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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

NBC replaced Johnny Carson with Floyd R. Turbo

Why did NBC replace Johnny Carson with Floyd R. Turbo?

The Washington Examiner reported, "This week’s Liberal Media Scream steps outside the usual lane of angry news media figures to NBC’s Late Night show hosted by Seth Meyers and his 15-minute rant for H.R. 1, the For the People Act election law, and against the filibuster.

"His was a sweeping condemnation of Republicans, rural Americans, whites, and the Founding Fathers."

Well, he is entitled to his ill-informed opinions and Comcast can have him front its anti-American corporate propaganda machine.

What struck me was how unfit he was to appear on late-night television. He dressed like he was picking up toilet paper at Walmart, and not in a proper suit. TV down-graded from three-piece suits in the black-and-white days to a sport jacket, slacks, and a tie.

But he looked like a joke. Even a show that follows the Tonight Show should have a host who wears a jacket and a tie, particularly since the setting is meant to look like a news report.

What was ironic that while he was ranting about rubes, he looked like a rube. As I watched the video, I remembered Johnny Carson's old character, Floyd R. Turbo.

Carson's character was a spoof that mocked the rubes as being fact-challenged and conspiracy-minded Americans.

50 years later, NBC has a fact-challenged, conspiracy-minded anti-American hosting its Late Night Show, which follows the Tonight Show.

His rant could have been written by Turbo's contemporary,  Emily Litella.

Meyers said, "Our democracy as currently constituted is simply not a level playing field. In fact, it’s arguably never been a level playing field, it’s heavily tilted toward a minority of voters that are predominately white and rural, thanks in large part to anti-majoritarian institutions like the Electoral College and the Senate. Just consider that right now the Senate is evenly split 50-50 and yet the 50 Senate Democrats represent nearly 42 million more Americans than the 50 Senate Republicans. For example, Wyoming with a population of about 580,000 people, has two senators. And New York also has two senators, even though there are 580,000 people just on my co-op board."

The story quoted Media Research Center Vice President Brent Baker, who said, "Meyers’s argument should be with the founders, not present-day Republicans. He’s upset that our constitutional system, with two senators from every state, is inhibiting the enactment of left-wing policies, as if the Senate make-up is something new."


One other thing, in his ugly blue plaid shirt (which blended into the background), Meyers dissed President Trump's casual attire at his resort, saying, "Look at this [picture of Trump], it looks like he was thrown naked in the Dumpster behind a Palm Beach pro-shop, and given five minutes to pick an outfit."

NBC should invest in a mirror.

And NBC should get a wardrobe designer who selects clothing that does not make the actor blend into the scenery.


  1. Seth M. is an idiot. IMO the current crop of late-night show hosts reflect "me too-ism" run rampant. When one network finally has the guts to improve quality, all the other "me too" network hosts will improve. At this point I say the networks should just add more reality TV shows to the current late night show time periods. It's all garbage anyway.

  2. Here's how a Carson piece would begin.

    Ed McMahon: "An editorial reply."

    Carson: "My name is Floyd R. Turbo, American. [Salutes] This commie pinko station issued an editorial against sexual harassment in the office. This raises the question, kiss my dictaphone!"

    Great comedy never gets old.

  3. Wyoming has two Senators, same as New York. Wyoming has only one congressman, New York has 27. Funny that this moron never mentions that part. Doesn't fit the rabid leftist loser narrative, I guess.

    1. The brain dead audience he caters to will never know this and don’t care.

  4. I could go on a rant about how the FCC ought to jump on NBC’s ass for NAKED (AND FREE) POLITICAL ADVERTISING but what the fook, it’s been going on for years on their nightly news. Big D’s idea about shutting down the major networks may have been a bit of Swiftian extravagance, but as far as I’m concerned he was spot on. Go ahead and howl, you fookers; I don’t care.

  5. What is missing from the argument is that the senators were intended to represent their state and it's interests not the citizens of said state.
    That all was lost when we went to direct election. BIG mistake! The (in) Civil War didn't end state's rights, foolishness did.
    In 1861 we fought the war of democrat childishness. Today they are in power.

    1. Yep. Repeal the 17th Amendment. As The Great Neal Bortz used to say. Because of 17th Amendment the states lost representation in DC. Mexico now has more representation in DC than New Mexico

  6. Heck, I remember when late night TVs was supposed to be funny.

  7. Well, we aren't a democracy to start with, but I'm sure Seth flunked that part of whatever civics class he slept through in HS.

  8. I'll second the earlier comment that he's a complete idiot, but for another reason.

    The reason for the allocation of Senate and House seats is famously known in American history as the Sherman Compromise. The big states argued that they should have more representation due to their larger populations, while the smaller states argued that they would be irrelevant and just ignored by the big states' control.

    The compromise - which saved the idea of having one country rather than 13 - was to have by-population in the House and two-per-state-regardless in the Senate.

    What he's basically saying is that he and his cronies want to rule a vast hinterland (as a powerless feudal estate) from their urban centers, without having to even think about the icky places inhabited by icky people. This is exactly what the Sherman Compromise was intended to prevent.

    The other thing is that if he got his way, the Union would end in nothing flat.

    1. Exactly Snow. As I learned it, in a nutshell, the House is comprised to represent the people and the Senate the Land. The Founders were geniuses, Seth Meyers is a moron.

    2. It's worse than just that. Meyers is a Manhattan Mussolini who is paid millions of dollars to spew his vile and ignorant rants.

      And it's even worse than that. Millions of his fellow morons believe every word he says.

      The American communists (paid like 1890s American robber barons) use the vast and overwhelming power of American TV to indoctrinate Americans with dangerous and fatal propaganda.

      Stalin is turning over in his grave, insanely jealous of this ability to institute wholesale political and personal depravity.

  9. Scary Don when I know what you're talking about w/o having to consult The Google...

    Founders abhorred dangers of tyranny by the Majority.

  10. Just another example why liberals fail at talk radio. If Seth Meyers said this on a call in talk show, informed listeners would point out immediately what a moron he is... And we can't have that now can we

  11. I don’t know whether these Beautiful People are ignorant or simply going along to get along with the Cancel Culture.

    My biggest concern is the evident lack of education in American History and Civics displayed all around the nation.

    I think the real solution is local: insist on young people actually studying the basic facts so well presented here.

  12. “Just another example why liberals fail at talk radio. If Seth Meyers said this on a call in talk show, informed listeners would point out immediately what a moron he is... And we can't have that now can we”

    Liberals fail st talk radio because they aren’t about fact-based debate, and usually aren’t of a temper to allow someone to tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    They prefer theatre mode.

  13. Seth Meyers is a disconnected cuck in a state that is complete garbage! These people can't be made up, but real, they are!

  14. "anti-majoritarian" bahahahhaha

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  16. humor died when DJT who will be remembered as the greatest president EVER was elected. the hate disguised as humor ruined late nite TV forever

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