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Thursday, April 29, 2021

A nation so racist, Africans move here

To promote today's opening of the NFL draft, the NFL and ESPN are pushing the inspiring story of Kwity Paye's harrowing escape from Africa. He is a defensive lineman for Michigan, or as Ohioans call it, That Team Up North.

ESPN wrote, "Kwity Paye has never met the man. Never had the chance to look him in the eye, or hear his story in his own words, or even so much as thank him. For his life. For the chance to be in the United States, where Kwity became an immigrant, then a citizen; a football player, then a really good football player; a star on the defensive line at the University of Michigan, then an NFL draft hopeful earmarked for first-round glory."

The man is his mom's cousin Cyrus. They had fled the civil war in Liberia and moved to a refugee camp in Sierra Leona. They lived there 7 years. Cyrus made money and gave some to Agnes for safe-keeping.

Liberians eventually caught Cousin Cyrus.

ESPN reported, "Soldiers had captured her cousin and taken a machete to his head, leaving a gash across his forehead and a pool of blood spilling out, then strapped a tire to his body to burn him alive. They would have completed their grisly task, if not for one soldier who'd recognized him and considered him a friend. He was a nice man, Cyrus; he'd become something of a favorite son around the camp, and that reputation was his salvation. He shouted the soldier's name. Help me! The soldier ran to him, pleading with the other soldiers. I know this kid; he's like my son. The soldier spared Cyrus' life, then rushed him to the Red Cross. Kwity remembers that now, always. How the simple act of being kind, of being a friend, saved Cyrus' life. How the simple act of Kwity being kind, of being a friend, might yet change his."

Meanwhile, Kwity's mom took Cyrus's money and used it to flee to another refugee camp in Guinea, where Kwity was born.

From there she and her family fled to the United States,

The ESPN report went into how his mother had to work hard. At one time she had 3 jobs, which enabled her to pay his tuition to attend a Catholic high school, where his football heroics led to a football scholarship at Michigan.

Today he will be drafted into the NFL and become an instant millionaire. His worst case scenario is he is drafted tomorrow and falls to the 74th pick whose signing bonus will be only $1,003,610.

The man is talented, hardworking, and coachable. He earned his money. And America earned the bragging rights to him and his story because our nation provided him and his family the chance to succeed.

I don't see many black people escaping the nightly shootings and two-murders-a-day in Chicago by moving to Africa.

But the Pew Research Center reported, "A record 3.8 million black immigrants live in the United States today, more than four times the number in 1980, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. Black immigrants now account for 8.7% of the nation’s black population, nearly triple their share in 1980."

So much for the argument that America has systemic racism, because if it did millions of black people would not be making the journey here for two reasons. 1. We would not allow it. 2. They would not want to be here.

But conservatives already know systemic racism is a bullshit argument.

Liberals know it too.

The ESPN story went into how Kwity Paye was "othered." The other kids had birth certificates but when asked to verify his age, Kwity Paye had only his (shudder) green card.

The story flippantly quoted his brother, who said it looked "like a mugshot. Like we were prisoners." 

The ESPN writer took a joke seriously. The Paye Boys knew those ugly green cards were their Golden Ticket, their way to escape being necklaced with a burning tire on their shoulders like Cousin Cyrus.

Liberia was founded by Americans who wanted to resettle freed slaves there. It never happened to the extent they envisioned, mainly because the freed slaves wanted to stay in America. The transplanted African Americans never quite got along with the indigenous people in Liberia. 200 years after its founding, Liberia is a mess.

America is not perfect but she remains a beacon of hope to the world.

The NFL should promote that instead of mocking green cards.


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    1. I hope he gets a gazillion dollar signing bonus, banks it, and then the No Fun League goes bankrupt. Gip’s happy, Kwitty’s happy, I’m happy, everybody’s happy!

    2. awesome story! great to hear he is sucessful after his family worked so hard to raise him right!!

  2. Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing bc otherwise I probably wouldn't know his story.

  3. That's a great, inspiring story, Don. Thanks for posting!

  4. Saw this comment on another site:

    "Why don’t they flee to all of the wonderful countries on the UN’s Human Rights Council?"

  5. The number of African immigrants living here exceeds the number brought here as slaves.

  6. The African and Caribbean immigrants earn on average way more than the blacks who have been here for generations. They may even earn more on average than Caucasians. I know I’ve seen that somewhere, I just don’t have the time to find a link for y’all.

    May Mr. Paye be a voice of how great this country is and how we are bot a land of racism. I can hope. I can dream.

    1. So much so that they are the object of enmity among American-born blacks. The latter even have named themselves as an interest group (American Descendants of Slaves) to complain about immigrant blacks siphoning off all the affirmative action goodies.

  7. On the flip side, we should take liberals, ask them which country they most admire, then send them there for an extended stay. Imagine fat Mikey Moore having to live in Cuba.

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  9. Excellent column Don! This is Tim Favero

  10. Again, if the illegals knew they were supposed to be the instrument in changing this country into what they left behind, would they want to come?

    They come because it's better here. The Lefties know it and exploit them for it.

  11. African immigrants have much lower incarceration rates than whites and earn as much money, if not more. On a personal note, I do background checks for prospective employees of a state government agency. I love getting applications from African immigrants. I know their backgrounds will be spotless and I can get the checks done in around 10 minutes, tops. People say that Asians are a model minority. They could also say the same thing about Africans.

  12. I'm holding my breath ... shouldn't be long now... I think.

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