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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Aussies to Red China: GFY

Trumpism is alive and well and living in Canberra.

France 24 reported, "Australia on Wednesday announced it would revoke a state government’s deal to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative, saying it was inconsistent with the nation’s foreign policy.

"Canberra last year introduced new laws widely seen as targeting China that allow it to scrap any agreements between state authorities and foreign countries deemed to threaten the national interest.

"Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Wednesday the federal government would override the Victorian state government’s decision to sign up to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — a vast network of investments that critics say is cover for Beijing creating geopolitical and financial leverage.

"Payne said two documents signed in 2018 and 2019 respectively — a memorandum of understanding and framework agreement — were among four she would tear up under the new powers."

Red China is bullying the West and buying off its politicians, believing the civilized world is a menagerie of paper tigers. The Aussies are fighting back with tariffs and the like. Red China has retaliated in kind.

And Red China is not the only foreign threat receiving blowback from Down Under.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported, "The federal government also announced it was cancelling two Victorian government education agreements – one struck with Iran in 2004 and another with Syria in 1999. They have been ruled unlawful under the laws passed late last year."

But Red China is the big kahuna.

The Herald reported, "The federal government and national security experts were concerned that China was using the Victorian agreement as a propaganda win to claim the Victorian government had broken ranks with Australia’s China policy. They are also worried that China was using the BRI to load up poorer countries with debt and reduce Australia’s influence in the region."

Meanwhile, Americans apparently turned their back on America First as the Communist Covid has weakened the nation's resolve to Make America Great Again. We traded our liberty for security again. The result is a nation even more dependent on Red China than ever before.

Vulture politicians like Obama swooped in and installed Joe Biden as our figurehead.

Maybe Australia will take us in.


  1. when I was in college in the 70's (BS Economics, U of California '79), the mantra was that the US was imperialist, using the US Army to deliver the countries of brown-skinned people to General Motors & Exxon for exploitation. A total lie that I rejected and had to thread the needle between parroting this and providing an accurate response on tests. In reality, it is the M.O. of Communists and was another case of projection.

    1. "In capitalism, man exploits man. In communism, it is the other way around."

      -- Polish joke (that is a real joke from Poland)

  2. Look for punishments from the Xiden admin soon. “Too many white people down under there. Gotta teach em a lesson.” Come Lord Jesus come.

  3. Americans apparently turned their back on America First as the Communist Covid has weakened the nation's resolve to Make America Great Again.

    We did nothing of the sort.

    The last election was stolen

    1. I agree with you Ed.

      Perhaps Don has amnesia today, OR he thinks President Donald Trump would have won if Republicans learned to ballot harvest like Democrats.

      Amnesia (or Biden*-level dementia) is the better excuse for this nonsense.

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