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Saturday, March 13, 2021

NYT looks at nursing home covid deaths. Doesn't mention Cuomo

The New York Times posted a 4,900-word piece today, "Nursing homes have manipulated the influential star system in ways that have masked deep problems — and left them unprepared for Covid-19."

The piece does not mention Cuomo, who ordered nursing homes to take in covid-19 patients when the pandemic began. It does not mention the 3 other Democrat governors who followed suit.

The failure to mention Cuomo is pretty remarkable. It is akin to writing about the sinking of the Titanic without mentioning the iceberg.

The Times instead blamed a 5-star rating system the federal government uses as a guide.

The Times said, "More than 130,000 nursing-home residents have died of Covid-19, and The Times’s analysis found that people at five-star facilities were roughly as likely to die of the disease as those at one-star homes."

That should be expected because nursing homes are not designed to handle people with highly contagious diseases. Nursing homes should be the last place one would send covid 19 patients. 

And it was the first place Cuomo sent them.

And he made that order stick.

Last April, as the death toll mounted in nursing homes, WGRZ reported, "Cuomo: Nursing homes 'don’t have the right to object' to order requiring admission of COVID-19 patients.

"Governor announces statewide probe of nursing homes to make sure they are following emergency orders."

Cuomo said, "They get paid to provide a service. They get regulated by the state government. There are certain rules and regulations that they must follow and we put in additional rules and regulations on nursing homes in the midst of this crisis."

Those additional regulations killed 15,000 people.

Nearly a year later, the New York Times got around to examine those 15,000 covid 19 deaths. The Times ignored the catastrophe in New York state, preferring to go national. The story was big on anecdotes, small on facts. It quoted one woman who left a nursing home as saying, "I wouldn’t send my dog there."

So why did Cuomo send covid 19 patients there?

The Times never mentioned this true scandal, preferring to ignore the iceberg.


Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post filed a column today, "Gov. Cuomo is rightly facing calls to resign — but for the wrong crime."

Cuozzo spoke for a nation.

He wrote, "Nursing homes, typically overcrowded, understaffed and poorly run, are ideal environments for spreading the virus. The result: a long-term-facilities death toll which the state first put at 8,505, but which it revised in January to at least 12,743 after months of public pressure to include victims who contracted COVID in nursing homes but didn’t die until they were sent to hospitals. Last month, facing even more pressure, the state owned up to an unimaginable 15,000 fatalities. 

"Cuomo’s deceptions infuriated the loved ones of victims who were already reeling from their losses. Daniel Arbeeny, whose father died in a nursing home, fumed, “He’s consistently lied and gaslighted us and called us names from the beginning.” 

"You’d think that such a mass-scale tragedy driven by a reckless government order would be ample cause to remove the governor. But, no — state legislators sat on their hands until they were prompted to action by what the woke world regards as an even graver offense: Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment of seven women, five of whom are former female staffers."

The Times would have you believe that the 5-star system did this. As always, the Times is lobbying for more government regulation.

But government regulation killed 15,000 grannies in New York.

Cuomo's ability to order the nursing homes to expose residents to covid caused those deaths.

We all know this, but instead of holding Cuomo and his Democrat Party responsible for their actions, the Times and the rest of the media (save a few stalwart journalists like Cuozzo) want to Me Too him out of the picture.

That is how the Democrat Party operates. Even when it does something right, it does it for the wrong reasons.

And the Times is always there to ignore the iceberg.


  1. The New York Times posted a 4,900-word piece today, "Nursing homes have manipulated the influential star system in ways that have masked deep problems — and left them unprepared for Covid-19." I am not surprised. I have said for some time, that I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the NYT (the WaPoo, too!), and the rest of the media...
    So, it appears to me that Cuomo is a mass murderer, by proxy.

  2. Of course they don't mention Cuomo. What were you expecting?

    It's just like anytime there is a scandal in Ching-ress (sic) they never put the D after the name of a Demonrat.

    1. So, tell me, Jeffery, what was the guidance at Troll Central?

    2. If you don't like Big Jake's comments, ignore them.

      By constantly sniping at him, it makes you look like a troll, or at the very least, an immature idiot.

    3. Thank you, Mike.

      He can't refute what I'm saying so he falsely accuses me of being insincere. It's bizarre.


    4. It is pretty odd. But he's an odd duck. I would ignore him and let him hang himself without your help. You know the old saying about arguing with an idiot...

    5. Eddie has been hanging himself ever since the election.

      You can't beat something with nothing. And Eddie always has nothing.

    6. Sounds like Mike is Jeffery's newest sock puppet. Once Jeffery thinks he needs support, he rallies his sock puppets. He has no real friends.

      You assume my name is Edwin or some variant? Why? Could it be you saw it at Pirate's Cove? But thanks anyway. Your raving helps ID the new ones

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Stop calling everyone Jeffrey, you schmuck.

      You still don't get that I'm mocking you, do ya Edwina?

      Follow the bouncing ball, you unEDucated idiot. EDutcher...EDwina, EDweenie, ED the Talking Horse['s Ass], et al. plus what Lyn5 called you the other day (it was funny).

      Your circle of jerks on Pirate's Cove (which I've never been to, ever, nor heard of until you started squawking about it) has nothing to do with me.

      You keep on deflecting. It can't hide your abject stupidity and incompetence.

      Also, your hero was wrong. A lie repeated often enough by YOU does not make it true.

      Now get bent, Jeffrey.

    9. I think you need to start calling him SPECIAL ED.

  3. Clearly, the Demos' complicity in so many nursing home deaths is beginning to become an issue, so they try to keep it non-partisan.

    Don't think it's gonna work.

    1. Think again.

      New Yorkers will simply replace one stupid Dim governor with another.

    2. Take a look at a Congressional map of NY state - take out "the city" and it's mostly a sea of red. Get into serious upstate and people hate NYC - it drags the rest of the state down.

      YET ANOTHER thing that randy andy should hang for is imposing draconian lockdowns statewide - even in the rural areas that were having no trouble.

      (Oh, and he impoverished the "southern tier" by banning fracking. Is "cuomo" italian for "himmler"??)

      "New York is New York City with West Virginia attached." Will wait to see how Don reacts to that quote. :-)

    3. That's why urbanization is bad for freedom. The big cities control everything. They drag us to the left.

    4. Which is why you live in St Lou. Right, Jeffery?

      Actually the big cities are losing out. All those Demo strongholds will soon be ghost towns with the country dispersed thanks to digitization, high taxes, identity politics, and corruption.

      It's why you Demos hate the 'burbs.

    5. Jeffrey, pay attention, dipstick. Texas has gone from R+25 to R+5 in about thirty years thanks to urbanization. The only thing keeping us red is the rural areas.

      Once again you prove your abject IGNORANCE.

      Losing out? Not hardly. Blue states that depopulate won't do so enough to turn red and they'll shift red states blue (like Virginia) in the process.

      Our population is not stopping its growth. That means only one thing. More urbanization and a further drift left.

      My gawd you're stupid as f.

      I've also NEVER lived in St. Louis (or Missouri at all). I'm a born and raised sixth generation Texan.


  4. So what?
    Moronic New Yorkers will keep voting Democrat.

    The stupidest politician in the world isn't a problem until the stupidest voters in the world keep electing him.

    1. AOC is actually a lot like bernie sanders (aka "senator phoghorn (i - lunar orbit)." Find a small jurisdiction where you can swipe a seat with few voters, then use it as a soapbox to pretend that you matter.

      I think she got 15,000 votes. If she ran in Glens Falls, she'd get 15 votes.

  5. Re: The NYT. A fellow by the name of Duranty comes to mind. He didn't see much evil either.

    1. Any competent corporate media journalist can write a long story about Venezuela's collapse and not mention socialism.

  6. Fredo’s dumber brother is lucky he’s a democrat. And even luckier that he’s a democrat in’s such a dysfunctional state as New Yawk. And even luckier still that the newspaper of record is more dysfunctional than his state.

    His reign may end due to MeTooitis, but he should hang for the nursing home scandal.

    1. The other thing he should hang for is not letting anyone impose quarantines on the NY metro area - when some (such as the very-D governor of very-D Rhode Island) did, he pitched a fit and wouldn't allow it. Because of this, NY was actually the beachhead for the WuFlu in the US and pretty much all the problems were seeded from there. (I was amazed back then looking at the flight sites, which showed the usual airline traffic going in and out of the NYC-area airports during the worst of the WuFlu.)

      If a quarantine had been slapped around that area for two or three weeks, the whole mess would have been much less bad. Thanks andy!

  7. But government regulation killed 15,000 grannies in New York.

    Only cause there weren't enough regulations! It was de-regulation that killed them all. We need more regulation. Today.

    And more money to implement them.

    Such is what you get when you contend that Congress has the right to regulate private commerce. That states have the right to keep you safe.

    The big mistake was abandoning the Articles of Confederation. Patrick Henry was right.

    1. No, Jeffery, not regulation nor deregulation. Democrat governors killed them.

      But you already know that.

    2. There he goes with the Jeffrey bs again.

      This guy needs serious help.

    3. Why don't you just STFU, edutcher? Getting old.

    4. Watch out. If he sees that he will call you a sock puppet. LOL

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