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Thursday, April 08, 2021

60 Minutes embarrasses media

60 Minutes did a hit piece on Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday because that is what the show does best. Cleveland sports teams gotta lose, 60 Minutes gotta do hit pieces on Republicans.

But 4 days later, something odd has happened. The media has turned on 60 Minutes because the piece was an embarrassment.

The 60 Minutes piece purported that the governor cut a secret deal with Publix Super Markets to distribute the covid vaccine in Florida.

Journalists see the Poynter Institute as an arbitrator of journalistic ethics. Tom Jones of Poynter ran a piece on the piece, and began by praising 60 Minutes.

Paragraph 2 said, "But that doesn’t mean it’s infallible. And a sloppy moment on Sunday’s show is raising serious concerns."

A sloppy moment?

Is that like mostly peaceful protesters?

Jones tried to pass off as a minor point the accusation that Publix paid off DeSantis. The piece was on the wealthy cutting the line to get the vaccine.

Jones wrote, "But all the attention now is about this sketchy passing reference to the Publix thing. As far as that goes, DeSantis said the reason Florida partnered with Publix was that Publix could roll out the vaccine in days, whereas other pharmacies could not move that quickly."


That does not cut it.

Jones said, "Even Democrats are blasting the story.

"Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz, who is a Democrat, tweeted, 'I said this before and I’ll say it again. (Publix) was recommended by (Florida Division of Emergency Management) and (Florida Department of Public Health) as the other pharmacies were not ready to start. Period! Full Stop! No one from the Governor’s office suggested Publix. It’s just absolute malarkey.'

"Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, another Democrat, called the 60 Minutes piece 'intentionally false.' "

Jones wrote, "There’s nothing wrong with a news network digging into how vaccines are distributed. And political contributions are a good place to poke around on such a story. But, in this case, it doesn’t appear as if DeSantis did anything wrong. If he did, 60 Minutes failed to provide enough information, context or evidence that he did."

It is called exoneration.

60 Minutes investigated and found nothing.

My guess is 60 Minutes could not find a line-cutter so it went with this hare-brained piece. The closest they came to line-cutting was saying, in reaction to critics, "When Florida state data revealed people of color were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors, 60 Minutes reported the facts surrounding the vaccine’s rollout, which is controlled by the governor."

But was the lower vaccination the result of lower supply or lower demand? Many black people do not trust government health agencies. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment gives reason for the hesitation.

Jones did not explore why 60 Minutes did not do a piece on an actual covid scandal: Andy Cuomo killing 15,000 grannies by putting covid patients in nursing homes.

But his brother works for CNN and CNN partners with 60 Minutes, a CBS show. Network television is one big happy family, isn't it?

PolitiFact meanwhile ran interference for 60 Minutes. It said CBS edited the governor's response for clarity's sake. If it were a Project Veritas piece, the media would label it heavily edited.

If the truth were so important, why not run the whole response?

PolitiFact said, "DeSantis’ full response to Alfonsi’s questions took about three minutes. While 60 Minutes focused on his emphatic denial, it left out the background that he offered about how the state had been working with other retail pharmacies to distribute coronavirus vaccines at long-term care facilities in December and his own interactions with Publix customers.

"CBS says this part of his response did not directly answer the question."

But unlike other fact-checks, this one did not say whether CBS told the truth or whether CBS was a liar, liar, pants on fire.

The media sure can dish it out, but it cannot take it.

CBS blew it. 

60 Minutes should man up on Sunday and run the entire DeSantis response.

And then 60 Minutes should fire the correspondent and her crew. James O'Keefe would make a great replacement.


  1. I doubt anyone at CBS will get so much as a slap on the wrist. This sort of behavior is endorsed and supported from the top down. It's what they do, and they are proud of it.

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  2. Credibility at 60 Minutes left the room a very long time ago with the addition of both Oprah and Anderson Cooper as "investigative journalists." Throw in the rest of the 60 Minutes gang and you've got a goldstar panel of Dem operatives.

    1. Oprah? Surely you jest. I haven’t watched 60 Minutes in at least 30 years, so I have no clue who “reports” for them. But Oprah??

  3. James O'Keefe would not be hired by any major newsroom.
    He's an actual journalist and journalism is not what they do.

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  4. “It’s not unusual
    That Don Hewitt spins yer ass
    It’s not unusual
    That Mike Wallace told you lies
    But when I see LibCommies lappin up that shite
    It’s not unusual
    To find me cleaning up my ol CZ...”

  5. Clicked the link. No mention of the Bush National Guard story where their nightly anchor lost his job. It has been dropped down the memory hole

  6. "60 Minutes" has a long and sordid history of covering up the whole truth.

  7. “60 Minutes should man up on Sunday and run the entire DeSantis response.

    And then 60 Minutes should fire the correspondent and her crew. James O'Keefe would make a great replacement.”

    Yeah, that’ll happen; when Democrats crack down on criminals and pigs fly.

    Meanwhile, out-of-touch “conservatives” think they are making a “difference” by boycotting WOKE Coke and are instead gulping down equally WOKE Pepsi.

    By way of further demonstrating the stupidity of “conservatives” and why they are continuously and easily played for FOOLS by Dems and the GOPe:

    There are “conservatives” who think they are making a “difference” by boycotting Atlanta, Georgia based Delta by instead flying with Chicago, Illinois based United.

    Well, just remember, United is at least as supportive of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) as Delta.

    Just one example from yesterday:
    (P.S. — regardless of their suitability for the position)

    Because we don’t need the “best” or most capable pilots nowadays, do we? Just the most “diverse” pilots.

    You keep gulping Pepsi in WV Don and support your favorite WOKE corporations; but don’t fool yourself or your readers that gulping WOKE Pepsi is any different than gulping WOKE Coke.

    1. I dumped Pepsi back when they backed the black lies blather. I'm done with Coke now too. I can brew tea.

    2. Yeah. Dr. Pepper is all I'll drink. It's the National Soda of Texas, baby.

    3. Sadly, none of that swill can ever replace a good, cold beer. Or a hot cuppa cawfee either.

    4. I love me some beer but I gave it up. Don’t drink coffee but I sure like hot cocoa!

    5. Hell yeah, Mr Lockaby. I buy mine at Publix. My wife has worked at corporate for 39 years! Excellent company.

  8. "
    Meanwhile, out-of-touch “conservatives” think they are making a “difference” by boycotting WOKE Coke and are instead gulping down equally WOKE Pepsi"

    One enemy at a time. Let's teach Coke a lesson then the others. Besides, Dr. Pepper is better than anything else any way.

    1. Made with prune juice. I guess you need it.

    2. "Somewhere a village is missing its idiot."

      We know you don't need prune juice. Your textual diarrhea is a daily "feature" of this blog. Schmuck.

    3. Oh, and Dr. Pepper does not contain prune juice, so that's a double fail on your part, E.D.

  9. CBS & 60 Minutes won't do squat against the reporter or producer.

    They're in on the scam.

  10. The following column by Victor Davis Hanson posted yesterday hits the nail directly on the head:

    For example:

    “The rules of cynical CEO censure are transparent.

    First, the corporation never harangues unless it feels it has more to lose—whether by boycotts, protests, or bad publicity—than it stands to gain in staying neutral and silent.”

    This explains exactly why Georgia based Delta and Coke (and MLB because it’s All-Star Game this year was to be played in Atlanta) felt pressured by the Woke Mob to come out against Georgia’s Election Reform Law; while...

    The equally WOKE Chicago based United Airlines; New York based Pepsi; the NBA, NHL, NFL, were more than happy to keep quiet.

    But ignorant “conservatives” who are out of touch with reality are pumping out their chests because they gulp WOKE Pepsi rather than WOKE Coke.

    As Demented Biden* says — “Come on Man!!!”

    1. Doc misses a point occasionally. These people pay eventually because people still have a choice and Conservatives fly and drink soda and all kindas stuff like that there.

      Consider the NFL and the NBA.

  11. CBS did it because they knew they could get away with it. They did it because it's what thier consumer base wants to hear. But mostly they did it because they're smug arrogant pricks who believe they are better than the people who love this country. And so are thier viewers. Nothing, and I mean nothing will happen because they genuinely believe what they say. CBS stands by the story like they stood by Rather, it might be fake but its true to them.

  12. Did the same thing to General Westmoreland and Dubya.

    Got caught both times.

    You'd think they'd learn

  13. Ahhhh, CBS: The Crap Broadcasting System!

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  18. Cleveland sports teams gotta lose? Well, the Browns did pretty good last year, and the Indians aren't exactly slouches.