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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

RINOs fear winning

Josh Kraushaar of National Journal gave an insight into RINO thinking about Donald John Trump in the coming 2022 midterm elections. They fear he will win.

Kraushaar wrote, "As president, he played the role of kingmaker in Republican primaries, tallying a near-undefeated record (109-2) while elevating underdog candidates like Ron DeSantis and Brian Kemp into office."


Only the Harlem Globetrotters have a better record.

With his 98% winning record, the fear in Washington is our president emeritus will succeed in nominating people the Washington Establishment does not like.

My fear is he won't.

Kraushaar wrote, "Republicans are worried that he’ll anoint weak candidates in winnable races, hurting the party’s ability to mount a political comeback."

We heard this before. In 2010, the Tea Party gave Republicans their best midterm in 64 years. The Tea Party gave Republicans a net gain of 63 seats in the House and 7 in the Senate.

The spin was the Tea Party "cost" Republicans the Senate by nominating Christine O'Donnell for the Senate in Delaware.

No. Republicans cost her that seat by abandoning her Senate campaign because the media dragged up something she said 12 years earlier. It abandoned her just like it would Todd Akin in the Missouri Senate race 2 years later, and Donald Trump in 2016. In all 3 cases, the party's abandonment came because of what they said, and nothing they actually did.

Democrats would back Hannibal Lector.

But Republicans in Washington care more about what the media thinks than they care about the country.

Kraushaar is the RINO messenger.

He wrote, "Trump already issued his first endorsements of the 2022 cycle, supporting his former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her bid for Arkansas governor and endorsing former aide Max Miller’s primary campaign against impeachment-supporting Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio. In both of these contests, Trump’s involvement is unlikely to impact the GOP’s chances to retain those seats. Both races are on conservative turf, where winning the primary is typically tantamount to general-election victory."

Why would Sanders be a bad candidate? Her father was governor and she has made a name for herself to the point where most people just call her Sarah Sanders.

Her crime, of course, was working in the Trump administration. Democrats continue to refuse defeat in 2016, and Republicans continue to refuse to accept that victory.

Kraushaar wrote, "But in two elections taking place this year, Trump’s engagement would be a lot more damaging. He is encouraging Ric Grenell, his former director of national intelligence, to run in the anticipated California gubernatorial recall election."

The other election is a special congressional race in Texas. Rumors had Katrina Pierson running. She declined. 

How in the heck is the California governorship winnable?

Newsom got 62% of the vote in 2018. I get that Schwarzenegger won the 2003 recall but that was nearly 20 years ago. Since then, millions of Republicans have either died or moved away.

And what makes Grenell unfit for office? Is it because he is light in the loafers? You know, a friend of Dorothy. A confirmed bachelor.

RINOs do not fear defeat. They are used to that. They fear victory by those people. You know, people who wear boots. A friend of Donald. A confirmed American.

The last thing Dick Cheney's daughter wants in Congress is another Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert.

RINOs love to complain about what Democrats do but they hate to do anything that displeases Democrats. I offer Obamacare as my best example. 

When he was president, Donald Trump was loyal to the party and endorsed the likes of Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney.

We won't be fooled again. Primary them all if we must. Send the people we need to Washington, not the people RINOs like.


  1. I hope President Trump goes and holds rallies for those he is seeking to elect in the primaries. The RINOs will absolutely melt down!

    1. Trump needs to do a speech every month. His CPAC speech was brilliant. He must continue to criticize Cheato Joe, Democrats, the Supreme Court and RINOs, and to build up the America First agenda. It's his right after the 2020 election fraud*.

      *That fraud includes the installed "winner" who lacks capacity to be president.

    2. No, Jeffery. He knows all about overexposure.

      He's going to let the people get sick of the Demos because the Demos are doing such a lousy job even yellow dog Democrats can see it.

    3. I agree with Lyn5. A speech a month by President Trump is enough to keep the enthusiasm going until the 2022 election campaign without risking over-exposure.

      In fact, it makes the leader of the GOP (rightful President) look much stronger than the CCP’s Demented Sock Puppet.

    4. edouchebag, whatever.

    5. +1 Lyn5

      +1 Susie

      +1 Lyn5 again.

      Edweenie has worn out his welcome with his limp schtick.

      (Bring back the rallies on a limited basis. Keep the coals hot.)

    6. "edouchebag", well done Lyn5. Dan, the Jeffery the edouchebag refers to is a figment of his imagination. He seems to think everyone is a troll. In a little too deep...

  2. NR = Smugly Irrelevant. Nice beatdown re Grenell, also.

  3. Yes, Trump needs to be the Happy Warrior lifting up all Americans and energizing conservatives as he holds the Democrats (and RINOS) feet to the fire. Agree that regular speeches to keep the message out there is good. Focus on what Republicans stand for - which is what many millions of Americans want, even those that aren't Republicans.

    1. Well he did get at least 75 million votes and many were from the democrat constituents like blacks, Jews and minorities.
      And even they know it was stolen from him. They'll support his endorsed candidates in '22 and his '24 reelection if he wants it.

    2. Instead of just "speeches," start having MAGA rallies again. Everyone seems to enjoy them.

      (I figured back in January that March would be a good month to start doing these again. He'll be well-rested (which he is), and with the warmer weather starting up in the southern states, I figured (correctly) that the plague would ebb once again.)

  4. I think the Whigs are actually afraid of governing. They know they'll always get a few crumbs from the Demos, but going alone means a risk.

  5. You keep saying, "Republicans" like the ones holding that view represent the party. Trump is at, what? 85-90% party approval? The people you're calling "Republicans" are GOPe. RINOs. Democrats in Republican clothing.

    The Republican Party is returning to it's true roots. The Emancipation Party. Free us from the tyranny of these Has Beens fake conservatives.

  6. The destruction of Christine O’Donnell was shameful.

    My niece got married on 10/10/10. A friend of my parents was at the wedding. He didn’t hide his ultra-liberalism. He was talking about how his son worked for Fannie-Mae and he was hoping he didn’t get laid off. Then, out of nowhere, he chuckled, muttered Christine O’Donnell, shook his head and walked away. We weren’t talking about her. Don’t live near Delaware. Weren’t talking about anything related to the election. But he was concerned with Christine O’Donnell. Poisoned by the RINOs, exploited by the media, believed by the imbecile liberals, swallowed whole by the low-information voters.

  7. “In matters of style, swim with the current, in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

    — Thomas Jefferson

    1. Not always so easy. TJefferson, case in point: stood for liberty, author of the Declaration of Independence, supremely literate, a true Founding Father, a Democrat, ... and the Dems hate him. Nuf' said?

  8. RINOs do fear winning. Winning puts them in charge and responsible for success or failure, and they're not about either. They just want to have country club level power. Also, RINOs should not be called RINOs. They should be called republicrats.

    A republicrat is what people incorrectly call a RINO. A "RINO" is a title but being a republicrat is how they earn the title. Republicrats want the authority of being the minority in congress. That gives them country club level power but none of the responsibility of being in charge. That way they can put forward all kinds of neat sounding conservative bills without the threat of those bills actually winning. They want power but no responsibility; and they'll surreptitiously support the democrats just enough to stay on their good sides off the floor and off camera. Republicrats sell out America for personal gain.

  9. They fear winning because then they’d actually have to DO something they were elected for [rather than just talk about it]. Their puppet masters don’t want that.

  10. Republicans in the house and senate don't want to hold the majority. Majority means they have to be responsible for success. Majority means that when they put forward a bill, they'll likely win it.....and they don't want that.

    Republicans like being in the minority because it gives them country club level power; public esteem without any responsibilities. They can put forward all sorts of conservative sounding bills but have no worry whatsoever about having any likelihood of them actually passing. Power without power. Voice without actual action. Republican house and senate "leaders" want to talk in the wells, but have no risk of their talking carrying any weight. Life is good for these people. Why would they even consider messing with their success?

  11. The RINOs problem is that once they've accomplished something, they sit back and say, "Well, we've done it! We passed XYZ; let's go have a martini." They either fail to realize, or just don't understand that once they've accomplished something, they now have to defend it against those ravenous political dogs, the Democrats. They NEVER QUIT; they NEVER LIE DOWN on an issue. It's NEVER OVER for them until they die.

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