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Friday, March 19, 2021

Why don't we oppose perversion anymore?

The arrest of Brett Blomme, a Democrat Milwaukee County children’s court judge, on child pornography charges has the people who put on the Drag Queen Story Hour program in Milwaukee scrambling to distance themselves from him.

The Milwaukee drag queens posted a notice on Facebook, which says, "DQSH Milwaukee has never been run by the Cream City Foundation nor Brett Blomme, neither have either participated in planning, organizing, hosting or performing at any of our events. Brett has never held a title or position within our organization ever.

"Cream City Foundation has only ever been a fiscal sponsor that allows DQSH Milwaukee to give & receive funds as a non-profit. Aside from financials, they have had no part in DQSH Milwaukee & DQSH National."

That is a nice try, but the Cream City Foundation is the LBGTQ advocacy group that funded this program. Blomme and the money he steered to the group enabled the drag queen story hour.

Public libraries have no business hosting the drag queens. If a group of preachers tried that, the ACLU would be in court immediately saying this establishes a state religion.

Reformation Charlotte nailed the judge's arrest, noting, "It should come as no surprise that a Democrat promoting perversion and sexualization among young children would indulge himself in these images, yet the same people who decry it when it happens are the same people who celebrate diversity and inclusion among the sexually deviant."

The expression of such thoughts has been shunted to blogs in America. 

None dare declare perversion to be perversion anymore. We have feminists castrating their sons in the name of transgendering. Apparently you can be born homosexuals but you are not born male or female anymore. The latter is a choice. DNA and biology be damned.

Blomme's election put children at risk.

A reader wrote, "I’m friends with Paul Dedinsky, the Scott Walker appointed judge that lost to Brett Bloome; the disgraced liberal who recently has been arrested by police for child pornography.

"Learning that someone was actively uploading images of children who have been sexually abused and compromised on a computer owned by the people of this state... hard to come up with words to describe it, especially for a place where little children must come and provide testimony to describe the myriad ways by which they were sexually assaulted and harmed.

"Pray for the two children this man adopted from the child welfare system."

That last point is a reminder that we were told that gay adoption was perfectly safe. Yes, he has a husband. It is the 21st century.

The child welfare system anymore is anything but. For example, Post Millennial reported, "Father jailed after referring to biological female child as his daughter.

"The warrant was issued by a judge for the arrest of a father after calling his biological female child his daughter, and referring to her with the pronouns she and her. He was found to be in contempt of court."

The confused brat is 14.

The drag queen story hour will continue unabated. It is now mainstream. The Wall Street Journal gave it its blessing when it ran a column by Charlotte Allen. She (I assume she is a she) is a contributing writer for Catholic Arts Today.

Allen wrote on October 9, 2019, "What I Saw at Drag Queen Story Hour.

"Children stared, squirmed or toddled off, but their parents were enthralled with Venus Valhalla."

Her column ended, "I couldn’t tell what was going on inside those small heads, of course. Perhaps they were shy, or bored. Perhaps some of them were too young. Or perhaps Venus and her 6-inch eyelashes terrified them. Heavy stage makeup can look flattering under stage lights, but in ordinary indoor daylight the effect can be more Medusa than goddess of love. Spike heels and glitter viewed up close might seem scary to a small child whose mother’s fashion inspirations are New Balance and Lululemon.

"Still, drag is a time-honored form of comic entertainment, from the Greek stage to RuPaul. Perhaps if the drag queens toned it down and positioned themselves less as 'queer role models' and more as comedians in the Milton Berle tradition, they’d be less off-putting. Also if they ditched the propagandistic reading lists: How many kids really want to hear one more tiresome lesson about 'individuality,' much less same-sex marriage?

"But I have an even better suggestion: Leave the little ones with the babysitter and have a Drag Queen Story Hour for parents. Adults these days crave kid stuff—coloring books, Legos, cookie dough—and those moms and dads who stuck out their tongues for the frog song will likely jump at another chance to sit on the floor, try on jewelry, relive kindergarten and virtue-signal. That should make everyone happy."

Berle did not promote perversion. He wore the dress to satirize women. That was the comedy. 

Let us quit mincing around. The purpose of these story hours is to proselytize and to normalize a perversion. It is not a stretch to imagine that some drag queens tried to groom children as well.

As propaganda, the story hours work. This began 6 years ago. Now we have a president who wants men in dresses to shower with little girls. I am not saying the story hours alone did this, but they helped soften the target.

And of course, Milwaukee elected as a children's court judge a Democrat who helped fund this program. 

My question is simple. Why don't we oppose perversion anymore?

Americans need to go back to saying no because the lives we save may be our own children and grandchildren.


  1. To answer the masthead, we do, but the Lefties will do everything they can to silence it.

    It's disgusting and unnatural, but the Left is so short on votes, they curry favor with every constituency they can find.

    Or invent.

    I couldn’t tell what was going on inside those small heads, of course.

    Of course, she could. Those kids were scared and repulsed, but Mommy made them stay and watch because her Lefty street cred was getting a little low.

    We say what's being done to the lying dogfaced pony soldier is elder abuse (I don't because this blowhard is getting what he deserves), but what's happening here really is child abuse and those kids should be taken from their "parents".

    1. You're up to sixteen Jeffreys, Special Ed. Who ya' gonna accuse next?

      You're fresh out of friends, goofball.

    2. Edweenie's Chief Leg Humper right on cue.


    3. Jake, I could be wrong, but from what you wrote it appears to me that you are FOR that.

    4. That's what Edweenie says to everyone, Sam. :)

      Not sure what you think I'm for as I expressed no opinion. That said, trannies are mentally ill. Full stop. They have no business around children. Ever. If that makes me a caveman so be it.


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  2. Limbaugh called it, "Defining deviancy down."

    1. Scripture called it the searing of the conscience.

    2. It was Daniel Patrick Moynihan who called it "defining deviancy down. Rush picked it up and ran with it.

    3. He was citing Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who wrote the original "Defining Deviancy Down" essay.

      Also check out Charles Krauthammer's rejoinder "Defining Deviancy Up", in which he supplemented Moynihan's case. Moynihan asserted that what was once deviant had become normal, and Krauthammer added that what was once normal now had become deviant.

    4. Ah, quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan - Liberal Democrat from New York; and

      Charles Krauthammer - former Liberal Democrat who converted to Liberal Republican [Charles did not support President Reagan when he ran for President, like the vast majority of the Republican Establishment who slandered Reagan in favor of Bush - similar to what the GOPe did to President Trump; understanding that the 1980’s was a kinder and gentler time that none of us will see again in our lifetimes].

      On the bright time, very little, if any, time and resources have been invested into propping up statutes to these two Liberals; because the Left-Wing authoritarian zombies would have already toppled them over by now for “wrongspeak.”

  3. Pretty sure another sick pervert once lived in that city. The name was Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer.

    1. You can add him to Special Ed's list of fictional Jeffreys.

    2. Dahmer cut the noses off his victims and put them on his pizzas.
      DahmerNose Pizza!

    3. Dahmer cut his victims noses off and ate them on pizzas.
      DahmerNose Pizza!

  4. Why don't we oppose perversion anymore?

    Because you've let your enemies educate you for the last century. It began with the Scopes monkey trial when they took over the public school and turned it into a progressive church.

    But mothers prefer 'free' babysitting while they tithe the minds of their kids to the progressive state.

  5. Why don't we oppose perversion anymore?
    I still oppose it.

  6. The 80/20 rule is in effect. 80% oppose this. The 20% that are for it control the media, entertainment and education. And they will try to destroy those that speak out against it.

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  8. I for one find it amazing that a Dane County Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn let this pervert out on a signature bond.

    And that the kids that he and his husband adopted are still in the home and he has access to them. I would have wanted a competent medical professional to examine both children for signs of sexual abuse.

    But na, never mind, wouldn't want to possibly get him or potentially his husband in any more trouble now would we.

  9. Of course you’ve hit nail on the head Don as you usually do, and you are absolutely correct in this instance.

    Unfortunately, the battle with perversion is over and perversion has won.

    Why? Because Money. Mucho dinero supports perversion.

    Not even many conservatives’ current wet dream, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, is willing to stand up against perversion if it’s going to cost real money.

    As you and AC/DC know Don, “Money Talks.”

    If you haven’t read the news on Governor Kristi Noem significantly watering down the transgender ban in female sports passed by the South Dakota legislature, you can read the AP Report on it right here:

  10. These small children know more than you think. From their expressions, you can see that they are thinking that this person kind of looks like a mommy, but something isn't right. Why on earth do some parents think this sort of thing is good for their children is beyond me. The parents must like it. We live in a society where the adult's wants, and desires come before the child's needs.

  11. Charlotte Allen wrote an excellent piece backin 2010 when Obama and his cronies rammed gay marriage through via the Federal government institutions. She said that gay marriage was being used as a battering ram to allow other perversions to be presented as "normal" and warned that the next big push would be polygamy (which was promptly renamed polyamory) and behind that the "child sexuality" (i.e. paedophiles) were lurking.
    One of the objects of trabsgenderism is to "liberate" children from adult "control" of sexuality.

  12. Why? Because more and more we find out that people we thought were civilized are perverts.

    They became more and more forward as the laws against perversion were struck down. Many times by those who shared the perversion.

    We for quite a while now have allowed the sickos to run the asylum and it's no surprise that now they're coming after the sane and the moral people.

    We're their last threat and must be destroyed so that they can bring forth their perversion into the open and force others to observe and celebrate their perversion with them or face punishment.

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