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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Biden's Trail of Tears (and rapes)

Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul nailed it when he said Biden has created a Trail of Tears along the southern border. The video is here.

The proof comes from Breitbart News.

Breitbart reported, "Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent a letter last week to Vice President Kamala Harris, demanding the Biden Administration close the Health and Human Services Emergency Intake Site (EIS) for unaccompanied migrant children located at the Freeman Expo Center in San Antonio. In new developments, law enforcement sources say authorities are now looking at conditions at another facility in the Rio Grande Valley.

"A law enforcement source within CBP, speaking on a condition of anonymity, says Texas Rangers visited the Donna facility in recent days to investigate conditions. Rangers conduct major violent crime, public corruption, cold case, and officer-involved shooting investigations. They also oversee the Texas Department of Public Safety’s border security and crisis negotiation programs.

"The source reports that Texas Rangers visited the facility but did not gain full access. Department of Homeland Security Investigators (HSI) have moved in to take the lead in the investigation into conditions. HSI maintains they have jurisdiction over the facilities, according to the source.

"The original letter from Governor Abbott cites allegations of sexual assault, bullying, under-staffing, and a disregard for COVID-19 protocols. The letter also alleges unaccompanied children with COVID-19 are not isolated. The conditions under scrutiny at Donna have not been made public."

Sending a child unaccompanied thousands of miles to the United States is child abuse.

The dangers are well known.

HuffPo reported, "80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S."

The Miami Herald reported, "Smugglers throw 6-month-old girl into river near US-Mexico border, Texas officials say."

Donald Trump was right. There really are rapists and murderers among them. And why would we expect anything less from people who defy our immigration laws? They are by definition outlaws.

And Democrat governors and presidents enable them.

Another Breitbart story made this clear.

It reported, "An illegal alien has been convicted and sentenced for repeatedly raping a child after federal immigration officials failed to deport him in the sanctuary state of California, Breitbart News has learned.

"Fredys Aguilar-Menjivar, a 31-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, was convicted and sentenced to 45 years in prison in Monterey County, California, this month on three counts of forcible rape of a child under 14-years-old and one count of child molestation, the District Attorney’s Office announced.

"According to prosecutors, Aguilar-Menjivar raped a girl in his family multiple times from August 2018 to March 2020. The girl was younger than 14-years-old when the abuse started.

"Other family members found out about the child sexual abuse when a family member walked in on Aguilar-Menjivar raping the girl at a family party. The girl tried to stop Aguilar-Menjivar during the abuse but prosecutors said he threatened her and her parents if she screamed for help.

"The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency confirmed to Breitbart News that Aguilar-Menjivar is an illegal alien from El Salvador who was ordered deported by a federal immigration judge in June 2016. The deportation, though, never occurred, and the child sexual abuse began roughly two years later."


McCaul told reporters, "I was a federal prosecutor in Texas. I dealt with this issue when I was a federal prosecutor. I chaired the Homeland Security Committee for three terms in Congress. This is a crisis, make no mistake. And in the many years I’ve been covering this issue, I’ve never seen it this bad. I just got back to the Rio Grande Valley sector, the busiest sector in the United States. We went to a nighttime tour of the border, thousands of people coming in, children. I call it a trail of tears because it was so sad to see a five-year-old girl in tears, not knowing where she is without her parents without her family. And we talked to some of them in Spanish, took them 40 days to cross from Guatemala up to the border.

"40 days of misery, all created by the President of the United States by the stroke of a pen. 2014 was nothing compared to this nor was 2019. They’ll tell you it’s seasonal. The Border Patrol sector chief Rio Grande Valley who I trust and not the politicians, tells me it’s not seasonal. There’s a direct cause and effect between the President’s actions first day in office a stroke of a pen, wiping out the Remain in Mexico policy that was working, remain in Mexico and the Asylum Cooperation Agreements with Central America. This is not only a humanitarian crisis, not only threat to our national security, not only a Homeland Security issue, but it’s a foreign policy blunder. I talked to Secretary Pompeo, he negotiated the Remain in Mexico agreement that was working. It required them to stay in Mexico while waiting their asylum claims or say third country like Guatemala.

"So what’s happening now because of the recession, the traffickers are smart and they know that America is open for business now, and guess what they’re coming. And for each one of these children that we saw in that facility, as horrific as that looks, we expect to see this in foreign countries. We don’t expect this in the United States of America for God’s sakes, but this is real. And it’s because of the President’s actions on the first day in office, this needs to stop. He can do it with the stroke of a pen to reverse this course. And what really is heartbreaking to me is to see those border patrol agents that I’ve worked with for so many years of my career so demoralized. 40% of their time is going down to babysit, not on the front lines, 40% now have to drive buses and babysit and be caregivers rather than the job they were hired to do.

"They’re signing up for early retirement and it’s just wrong."


I called the parents who send their children north unaccompanied the worst parents in the world.

But the cruelty of Biden, Kamala, and the rest of the Democrat Party -- as well as their Republican enablers in Washington -- is unfathomable. History should not be kind or forgiving to them.

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