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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Most Capitol protesters won't be jailed. Media angry

They hanged John Brown for his insurrection of December 2, 1859.

The fake one at the Capitol won't result in much punishment. It turns out, waving the flag inside the Capitol isn't a crime.

Politico was despondent.

It reported, "Americans outraged by the storming of Capitol Hill are in for a jarring reality check: Many of those who invaded the halls of Congress on Jan. 6 are likely to get little or no jail time.

"While public and media attention in recent weeks has been focused on high-profile conspiracy cases against right-wing, paramilitary groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, the most urgent decisions for prosecutors involve resolving scores of lower-level cases that have clogged D.C.’s federal district court."

Yes, how awful it is to have actual crimes by actual criminals clog up the courts. The federal courts should clear their dockets to allow the judges to punish any and all political dissidents.

34 years ago the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is not a crime.

The people who defended that decision now contend that waving a flag is.

To be fair, the story did say, "Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boiled down to trespassing. And judges have wrestled with how aggressively to lump those cases in with those of the more sinister suspects."

Prosecutorial rhetoric is not the same as a conviction. Some in the press do not understand the difference between words and action.

The problem is there was no insurrection. Yes, 5 people died. 4 were protesters, including an unarmed Ashli Babbitt whom a Capitol Police officer shot and killed. The officer was never publicly named.

Politico also said -- without evidence -- "The resolution of the more mundane cases also presents acute questions about equity, since most of the Capitol riot defendants are white, while misdemeanor charges are often a vexing problem for minority defendants in other cases."  

I don't recall 230 mostly black people being arrested an charged in this summer's riots that destroyed parts of city after city.

The real problem is the First Amendment protection of the right to protest.

Politico wrote, "While violent assaults in the Capitol are rare, protests and acts of civil disobedience — such as disrupting congressional hearings or even House and Senate floor sessions, are more common. That means prosecutors and judges will have to weigh how much more punishment a Trump supporter who invaded the Capitol during the Electoral College count deserves than, say, an anti-war protester chanting at a CIA confirmation hearing or a gun-control advocate shouting in the middle of the State of the Union address.

"Judges are also attempting to reckon with separating the individual actions of rioters from the collective threat of the mob, which they have noted helped inspire and provide cover for violent assaults, property destruction and increased the overall terror and danger of the assorted crimes committed."

While one police officer died, perhaps after an attack, the violence was not widespread. 

The collective threat of the mob, as Politico said, was an overreaction by congressmen and congressional staffers, people who have no problem bombing the hell out of countries on the other side of the world, but believe being scared (and they were) is a crime that deserves imprisonment.

The Washington Establishment cranked up the rhetoric and made this mass trespassing to be an insurrection, just months after dismissing a billion dollars or more in damage to businesses as mostly peaceful protests.

But this disinformation campaign won't convince judges to send to prison people who protested the acceptance of an election they believe was stolen. 

I think we can all condemn their actions without condoning prosecution if only because paybacks are a female dog. 


  1. What? Freedom of speech/expression isn't illegal?

    Wow. Who knew?

  2. But fear is probably THE most potent motivator - and it will inform the decisions of practically ALL of those CAPs (think Cardi B with Candy instead of Wet) who wear robes in the Nation’s Cesspool.

  3. DC knows they are running out of time. And their actions and these prosecutions look weak. The "wall" is a terrible look, and attempting to federalize cheating during elections just reinforces much of the rest of the country to fight back. Iowa and Georgia just strengthened their voting integrity. Wisconsin is going to have a knock down drag out fight over it, which if the right candidate shows up will put the GOP back in total control of the state.

    Biden can barely talk - it's pretty obvious at this point. Harris can't be put out in front of people because she's an arrogant out of touch person - so she offers no saving grace. Without cheating she can't win in 2024.

    Keep pushing your red state to reclaim their 10th Amendment powers. And if you are in a purple state - get on a school board or town council or become a precinct captain and force some integrity back into the system.

  4. Since an insurrection is an uprising against an authority or government, and these folks were in FAVOR of the then-current government, and did not want to replace the Trump authority or government, how could it be an insurrection?
    Also, I saw it as more of a demonstration than a riot. Shouldn't call it a riot or an insurrection.
    Too much info is being withheld from we the people.

  5. Yes, it would be good if the Dems were looking over their shoulders and worrying about voters across the nation. Be good for the GOPers, too, which I now call them "The GO ALONG to GET ALONG with the DEMS" Party.

    1. How about calling them "The Enablers?"


  6. I love it when a plan comes together.

    34 years ago the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is not a crime.

    The people who defended that decision now contend that waving a flag is.

    Because that's the America they wish they know.

    Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Apparently, somebody should have tossed in something about Congress returning the compliment.

  7. Let's keep in mind that many (if not most) of the "insurrectionists" (sic) were waved into the building by security personnel. That's not a "conspiracy theory" or just some eyewitness testimony - there are plenty of videos showing Capitol Hill police moving aside the metal barricades and waving people in.

    We need an investigation of how this happened - and at least some of the officers are clearly identifiable in the videos. How did this happen? Did they do this of their own volition? Who told them to do it? Work your way up the line.

    I don't know if this was an evil plan or just some sort of DC screw-up - but once it happened, it sure provided a nice Reichstag-fire excuse for the bad guys...

  8. This was the ultimate outcome of this whole BLM year of "Two minutes of Hate".

    One of the things that surprised me is how inept local governments were in curtailing "mostly peaceful, partially violent" protests last summer.

    It actually is pretty easy, declare curfew. Enforce curfew. protest ends.

    Still many locales did not do this. I'm reminded of the NYC Republican National Convention. Turns out having a Republican mayor and setting up an entire pier as a holding tank took the heat out of the mob pretty easily.

    Sure the Dem AG's and prosecutors can "say" not much we can do if they claim they are "protesting". But ya know a locality CAN set what is reasonable detainment to adjudicate a "disturbing the peace" charge. Can take days in fact. Wanna bet that a few less protesters show up to the NEXT "mostly peaceful" if they know a few days in jail are probably the result?

    But again this was not done. Mostly because the unfortunate truth is... the US has little legal means of dealing with organized rioting.

    Most western Democracies don't either. There is a fundamental protection given to protesters. AND this is exploited by radicals to turn "mostly peaceful into deliberately violent".

    NOW we have right wing activists doing a protest on the Pelosi front lawn and she did not like it one bit.

    But now the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Right wing activists will learn quickly that the government for all it's huffing and puffing can't really do that much to people who claim to be "protesting".

    Wonder what happens if the mayhem utilized by BLM is copied by "protesters" with a different agenda?

    Anyone want to bet what happens?

    1. "Anyone want to bet what happens?"

      Bucharest, December 1989 will happen...

    2. @Snowgander

      Dance Dance Revolution at 600 beats per minute.

    3. Sorry but I don't agree at all Ang. The left chose to allow Antifa and BLM to riot and let them get away with it. Republican run states/cities won't allow it. Ron DeSantis preemptively stopped it.
      But what they are doing to the Capital trespassing protesters is sending a message, "don't think you'll get away with what our thugs in Portland, etc did all year long" we'll throw the book at you.
      A couple dead rioters who threaten and don't listen to police end things in a hurry. It's been done before. Needs to be done again and soon!

  9. The Washington Establishment cranked up the rhetoric and made this mass trespassing to be an insurrection

    This officially marks the beginning of the end of the Empire and American hegemony. Empires always fail and disintegrate and when it begins they turn inward on their own people.

    That's what is really going on here. This also means the eventual end of the Progressive ideology that was born in 1912 when Wilson took power.

    Wilson immediately created central banking to fund big government via bond purchases. And income taxes to service the debt.

    The heart of their control is the education industry and that is fragmenting like never before. And its only just begun.

    Meanwhile the Left is turning inward and eating their own as the woke plague spreads. Old fashioned liberals are trying to resist but they aren't enough of them. People like Bill Maher, Jimmy Dore, Glen Greenwald, Piers Morgan, and thousands of spineless, petrified university presidents.

    The woke crowd will decimate the university system. They are dropping academic test scores as the basis for entry. Gee what could possibly go wrong?

    Google is already looking to create their own system for higher education one that is completely detached from the present system. Others will follow.

    Harvard and MIT have all their classes online for free. So you can get a free education without the degree that is the future.

    And DC politicians are almost completely irrelevant today. And they know it thus they are turning inward on their own people. All of society is facing fragmentation as the powers that be face multiple crises of authority.

    They can no longer persuade many to buy into their narratives. All politics is local. Focus on that.

  10. If the police wave you in, hold the door open for you and pose for pictures, is that even trespassing?

    Even all of Pelosi's false flag Antifas were invited.

    The only Insurrection was when the Gangster Government overthrew the People.

    1. Yep. The unhinged criminals in the House and Senate certified a fraudulent election.

    2. The new "For/Biden/ City" (rivaling the original Forbidden City of Peking), with the Pelosi Fence ('walled' and armed military guarding it), will be recorded in History study a century from now, as the beginning of the fall of the American experiment.__Somewhere Rousseau's ghost cries with Our Founding Fathers' spirits. ZB

  11. The problem is with MSM. Until the "media" is exposed and all the sheep,woke, leftist, jackass people realize that they lie straight to their face, nothing will happen. Those Retards will never listen to the right...they will have to be spoon fed by the media to change any opinion! Who knows, maybe someone will have a conscience. HAH!!!

  12. Five people died, but only one of them was killed.

    We have been told that the cop died of unknown causes some time after the event, and that there was no evidence found during the autopsy that he suffered any traumatic injuries.

    But still, three people dying of natural causes at a single event seems unusually high.

    I worked event security all thru college. Nobody ever died at any of the events I worked. One time a guy got stabbed, but it was a non-fatal wound.

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