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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Highlights of the News

BREAKING NEWS: We need to invent lunar panels.

ITEM 1: BPR News reported, "Appearing on the radio talk show of conservative radio host Laura Ingraham today, former President Jimmy Carter said he believes the Democratic Party should moderate its position on abortion, which it currently supports without limits and funded at taxpayer expense.

"Carter said toning down the stridently pro-abortion position would help win back Republicans who abandoned the Democrats because of abortion and other liberal social issue positions."

Jimmah said, "I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions and that was one of the problems I had when I was president having to uphold Roe v. Wade and I did everything I could to minimize the need for abortions. I made it easy to adopt children for instance who were unwanted and also initiated the program called Women and Infant Children or WIC program that’s still in existence now. But except for the times when a mother’s life is in danger or when a pregnancy is caused by rape or incest I would certainly not or never have approved of any abortions."

2,000+ years ago, an unwed 15-year-old girl became pregnant. 

Today, some Christians would advise her to abort Baby Jesus.

ITEM 2: Joe Cunningham reported, "The New York Times is running with a story that claims 'the Justice Department is said to be' inquiring into an unclear report that it’s possible Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was involved with a 17-year-old girl two years ago."

The age of consent is 16 in DC and 18 in Florida.

But that is not about sex. The real story is blackmail.

John Kruzel of The Hill tweeted, "Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) on Fox News just accused David McGee, former DOJ official now with the Florida law firm Beggs & Lane, of attempting to extort him. McGee did not immediately respond to requests for comment via email/phone."

I believe Gaetz over the conspiracy-spreading liars at the Times who still have not apologized for the Russian collusion hoax.

ITEM 3: The Associated Press reported, "A spokeswoman for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says the state’s mask mandate will end April 9 despite the president’s request for states to reinstate them. Ivey spokeswoman Gina Maiola said Monday that we are moving towards personal responsibility and not government mandates. 

"President Joe Biden and a top health official on Monday appealed for mask requirements and other restrictions to be maintained or restored to stave off a fourth surge of covid 19. Alabama has kept a mask mandate in place longer than surrounding states, but Ivey has made clear it will not be extended."

Fourth surge, eh? Wearing a mask did not stop the other 3, did it?

ITEM 4: Hot Air reported, "Two reporters from the Associated Press and a camera crew from CBS News were allowed inside the Donna, Texas holding facility today. What they witnessed was massive overcrowding with 4,100 people packed in a space which ought to only hold 250."

Chairman Xiden did this by unilaterally breaking agreements with Mexico and other nations to keep refugees in their countries until the requests for asylum were reviewed by American judges.

It is cruel.

It is inhumane.

It is politics as usual in Washington. Create a crisis to justify doing whatever the hell you want to do.

ITEM 5: Zero Hedge reported, "As we have reported numerous times, at this point, the reality that vaccine passports will essentially become an individual's 'passport to life' seems like a foregone conclusion. The EU is already working on rolling out a digital system to allow residents to prove their vaccination status in a desperate attempt to save the summer tourism season, which faced devastation last year because of the pandemic.

"As the Biden Administration works with the private sector to develop a standardized way for Americans to prove their status (an effort that's being led by airlines and their consultants), MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a frequent and early GOP critic of President Trump, wants Americans to know that if they don't support vaccine passports, then they're an idiot and a moron who should probably 'crawl back to your cave.' "

Such a compelling argument for a 7-year-old. If you disagree with him, you are an idiot and a moron.

He is the 21st century Daniel Webster.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "Teachers in San Diego are going to the city’s convention center soon to instruct immigrant children in-person, even as schools in the county largely remain online-only.

"About 13 teachers have volunteered to work with the minor immigrants, Roberto Carrillo, a principal at the San Diego County Office of Education, told KPBS."

Illegal aliens have more rights than citizens do.

ITEM 7Reuters reported, "Civil rights groups intensified their legal fight against Georgia’s new voting restrictions with a third federal lawsuit, while Atlanta-based corporations Delta Air Lines Inc and Coca-Cola Co continued to face boycott calls from activists who say they need to do more to oppose the law."

Civil rights groups?

If they were for civil rights, they would sue Whitmer and the rest for violating our rights in the pandemic.

These are race hustlers and charlatans working to free Democrats to stuff the ballot box.

Republicans need to learn to ballot harvest.

ITEM 8: United Press International reported, "The White House on Tuesday announced steps to address growing violence against Asian Americans, including a $49.5 million grant program for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities."

Unless the money is going to train and arm little old ladies in Chinatown, this will not stop one crime. It is just another SJW boondoggle.

ITEM 9: Bloomberg reported, "For the first time in more than half a century, Hong Kong movie-lovers won’t be able to watch the Oscars.

"The city’s largest TV network won’t broadcast next month’s ceremony, for what it says are 'purely commercial' reasons. The move comes after China asked media to play down the awards, following the nomination of a documentary on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests and concern over the political views of Best Director contender Chloe Zhao."

Poor Hollywood. Their Red Chinese masters have turned on them. Poor, poor Hollywood.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "Hunter Biden and his business partner engaged in an effort to assist a fugitive Ukrainian oligarch indicted by his father's administration, an effort that briefly captured the FBI's attention and led one of the lawyers in the case to express concern that using the then-vice president's son might backfire, according to emails, text messages and interviews.

"The effort by Hunter Biden and Devon Archer to assist Dmitri Firtash began in spring 2015 when they were contacted by one of the oligarch's associates, and an American lawyer for the oligarch was instructed to provide them an overview of the case, including desires to contact U.S. government officials.

"Firtash, one of Ukraine's wealthiest businessmen, already had been indicted by the Obama-Biden administration more than a year earlier on corruption charges in Chicago, allegations that Firtash has long denied. Firtash was challenging extradition to the United States from Austria, where he was living, and was seeking to return to his home country of Ukraine, where the economy and security teetered after a Russian invasion of its Crimean region."

That his father became president after this shows that we live in a banana republic run by a cabal of rich fools.

ITEM 11: CNBC reported, "Lululemon on Tuesday reported revenue and profit for the fiscal fourth quarter that topped analysts’ estimates, boosted by the athletic apparel maker’s online business, and double-digit sales growth in both its women’s and men’s divisions.

"It offered an upbeat outlook for sales during the current quarter and for the year, anticipating consumer demand for its sweat-wicking leggings and sports bras will continue. The retailer has been a huge pandemic beneficiary, with many people stuck at home gravitating toward workout clothing as everyday wear."

Every time I think fashion has hit a new low, it goes lower.

ITEM 12: The New York Post reported, "Jeffrey Epstein vicously raped a 26-year-old Florida real estate broker — and then threatened to feed her to alligators if she reported the assault, a chilling new lawsuit claims.

"In a federal complaint filed last week, the woman, identified as Jane Doe, alleged that Epstein first sexually abused her at his Palm Beach mansion in 2008 with the assistance of his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell."


That's twice the age of his usual victims.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, "New York state lawmakers voted late Tuesday to legalize adult-use cannabis and create the country’s second-largest recreational marijuana market, setting the stage for the Empire State to officially join 16 other states that have embraced full legalization."

The nation is going to pot as states legalize anything as long as it collects a tax.

What's next?

Legalized child porn?

ITEM 14: Via Breitbart, Hillary said, "You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears."

Actually, that is the antithesis of a democracy.

In a democracy, there are no rights. It is strictly mob rule.

That is why our Founding Fathers wisely chose to have a constitutional republic.

ITEM 15: NPR reported, "After failed negotiations between South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem and the state's House lawmakers, the governor issued two executive orders Monday designed to limit participation on women's and girls' school sports teams to people assigned female at birth.

"Earlier this month, state lawmakers passed a bill restricting transgender athletes from playing on sports teams that align with their gender identity. After signaling support — even excitement — for the bill, Noem declined to sign it over concerns the law would not survive legal challenges. Instead, she asked lawmakers to revise the legislation's language. Major conservative backlash ensued and on Monday, South Dakota lawmakers failed to come to an agreement."

Flip flops are for feet, not governors.

ITEM 16: Reason reported, "Lawmakers in Kentucky successfully overrode Gov. Andy Beshear's veto of a school choice bill, opening several avenues for families in the state to pursue a better education for their children.

"The new law, originally House Bill 563, allows students in Kentucky public schools to switch school districts, and it creates a new tax-advantaged education savings program for families to use for private school tuition, to pay for tutoring, or to cover other educational expenses. The most controversial part of the proposal was the creation of a $25 million scholarship fund—to be filled by donations from private businesses, for which they would receive state tax credits—that students in Kentucky's largest counties can tap to help pay for private school tuition.

"In vetoing the bill last week, Beshear, a Democrat, repeated tired arguments from teachers unions and public school superintendents who fear the erosion of their monopoly control over the state's education spending."

The real problem with education are 51 Departments of Education at the state and federal level.

Dump them all.

Let the teachers run the classrooms and let principals run the schools. Local school boards and noisy parents can provide all the oversight needed.

This is progress.


  1. Late getting out of bed this morning Big D?

  2. I was worried about you this morning.

    1. Didja see that ref last night just go Tango Uniform at the Zags-USC game? That’s what came to my mind, especially since you got The Shot Saturday. Like it or not, Big D, you’ve trained us to get fed at 7 AM sharp...

      Glad to see you’re still with us!

    2. I'm a lunch-time guy. Don, sleeping late is not as bad as it may sound. And at the tone, the time will be 11:57 a.m. Just made it!

  3. 2 - the deep state will try and destroy all of PDJT’s main supporters.

    3 - do it now governor. Why wait two weeks.

    5 - Scarborough is a teetee poopoo head.

    6 - shameful. But par for the course for the teachers Union.

    13 - don’t laugh. Some of our sick bastard representatives may be all in on this.

    14 - when will this shrew go away!!!

  4. 16. Every day I'm grateful I had kids when I did. They're in their 20s now and got out of the public school meat grinder just in time. Any parent who expects her children to get an education from public school is kidding herself.

    1. It was as bad then, too, you know.

    2. I had mine waaayyy too late...However, them having to change my Depends in the future will be my revenge on the diaper duty I had with all five, when they were little! ZB

  5. Item 5 - covid passport is backdoor national ID. Will a photo covid passport be required to vote?

  6. #14 it's not about worshipping guns. It's about keeping the Republic.

    1. This.

      If they treat us this badly NOW just imagine what it'll be like when ARE NOT armed to the teeth.

    2. In April 1775 the King's men started confiscating muskets, powder and cannon from the colonists. They first struck at Charlestown, then went for Concord where they were resisted. This was over year before the Declaration of Independence.
      As Dan Bongino says, it is not the first person to gets up to dance, but the 2nd, the 3rd and on. If Biden ignores history and does attack gun owners, once it gets out someone was attacked by the feds without a warrant as this administration proposes, there will be a cascading resistance across the nation as in 1775.

  7. #6 "Illegal aliens have more rights than citizens do."

    You know this is true when you see illegal aliens given $400 hotel rooms while National Guardsmen sleep on cold concrete floors of parking garages.

    1. $400 per person hotel rooms. Family of 4 = $1600

    2. Look for the middleman. That's where the a lot of the money gets syphoned off and divided up, as they position themselves for the next round of disaster funding. It is now wildly out of control. Pelosi is writing bills as fast as she can because there is a now rubber stamp where the president used to be.

  8. Breaking: I think they've been swimming in the Luna Sea.

    1. Or at least drinking from it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Looney Lunar Lunatic. The jokes write themselves. Lol

  9. #16. Who's kids are they?
    Return control to the parents. I'd be in favor of closing the buildings and letting teachers advertise and recruit, then teach in the setting of their choice. Parents could look at what they offer and decide what they want their kids to learn.

    1. There will still be local school boards. And individual parents will not be interviewing each individual teacher.

      You know that.

  10. I'm afraid Jimmuh mis-remembered or misspoke about WIC. The pilot program was created by Hubert H Humphrey in 1972, and was made permanent in 1975. Jimmuh wasn't president then. Maybe he's thinking about insituting the program in Georgaw whilst he was guv?

  11. Item 7: need to ballot harvest and learn to code Dominion Voting Systems Machines. When did the trope "learn to code" appear in the modern 'narrative'?

    1. No, that doesn't address the crook problem.

      And I doubt there's a special OS for Dominion.

    2. Rich: Indeed. Get our guys to hack the machines to counter theirs. Cyberwar purse fight!

    3. "Hack" the machines with a sledge hammer.

  12. Item #3: Believing that a mask will stop a virus is like believing that your underwear will stop a fart.

    Item #9: Soviets in the gulags believed that if Stalin knew of their situation, he would free them. Every head of the Soviet secret police started his job by executing his predecessor (until after Stalin's death). Why do people still believe what leftists say ever?

    1. Well, your underwear won't stop the gaseous effluvium - but it will stop any, um, non-gaseous material that is emitted. :-)

      One sad thing about the way the so-called "experts" handled this is that by falsely attributing all sorts of miraculous properties to masks, they have ruined for some time the notion that they *are* useful in some circumstances - which is why operating room medical personnel have them on. They can reduce the spread of droplets from a sneeze and such; like the operating room personnel, they are more useful for preventing emission rather than preventing reception.

    2. Aren't operating room masks intended to stop bacteria and not viruses?

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: Nice point.

    4: Demos need slaves.

    5: I urge the clown car to keep it up.

    If they want the people demanding the reinstatement of Donald Trump.

    14: The Beast forgets our rights are inviolable.

  14. Item 0: Some of the Twitterati pushed back on the comment that solar panels don’t work at night, saying the batteries are charged during the day, then provide power to the car at night. So if that setup charges your electric car “for free,” that means BOTH the panels AND the batteries are free. What a deal!

    Item 12: It takes 13 years for a 26-year-old woman to report a rape?

    Item 15: In sending the dead bill back to the legislature, Noem wrote, “ only option is to fail to certify the bill...” Then she said, “returning the bill is not a veto.” Sorry, not true. The SD Constitution says, “If the Governor fails to certify the bill, it shall be returned to the Legislature as a vetoed bill.” She can try to deny that she vetoed the bill, but that is exactly what she did. She knows she screwed up and killed her chance of rising further in the Republican Party.

    1. Noem continues to disappoint. Her proclamation should have said "limit participation in girls and women's sports to people with two X sex chromosomes rather than "assigned female at birth". Left crazies will find ways to alter birth certificates, pretending the new one is the old one, as in "assigned (today) female at birth"

    2. You have to ask the age-old question, "What was she thinking??"

      At least she self-identified as a squish before she got someplace where that would do real damage. Recall that I sounded the alarm about her back in January - when she wrote an atrocious piece for The Federalist (which she also used as the text for a speech at the National Republican Governors meeting in FL about that time as well) that was all masochistic "Republican failure" nonsense. That was a big red flag which turned out to be a harbinger.

      My guess is that she somehow either thought or was advised that to "go national" she had to "broaden her appeal" by going squishy on some issues. I don't know if that was ever true, but it ever was, she sure missed entirely the spirit of the times - which call for leadership based on strong beliefs, not triangulating around as a careerist obsessed with being in office (rather than being in power).

    3. She may have fallen victim to another Republican consultant, who job it is to sabotage promising conservatives. I feat the same has happened to Greg Abbott, he, too, is now worthless.

  15. #1–In 1976 as a stupid 18 year old, I voted for that scum Carter because my pastor, who I trusted not to mislead me, handed out peanuts. I shall never forgive him or myself for voting for a pro-abortion candidate.

    I don’t care what Jimmah says now about Jesus and that he has assuaged his guilt by promoting adoption, Jimmah will have to answer to God in the hereafter for all the innocent babies he turned his back on—and still would.

    One day I hope to forgive myself.

    1. Please forgive yourself. I voted for Ford, so my vote canceled yours.

  16. #8 "...a $49.5 million grant program..." When you see something like this, just know it's another money laundering scheme. Some organization gets the grant from a friendly politician then subs out the work for half of the grant amount. Keeps the rest for "administrative" expenses, including the kickback to the friendly politician. Pretty slick, eh? It's how all the money from DC is distributed, with taxpayers on the hook for all of it. And, they're auditing Trump's tax returns. How ironic.

    1. I can't wait for all DOJ settlements to be given to leftist groups too.

  17. Democrats want constant misery and chaos, and never want to solve anything.

  18. re#2__I guess it's about time to mention that Matt Gaetz looks exactly like Chappaquiddick Ted's 1969 doppelganger... ZB

  19. 2: It is reported that Rep. McCarthy is ready to dump Gaetz "if the allegations are true". Another media smear campaign appears to be working.

    15: Just as McCarthy rushed to announce he is ready to dump Gaetz self-styled Conservative pundits are ready to abandon Gov. Noemi without even investigating her concerns about the transgender sports bill. Am I the only one willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she had legitimate reasons to ask the Legislature to revise some of the bill's language? Are Conservatives letting the perfect be the enemy of the good?

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

    1. On 15, I might agree with you, if and only if she communicated her concerns to the state legislature about the bill while it was being written and passed.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Trust Republicans to rush in for the kill when they smell conservative blood in the waters.

      Groups like this are unworthy of being a national party.

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  21. Good Lord, Don, why did you have to ruin the morning of your American readers with that tweet from our idiot Opposition leader?

  22. ITEM 4----Send them back every one, and do not let ANY MORE "unaccompanied minors in. NOT A ONE OF THEM, OR THEIR WAITING-IN-THE-WEEDS FAMILY MEMBERS needs asylum. They just want it. I do not blame them for wanting to escape their situation. America does NOT owe them the opportunity to come here and create their 3rd world existence here.

  23. ITEM 7: Earth to Don, Earth to Don, Earth to Don....

    Having all the Mail-In Ballots from the dementia wing of a Nursing Home being signed with the same handwriting is NOT Ballot Harvesting.

    Claiming to shut down vote counting for the night to force all the media and Republican poll watchers to leave a site, to leave four people alone to pull out a suitcase and counts the “votes” from that suitcase is NOT Ballot Harvesting.

    Don, it’s like your living in an alternative universe, as if President Trump would have won all 47 or 57 States as you at one point claimed he would if Republicans just “learned” to Ballot Harvest.

    That’s false and ridiculous.

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