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Friday, March 26, 2021

Highlights of the News

Let's start the day with Britney Spears and Army boot camp.

ITEM 1: Evil Beet Gossip reported, "Britney’s lawyer asks court to fire dad, hire Jodi full time."

Yo, Papa Spears. "Ain't no use in going home. Jodi's got your girl and gone."

Britney's case raises a serious question about the rights of the mentally ill. She suffers bipolar disorder. Does that mean she should be under a permanent conservator who controls her every move?

It also raises the question of whether she is being ripped off.

ITEM 2: Politico reported, "During the first news conference of his presidency, Joe Biden was never asked about the defining crisis of this generation and, in all likelihood, his time in office.

"Over the course of 62 minutes on Thursday, the Covid-19 pandemic never arose, except for in the president’s remarks at the start of the event, touting the accomplishments his administration has made in the U.S.’s yearlong fight.

"The absence of the issue from the news conference illustrates the degree to which a host of other challenges have begun to dominate Biden’s time in office: a surge of migrants crossing the southern border, back-to-back mass shootings and efforts to restrict voting in statehouses.

"Some Democrats were incensed that Covid never came up. But others, including Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, publicly pushed the notion that the lack of discussion was merely a reflection of Biden’s discipline in handling the pandemic. The president and his team have set expectations low and routinely cleared them, all the while trying to create a deliberate contrast with the chaos that defined the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency."

It was not a press conference.

It was an hourlong informercial.

But at least Jim Acosta was not there reading poetry as if it were law.

ITEM 3: The Washington Examiner reported, "President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he likely would break an agreement with the Taliban negotiated by the Trump administration to pull out all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May 1, but he indicated that he will remove those forces by next year.

"The Trump administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020 that called for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of April. However, commanders in the field have indicated that the group responsible for supporting the al Qaeda terrorists who committed the 9/11 attacks on the United States had not broken ties with the terrorist group or worked to reduce violence in the country. The Taliban has, however, refrained from attacking U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, and the U.S. has suffered no combat casualties since the Doha Agreement was inked."

The swamp loves war because it lines so many pockets.

Unless a country can invade us, we ought not invade them. And we should leave after 20 years of killing Afghanistan citizens. We went in to get Osama bin Laden. The 10th anniversary of the Navy SEALs killing him is in May.

Chairman Xiden opposed killing him.

Now we know why.

ITEM 4: Conrad Black wrote, "President Joe Biden’s first news conference was the high point of his administration to date; he was fluent, good-humored, well-informed, and only slightly bobbled one or two questions and not in a way that surpassed the confusion deliberately created by Dwight D. Eisenhower’s complicated syntax or Lyndon Johnson’s Texan colloquialisms.

"He was very well-rehearsed to take predictable questions on the Democrats’ soft-points and respond with articulate answers that had almost nothing to do with the real issue. Less reassuringly, he read from briefing notes at length in a manner that brazenly advertised the pre-selection of questionnaires, questions, and generally windy and evasive answers. No president in the history of such press conferences, going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, has ever responded from a briefing book, especially one where the questions were in anticipated sequence as occurred today."

None of this surprises me.

My only question is what drugs did they give him, because other dementia sufferers deserve a few hours of being lucid each day.

ITEM 5: Paul Joseph Watson reported, "Scientist Says Plastic Pollution is Shrinking Penises, Will Make Most Men Infertile by 2045."


That means I will be infertile at 92.

All I can say is if Lou Ann gets pregnant then, I will demand a DNA test.

ITEM 6: Politico reported, "On Oct. 23, 2018, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and daughter in law Hallie were involved in a bizarre incident in which Hallie took Hunter’s gun and threw it in a trash can behind a grocery store, only to return later to find it gone.

"Delaware police began investigating, concerned that the trash can was across from a high school and that the missing gun could be used in a crime, according to law enforcement officials and a copy of the police report."


His dad was no longer vice president and he was not yet a presidential candidate.

Why was the Secret Service babysitting a 48-year-old man?

ITEM 7The Washington Examiner reported, "An analysis of spending on Amazon following the distribution of the latest coronavirus stimulus, a massive $1.9 trillion package, suggests that people are using it to let off some steam.

"The global e-commerce firm Pattern said that the biggest surges in sales were for the PlayStation 5 and a female sex toy called the Rose Flower Sex Toy.

"Sales in the past week of Sony’s game console rose 511%, and the Rose's sales (check Amazon for the description) shot up 334%."

Well, the Rose Flower Sex Toy is a stimulus.

Of course, that's the increase in demand, not the increase in sales. That percentage means it could have increased from as few as 3 toys to 13.

And those are Amazon sales. I am more interested in how much more opioids were purchased. I guess we will have to go by statistics from the morgue.

ITEM 8: ABC reported, "As several Obama-era officials return to the White House under President Joe Biden, their reunion comes with fuller pockets and deeper ties to corporate interests, new financial disclosure reports show.

"According to ABC News' analysis of the most recent disclosure reports, many of Biden's top White House officials, including Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, and coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients, have substantially multiplied their wealth over the past few years.

"Rice, who is among the wealthiest members of the Biden White House team, dramatically increased her wealth since her previous White House job during the Obama administration, reporting between $36 million and $149 million in various assets in her new disclosure filing released Saturday morning."

Unlike all these swamp critters, being president cost Donald John Trump a billion dollars or so.

I might not mind the graft of these Obamanauts if they had shown any competence while in office.

ITEM 9: Disrn reported, "Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has announced that she will be joining Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) who said Tuesday that she would vote against any Biden nominations that were not racial minorities or LGBT individuals."

The systemic racism and sexism against white men has reached the point where politicians openly show their bias against white men.

Somehow we are evil in our own land. The rationale is that hundreds of years ago white men enslaved black women. (Fact check: White men bought people who already were slaves in Africa.)

We are not those white men. These are not those black women.

Nazis rationalized hating Jews. University educated people fell for it.

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "As of Thursday evening, CNN had gone a full 24 hours without any mention of the latest bombshell report about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this one implicating his brother, Cuomo Prime Time anchor Chris Cuomo. 

"The Albany-based Times Union newspaper reported Wednesday evening that high-level members of New York's Department of Health were directed by the governor  and state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to 'conduct prioritized coronavirus testing on the governor's relatives as well as influential people with ties to the administration.'

" 'Members of Cuomo's family including his brother, his mother and at least one of his sisters were also tested by top health department officials — some several times, the sources said,' according to the Times Union. 

"However, CNN has yet to mention the Times Union's reporting on-air or on its website."

CNN had more important things to inform Americans about. Such as the flight schedules for Guatemala City.

Fox News: No. 1 in news about CNN.

ITEM 11: The New York Post reported, "A woman shoved an Asian American City Council candidate down a Manhattan subway staircase in a random attack last week, the candidate told The Post. Candidate Susan Lee said she was in the stairwell at the Oculus subway station when she spotted the woman staring at her."

Lee said she was not sure if it was a racist attack. The assailant was black.

The Post said, "It also comes amid a spike in reported crimes targeting Asians in the Big Apple and elsewhere."

The press blames Donald Trump.

61% of Manhattan voted for Biden.

I would say he has a bigger influence on Manhattanites.

ITEM 12: The Washington Times reported, "The mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, is defending social media posts that slammed her own city as 'rooted in racism' and compared it to a rapist.

"Mayor Nikuyah Walker, who became Charlottesville‘s first black female mayor in 2017, wrote a graphic comment on Facebook that she said got her briefly suspended from the platform.

" 'Charlottesville: The beautiful-ugly it is,' Ms. Walker wrote Wednesday morning. 'It rapes you, comforts you in its cum-stained sheet and tells you to keep its secrets.' "

She'll be re-elected by a landslide because liberals are self-righteous masochists.

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "MSNBC host Al Sharpton threatened to accuse Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona of 'supporting racism' over their approval of the Senate filibuster."


West Virginians elected and re-elected Bobby Byrd to Congress for 51 years.

Besides, everything is racist now. The filibuster is racist. Voter ID is racist. Saying master is racist.

I give up.

ITEM 14: Breitbart Politics reported, "Biden directed Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday to get the Mexican and Central American governments to forcibly block poor migrants moving towards the United States."

President Donald John Trump got those governments to cooperate.

Biden called that racist.

This is for show though. Democrats want illegal aliens. They see them as future Democrat voters. They are.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said this week he is worried by the lack of intelligence community understanding of reported UFO sightings.

" 'I think the worry is that there's stuff flying over our facilities, and we don’t know what they are,' Rubio told TMZ on Monday. 'You know what I mean? So that's the concern. Maybe it's the other logical explanation to it.' "

The UFOs are from Red China. No one would fly billions of miles just to check out Fort Polk.

ITEM 16Deutsche Welle reported, "A former teacher who fled North Korea and eventually found a life in the UK is set to run for office in upcoming local elections.

"Jihyun Park will enter the British political history books if she wins a seat in local elections in early May.

"She is standing as a candidate for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in the northern English town of Bury."

She could be a plant bent on subverting British politics, but how much further left does the mother country have to go to become the People's Republic of Britain?

ITEM 17: Lindsey Boylan sent a tweet.

Yes, the princess was so upset that she stayed on the job for 3 years, even receiving a promotion.

I will say Cuomo's facial resemblance to Jabba is uncanny. Must be an ancestor.

ITEM 18: Not a bad ad. But they left out the part where you can get a sex-change for free. It's the 21st century version of the GI Bill.

ITEM 19: One Mile at a Time reported, "Pilot Caught On Hot Mic, Goes On Shocking Rant."

The pilot does not like the Bay area.

The story said, "The person who flagged this audio suggests that this was a Southwest Airlines pilot, though I’m not positive that’s accurate.

"Southwest Airlines flight 531 is on the frequency around the same time, which was a flight from San Jose to Seattle. The flight was awaiting takeoff at the time that this happened."

Maybe Southwest is changing its "you are now free to roam the country" ads to "you are now free to step in human poo, trip on homeless junkies, and get busted for using a plastic straw."

ITEM 20: CBS reported, "Oakland to give low-income residents $500 a month, no strings attached."

No strings?

Paragraphs 10 and 11 said, "Oakland's project is significant because it is one of the largest efforts in the U.S. so far, targeting up to 600 families. And it is the first program to limit participation strictly to Black, Indigenous and people of color communities.

"The reason: White households in Oakland on average make about three times as much annually than black households, according to the Oakland Equity Index. It's also a nod to the legacy of the Black Panther Party, the political movement that was founded in Oakland in the 1960s."

It is racist.

I hope someone sues Oakland.


  1. I am more interested in how much more opioids were purchased

    Gee what happened to my body my choice? Crickets

    Wheres the concern for people buying more alcohol?


    Alcohol kills more than drugs do. You must enjoy using alcohol your own drug of choice. That makes it all okay huh.


    1. Conservative hypocrisy:

      Gun control is bad. Pass gun control and only criminals will have guns!

      Drug control is good. Even though only criminals will have all the drugs! And get very very rich and very very violent and kill all kinds of innocent bystanders.

      In other words, conservatives are simply moral busybodies not unlike 17th century Puritans. They love to outlaw stuff that God never has.

      They have their own version of sumptuary law. And just as the Puritans vanished from history so will conservatives if they continue to play God.

    2. Kindly show where drugs are discussed in the 2nd Amendment.

    3. Puritans aren't gone+ they are SJW'S..

    4. Anon:

      Alcohol is legal.

      Fentanyl can kill on first use. Fentanyl can kill those who touch it as it is absorbed through the skin. Fentanyl and other drugs are illegal.

      Just like illegal aliens, what part of illegal don’t you understand.

    5. Poopsie beat me to it.

      Besides, firearms are a net societal benefit. They are tools that can save your life. Opiates not so much.

    6. Sssh - don't destroy his logical mistake.

    7. Don routinely mocks that excuse for murder too.

    8. I see the “Anonymous Libertarian” has been released from the Straight-Jacket and got to a computer again.

      Libertarians are for the most part incredibly useless. AT BEST.

      They are at their best when they as high as kites.

      Can’t tell you how many rants I have endured over the need to re-embrace the “Gold Standard.”

      Want to blow a Libertarian’s mind and piss them off at the same time? Tell them the Gold Standard is s*it, what we need to do is go back to the times of the cavemen when everyone carried big rocks and use the rocks to trade.

      Oh, the humanity!

  2. Guatemala has volcanic activity almost every day.
    This is "Dog bites man" news .My late wife spent time there.Tikal, the big lake , is a huge volcanic Caldera.

    1. Exactly.

      Airplanes can't fly in ash. It will flameout a jet relatively fast. We receive Sigmets for hazardous weather to include areas of volcanic activity where ash can be a problem and avoid them.

    2. Bear with me here, this actually leads someplace interesting!

      Of course, no one flies through a visible volcanic ash plume - the problem is that the stuff can be so fine and diffuse that it is effectively invisible but can still have the same effects if ingested into jet engines.

      One of the problems these days is that risk assessments for this potential hazard are based on "models." And when that volcano blew up in Iceland back in 2010, it was "climate models" that were used to assess the risk - and which were used to basically shut down flight into and around European airspace. Research aircraft were sent up to actually measure the risk - and found nothing; the Swiss never closed down their airspace, and Swiss (the airline) kept flying (safely) during all of that.

      At this point, where are the "covid case numbers" coming from? The "case numbers" indicate mass trouble, but simple observation says otherwise. As I mentioned last week, at least one state - if you dig a bit on the web site - flat-out says that the "case numbers" (which are being used to keep the state basically closed at the state lines) are *not* clinically-reported numbers, but numbers produced by a "model"... a model that is claimed to capture asymptomatic cases; the model also uses an Rt (that's the number of other people each infected person infects) that is way too high (vs. reality), plus there is no evidence of asymptomatic transmission. This has the bouquet of basically numbers that are made up, fed through a computer, and then used to justify actions that real data says are ridiculous.

      Funny how data-free and data-contravening "models" are now the basis for so much of the justification for the "progressive" (sic) agenda (sick)...

    3. I spent my early aviation Career in
      Pasco, Was in the middle of the Mt.St Helen's eruptions. Ash can raise he** with aircraft and operations.My Boss at the time was an old Alaska hand serving in the Air Corp.(yes pre war) and Air Force(Army)
      So he knew what was going on. No fun at all.

    4. Yep. When it comes to ash I'll take the conservative estimate every time, even if it is based on bogus climate data. The last thing I want is a dual flameout over the water because I wandered into ash that nobody thought would be there rather than having to go a few hundred miles around ash that isn't there but could have been.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Let me clarify that I agree "garbage-in-garbage-out" is no way to run the world.

  3. Guatemala has volcanic activity almost every day.
    This is "Dog bites man" news .My late wife spent time there.Tikal, the big lake , is a huge volcanic Caldera.

  4. Joe Mama was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    Kamala was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    Pelosi was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    Chuck Schumer was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    George Soros was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    An’ Facebook was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    The Tweeter was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    The Bay-Rack was home when you left (YOUR RIGHT!)
    Sound off etc etc

    Never thought I’d say I miss those days, but...yeah...

  5. 5 - 2045? No problem. We’ll be long gone due to global warming.

    12 - after reading that trash, she’s cabinet or governor material.

    13 - giving up is now racist. I decided that. We can’t win.

  6. 2. I had my second dose of the Trump vaccine yesterday. Thanks, President Trump!

  7. Item 2: ""Over the course of 62 minutes on Thursday, the Covid-19 pandemic never arose, except for in the president’s remarks at the start of the event, touting the accomplishments his administration has made in the U.S.’s yearlong fight." "YEAR-LONG FIGHT"??? Since Jan 21, 2021??
    Say, whut????

    Item 4: "My only question is what drugs did they give him because other dementia sufferers deserve a few hours of being lucid each day." Elder abuse! ELDER ABUSE!! That's what the Dems are doing to him.

    Item 10: Just one more reason for me to diss CNN, the Crap News Network.

    Congrats, z! You gave me my first smile of the day!

  8. #17 Mentioning Jabba brought back a memory from when Jim Justice began his campaign for Governor. I referred to him as Jabba the Hutt. Since then he has lost weight but since he's still pretty much a bumbling idiot, he's still Jabba the Hutt to me. Was Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars a bumbling idiot? I don't know and don't care.

  9. Bidet* was feeble and lost much of the time. And how anyone can accuse this jerk of being decent is the height of idiocy. This guy is a racist, sexist, corrupt, evil, child-touching pervert.

    1. The D party is, among other things, a grooming gang for powerful men. And it's a good gig for them, since there is a large pool of incompetent-but-ambitious women pushing themselves forward, begging to be groomed. Right, kamala?

      (Funny how the feminists never say a word about this - and how many of them are in the aforementioned crowd.)

    2. As someone says all the time, "If it weren't for double standards leftists wouldn't have any."

  10. "I give up."

    I realize you're only partly serious. Just remember, this is what they want us to do.

  11. Item #5 - Plastic pollution in the human body is extremely widespread. Plastics are known disrupters of endocrines, the hormones that determine sexual expression.

    I believe this is what causes transsexualism and the whole LBGTQ thing.

  12. #16
    "She could be a plant bent on subverting British politics"

    Doesn't seem likely given the context of her run, as well as Conservative party affiliation.

    But then again, the Conservative party is totally useless in bringing about small-c change, and is itself subverting British politics and accelerating the drift to the left.

  13. ITEM 10: “Fox News: No. 1 in news about CNN.”

    Don, you don’t give Breitbart (the website, not Andrew, RIP; enough credit)

  14. ITEM 13: “Saying master is racist.”

    Hell, saying owner is racist according to LeMao and the other grossly overpaid multimillionaires who dribble...balls for the NBA.

    This is simply another examples of As^holes on Parade. I don’t known how the USA got to this point, and where we are going to from here.

    All I know is the A-Holes are feeling their Wheaties and no one has the balls to stand up to them but President Donald John Trump (and his family) and Congresswoman MJT (and maybe Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

  15. O/T, but relevant...

  16. Item 19: off-topic, but what are the numbers like for Covid deaths among the SanFran homeless?
    If the Chinese batflu was half as deadly as we keep getting told, shouldn't there be next to no homeless at all?

    1. They're outdoors all day, plenty of sunlight and Vitamin D.

  17. "My only question is what drugs did they give him, because other dementia sufferers deserve a few hours of being lucid each day."

    My guess is stimulants of some kind, Don. My mother is in advanced Alzheimer's. I've noticed her increasingly few moments of lucidity come when she is upset, which is also when her BP skyrockets. Her MD says that is common; the adrenalin spike causes (briefly) better circulation in her addled brain. They are probably juicing Biden up with something like methamphetamine.

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