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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Press openly wants Chauvin convicted

The jury selected, the show trial begins in Minneapolis.

The Associated Press reported, "The jury that will decide the fate of a white former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death is unusually diverse by local standards, and that’s boosting activists’ hopes for a rare conviction.

"The panel of 15 includes nine people who are white and six who are black or multiracial, according to the court. If the court follows standard practice and the alternates are the last three chosen, the 12 who deliberate would be evenly split between whites and people of color. Opening statements are Monday."

Diverse is a euphemism for anti-white. If the black state attorney general had a case, he would not have to rig the jury. in fact, if he had a case, race would not matter because Minneapolis is not the Deep South.

The American press is now actively campaigning for the conviction of an innocent man. This AP story reveals that the press does not want a fair trial. It wants a conviction.

Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. He was no hero. He was a victim, yes, of America's obsession with getting high on drugs. 

The word fentanyl does not appear in the AP story. KARE reported in August, "New court documents say George Floyd had 'fatal level' of fentanyl in his system."

That is what he died of.

That was why Police Officer Derek Chauvin held him down, because the man was higher than a kite and dangerous to himself and others. Chauvin followed police protocol. The ambulance arrived too late to save Floyd.

By not mentioning fentanyl, AP ignores the defense because AP reporters and editors are hellbent on railroading a white policeman. Rare is the story that mentions fentanyl, because that does not fit the narrative.

The local newspaper took the rare step of running profiles of the jurors. The newspaper all but named them. The message is clear. We know who you are. You can be doxxed. No matter what the state law says, jurors will be named if there is an acquittal.

Good luck getting prosecutors to prosecute the news organization or individual who names names.

ABC reported, "Hennepin County District Court Judge Peter Cahill decided last Friday not to move the trial's location nor delay the proceedings."

The judge said, "I think the pre-trial publicity will continue no matter how long we continue it. I don't think there is any place in the state of Minnesota that has not been subjected to an extreme amount of publicity in this case."

When activists -- people who want Chauvin convicted -- ominously say the whole world is watching, how can a jury acquit?

The angry mob of modern lynchers rioted last summer demanded Chauvin be convicted.

The press sides with the mob.

The AP story included unrelated cases where these diverse (wink wink, nod nod) juries convicted people, including one cop.

The AP did not talk to Chauvin or any supporters, instead ending the story by quoting the lawyer who took a large chunk of the city's $27 million out-of-court settlement with the Floyd. 

He said, "This is not a hard case. If George Floyd had been white, the facts would be undisputed and justice would be swift. We expect the same for George."

In African-American History at Cleveland State (which I aced, by the way) in the 1970s, I recall the professor including the history of black men who were railroaded by all-white juries. White girls would falsely accuse black men of rape, which led to lynchings.

Then came Tawana Brawley and 20 years later, the Duke lacrosse case. The American press sided with the lying women because they were black and the falsely accused were white.

We have not ended systemic racism. We have reversed the roles. By doing this, the press legitimizes racism. The press also legitimizes mob justice. 

I do not like that.


  1. And the AP honchos hide behind anonymity. They need to be outed to be held to account.

    1. The AP story's reporters at the link are named. They are STEVE KARNOWSKI and AMY FORLIT. Their emails (well-known formula) are

    2. The reporters might be named, but the editors and their bosses who set the policies hide in the closet.

  2. This is going to be an acquittal. There will be evidence entered by the defense showing that the perp has a history of complaining about the same thing - there is video of a prior arrest that I believe is admissible. That and the fentanyl in his body and Chauvin's following the Minneapolis procedure for handling suspects in this condition means he will walk. If the jury balks, they will be able to appeal a mistrial occurred with the publishing of the jury profiles. The case is over, its just a matter of how many additional black businesses will get burned down when its over.

    1. Never say 'never'. I read a lot of commentary on this site proclaiming a Trump landslide w/ upwards of all 50 states going to PDJT. Didn't work out that way, though. Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses or how easily manipulated they can be.

    2. With all the circumstances outlined by D.S. above, this jury will convict an individual that is very likely innocent. Mobs are ruling or haven't you noticed?

    3. They will use dominion machines to count the votes and Chauvin will be toast.

    4. LG, I’m fairly certain someone predicted President Trump was going to win all 57 States, including New York.

      I agree with you, never say “Never.”

    5. I doubt they will acquit him. It's going to be jury nullification just like the OJ trial..

    6. 100% innocent. George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose from consuming evidence. Knee was never applying pressure to the neck. This is also the correct method, taught by the police, to restrain a person. The mob will burn the city down but then, the mob is full of ignorant, racist idiots.

  3. If Floyd had been white it would be a simple acquittal

    1. If Floyd had been white there would never have been an indictment.

      Or a riot.

    2. And if Obama was another 50% white, we'd have never heard of him

    3. Of course. Because white people don't get outraged when another white person has a drug overdose and try to blame it on others.

  4. This is another case of the government screwing something up with the only answer always being more government intervention. This officer had several complaints against him of excessive use of force. In the past, the police officers unions supported the Democrats, who in turn voted for higher pay and more benefits, including protection for some of the worse actors.
    It got to be where police officers could do just about anything and not be punished (proverbial slap on the wrist). This is one of the reasons for black over reaction - they are tired of the cops getting away with unreasonable behavior.
    Not to say that what happened here was unreasonable. George Floyd was a dead man walking when he was arrested. Kneeling on his neck was per training (as are choke holds, which are preferable to just shooting a suspect resisting arrest). Police unions got to be way too powerful and arrogant.

    The answer is to dial back some of the protectionism given to the bad actors (it certainly isn't to get rid of the whole police force or defund the departments). We tried having towns without police in the past (Dodge City comes to mind). It didn't work then, and won't work now.

    1. Matt Dillon would be surprised to learn that Dodge City had no police. So would Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp.

    2. "This officer had several complaints against him of excessive use of force" Were they legitimate complaints or substantiated uses of force? You don't know, do you? That is because a use of force is the POINTING of a firearm in many departments. See how the game is played?
      I saw the published list of his uses of force - double digits in his 19 or so years. I DID NOT see the specifics on them...... for a reason.

  5. "When you hang a man,look him in the eye."
    The outcome may be different than the press thinks.

  6. Since the 80s, I’ve though that the north was more racist than the south.

    1. It was that way in the sixties, too. I remember being shocked by that discovery.

    2. And those places tend to be Democrat strongholds.

    3. Growing up ina quite diverse community, the only real racism came from Democrats.Not Republicans. I still
      have black friends from my school days .

    4. There are more black people in the South than in any other part of the country. After the Cicil War the vast majority of blacks stayed where they were. The Great Migration of blacks into the Northern cities did not take place until WWI. Even in the days of Jim Crow segregation black people worked as domestic servants in white homes.

    5. Yep, listen to the song, Rednecks, from Randy Newman's Good Ole Boys album. He got it right.

    6. Randy Newman is quoted as saying, "Yes, unfortunately I am Randy Newman" I agree with that statement. Self righteous arrogance is a curse and Randy lives that curse.
      Sloppy Jo Gloomy eulogized a proud racist, Bobbie Byrd, a Grand Kleagle of the KKK no less, as a great man and his mentor. Barry O said, Bill and Hill were racists, they were also mentored by the KKK Kleagle Byrd. Are all these folks racists? I guess Mr. Newman would know. Regardless of Mr. Newman self righteous opinions, I would say yes all these folks are and were racists. Yes, Barry O in particular, is a hateful racist man. Being racist is a prerequisite to being a good Communist Democrat. It has been that way since they assassinated Lincoln. It is that way today. The list of notable publicly racist Communist Democrats is too long for this site. America Matters. I pray America survives the Communist Democrats hate, thievery, and racism.

  7. I think everyone needs to back away from the hyperbole here.

    First off, The actions around Jury Selection are pretty much a mixed bag for both sides. Yes the prosecution is excited they got a strong ethnic component on the Jury. But the defense should be just as excited that most of the Jury members are very educated and not easily swayed by non-logical arguments.

    There are a few defense lawyers almost live blogging this trial. As an interesting side story the Prosecution fought mightily to NOT have the trial on Televised. The defense wanted the trial to be public. Which I find curious.

    The State now has 10 or 11 lawyers on the case. The Defense just has 1 overworked defense lawyer.

    Interestingly the Judge reprimanded the Prosecution about the Prosecution's critique of the Defense's response timeliness to the 27 million settlement optics. As a Prosecutor move of questionable ethics, one of those 11 Prosecution lawyers held a press conference commenting on the settlement WHILE the Court was doing voir dire. Turns out the Judge is working as a one man show too,so he was not pleased.

    The defense will be allowed to present Floyd's previous arrest information and other materials that seem favorable to the defense.

    Granted the Jury is the wild card here. But ultimately I just can't see how this plays out much different than Zimmerman or Alvarez.

    Granted it "might" go like Lozano. Due to the number of crowd witnesses it might go that way. Lozano is a prime example of a case where Janet Reno's Prosecutors packed the witness lists. But Lozano was overturned on appeal.

    Floyd's history will be disclosed in this trial. The video evidence will show a man not being compliant with Police and getting wrestled to the ground. Yes there will be the length of time Chauvin sat on the big guy. But he is a big guy who probably would have gotten up if the cop were not on his back. A reasonable person will most likely conclude that.

    It will come down to the lesser charge that the Judge wanted not to be included but got appealed.

    So maybe hung jury or convict on the lesser charge and Chauvin gets an overturn on appeal. Still I think this goes outright acquittal. Thugs don't make good victims and typically don't get much sympathy in court.

    1. ". . .Jury members are very educated and not easily swayed by non-logical arguments . . ."

      The support of Barack Obama by very educated people is proof that they are just as easily swayed by non-logical arguments as the stupid and ignorant.

    2. You know what? I don’t give a fook. LibCommie mayor, LibCommie council, LibCommie voters. I hope the fookin place BURNS TO THE GROUND. Then my brother and another brother’s wife’s family will have to move. Fine. EAT SHITE AND DIE, MINNEAPOLIS!!

  8. The problem is the trial will be unfair regardless of the outcome. The jury will not be concerned with the facts of the case anywhere near as much as the aftermath of their decision.

  9. Some day the mob will come for the press, destroying all of them. While unfortunate, it will be a pleasure to witness it.

  10. New court documents say George Floyd had a 'fatal level' of fentanyl in his system

    Nope. A 'fatal dose' is not the same for everyone. Regular drug users, I presume Floyd was one, have a sky high tolerance for drugs compared to drug free folks.

    So what is a fatal dose for you will not be fatal for drug users. Duh. In fact, Floyd could probably take ten times a 'fatal dose' for a drug free person and easily survive.

    And to say the ambulance arrived late is as biased as you can get. I saw the video. Floyd repeatedly complained he was having trouble breathing.

    But even after saying that Chauvin put a cuffed and subdued man on the ground and pressed all of his body weight on his knee which was right on his neck.

    Then Chauvin rocked back and forth with his knee on his neck.

    Why didn't Chauvin call the ambulance as soon as Floyd said he couldn't breathe? Was he denying him medical treatment? It sure looks that way because the video evidence shows Floyd was not resisting arrest he was pleading for help. Or maybe he was acting who knows.

    Or did Chauvin have a personal vendetta. Floyd and Chauvin knew each other very well. They were both bouncers and security guards at the same bar. For years.

    But the worst part of this is to claim you know what a fatal dose for Floyd would be! Unless you know his drug use history you have little idea of that.

    So this entire article bleeds with prejudice. Not necessarily against race but against drug users. This blogger treats them like lepers. He figures they don't deserve medical treatment or freedom. They deserve to be hunted down like dogs, cuffed, and thrown into dungeons to suffer.

    All opioids come from nature its the poppy plant. God says all his plants were created good its in Genesis. But those with a weak conscience act like the Jews and their food laws.

    Paul scolded Peter publicly for acting like that. All of nature was created for use. Not abuse. Use.

    Surber loves to label all those who use drugs as abusers. He believes drugs are evil not a gift from God. He wants to label all use as abuse. He doesn't follow the Bible since drug use is not outlawed.

    Anything this is not outlawed in the Bible is by definition permitted. Neo-cons don't think so they like to play God.

    Because it offends their weak conscience. Paul had to deal with people like that and he demanded that his liberty should not hinge on the weak conscience of some people. Peter learned his lesson. Folks like this blogger never do as they ignore the book they claim to follow.

    1. Now if Chauvin was strictly following police department protocol then he has a genuine defense.

      In that case the worst he should get is manslaughter. But I have no sympathy for the police.

      They are out of control. Their practice of civil asset forfeiture is outrageous. The prey on the poor that way they take anything they want from them.

      All they have to do is wave the drug use flag and its all over. So it won't bother me if Chauvin and his team get fried.

      But waving the drug use flag and all the rubes here dance for joy. They love seeing desperate people thrown into prison and have trouble ever finding work again.

      They treat them like lepers. Haul them off out of our sight! Forever.

    2. 1. Floyd began complaining he could not breathe before he was placed on the ground.

      2. Chauvin did not have his full weight on Floyd's neck.

      3. The autopsy shows that Floyd did not die of asphyxiation or from the cutting off blood flow to the brain.

      4. The cops called for an ambulance TWICE, including once while Floyd was still conscious and struggling.

    3. Myiq2xu - thank you for that.

      The defense is also going to play a police cam from about a year earlier showing Floyd pulling the same antics. The difference, I don't think he was on fentanyl.

    4. @Myiq2xu (Lol). There is a photo clearly showing Felon Chauvin with one knee on Floyd’s neck and the other on his back, compressing Floyd’s chest and restricting his Alito breathe.

  11. In the 2nd/1st-century B.C., Polybius - an Achaean Greek who had lived in Rome for some time - wrote a history of the Roman Republic; his motive was to attempt to explain to his fellow Greeks his views as to why greater Greece had remained fractious and weak, while Rome became stable, prosperous, and mighty.

    His chief argument was that the Greek city-states had remained locked in a natural political cycle (and classical Greeks had a fundamental belief that the natural state of EVERYTHING involved cycles) that they never managed to overcome. Good kingship deteriorated into bad tyranny... which was replaced with good aristocracy that deteriorated into bad oligarchy... which was replaced with good democracy that deteriorated into mob rule... which was replaced with kingship.

    His chief thesis was that the Roman Republic had managed to avoid these natural cycles and attain long-term stability by adopting the best characteristics of all three up-phases (kingship, aristocracy, and democracy... and it that sounds familiar it should, as the Founding Fathers (*) explicitly used that as the basis for the three branches of government).

    Our present fraudulent degenerate version of a "federal" government has managed to combine together the *worst* aspects of Polybius three phases (tyranny, oligarchy, and mob rule). None of this has been by grassroots demand - it's all been the working of a regimented, well-drilled minority that has no beliefs other than a belief in their own unique suitability to rule absolutely and an unquenchable lust for absolute power.

    Consider this article quotation from over at Prof. Reynolds' place earlier:

    “There is bipartisan opposition to a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and the border crisis is exhausting Americans’ patience with the immigration question. Large majorities of likely voters want secure elections and voter ID. Americans also want economic growth, not equity policies. The objections are already bubbling to the surface on critical race theory. And no taxpayer wants to go back to the pre-1996 welfare without work world, which is precisely what the child tax credit is.”

    They've been rigging the system more and more for decades - and did it big-time in 2020 because they *think* that this FINALLY is the final victory for them.

    It isn't. This won't end well, given the quote above.

    (*) - The Founding Fathers were indeed geniuses - and a big part of that genius was the recognition that there is no such thing as an in-situ genius. The role that classical history played in their ideas and actions is something that is woefully neglected. But Polybius provided the core structure for their organization of the new federal government of 1789. And the strategy of Quintus Fabius Maximus (channeled through Livy and Plutarch) was explicitly used by George Washington to fight and win the Revolutionary War.

  12. "Press openly wants Chauvin convicted": Of course they do. They're in bed with the Dems. As I keep saying, I don't KNOW if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the the Dem Party, or if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUD that they are in CAHOOTS.

  13. The ME would not release its info on Floyd until the media had 3 months to scream racism and allow the riots to continue. That and the later release of the body cams' footage tell the real story.

  14. Tonight's movie Inger Stevens always did rock a white blouse.

  15. What I know of Officer Chauvin tends to make me think he was a poor cop. I try not to judge others too harshly, but it seems like this cop had issues. Granted I only know what I read, I do not watch any TV corrupt news. That being said, he may or may not be a bad apple. It appears Dead George had lethal doses of fentanyl on board. Dead George is a career felon with a violent history, the cops probably knew this, and were on their guard against his violent nature. This is certainly not first degree murder. I think it is another case of overzealous biased political over charging of this possible crime. From what I have seen the officer utilized poor judgement which is not a crime. Regardless the outcome there will be riots. That is just the way it is in 2021 Woke America. I pray the country survives. America Matters.

  16. @Life Goes On

    -Chauvin had a record of at least 16 complaints filed against him. He was a bad cop.

    -Disagree on the “lethal level of fentanyl.” Floyd WAS a habitual drug user and it is well known that people, both legitimate pain patients (e.g. terminal cancer) AND drug abusers develop a tolerance to opioids. He also had meth and THC in his system. It is literally impossible to OD on marijuana, meth is a different story.
    -Floyd definitely was a career criminal with record longer than a CVS receipt.
    -First degree murder is not even charged. IMHO, the Second Degree Murder charge is political. Manslaughter and assault are reasonable charges.
    -Chauvin’s conduct goes way beyond “poor judgement.” The use of neck restraints was only authorized against subjects who are “actively resisting.” Floyd was not actively resisting at the time Chauvin arrived on the scene.

    1. I appreciate your opinions, they are opinions or assumptions either way they are not facts. I think we should just skip the trial and go straight to the gallows. That is hang your opinions and hang your assumptions. Anything else up your colon you would like to share? I assume you went to the same law school as me. Can you practice in Minnehaha? Curious here in the bull pen.

    2. Butt hurt much?

      Chauvin record of complaints is verified. Look it up.

      If you don’t know that people develop a tolerance to opioids, stay at the kids table.

      Are you trying argue that Floyd didn’t have a criminal record?

      You brought up murder 1. I correctly pointed out its not charged.

      The Minneapolis PD policy is easily verifiable.

      Everything I posted is fact.

      The colon product is your posting.

    3. What are Assumptions, Opinions, and Jumping to conclusions?
      Name four things you are full of.

  17. I would appreciate any references to the "Deep South" as "this is not the Deep South of the civil rights era"...rather than "this is not the Deep South" as it's some kind of hell-hole of bigotry because it's not. We even mix races y'all.

  18. We no longer have a 'Press' in this country... it's now the "Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda"

  19. Replies
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  20. But no such level of conviction for Hunter Biden

  21. Every day we are faced with more justification that the 'Yellow Stream Media" no longer wants their Constitutional protections of "Freedom of the Press" and "Free Speech". They openly advocate for restrictiving "Free Speech" for everyone but themselves. They have made the oldest profession look admirable and highly respectable when compared to the dribble and slimy ooze is printed, viewed or sent over the air waves. At least with the "oldest profession" they have always provided a public service that is of some value.

    Journalism did not die because of what an evil and totalitarian government did to them. History has shown that every "Evil Empire" always focused in on destroying all "free speech" which meant that if you were a publisher/journalist you had to fear for your life. Today, publishers/journalists have committed symbolic "hari-kari" and have prostrated themselves to the false gods of "social justice, utopia, and the nirvana fallacy". In other words, "YSM" has openly forfeited their constitutional protections for the false gods they now worship. Diogenes today would have more difficulty in finding an honest journalist (excluding you Don).

    George Santyana has a quote that is very applicable today: "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

    Today, all we need to do is to microwave some popcorn sit back and watch the show.


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The Press has no clue about Police work, nor Police training. There appears to be a need to jump to conclusions, possibly due to the need for Likes, and RATINGS. I'm with the Police on this one.

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