blowhard tolerate that? /rhet

    1. Idaho taxes food.

      Besides the sales tax, Idaho has an income tax.

    2. DE has no state sales tax.

    3. VA and NC both tax food.
      And both have income tax as well.

    4. Actually DE has a hidden sales tax. Its called a 'gross receipts' tax and businesses pay that every year based on their annual sales. It's still low but while consumers don't see it on their sales receipts, businesses still pay it every year when they file

    5. Kansas taxes food. They have an income tax, property tax, sales tax and inheritance tax. TEA time.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Used to be taxing food and clothing was verboten, except for Mormons.

      I guess now it's Demos making war on the poor and unfortunate.

      PS ID allows that every citizen can claim a Grocery Credit Refund of at least $100 per year for each member of their household.

      DE's gross receipts tax is a business tax and all businesses pay them. We're talking about specifically taxing the consumer for food.

      It runs from .1% to .75% according to the business.

      I could say more, but I shall refrain.

    8. NY exempts all packaged food and most soft beverages from sales tax. Foods prepared in the store are taxable. NY also exempts pairs of footwear and individual articles of clothing with price tags under $110.

  4. Country roads, take me home . . .

  5. Mississippi’s governor has proposed eliminating the income tax, but if approved, the rollout is many years out. Just do it. And the sales tax on food is supposed to go away as well. Other sales taxes will rise.

  6. This is excellent and should be widely emulated.

    But to make it even better, WV should adopt curling as the official state sport - and get this non-woke-sports revolution started! :-)

  7. The proposal to eliminate the West Virginia state income tax had a major problem: People who are retired and on fixed incomes pay no state income tax, and West Virginia has a lot of people in that category. Raising other taxes would hit them hardest because they are not getting any benefit from the income tax reduction. Perhaps a tax-exemption for them would level the playing field. Otherwise, well, you can see how it went. The House struck it down unanimously, 0 - 100.

    1. That was Jumpin Jim’s plan. They served him up a platter of bullshite like he did to them a few years ago...

  8. First of all: Never trust a politician. Any politician. What is law today can become outlawed tomorrow when the government changes hands into liberal control. Secondly, I wonder if eliminating one tax is a sufficient excuse for government to raise the new tax past the other one to raise more money. Finally, only 58 other states should try to not be California, not 59.