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Friday, March 05, 2021

Highlights of the News

Forget the Bentley. I have found the car of my dreams.

ITEM 1: Cool Material reported, "Gold Rezvani Motors Tank SUV.

"There’s no mistaking a Rezvani Tank for anything else. It’s big, bold, brash, luxurious, and pricey, and it’s not something you drive if you don’t really want to be noticed. The base price is close to $200K, and you can outfit it the way you want, including 1,000 snorting horsepower from a Dodge Demon-sourced supercharged V8, as well as night vision, small arms fire armor plating, FOX off-road suspension, and even electromagnetic pulse protection and bomb-proof flooring. But what about shimmering gold body wrap? Well, that’s what this one has thanks to the custom order by a South Florida businessman by the name of Kevin Thobias, who just so happens to love all his vehicles that way. Even the interior gets hand-stitched seats with gold thread. How’s that for subtlety?"

I told the mean wife who won't let me get the Bentley that it is $20,000 cheaper, so we would be saving enough money to buy her one of those Smart "cars." (Or as I call them, coal truck appetizers.)

She ain't buying my argument. I ain't buying the Tank SUV.

ITEM 2: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "The CEO of CNN's parent company said on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to dominate the news network's coverage because it's 'really good for ratings.' "

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said, "It turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that's not going away anytime soon. It turns out it's really good for ratings."

No wonder the media cuts off anyone who dares challenge the masks and the social distancing.

What's good for WarnerMedia and its owner AT&T isn't necessarily good for America.

ITEM 3: Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said, "Puerto Rico will be the first truly Hispanic state." 

He meant that as a good thing.

I ask myself if there is even one Hispanic nation that is worthy of America. 

Give it independence and let it flounder on its own.

ITEM 4: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "A KPIX 5 reporter investigating a series of auto break-ins around Twin Peaks in San Francisco was robbed of his camera at gunpoint Wednesday."
If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to have a pistol in your hand
San Francisco has not had a Republican mayor in 57 years.

ITEM 5: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Iranian militia groups claim to have active cells of operatives stationed in Washington, D.C., and other U.S. cities, according to chatter in online forums used by these groups.

"Kawtheryoon Electronic Team, a Telegram network used by Iranian militia groups and supporters, claimed in a recent posting that Iranian 'resistance cells are rooted even in America and its capital,' according to a copy of the English-language posting captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks radical groups."

The cell is in the Oval Office, as it was when Obama was president.

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "The Supreme Court on Thursday protected records detailing internal governmental agency deliberations sought by an environmental group.

"The ruling marked Justice Amy Coney Barrett's first majority opinion.

"The high court voted 7-2 to deny a Freedom of Information Act request by the environmental group Sierra Club, which sought records related to consultations by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and National Marine Fisheries Service with the Environmental Protection Agency."

They break in a rookie judge with an easy peasy opinion. The law clearly exempts the materials sought by lefty activists.

ITEM 7: United Press International reported, "Butterfly numbers are down across the American West, even in places relatively undisturbed by human activity.

"In a new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, researchers compiled butterfly numbers for a variety landscapes across the West. According to the data, butterflies have experienced an annual decline of 1.6% over the last several decades."

This is being used to further the climate change superstition.


Given that this is a survey and not a census, the change falls within the margin of error.

Besides, animal populations rise and fall. 'Tis nature's way.

ITEM 8: Forbes magazine reported, "Senators vanished from the U.S. Senate chamber on Thursday as clerks begin reading the upper house’s 628-page coronavirus relief bill, with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), who objected to waiving its reading as a way to delay the process, chatting and looking at his phone during parts of the reading."

Considering no one reads these tomes we pretend are laws, the exodus shows senators are partisan bots who vote however leadership tells them to.

Johnson is no hero. He just wants to delay the inevitable passage of this Democrat Party pillage of the Treasury. To the victors, the spoils once again.

ITEM 9: The  Washington Post said, "At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage."

No threat was made.

Nancy Pelosi made it up as an excuse to keep the Capitol in a military lockdown.

ITEM 10: Powerline melodramatically labelled a post, "The World Is Watching."

So what?

The post by Scott Johnson said, "The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd will be live streamed by Court TV when it commences this Monday morning.

"I plan on covering the trial from the Media Business Center across the street from the Hennepin County Government Center where the trial is to be held before Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill. The court communications staff hosted the press for a walkaround of the media set-up yesterday morning."

Floyd is not on trial here. Chauvin is. The only question for America is whether we can we have justice despite a mob whipped up by false and self-righteous claims of racism. And not just any racism, but systemic racism.

We ended systemic racism 56 years ago. We paid reparations via affirmative action a decade after that. But victimhood is a great excuse for failing to fulfill one's potential. And so the demands continue.

ITEM 11: WABC reported, "A special drive-by celebration was held on Long Island Monday for a beloved World War II veteran who turned 100.

"Family, friends, first responders and members of the Nassau County Police Department took part in the East Meadow car parade to honor Frank Loglisci."

A reader wrote, "The Internet is amazing. This man served with my father aboard the USS Caldwell."

Like Pandora's Box, the Internet unleashed the unholy secrets of the world. And like Pandora's Box, it also gave us hope.

I wish Frank Loglisci and my readers all the best this morning.

ITEM 12: The National File reported, "Democrat COVID Bill Gives $21,000 Handout To Federal Employees If Their Kids’ Schools Aren’t Open In Person.

"The carve-out for government workers includes part-time and seasonal employees."

Over the years, I have dealt with good federal employees. I have also dealt with the ones whose attitude is Ha Ha, Suckers.

This bill smacks of that attitude.

ITEM 13: Breitbart reported, "Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (D) said Wednesday on ABC’s The View that coal miners whose jobs are phased out can 'mine the critical materials that go into batteries' in a clean energy economy."

Democrats have learned from their Learn To Code debacle.

Granholm does not have a clue as to what coal miners do. Her degrees are in political science and French. She also has a Harvard law degree. While rare earth metals can be found in coal mines, there are not many (if any) rare earth mines in West Virginia.

There is no such thing as clean energy. And I am beginning to believe there is no such thing as a competent person in this administration.

ITEM 14: Via the Blaze, the Wall Street Journal editorialized, "Losing to Joe Biden of all people, and by 7.1 million votes as an incumbent President, must be painful. Counseling could be in order. Any good analyst will explain that the first step toward recovery is to accept reality. The same applies to Republican voters who want to win back Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024."

This rudeness lacked the class the Journal once commanded. Unable to make a cogent argument, the Journal made a personal attack.

This advice was not given Hillary. Instead, the Journal helped spread the Russian Collusion conspiracy, which by the way was started by two ex-Journal staffers.

And of course, President Trump did not lose by 7.1 million votes. Any third-grader knows that is not how we elect presidents. He narrowly lost 6 states that abandoned their own election rules. The refusal by the Supreme Court to review results in these states is appalling.

ITEM 15: Newsweek reported, "Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has said he will talk to Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin about an alternate plan for raising the national minimum wage.

"Graham's plan, suggested to him by representatives from the national restaurant chain Waffle House, would index minimum wage increases to inflation. His plan could also soothe Machin's worries that the Democrats' proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would endanger small businesses already harmed by the pandemic's economic downturn."

Why should we allow McDonald's to set the wages for its competitors?

And does Graham's guaranteed $15 an hour minimum wage apply to restaurant owners? Some of them  are clearing far less than that even as they put in 60-hour workweeks, especially amid forced government shutdowns.

ITEM 16: The Guardian reported, "The George Floyd Act wouldn't have saved George Floyd’s life. That says it all."

Of course not. His death was just an excuse to have Washington control your local police.


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  2. 1 - looks like a bargain. Keep up the pressure on the Mrs. Wear her down. maybe with a trade-in, you can get the price down to $180,000.

    12 - disgraceful

    15 - If Lindsay Graham is involved in a deal, it is not a good deal.

  3. “Victimhood is a great excuse for failing to fulfill one's potential.” Another nugget of gold, Big D. YOU GO MAN!!!

  4. I cancelled my WSJ a while back. They are part of the enemedia.

  5. 10) The charges are now ridiculous. Floyd per the ME report died of a drug overdose. The optics of the police actions were terrible, but the later video and ME report exonerated the police from killing him. 3 months to get the ME report which reeks of a cover-up, just as we are seeing about the death of the Capital police officer at the storming of the Capitol Bldg. We now know after 8 weeks that he was alive and seemly OK after the end of the storming; the FBI is withholding info on how he died. In both cases too many people have a vested interest in the lies that were issued initially.

    1. It's Your Mother's Fault you are the way you are.
      It's YOUR fault if you stay that way.
      [really long anti victimhood/entitlement rant deleted]

  6. Item 14: DJT did not lose by 7.1 million. There is a big lie out there and it is not one promoted by Trump. The lie is that there was no evidence of election fraud. The truth is, there is lots of evidence. We cannot let the Left totally control this narrative!

  7. Have you ever tried to count butterflies? I didn't think so. Biologists survey a tiny, manageable area and, to the best of their ability, try to determine how many individuals of individual species exist at any one time in that area. An impossibility, if given any thought. To add complication, different species of butterflies have several 'flights' in a season, overlapping life cycle periods. At the end of the 'count' the gross estimation of small area populations is extrapolated over vast areas where no counting whatsoever took place. And yet, they've got it boiled down to 1.6 percent and somehow convinced someone to report those figures. Hmmm yes yes. Tell me more about this 'climate change'.

    1. Not only that, but how are butterflies counted “in places relatively undisturbed by human activity”? Robot dogs?

    2. I have tried to count butterflies and they were very uncooperative. If I recall correctly, I counted three black ones and five yellow ones. I was six years old so that's been awhile. ;)

    3. Warren, you're just the guy they need. You are hired!

    4. I've tried counting flowers on the wall.
      That didn't bother me at all.
      I then tried playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty one.
      I gave up smoking and television so smoking cigarettes and watching Captain kangaroo are off my list.

    5. I reckon the butterflies were spirited away by the honeybees in 2018/19.

    6. Wow! That's amazing! Counting butterflies with such accuracy that they can detect a drop of 1.6%. We need to turn these people loose on the task of counting illegal aliens who are looting American taxpayers and bankrupting rural hospitals. Because, you know, inquiring minds would like to know.

  8. Under the Bidet* "Administration" you should change mostly-daily entry's title to "Lowlights of the News."

    1. Or when discussing members of that party and their cheerleaders, lowlifes of the news.

  9. #8 election was stolen and the true government of the people was overthrown. So not victors go the spoils but more like conquer rape and pillage

  10. Good morning,bold red sunrise over the eastern mountains 45f.another day of stupid, senile Government.

  11. Good morning Don, I wish you the best this morning also. Your column is excellent this morning like usual. Sometime I rant about something you write but your work isnt.

    ITEM 4: I think you mean that San Francisco has not had a Republican Mayor in 57 years.

    ITEM 10: I think that Powerline should change their name to Snobline to comply with Truth in Advertising laws.

  12. Item 1: Well.....DANG!!!111!!!! That there's a Manly Man's drive, for a Manly Man like you, Mr. Don! But the insurance...would bleed you dry, and the new, BIG garage... You already have a Manly Mustang, and a good wife. You're set for life.

    Item 2: "WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said, "It turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that's not going away anytime soon. It turns out it's really good for ratings." Why I despise,detest, and TOTALLY distrust the media, and so many others of us do, too!

    Item 4: Don said, "San Francisco has not had a Republican governor in 57 years." I say, the STUPID is STRONG in Frisco. And I say that knowing that a long-time friend of my late wife lives there.

    Item 7: Lessee here. 1.6%, divided by several decades (lemme see here...30-50 YEARS... divide by 40... Why, that's next to nuthin'!

    Item 9: The Wapoo liessssssssssss...

    Item 11: I stand and salute Mr. Loglisci.

  13. Sorry for the edit in my last comment: I meant to write:

    “Sometime I rant about something you write but your work is excellent.”

    Your blog gives your loyal readers something to look forward to during this dismal period — especially in the so called “news” business.

    1. Don's blog is the best.

      I joined the Tammy Bruce Army this week for another news filter. Her podcasts are good.

  14. Now that the "Threat of Mar 4" has passed with nothing happening as we all knew, can we tear down the walls and razor wire and send the troops home? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Maybe we can use the materials in the DC protection fences at our Southern Border.

    2. Sorry, no, that isn’t part of the demoncrats agenda. Maybe next year.

    3. Texas should restart the building of the barrier in places where construction was already started.
      To help in financing the effort, Texas also should also establish fees on remittances sent from Texas to outside the US.

  15. Item 3:
    "I ask myself if there is even one Hispanic nation that is worthy of America." WTF? You actually wrote that???? It's offensive and juvenile at so many levels.
    I'm obviously not for PR statehood, but dude get a grip.

    1. So which Hispanic nation is worthy of America? Haiti? Cuba?

    2. Haiti is a Hispanic nation? Your ignorance is only exceeded by your shallow arrogance.

  16. Make sure you order it with twin .30 front mounts, midship flamethrowers, oil, smoke, and spike droppers,
    And, for the ultimate in crowd control; variable pitch 'brown note' speakers!

    1. Ultimate crowd control, is a V shaped plow.

  17. 1 - Well, my version of this is a late-model Cirrus SR-22. When the G5 model came out a few years ago, they added a real FIKI kit as an option (which is a gotta-have in Snowgander country), and in 2016 they also added keyless entry.

    7 - As Ron mentioned above, many butterfly species have bizarre lifecycles. If anyone is bored this afternoon (TGIF), look up the life cycle of the monarch butterfly; truth is indeed stranger than fiction, even in nature.

    9 - Regardless of what was behind it, let's keep this up - it's a GREAT psy-op and even the hint of trouble has them freaking out. Let's keep freaking them out - it's like sleep deprivation and it works on them.

    13 - Well, that very possibility has already been voided. There was a proposal to mine rare earths in Alaska (the Pebble Mine) - but the enviros went berserk about it (that it was going to exterminate the salmon in Bristol Bay and other hyperventilations). So they've already decided that we can't mine anything. All of these people are overgrown children; they have NO CLUE as to how anything is made or how anything real actually gets done.

    1. 9 - evil people are always paranoid and we must feed their paranoia. I've often thought we should often refer to "sources" within certain governments, such as Iran or China, to make them look for traitors in their midst...shades of James Jesus Angleton, but I digress

      As my favorite English poet once wrote:
      "paranoia, the destroyer"

  18. #13--Reminiscent of Mini-Mike Dukakis, the heroic tank driver, who on the campaign trail in 1988 told grain farmers in the wheat belt that they should look into growing Belgian Endive instead.

  19. Butterfly flight patterns, of random directions, altitudes, speed, and seemingly without a focused destination, is done to confuse the birds, and increase the butterfly's survival rate.
    Counting butterflies would compare to the census of pinhead fairies, whom I believe are thriving in the current political climate.

    1. Windmills kill raptors fewer raptors means more of the smaller birds which prey on flutter by's so maybe this is a glow bull warming issue.

    2. Canadian Don, nice prose!

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: You mean it doesn't come with Ma Deuce installed and optional mounts for Barrett .50s?

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: I doubt that in the extreme. But they think if they keep pounding the propaganda, all the little old ladies will stay scared.

    3: New Mexico (original nickname The Spanish State) may disagree.

    13: You broke the code.

    14: Donald Trump did not lose. The election was stolen by millions of fake ballots emailed in from Peking at 4 am to 6 Democrat states.

    He didn't lose states, either.

    Let's quit being nice about this. He was betrayed by his own party because he made things work and, the further we go with this clown car, the more the people will want him back.

  22. “She ain't buying my argument. I ain't buying the Tank SUV.”

    Perhaps she recalls those Czech border guards in the movie “Stripes” commenting that “one of those would be good for picking up girls in Minsk.”

  23. Donald J. Trump still my President.

    Item 13: "Democrats have learned from their Learn To Code debacle."
    Think there's a "not" missing from sentence. Have great weekend all.

  24. The cell is in the Oval Office, as it was when Obama was president.

    Gee I thought China was in charge? Now its Iran? Do they take turns? Then Israel must be ready to move in too! Oh they're already there I forgot.

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  26. #3. Scott Adams, who's podcast I highly recommend, pointed out that Costa Rica never sends waves of immigrants and that their waiters all receive training. Maybe their example can be shown to Puerto Rico and others.

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